Greyson Chance - Within The Lights Lyrics

What did I ever do
To hurt you and make you feel this way?
What did I ever do
To hurt you and make you cry all night?

And time goes by, oh, so very fast
So let's make sure to make it last tonight
And spin me like a wagon wheel,
But, girl, make sure that I feel myself within the lights

Within the lights
Within the lights

I have lost myself on these streets
Detroit and Toronto and Queens
I need you please
Until you left me out alone listen to my screams

What did I ever do
To hurt you and make you feel this way?
What did I ever do
To hurt you and make you cry all night?

Within the lights
Within the lights
Within the lights
Within the lights

Let me see you walk those streets
For all the lies, miseries and cheats
I want to love you
Hug me like you love me, kiss and hug me, no, no, no

What did I ever do
To hurt you and make you feel this way?
What did I ever do
To hurt you and make you cry all night?

Within the lights
Within the lights
Within the lights
Within the lights

What did I ever do to hurt you?
And what did I ever do to hurt you?
And what did I ever do to hurt you?
And what did I ever do?

What did I ever do to hurt you?
And what did I ever do to hurt you?
What did I ever do to hurt you?
And what did I ever do to hurt you?

What did I ever do
To hurt you and make you feel this way?
Within the lights I cry

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Greyson Chance Within The Lights Comments
  1. Anais Moammin

    He should recording that song in Studio

  2. Nicely Pie

    this is the official song of greyson chance within the lights 

  3. Nicely Pie

    this is really real and all youtube lyrics maker is just cutting he's talking and when he sang start they will not cut 

  4. nickiwii

    greyson is the real reason of music.




  5. itsjustally

    Im crying. He is the only singer that can make me cry.

  6. snow1497

    compare this song, stars and broken hearts to his song football, sunshine and city lights..which is better?
    for me, to be honest, those songs he composed back when he was younger was way better. just saying.

  7. heatherhaux


    Alec Rose

    heatherhaux Puberty.

  8. haley hieb

    <3 greyson chance

  9. Cora Small

    So amazinggg

  10. Cassandra Skinner

    You should say greyson chances music is beautfull and yours is not tha t much and it spelt bieber no beaber

  11. chunly sincioco

    greysons voice is so romantic

  12. gra4ce

    I cant believe I forgot about this song, its still amazing.

  13. shadypenguinX

    Lol he's a musical genius .. Bieber is too jut that people can't see beyond his looks... Signs and clues? I study psychology and bieber has the makings of a psychopath

  14. daisy lopez

    Love it that's all I have to say

  15. Luis Solis


  16. Maddy Chavez

    I love thissssssss

  17. 윤지룽밥길지키는자


  18. pauline hechanova

    !! im crying now!!
    GREYSON made me cry :'(

  19. heatherhaux

    i love this song. wish it was on his album... omg

  20. AllissaReeza

    You compare him with Justin,you die

  21. Angel France


  22. Miram Gonzalez

    i love this song since the first time i heard it :)

  23. alienpuns

    If this isn't on the next album I'm going ot be extremely disappointed.

  24. michelle wong

    seriously need a studio version of this song :o

  25. shayne ryell soriano

    hey greyson .. you are so amazing ..
    and we <3 you ..

  26. BRIANNA carrasquillo

    I fell so bad because I didnt even know he was famous in 2010. But when I did know about him, I imediatly fell in love.

  27. tessa496

    i love greyson <3 hope this song is on his next album

  28. Fritzie Luchana

    really???...this boy is a superb!!!!

  29. katherine grageda

    ohh myyy....why so cuteee??!!!! I love this song and the one who sang...You are billion times better thn Justin!!!! :)

  30. Balois Flores

    His voice is like an angels greyson how come ur so perfect 3 ;)

  31. Chey Roe

    Thank you for writing this song Grey.-3

  32. Chey Roe

    That. Was. Amazing. I'm so proud to be an enchancer. You never seem to disappoint me, Greyson.(:-33

  33. jordan farrell

    i know right

  34. TheLindaChance

    no, you're not sweetie(: this is pure gold. xx

  35. tessa496

    your lucky i havent met him or hugged him i really want to :(

  36. mimimibillionaire

    The wife of this guy, will be the luckiest girl in the world. :')

  37. orgasmicdominator

    His description of the song is the movie August rush!

  38. Efgrexkin harvy

    wish u were here, wish u wer mine..LOL :)

  39. Jai Renba

    How he told the story behind that song is cute.. LOL. ^_^

  40. Mikaela Jacela

    like to have hands like him seriously.....

  41. isa almonte

    cute than justin

  42. isa almonte

    greyson ur so cute

  43. Julienne Monique

    His parents are so lucky to have a son like him :)

  44. Neon Heart

    I hope he makes it far in the carrer

  45. Ally

    I'm about to cry.

  46. Sarah Az-Zahra Renesia

    im fallin in love with the lyrics. omg its so amazing <3

  47. tessa496

    i love this song and i LOVE greyson

  48. birdtheatre

    He looks liked Paul Macar 's teenager face.

  49. Bieber fan

    so cute he is

  50. tessa496

    the crowd doesnt look very happy if i was there i wouldnt be able to wipe the smile off my face i would look like this the whole time :D lol

  51. Mikaela Jacela

    he eats his words a little bit!!!

