Gregg Allman - Queen Of Hearts Lyrics

Once I was glad
Always happy never sad
And every day
Felt like Sunday
And although things were slow
Never seemed to have no dough
Somehow, I never once got lonely
Ya' see the fact is more or less
You're gamblin' with your own happiness
And most all your would-be friends
Turn out so phony

Oh but times they change
And I'm through the rains
And I'm seein' the Queen of Hearts
Don't know where to start
Or how to stop

And after things have come and gone
Left me feelin'
That I've done so wrong
Oh, I've spent so much time
Feelin' guilty
And as I watch you sit across the room
Beautiful as the flowers bloom
Living it just one day
Oh brother you're gonna come back
To find me gone

I love you Queen of Hearts
Tell me not to stop
Just tell me where
To start
Where now baby
Tell me where to start

And after all that we've been through
I find that when I think of you
A warm soft wind runs
Through and through
And in my heart
There's only you
And I will always keep on trying
To gather this strange peace of mind
Without it there'd be
Lonely me and
Oh darlin' lonely you

I love you Queen of Hearts
Don't tell me when to stop
Tell me when to start

I love you queen of Hearts
Tell me not to stop
Just tell me where
To start

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Gregg Allman Queen Of Hearts Comments
  1. angel figueroa

    We will never forget you Greg

  2. angel figueroa

    Greg at his best and no recognition 2019

  3. Tom Spiroff

    Gregg in the zone for QOH LP. Amazing.

  4. Kirke182

    What was the movie where Gregg played the pusher who was trying to kill Jennifer Jason Leigh? He was scary in that one.

    Linda Hanley

    Hi it was called, Rush.its a great movie.

  5. Virginia Kusmisz

    oh man my favorite... love GA

  6. bthor76

    What a talented soul.

  7. Carlarr A

    I Feel my soul

  8. Stella Andre

    ive wasted soo much time feeelin guilty;) sittin here this morn waiting to see the interview tonight with Dickey and Gregg too!

  9. Richard Molino

    Love the Queen of hearts

  10. Mary Lopez

    fuck Cher this song. is for me

  11. Vinson

    Thanx much!

  12. helicalbevel

    What is up with the 43 people who don't love this?
    Amazing singing, arrangement, and production. Just perfect.

  13. g mat

    Greg passed the day before my 60th birth day. Didin't want to celebrate when offered a week before. Totally out after. Heck, i just wanted to play my copy of Laid Back which after a move i still can't find. Great track, though. Should have lived it.

  14. Jeff Felderman

    There's little I can add to what has already been said about the late/great Gregg Allman. That being said, I am charting out this tune for my band and beg to differ a little on the intro chords. I have it as Cm7, F9, Bbma7, Eb+2, Am7, D7#9, D7b9, Gm7, C7, Eb, Gm. Any other opinions from other musicians?

  15. Felix Gubert i Gubert


  16. Ed Goodson

    one of my favorites tere will never be another like greg allman

  17. Johnnie C. B


  18. Marc Rod

    Excellent Chord Chart, works great for me!

  19. Mike McHugh

    For all true Gregg fans, this is one beautiful nugget of his songwriting talent. The Brothers didn't find it worthy when he first presented it to them and So, he saved it for his solo album. Regardless, it is one of my all time favorites. Ya know; he's not really completely gone, he's only another listen away. Any listen you care to choose.

  20. Mary Lopez

    my first love my only love.. I miss him so much he play this song for me. we were married 32 years he was the best thing that ever happened to me I gave him two sons it was bitter sweet. we parted ways. I still love him always will

  21. Stella Andre

    mine too miss Vicki;)

  22. Jimmy Calderon

    Most of the Bros. are gone now, but I believe they are once again warming up on a stage somewhere in heaven waiting for us.

  23. friend2truth

    This song is heartbreaking in lyrics, vocals, musicianship, solos, horn, etc. You could take a million Kanyes and Beyonces and they've not done even one song with as much heart.

  24. Todd Sauve

    What an album! Words can't do it justice, so I won't try. ;P

  25. Cecelia Passarella

    love at first sight ahh those blondes

  26. William Gillespie

    He was Great, but you have listen to the words. Its .....

  27. Michael McCracken

    This song came out when I lost my first love what a heartbreak, I'm thankful Gregg Allman was there with the words to help me make it through those days!

  28. Cecelia Passarella

    so romantic one day a handsome blonde should sing this to me

  29. David John Lutz

    beautiful - thanks for posting -

  30. flyfish2x210

    R>I>P> Gregg jamming with Dwayne and Barry in heaven

  31. Lisa Spears

    well I'll never tire of this heartfelt groove and sweet lazy melody..I have played this song since it was released and I listen to it almost everyday still. Just epic in my heart ansears and I get goose bumps still and scar to every solo ever note and now I'm going to learn it and jam to my. play along and smoke some tree and wooosh. smile

  32. Liza Solis

    I never get tired of hearing Queen of Hearts ♥️ Rip Gregg Allman 😢

  33. Luciana Gathje

    what a beautiful melody and sultry voice...RIP Gregg Allman🌺

  34. Mike Pizzle

    What a beautiful song! Now I can learn how to play it. Peace.

