Greyson Chance - Fire Lyrics

No it don't, come easy.
No it don't come fast.

Lock me up inside your garden.
Take me to the riverside.

Fire, burning me up,
Desire, taking me so much higher
And leaving me whole

There you were, in your black dress
Moving slow, to the sadness.
I could watch you dance for hours.
I could take you by my side.
Fire, burning me up,
Desire, taking me so much higher
And leaving me... Oooh
And leaving me... Oooh

Ooooh the fire, is burning me up... Oooh

No it don't, come easy.
No it don't come fast.

Lock me up inside your garden.
Take me to the riverside.

Fire, turning me on,
Desire, taking me so much higher
And leaving me whoooooollllllleeeeeee.
Leaving meeeeee whole.

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Greyson Chance Fire Comments
  1. sania ghin

    You burning me up❤️

  2. sania ghin

    Love ya❤️

  3. Be Heng

    진짜 이거 몇년 전부터 알고 들었던건데. 너무 오래되서 지울까봐 두렵다 ㅠㅠ 절대 이 영상 지우지말아주세요 평생 볼거에요..

  4. Lucas Castares

    Happy christmas

  5. Muklis Craig

    Puberty kill his talent

  6. Haley Mayers

    I love his voice and wish it was still like this but now he has gotten older and his voice has gotten deeper but i will always love it no matter what happens ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Sarah

    I’d love to hear him sing this now

  8. Vishnu Shankar

    I still love his voice :) He's grown up to be a good guy too! I still love his new songs:)) 😊😊

  9. gulf gulf

    Watching in 2019 ? 🙋🙋🙋🙋

  10. haneul

    i’ve been a fan of him since 2012. this is the first time in years that i listened this song again. i still know the lyrics by heart 😢❤️

  11. Danielle Sambu

    who's still listening to this in 2019?

    jual ikan

    Wkwk me

  12. Mark Aguja

    May 2019?

  13. Nadia Danielle

    Its been a decade since this video came out.
    I can still sing this song from my heart

  14. Houda Sadi

    can we talk about how he plays piano with closed eyes and singing at the same time so easily?? WHAT

  15. Rachel Petterson

    I LOVED this video when it came out and for years after...and I still do! It's a great cover (his passion is both admirable and somewhat comical, considering he is like 13 right here). I'll always like it. But I am glad to see that the "shut up" video has more views. Thankfully, I adore his new music, and I think it displays a lot of craftsmanship. I am glad that, while he isn't "making it big" in the way he was before (honestly, that is possibly for the best...I wouldn't want to be within the "big music" industry), he is still making it and still connecting with people in new and, in my opinion, deeper ways. I am very proud of him.

  16. Karla Gonzalez

    Please take this one to the studio 👌

  17. Julia Etter


  18. Jienelle Louize Crisol

    Few days to go before 2019, and here I am still listening to his old songs, still love your young voice, hahahahah you still inspiring me when it comes in singing because of you I do singing performance :D thank you for that. You're still my number Idol.

  19. Summer Boyd

    this brings back memories 😂

  20. Shatha

    why am i crying at the club

  21. Allana Bobiles

    2 0 1 8 / b /

  22. Zma

    I love you forever ♡♡♡♡

  23. Kayla Mannett


  24. alina lazareva

    Я из 2018👌👌👌

  25. YuK x Reaper

    No it don't,
    Come easy
    No it don't,
    Come fast.
    Lock me up inside your garden.
    Take me to,
    The river side.

    Burning me up.
    Taking me so much higher
    And leaving me whole

    There you were,
    In your black dress.
    Moving slow
    To the sadness.
    I can watch you dance for hours.
    I can take you by my side.

    Burning me up.
    Taking me so much higher.
    And leaving me...

    Oooh, the fire.
    It's burning me up.
    Oooh the fire.

    No it don't
    Come easy
    No it don't
    Come fast
    Lock me up inside your garden.
    Take me to, the river side.

