Greyson Chance - Animal In The Night Lyrics

Take away the roads
And baby I will learn how to fly
Because in this darkness state
I feel like I'm gonna cry

Feel so suffocated
By the want to thrive
Need a little bit more
Of that jungle life
Tiger's creeping, ain't no sleeping
For you tonight

'Cause I'm a human
In the daytime
Just feel so damn shy
Oh just feel so damn shy

If you call me up in the night time
I'm an animal
Girl it's my nature
To be a sensual creature

But if you call me up in the night time
I'm an animal in the night
I'm an animal in the night
I'm an animal

Feel me, touch me, lick me, bite me
Show me you are creep
Neon light in the Sahara sky
This world transforms me

'Cause I'm a human
In the daytime
Just feel so damn shy
Oh just feel so damn shy

If you call me up in the night time
I'm an animal
Girl it's my nature
To be a sensual creature

But if you call me up in the night time
I'm an animal in the night
I'm an animal in the night
I'm an animal

I just look into the sky
Planet X be home tonight
I'll start a new religion in space
When it feels life perfect times
Everybody's good inside
Dancing to the sound of our brains
Oh, keep dancing, and loving
And talking, and thinking
And singing

Take away the roads
And baby I will learn how to fly!

I'm an animal in the night
I'm an animal in the night
I'm an animal in the night

I'm an animal in the night
I'm an animal in the night
I'm an animal in the night

I'm an animal in the night
I'm an animal in the night
I'm an animal in the night

I'm an animal in the night

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Greyson Chance Animal In The Night Comments
  1. Andrea Autumn

    Hehehe still giggling at this


    When Planet X never came out

  3. Lovely Bias


  4. Nurul Nadelia

    "I just looked into sky Planet X be our home tonight, i start a new religion in space" great lyric

  5. Noja Ain

    feel me, touch me, lick me, kiss me, bite me: damn he's so bossy 😋

  6. It'sJoselynDude

    1:22 kills me! 😍💕😉


    Me too, he's on fire!

  7. han

    Looks like he has finally decided to go along with the "swept back" look. I really miss his old hair, it suites him better!

  8. PIa Maturan

    this is so good

  9. sarah germano

    this is my new favrite song

  10. Sadie Girl

    yep, all grown up but still pure and good and loaded with talent.  Give him another couple of years and he will have arrived.  There are still those of us out there that don't appreciate the degrading filth of Justin Bieber and those of his ilk.  A refreshing change that decent parents can let their kids listen to and look to as a good influence.  It appears his parents kept his head screwed on with good parenting and love.  I do hope that any Haters go hate on someone who deserves it and it is surely not this talented young man who has integrity and knows who he is, his joy is for his music is palpable.  Keep following your gut, Greyson, it's right.

  11. Andrea Autumn

    I freaking love his song animal in the night it's so amzing If I ever met greyeon I would cry my eyes out

  12. constance kreese

    his voice is still wet concrete he is becoming himself as an artist hes on his way

  13. Louisa O'Donnell

    this is amazing and asdfghjk <3

  14. Trecky Keynes


  15. Kristina Drew

    Oh and that humble "Thank you at the end..." my ovaries...........

  16. Kristina Drew

    So...he is 18 now right? He is finally legal WOOHOOOOO ahhaha


    @Kristina Drew hes still 17 cuz his birthday is august 16

  17. Mili Mlynarikova

    I hope you come perform to Europe /PRAGUE/ one day :)

  18. Yova Clarisha

    so full of soul... we can clearly see he puts his heart into his music

  19. Kazu Minekura

    His sexy just kill me.beautiful voice bae,love u forever,greygrey

  20. Rachel Bozarth

    Greyson chance is another jerry Lee lewis in the making. I think he is an awesome singer, song writer and piano player. I think he should play a jerry Lee Lewis song. He would fit it perfect.

  21. ElekrikkAbbs19


  22. maria kristina aratia

    so perfect

  23. Rednockz Espero

    He is not making cideos anymore :( i miss him.

  24. brad zee

    Such an awesome kid!! 