  52. Alexis Ngai

    OMG! Very POWERFUL voice
    too bad his voice has slighly change now

  53. Neon

    1:05-1:07 hes like "umm what comes next?!"

  54. lyza lutz

    please put this on ur next album:)

  55. クララ・ ・

    He portrayed the abandoned boy perfectly! He sang as though he was the boy! He's too perfect. Sigh.

  56. Anais Moammin

    omg ahhhhhh i love him omg omg omg


    EVEN i'm older than him..i like this kid..he's just a sweet boy,i love his music and he so talented XD

  58. alex123ophone

    Man, he doesn't put every song on his channel :(

  59. MsBT


  60. Evangeline Marquez

    I Really Love it!!!!!

  61. Isabelle Gray

    I love you greyson!♥ He is so amazing!!!!

  62. 02Angelx

    I kept thinking aboutt this song whenever i go out :) addicted! amazing singing

  63. Bieber Fever

    @DaddysGurl2424 HAHAHAHAHA! Get a lifeee! You will never be like justin he had more than 15 milion followers on twitter and 37 milion likes on facebook sooo.. I know that some people don't listen to him but you don't need to talk that he is gay -.-

  64. Keanna Vicente

    BTW, @MultiLjepotica, please feel free to harass my cousin @Pandabookwormsinger because she was the one who wrote the comment below. BIEBER IS GAY. THERE IS NO OTHER WAQY AROUND IT! GOT IT? GOOD! THAT MEANS YOU CAN READ!

  65. Keanna Vicente

    First of all, that was my cousin. (Who, BTW, is so happy to be one of the top comments.) Second, Bieber is dying, and will no longer have a career in a few years seeing as his gayness just got a deeper voice, but his voice will never be as good as Greyson's even when he is 28. And 3rd, please shut the fuck up. Get it, got it, good.

  66. Keanna Vicente

    Okay, that was my cousin and she's so happy to be on the top comments. So go harass her ass. @Pandabookwormsinger. Got that? Now shut the fuck up.

  67. fabii tomlinson.

    This song makes'me cry , it's perfect , it's so amazing , I really love him , he's so much cute , so amazing , and I love him ! ♥

  68. Lilly Chance

    this is why i love greyson. he writes songs that have meanings,, not just about love. <3

  69. xestkgirlx

    I love you<3

  70. reem m

    @JustinBieberRocks16x u know what ! i know why most beliebers hate greyson yeah...BECUZ THEY R AFRAID HE WILL TAKE HIS PLACE !!! don't worry he won't ...HE WILL TAKE HIS OWN PLACE UPON HIM !!! #no hate for justin or beliebers ! just this girl :P

  71. Lilly Chance

    Ahh he just has the voice of a freekin angel! <3 i lovee him!!

  72. amber allen

    Greysons a million times better than Justin beiber! It's true facts!

  73. Galline Assey

    Tout simplement magnifique! Merci Greyson!

  74. xoxoprincessxoxo1000

    Wish he put this in his album :) I <3 this song.

  75. Taylor

    OMG I think I Know the movie hes talking about xD Is it August Rush? xD
    Beacuse its egzactly what he described and he looks JUST LIKE GREYSON CHANCE xD

  76. purplevhope

    awesome!! :)

  77. dibsyluv

    greyson is betraying cnverse NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. straightarrow372

    Wow! He's so prolific! This is the third song I'm finding that he wrote that didn't end up on the album.

  79. nina mae

    He looks so different now:D I love Greyson!

  80. Ali K

    1:44-1:47 makes me want to cry. It's so amazing. I love greyson chance!

  81. Ali K

    Thanks Greyson. It gave me chills non stop. I love you

  82. Anna McDermott

    I have the same shoes as you! Except mine are pink;)

  83. Anna McDermott

    I get so happy when I listen to you Greyson:) I wish I could meet you! You seen like such a sweet kid!

  84. etucsitj

    You'd think YouTube headquarters would have a better quality video. No negatives for Greyson always :)

  85. Ali K

    I love the beginning! It kinda sounds like stars :p I LOVE GREYSON CHANCE!

  86. XxKbTxX

    0:08 - 0:14

    " Since I owe YouTube , well , everything - "

    ** Crowd giggles , but I burst out laughing like a horse **

    I felt so awkward . My eyes even went like this --> O . O

  87. ZonaPlus

    He's so talented! I truly hope he keeps singing this kind of songs and ballads. He has a great voice and pretty great writing skills as well, apparently!

  88. Mackenzie S

    i watch this everyday hahaa

  89. Decin

    This is what a call a kid with a mind of a genius

  90. Keanna Vicente

    You see that dislike bar? That's as big as Beiber's talent.

  91. Mrjammed30

    Totally amazing little boy .What an amazing talent .His songs really touch the heart . I hope to see him go all the way and get bigger every year !

  92. Riwa Rassi

    lol he hit puberty before justin beiber! <3 greyson

  93. Riwa Rassi

    @sheepysheep143 lol and now theres like 743 likes and 6 dislikes! lol :p

  94. Mackenzie S

    awehhh this song is AMAZING!(:

  95. Riwa Rassi

    imma make this short k? I LOVE THIS DUDE!!! Hes like.. like... the Zeus of music...(i dont know dont ask me!) :p I wish I could reach into my computer screen and grab him out of there!!! GREYSON CHANCE 4EVER!!!!!