    Turning me on.
    Taking me so much higher.
    And leaving me whole

  26. Kate

    2017... ❤

  27. arilm6_

    Man oh man I love the new Greyson but sometimes I miss this one too 😢

  28. Ruby Richardson

    I'm in love

  29. Jeffrey Bautista

    everytime I watch or listen to some old greyson chance's songs makes me don't wanna listen to it because it made me cry

  30. Marceline the Vampire Queen

    Does anyone know what this song is about?

  31. Bertha S

    my favorite song💕

  32. Supra M

    Are you watching this in 2017 ?

  33. karen hehe

    i thought it was BTS's Fire.

  34. Raymond Zacchaeus Arias

    It is 2017, and this is still one of my favorite songs.

  35. SgtSki

    I like him better like this but obviously puberty is a thing so I guess :( I still love him though.

  36. Jaidon Abrams

    I miss the young Grayson voice. damn it puberty

  37. Fritz Jerald

    still watching ~~ !!

  38. Fraancisca98

    Hace mucho que no veía esto... que recuerdos:')

  39. Bruna Player

    Greyson ❤️❤️

  40. Rini Bie

    for the first time i watched this video when i was in middle school, now I'm college student and still watch this 😢 2010-2017 i feel so old now

  41. Fritz Jerald

    still watching in 2017 ...<3 <3

  42. KIARA nn

    Tiembla Justin :v

  43. Lula

    when i was ten i was madly in love with greyson and wow i'm getting so much nostalgia right now

  44. Alexia Ware

    Do Adele rolling in the deep

  45. JaNel VanDenBerghe

    his voice range!!!!! He can go higher than me! He's amazing. he's also amazing at the piano! it would be funny to be his family, "Oh, there goes Greyson again." ;)

  46. XxWoLF_ GanGXx

    Thats Good ! Bruh !

  47. Lauren W

    You should really do this song again, on your next album. it's beautiful.

  48. Fritz Jerald

    august 21 2016 stll listening !!!!!!

  49. mkma22

    Raising hope

  50. Satan 666

    If he's 12 I'm 12.

  51. April Nudo

    oh men. im crying literally 😭

  52. Rafaelle Fontano

    baby huhu

  53. Fritz Jerald


    Rosy AG

    listen stars, please.

  54. lea acosta

    he's cute and good singing and he knows how to play a piano.

  55. Jesus Estevez Lera

    Genial 😎

  56. christena krumpach

    i'd do anything to hear him sing this again

    Kiersten Mariah

    duuude. yes.

    грайм сабака

    @OK she means this song
    he's obviously not dead🤠

    Eternity Vera

    Girl me too he just put out a music video an HR ago. He's so seasoneddddddd ughhhhh

  57. Kelly Jones

    play this at my funeral.

    Kelly Jones

    I still stand by this.

  58. Eileen Villa

    Anyone watching in 2016???

    Duck on steroids

    Me he is so talented how old is he back then

    Doris Leiva

    i think he was 12

    Royoiku johnson

    me <---<

  59. lafamosavalentina


  60. Harmony of Nature

    This was uploaded on my birthday 🙂 His voice is/was beautiful

  61. Jenzy Macaraeg


  62. J Yun

    This is amazing Greyson!
    Even now ur voice had changed, it's still great:)

  63. zn gamings

    if you were woundering

  64. zn gamings

    is he dead im on my grandmas page

  65. peaches and soda

    Puberty's a bitch 😜

  66. Isabel Monteiro

    It's sad to think that THIS boy and THIS voice are gone.

    Alma Fullido

    why do you have to hate him?
    you dont have the right to hate him just because his voice changed..

    Alma Fullido

    why do you have to hate him?
    you dont have the right to hate him just because his voice changed..

    Isabel Monteiro

    Just for make it clearly, I think he is very talented and I don't have anything against him or his music.


    it is! but i think his music is still great! check out his new single when it comes out! June 8th.

