Gregg Allman - Statesboro Blues Lyrics

Wake up momma, turn your lamp down low
Wake up momma, turn your lamp down low
You got no nerve darlin', to turn Uncle John from your door

Woke up this morning, I had them Statesboro Blues
Woke up this morning, I had them Statesboro Blues
Down over in the corner, Grandma seemed to have them too

Well my momma died and left me
My poppa died and left me
I ain't good looking baby
But I'm somewhat sweet as child

I'm goin' to the country, baby do you wanna go?
If you can't make it darlin', your sister Lucille said she wanna go
Now damn sure I will take her there

I love that woman, better than any woman I've ever seen
I said I love that woman, better than any woman I've ever seen
Thought she treat me like a king
And she look like a dog gone queen

Wake up momma, turn your lamp down low
Wake up momma, turn your lamp down low
You got no nerve darlin', to turn Uncle John from your door

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Gregg Allman Statesboro Blues Comments
  1. Dana Preis

    Taj came in 12 bars early. Lol

  2. WG Bader

    Jack Pearson on slide guitar.

  3. Ionel Purcar

    Asa da muzica e super .

  4. Patrick

    Looks like The Great Chuck Leavell on piano!

    Edison Jennings

    sure do

  5. Krista Lomax

    The Man

  6. Clarence Wooten

    Jack Pearson playing his $99 Strat. Guy goes to a music store, plays a few of the cheapest Squire Starts, buys it, does a minor setup and plays the gig. Plays great slide in standard tuning as well. I swear he's playing this in standard tuning except for the high "e" being dropped to "d". (Since they're in D on this version)

  7. Judy Malusa

    Gregg and the guys was the best around . I worked for Gregg for awhile and love his mother . Ora’s we called her Mama A

  8. Sandŕa Griffiths

    Go Taj, excellent and brilliant backing. I didn't know Greg sang so well RIP Greg


    Muy buena versión.

  10. Fred Buma

    Yeah! Chuck Leavell was there too :-) Love that guy.

  11. Johnny Soul

    There's a recording of the Allman Brothers Band with Duane. It's one of his last shows. Taj Mahal was opening up for them. When the brothers came on, Duane exclaimed "how about Taj Mahal? Now that's a man y'all!"

  12. MrPhantom4

    This is musical collaboration at it's best GREGG and Taj.....

  13. Lightnin Hopkins

    Keep the camera on Jack for God's sake man.

  14. stranger222

    Perfectisimo! :)

  15. Bamaboompa

    JMO the best performance of this song, second to Fillmore of course.
    Thanks for sharing

    Jack Scott

    Check out Taj's original version from '68 if you haven't already. Taj can lay down a groove second to none. 🎸🎼🎤

  16. Ove Thorkildsen

    What a great pack off artists Exelent

  17. Vicky Carroll

    🐰🐣🐰🐇🐣🐰🐇🐣🐰🐇🐣🐰🐇🐣HAPPY EASTER 🐰 🐥 🐇 🐤 🐥 🐰 ❤ TRUMP ❤ 🐇🐣🐇

    Vicky Carroll


    Vicky Carroll


  18. Anna Brooker-Hyder Brooker-Hyder

    Dig that Gregg Allman..........I just love him,.....

  19. Sheriff John Bird

    fannnnnnntastic! epic performance of statesboro blues; that has gotta be the slickest slide guitar I've heard in a long time.

  20. totalcontrast

    What a turd of a video director/producer. Pearson is playing cool slide guitar and he gets 5 seconds camera time. Whoever you are, you should be fuckin' shot!

  21. Pancake Overload

    That guy on strat is absolutely killing it wow

  22. Phillip Hamilton

    Brings chills to my bones....

  23. David Evans

    Oops this is not the search box.

  24. middlebrad

    met taj when i was only 18! still lovin him. gregg R.I.P.

  25. Bob Allen

    Most excellent!

  26. pop dada 2015 orona

    puts a grin on my face , thanks fellas  just badass down the line ... yea  been a blues fan all my life .. I try to play guitar a little because of songs like this .. the blues just gets me going man .. thanks again..

  27. murp h

    simply great___this is why we love the blues ______ wake up mama

  28. Ronald Hoerstmann

    shortly I heard from Taj Mahal - together with Winton Marsalis at the Lincoln Center - and now I find: he is really so good as BB King (or better?) Thank you, Taj Mahal for your power, thank you very much from Germany

  29. hen va

    here's my pick for the best blues wailer undoubtedly inspired by taj and greg..
    red house
    statesboro blues (GMI)

    hen va

    thumbs up for both, but they only allow me one .

  30. Steve Longobardi

    Jack Pearson is just incredible -

  31. Craig McCauley

    Love this!

  32. deweypug

    Horns?  Please, no.

  33. Skipper Russell


  34. Jerry garcia

    I just cant believe how jack is making that squire sound like an american standard.