  25. La La

    I really dont think Greyson meant to murder me at the end when he ran his fingers through his hair... and people, this is REAL music stop listening to justin gayber and listen to THIS. 

  26. Casiiee_lynne

    17 and Oh what a dream <3
    I've loved him since he started.
    He's so amazing and I'm glad he's not mainstream and that he's doing his own thing. But love aside. Can we just talk about how sexual this song is? Cause like this boy took me from "This song should be great" to "wait wait wait is he telling a girl to lick him and bite him..... I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!"

    Mariana Sáenz

    casandralynnereid more like a boy

  27. bekindtohim

    im just waiting for him to be signed again!!!! #BringBackGreyson

  28. 花樣年華

    Wooooooow this kid is incredible. His voice is very mature and the song... Is perfect, the lyrics, the beautiful bridge and im surprised by the theme of the song, he looks like a teen but he sings and seems to think like an adult. He really succeded on putting his emotions on the lyrics and the music. This kid should be in the top of the charts and a music icon for young teens. It's so sad to see that people who are not even close to be as talented as this kid are selling more than him and making a succesful carreer in the music industry, it's so unfair. But let's hope things change. This kid is a true musician. Sorry for any gramatical mistakes >.<

    Frankie Hardy

    Spot on. THIS is music. The nonsense on the radio these days is probably the reason my go-to genre is metal and hardcore. This kid gives me hope for music but just doesn't get the publicity he deserves, yet we still see that little Bieber shithead all over the media even though he's technically "retired" from music... Or so that's apparently what the garbage he had on the radio is classified as... It's depressing. Hopefully there's change soon and this kid is part of it.

  29. Genival Santana

    Like this song so hard, beijos

  30. jean marie mendoza

    man, i cant really help it :( what about him before? what about how it all started? yes, its a good news that he came back but like this?? i'm sorry :(

  31. Canisi Willumsen

    He is sooo freaking attractive tbh! O_O

  32. MsPotatobag

    damn, I was trying to think of who your voice reminds me of now. and it's jacob hoggard. a young jacob hoggard

  33. iamnotsomething x

    Are you all kidding me? Why on Earth are you all bitching about his change of voice and genre when you could be hyperventilating over how amazing this song is. His lyrics are fucking reminiscent of welcome to the jungle by gun'n'roses. I wonder if he got some inspiration from there, and crap I want to hear this with a sweet guitar riff. Not that the piano accompaniment isn't good, it's fantastic and I don't think many artists could pull it off. And his voice, it's sexy, and perfect for the music he is now singing. What more could you possibly want?!

  34. Rosy Swaggy


  35. Yeji Chung

    i am loving grey's new material. it's great! :D everyone needs to get over the fact that he's not himself anymore. it's called growing up! learn to accept that people change. greyson has a deeper voice now and it suits his new music really well but DA HATERZ GONNA HATE

    Yeji Chung

    wonder if this will be on planet x...


    @Yeji Chung
    In a twitter Q & A session he said NO, that this was never studio recorded and did not make the cut for planet X.. He wrote over 50 songs for new album and had to cut to the 15 best songs, so this video is the only recording of "Animal"....

  36. Viviana Sánchez

    Dios como es posible que hayas crecido tanto no solo físicamente si no también a nivel musical, en verdad eres increíble, tu voz es maravilosa😍😍

  37. Roonil Wazlib

    This is what we call "Talent" I've been a fan of Greyson since he first came out and sang Paparazzi and I'm kinda mad because why can't people this days stop and listen at him and try to keep his essence because he has an amazing capacity he is so talented, so lovely and interesting.

  38. Holly Grace

    I love how Greyson's style of music has changed over the years. Im so proud of him. (':

  39. Sentenza L'Abrupt

    je ne connaissais pas ce genre de musique...mais Bravo pour ta prestation jeu/chant.

  40. Salma Aguilar

    Pure talent my dears, so sad that music industry just sells looks instead of voices. Greyson has this beautiful powerful deep voice and I mean, he's the whole package! He's so humble so down to earth, there's lots of people in the industry that don't have anything to be there, he deserves so much more than he has. I still hoping for the day that music go back in the times were it was by ears not by eyes. Society has change in such a bad way, that it makes me so sad.