  67. annisa putri

    This is amazing

  68. KIM and KAI

    I can't believe I'm looking back on your old videos. Good times Greyson.. Good times :)

  69. 비비안

    holy fuck i miss when his voice was like this tbh

  70. 비비안

    chub chub <<3

  71. Dương Quốc Thảo

    still watch this in 2015
    amazing voice!!!!

  72. Meghan Lynch

    Watching this video just makes me smile :)

  73. Jeremei Trapago

    where are you now Greyson? 

  74. RealmFree

    Good voice

  75. kelsi 14

    I listen to this song when I have a bad day over and over again And i still do to this day because I have a lot of rough days And sometimes I listen to it with my friend

  76. Fatty Gingercat

    I'm speechless.

  77. Lacey Sims

    Is Greyson97 actually Greyson Chance's YouTube name?

  78. Calvin Nguyen

    It's great :).Keep it up!

  79. Princess Haley 〈3

    Been there since day one will be there till the last <3

  80. I Love Greyson Chance❤️

    @Greyson Chance is awesome and amazing the covers that he did when he was younger always made me cry :)

  81. Lula

    i agree same. Miss his old voice. Still my first crush though!!!!!

  82. danica briol

    I miss your baby voice :)

  83. steven cross

    thats one talented little dude     hope he develops and ultimately finds a unique musical direction       thats what the music world needs

  84. the meister

    As Key & Peele say in the Masterchef spoof, 'On the whole, that was... 'ehh'' (hand wobble)

  85. Nicole Rodriguez

    This just may be my favorite song that he has ever sung. I don't know why, I just love it.

    Melissa Vazquez

    I feel the same.

    The Dancing Queen Vlog

    Did he write it this song??

  86. yutani chance

    i like your piano 

  87. Alek Fiddler

    Feeling so nostalgic with this video. This boy has got me through a lot. I may not be in his fandom anymore but I definitely still have the same respect for his kind soul.

  88. lauren

    I cry because THIS boy and THIS voice doesn't exist anymore…

    Jeremei Trapago

    Where is he now?

    Hannah Merl Torres

    @Mei Trapago he' s still alive and making new kind of music that he loves

    Jeremei Trapago

    :) hahaha. :)

    KIM and KAI

    I cry because because of this comment. Legitimately true.

    Jeremei Trapago

    Just pray for Him.

  89. Raisin Bland

    Good but not as good as Augustana

  90. Princess Bianca

    It breaks my heart to know this amazing voice doesn't exist anymore. It's deep now and it's not the same and it tears my heart out.

    Sara O.

    well.. it's something neither he or we can do much about...but you're right.

    Athena & Aradia

    ikr i miss his hair being like that instead of hiked up it looked SOOOO much cuter!!

    We Alright Band

    Yeah it's called puberty and guys voices keep changing lol back then in church's in their choir if a kid had a nice ass voice they would cut their balls so they could keep their voices. I'm talking about old times lol

    Saint G

    Sonic says that if you have 'princess' in your name, your feelings/opinions are invalid.


    He's way better now!!!

  91. Kayla Lynch

    GREYSON I LOVE U DONT GIVE UP U ARE 2014 :( 16 U 17 TURNING BIG BOY XDD IM 5 YEAR YOUGER SO IM STILL A CHILD BUT PLZZZZ PUT NEW SONG OUT I LOVE U STILL  ur so amazing dont be bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE UUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Victoria Brimer

    Ur amazing

  93. Vương Thủy Tiên

    I just made a cover of this song <3

  94. Natasha Izza

    I love this song..

  95. nz_candy

    Wow. Those vocals.

  96. Hope Montano

    I love Grayson

  97. Hope Montano

    I love you Jayson

  98. nina mae

    i have so many memories of watching this when he was kinda big. i miss this, i miss old times. he's still just as amazing but i still miss when i was a huge fan of him. :c