  35. Sojouner

    Hot Damn! fantastic live music with the legendary Taj Mahal & Gregg Allman RIP baby boy! Lovin' you guys <3

  36. MsSoozy

    Once these greats are gone, there is NO one that will ever take their place. Great performance!!!

  37. Carey Wilson

    Whooo! Any chance someone can list the band members of this session?

  38. Ann C Simmons

    That ''Hammond ~ Leslie'' sound is top notch.

  39. toshe53 Hen

    Lots of greats have done this song but none have yet to equal the Allman Brothers rendition at the Fillmore, unrivaled. If there was it would be on the radio as we speak!

  40. elizabeth b


  41. Rhonda Flanders

    wooo! Go guys Go !!

  42. David John Lutz

    you can not get better piece of American pie than this - see you on the road -

  43. Kathy Dyer

    Awesome!! Two of my favorite bluesmen on the same stage..........( miss you Gregg).

  44. About Creativity

    Bad ass.

  45. Darrell Tiencken

    Great piano solo, Chuck got some bad camera work!

  46. Oliver Christopher Gomez

    Goddammit Gregg, not you too... You were a light shining into dark places. Rest well brother. Give Duane my best.

  47. perkinscrane

    RIP Gregg from a long time fan.

  48. Legendary

    RIP Gregg :-(

  49. Mrsandmom5

    rip Gregg

  50. Corey Anderson

    Such a great performance.  Such great musicians.  Although, did anyone else have a private giggle when they realized the guy playing Duane's parts was using a strat?  (to be fair he's doing a great job, I just found it hilarious)

  51. Takuya Yamamoto


  52. Esther Gavillet

    *R I P Gregg Allman* - Shared on G+ May 27, 2017

  53. midnight rider

    that was really a tight and spirited performance. great to see everybody play with such energy, especially greg.

  54. Joseph Walsh

    Great video but, they shouldve featured the slide player more.

  55. Jacob Aubin


  56. charles dellacalce

    all that's missing is Duane& Jessie Ed

  57. Jens Frederiksen

    God bless them all

  58. william tilton

    in my esteemed  opinion greg allman is the only white man can sang the blues wid conviction...God bless you greg ...RIP butch...


    Clapton can play he just can't sing the blues like some of the greats

    murp h

    william tilton to the man with the Esteemed Opinion !! ---- certainly everyone has a right to voice an opinion even if it is chock full of misinformation------ there was in the past and exists today --- both male and female------ super white practicioners of soul/blues music besides the great Gregg Allman ____ way way back to the fifties the popular music singer Kay Starr was so soulful and sang the blues big big time ____ a couple years later Timi Yuro a magnificent female blue eyed soul singer gave us great stuff through the 60's ---- at the end of her career she declined unfortunately --- today we have the greatest blues singer in the world--- blue eyed soul monster Beth Hart ----- male blue eyed soul/blues artists--- Van Morrison --- late great Levon Helm --- Bob Seger--- Travis Tritt ___ Joe Bonamassa Chris Stapleton Zac Brown Hank Jr ----- don't forget the killer Jerry Lee blue eyed dude who could sing soul/blues with anybody---------- one more ------ Tom Jones on his tv shows sang duets with some of the greatest soul singers ever and more than held his own ______people like ARETHA ---- LITTLE RICHARD ---- JERRY LEE --------- yes Tom Jones could sing the blues------ THERE are more blue eyed people believe it -------- to say Greg was the only one even if it is your opinion shows you are misinformed


    Janis Joplin is in there somewhere.

    Bob Page

    Check out Geoff Muldaur. The best, hands down.

    Johnny Soul

    william tilton. Out of the famous white blues singers I'm familiar with , I agree with you about Gregg Allman and I would add Johnny Winter!

  59. Hedgehog's Right of Passage

    After so many hit albums I can't feel him singing authentic deep down dark "Black dog" "blues"

  60. Bill Diehl

    Jack Pearson is on FIRE!

  61. Springtrap Gaming

    I love the way Taj dances

    Brian Mouland

    The old dude can move!

  62. Nicholas Molinaro

    Saw Gregg this past summer in NH, the one thing I love about him and his band is that their sound is consistent where ever they play! They sounded exactly like this even without Taj!

  63. Mike Willis

    wish I, d been at that gig these guys still sound great 40 years on

  64. DarkeningSkies1

    Shit, man, if Gregg is serious about getting another version of ABB back on the road in 2017 (health allowing), and if he sounds this good? I would go see an ABB w/ Gregg, Dickey, Jack Pearson, Chuck Leavell and the percussion army of Butch, Jaimoe and Marc any day of the week!


    Just what I was thinking! Gregg sounds phenomenal here!

    Zachary Kilmer

    Just saw Gregg Allman open for Peter Frampton in Cincinnati this year. Sounded amazing. Definitely recommend seeing him.

  65. Hate Mankind


  66. Paul Ballenger

    If it gets any better than this ?????????????????? Can't even imagine..//

  67. Laurent Gaillard

    C'est du lourd là...