    Shay ily

    so true idk y his not that Famous his soo good

    abigail moreno

    To be fair... he also havew the looks


    @Salma Daniela He is no.1 in USA. In all around the world he's no.4 (after Declan Galbraith, Alexander Rybak and Jake Bugg).

  41. Coolio P

    I seriously love this new style he has. He really improved in my opinion.

  42. cheyenne sunshine



    I know you've got 17 years but i love you to much


    Im 12 years and i love you


    Greyson you're so beautiful and you sing very very Well i want to see you one day ahhhhh

  46. Sebastian Ann

    Love this song and it will sound even more better to hear it how he hears it in his head with drums etc. Just am proud to watch him grow and change.

  47. Charlot123

    I like his voice but not the way he is shouting! To me singning should not equal shouting.


    I know what ya mean but cut him some slack. His voice is still changing, I think
    Greyson Chance is a work in progress. That's what makes this evolution interesting, for me anyway. If you're looking for something produced, packaged and "finished" check out JB :) 

  48. Melody Scuppa

    "Feel me, touch me, lick me, bite me" gives me the chill omg

  49. melody nguyen.

    wHY dOES hE ReMInD mE oF dRaKE bELL

  50. kimberly wong

    this is talent

  51. adropofnight

    Super envious of his voice. Beautiful.

  52. Elle Gabriel


  53. Twenty One Heathens

    I love his old and new voice.

  54. ARI LARA

    That fucking voice!!

  55. FancyBarnacles

    That one part where he takes it slow OMG meltinggg! Can't wait for his album to come out

  56. Zoe Therrien


    Karen Garcia

    @Yeji Chung ME TOO!!
    He's amazing.

  57. celia brookes

    i like this music better its different no one wants the same thing

  58. andy canseco

    Woao es increíble esa voz tan hermosa :O

  59. Nick Bradlley

    amazing bro amazing greyson

  60. Ruth Maura

    I was melting

  61. Hey Alex

    Greyson is a good singer is so talentend  Mexico loves yoy Grey :3 

  62. Emily Fox

    i love how greyson is just being himself and not giving into the mainstream pop stuff! i respect that. If people don't like it then its their loss. Because at the end of the day its about art not fame x

  63. Richelle S.

    i just LOVE how his music has changed. I think this will be good for him, it will make him stand out and be different than all those other "teen pop sensations". Not to mention it sounds AMAZEBALZ.

  64. Rona Sophia

    i cannot wait for the rest of the album

    Richelle S.


    Rona Sophia

    it has to come out later this year if not sooner! i want to hear his new music and possibly see one of his shows

    Richelle S.

    @Rona Sophia he said its going to come out in the fall so im guessing october november! id love to see a show

    Rona Sophia

    oh, okay but i wanted it to be released as soon as possible  and i kind of missed the last two shows he did in my country so yeah, im determined to go to a show

  65. Garoosh

    I've said this before, like Michael Jackson many decades before him, the pre-puberty voice was a million times better. Not to say the new voice isnt good but it doesnt have the same edge or quality. All classical trebles experience this and 99% dont have careers as adults. Also, deep, or darker colored pop voices arent as successful as their lighter counterparts. Exceptions will be made.  His charm lies in his humility though. Beiber should take notes.




    Who is talking about competition? Don't be a fan of the voice and be blind to the facts.

    I said Bieber is a total douche, and should take notes on how humble Greyson is. Its a compliment to the kid because its exudes in his singing and makes it extra special, whereas Bieber relies on his image to make his voice more than it is.

    As far as vocal development, nothing wrong in saying the prepuberty voice was better, which is was. Facts are facts. His voice is still excellent, but it doesn't have the "squillo" anymore  or rather the cutting power. Tastes asides and success asides, what is, is what is. And that's all I was pointing to.

  66. Juan García

    Well well, his new style sounds way better than his 'pop-ish' one. His songs feel more 'him' now than before. He's slowly turning into a hipsters' choice for music, and that style totally fits for him. Just one thing fella, work a bit more in your vocals, you lose it sometimes. Oh, and more stage presence too. Something like James Hetfield or so...