  68. Ted Henry

    an-I treat her like My doggone-Queen

  69. GoLDnTRiXX. Was denn sonst?

    I, as a young guy, have to say that i absolutely love this song ^^

  70. Hugh Gilmore

    Don Was on bass?

  71. Ramón Sanchez

    very good song, Taj Mahal and Gregg Allman Band.

  72. rabin rai

    man !!! jack pearson is great slide guitar player

    Clarence Wooten

    No, not your imagination... the intro is all Duane.


    No doubt!! Jack is a great player! Wondering about this particular performance, though...the original intro was several bars longer. Seemed to me Jack was ready to continue with the rest when Taj came in on the first verse. It was pretty seamless but I thought I could detect the slightest hint of disappointment on his face that he didn't get to play the whole thing. Maybe I'll get the chance to ask him some day. A few years ago I used to run into him regularly playing mandolin at some bluegrass jams and his cousin is a pretty good friend of mine. Think he's also playing pretty regularly at The Station Inn in Nashville for anyone who might want to catch him live in a small club. Also, if you want to be amazed check out...Statesboro Blues - The Allman Brothers Band [note-for-note Cover here on YouTube.

    rafael marchante angulo

    I came to the comments section just to find his name.. thanks!! he's trully awesome, he's faithful to Duane's sound and lines and still brings in a lot more in there!


    Close your eyes, and it’s Duane. All on a Squier...👏

    JS Phillips

    @RCDubya Jack is a great slide player. Jack is a great overall player, period!

  73. Evan Lacour

    name of the slide player please?

    rabin rai

    jack pearson

  74. Evan Lacour

    name of the slide player please?


    +Evan Lacour Slide player is Jack Pearson, ABB alumni for a couple of years (+/-) in the late '90's. Highest-energy guitar player I've ever seen, and lowest-energy person I've ever met. A real peach of a guy. Search his name on YT and you'll find lots of ear candy with bands both huge and small-time. Jack is a pretty good singer and a damn good songwriter as well.

    Evan Lacour

    BluesStringer1955 thanx sorry it took so long to get back thanx brother

  75. Roger Lee Meyzindi



    AMEN to that!

  76. william tilton

    visit Statesboro ya'll...I do ever time I can!!!

  77. william tilton

    there it is!!!

  78. Osvaldo Digaeta

    que placer........

  79. CPR4LIFE

    two of my favorites!

  80. Sherri Ass Parker

    Totally Awesome.

  81. Sherri Ass Parker

    Totally Awesome.

  82. Jerry Scritchfield

    Good to see The Taj with Gregg Allman JAMMIN

  83. Kim Wainwright

    Wake up mamma!

  84. J Hill

    great, great, great performance! !!

  85. Kevin Martin

    wow, this swings.

  86. screeningmimi

    I think Skydog would have been knocked out by this. Taj Mahal was an inspiration . GREAT TALENTS and GREAT MUSIC I don't care who ya are! :-)


    Is that Chuck Levell on Piano?


    +MIKE SCHWARTZMAN Yes it tis Chuck.

    Edison Jennings

    Why, yes i believe 'tis

  88. inyobill

    Music like this is why at 67 I have hearing damage. I gotta turn the gain up when I hear these.

    james boyer

    A small price to pay for greatness!

  89. Bonnie Doty

    Made me so happy to see this. It wasn't just nostalgia either; this was an excellent performance. Yay for us old folks!

    Barb Collins

    Bonnie Doty

    Madeleine Hague

    I wish I had seen Taj with Ry Cooder in The Rising Sons.

    Madeleine Hague

    I go further back than that. The sixties weren't too shabby either! Stones, Beatles, Kinks, Who, Traffic, CCR, Fleetwood Mac (blues version), Jefferson Airplane, The Doors....and on, and on and on.

    Clarence Wooten

    Ha! Saw a combo concert of The Young Rascals and the Doors at a baseball field here in the southwest. Also The Lovin' Spoonful and the bluesy Fleetwood Mac. Thanks for the reminders.

    Timofey Treefrog

    I'm with you Madeleine- I don't think 1966's music will ever be surpassed.. stuff like 'Blonde on Blonde', Mayall, Coltrane, Miles, Monk.. Sumthing in the stars..

  90. László Merl

    Zene a fülemnek!

  91. pop dada 2015 orona

    classic man , just classic ... the bands tight playing just right.... taj and Gregg doing the classic Statesboro blues .. live on top of that . just puts a grin on your face its such a pleasure to hear and see ... great just great.. thanks for posting it for us nomads out here.. appreciate it ... keeps me human..

  92. Boubacar Traore

    merci tonton

  93. Rev Eddro

    grandma & grandpa had them too

  94. Douglas Ranger

    Absolutely awesome...Greg and the Taj....

  95. Juke Joint

    "Statesboro Blues" with Taj Mahal and Gregg Allman

  96. T.J. Szabo

    This is such a fun piece to watch and hear, It's Great!!

  97. John Norvaisas

    And the great Jack Pearson on guitar