  67. katie n

    I love his new sound! Like a normal person does, he changes an so does his music style. In my opinion, it's amazing.

  68. Amalia Nur Amira

    he's already 17 and i cant believe it. and in the end, i still can see his politeness

  69. cellzz

    Everyone is complaining how his music is different but then complain when every song is mainstream/pop. I think his music is a very different genre and the people that really do appreciate music will not criticize because music is music and not everyone is gonna like the same thing.

  70. Schnarfy

    Did you seriously expect him to sing pop music all the time? His voice after puberty hit is just not suited for BieberMahone type music. It's got a raspy, soulful sound to it. 

  71. grimes clair

    This sound very mature and would fit into adults listener and I'm very proud of him to chose to use this genre instead of being one of those mainstream singer song writers. One direction has nothing towards this kid. And it's sad that they're on top of the spotlight

  72. grimes clair

    Lady gaga is written all over him

  73. grimes clair

    His music and his voice and looks changed 180 degrees holy shit

  74. Aiman Zahidah

    the way he sings... his voice.. those lyrics.. his fashion... his movement.. i'm surprised i survived watching this. I almost died. HE'S TOO HOT

  75. Ellie Marie

    animal in the ny-yeet

  76. Aurelia Pareira

    He always be my lovely... Greyson...

  77. Tiffany Lam

    omg he's way more hotter now 

  78. Shooter6

    He's different. When he entered music industry at 13yr old he got a different colour from justin or austin or any young musician and I knew, And I always like him :-) I'll always be his fan.. ENCHANCER FOR LIFE! (^.^)b

  79. Tay Jeffrey

    I've always loved him and I love him even more with his new sound <3

  80. Obsessionpjy

    Sexiest thing I've ever heard 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ DAMN OMG OH MY GOD

  81. Rica Burce

    Feel me, touch me, lick me, bite me??!!!? Gosh grey! Slow down!!! Hahah lol xD

  82. Muscrates Jackxie

    I don't like it, pop songs is better

  83. ummi aini

    you're voice is so wild, good! :)

  84. Deena

    Oh god so HOT!!!!

  85. refa nabila

    You are so talented. Keep creating baeee! ily x

  86. Jennie

    OMG the lyrics, i wonder if he made the lyrics

    Kayla Lynch

    yes he did he writes all his music now!! DUHH

  87. rosy espitia

    °o° pero que voz!

  88. Putri Hamran

    Oh my god...
    When will the Planet X release date?
    I can't wait anymore...

  89. vante


  90. Tiana Rafflis

    I love his vmature voice!! It's sexy but i feel strange with his act in 3:19 :(

  91. Giri Karmany

    Fuck ! You are so cool now!!!!!! Soooo handsomeeee

  92. Ari K.

    He is a sassy black woman in the inside


    Mmmmmm Hm!

    The Unknown

    Duckbyter I thought you weren't going to leave any more comments on Greyson's videos . Really do you think anyone wants to read your comments since everyone thinks you're an obsessed wacko that's stalking Greyson on YouTube .

    The Unknown

    Silly old twat ? I didn't know you would subject me to such a tongue lashing Duckbyter . (LOL) Really do you need to keep making your pointless sometimes profane comments .

  93. Lily H


  94. Nadine

    What's sense of it? Greyson, you're still child!! Make up your feelings! You still have big talent! Use it right!
    ♥♥ Thanks 4 attention! )

  95. Myah Witte

    He seems so happy when he sings this song! That's all I Need just to know he's happy❤️

  96. Graysheil Runes

    to be honest, I kinda miss the old Greyson :((

    He's not the same anymore....what happened??

    Kirsten Fray

    I actually like Duckbyter. It wouldn't be a Greyson Chance video without her! Not that I completely agree with what she's saying, but I genuinely love to see her reaction to the comments and the older Greyson :)

    Kayla Lynch

    i still love him tho but i miss the old him 2

    Andie Sciortino

    @Kirsten Fray It's a SHE? omg

    Kayla Lynch

    what thats a HE 

  97. Moon cheese

    omg, this song is so sexy. 

  98. Ceaghan Mead

    YA dud! Keep it up!