  35. Bob S

    Still incredible after all these years.

  36. Stella Andre

    so badass!

  37. lulu wahl

    Thank you for posting this. There is no sheet music anywhere for this song. This is a great album and this is one of his best songs.

  38. carl corino

    I checked out my previous comment from last night. I believe I was correct, last verse:; "although life games are hard,,, I HOLD the highest card,,,,,,,,,, THE queen,,,,, the Queen of Hearts" ----- great line, heard it on recent Macon Live Show, and other times as well,,

    carl corino

    believe it's on all live version's , maybe he added it later?

  39. carl corino

    unreal song and voice, but this song is missing a verse? last verse,

    yes? No?

  40. Bennie442

    "Most of your friends turn out so phony". So true. Lost another great one.

  41. Jan Katzman

    I can't take it anymore!!!

  42. batman66ism

    god this song is so intense rest in peace bro than you

  43. Ryder Patrick Layne

    (Ever Near ) As my last breath fades away my mortal shell lay in decay I'll be among the star... Underfoot , places you mistook or thought not to look... Then play for me my hippie songs you must dance and sing revel till the morning dawn... For I am here Ever Near , the rock face you see, the mountain I'll be.... The stream that splits the grass , where wildflowers and dreams do pass.... That soft wind to toss your hair , the hurricane passion we once shared... The boundless presence who whispered in your ear , don't worry darling have no fear... Look for me on the wind or the morning calling for the day or on the beach where we once played.... Amid constance change it still remains love love, love................... Ryder....... see you on the highway my brother.........

    In The SHADOW Of The SUN

    Ryder Patrick Layne
    Beautiful as Always Baby and Perfect Song choice one of my favorites.....R.I.P. now Gregg we will All be missing You!! Rock with your brother and many others and turn up the volume so we can still hear you down here!!
    Peace and Love ...

    Brian Herrington

    Beautiful and very Heavy my brother. First journey ends and everlasting journey begins.

    Ryder Patrick Layne

    In The SHADOW Of The SUN thank you baby

    Ryder Patrick Layne

    Brian Herrington. thank you for your comment.

  44. George de A

    Beautiful guitar playing from buzz feiten who toured with Gregg in 2000 .....

    Charles Day

    George de A : sorry I hit thumbs down first. This song is truly genius. I am a singer and influenced by Gregg. Love the electric piano solo. Chuck Lavelle is on this, as well. Was Tree Farmer of the year in Georgia a few years back. Then Mick Jagger called. Changed a bit.


    Yup, the beginning guitar really sets this song up.

  45. Nhe Antonio


  46. Robert Walton

    Smooth, but sad upon the occasion of Gregg's passing.

    kenn christian

    Robert Walton My Inspiration For So Long ,One of Many ,His Southern BLUES Vocals , DWUANE Allman on LES PAUL GUITAR 👍 BASS Guitar Rocker 🎵 ,How Can Things So Right Go So Wrong So Fast, I'll Never Know, Never Forget Never Stop Rockin Man 🎵Thanks Robert Walton For Your AwesomeKind Comments And Replies Too Great Southern BLUES ROCK,"The Allman Bros," Gregg Fulfilled Dwane',s Dresm and Touched So Many Hearts,❤️MUSIC, GOOD FOR THE SOUL 🎼 The UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF THE WORLD 🎵,Nothing Like BLUES POWER 👍🔥☠️🔥So SAD,Such A Shame ,Nothing Is Promised In Life's Journey , What A LOSS All Through The Music WORLD 🎵🎼🎶🎼🎵🎸👍 NEVER FORGET NEVER GIVE UP ON NOTHING 🎵🎶🎼🎸🎸🔥☠️🔥🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸😉👍❤️💔💜☮️R.I.P. Too You ALL ✝️🇺🇸

  47. ToonsesTheKat

    I've loved this song since I was in my teens - I'm 63 now, and heartbroken that this awesome man has passed.... Rest in peace, dear Gregg.... you'll be terribly missed...


    @TtK - Me too. Where's the time go? To me guys like Gregg Allman aren't supposed to die. I'm not shook by it but I don't want to face it either.

  48. gaspo2180

    He died on my birthday today. SAD !!  Do yourself a favor, go to the library and get his GREAT book and read it.  The man was not cheated, his life was as full as any ROCK LEGEND's life should be.  He did it all and didn't apologize for it either. This song is his best and I cry almost everytime I hear it. RIP Gregg, heaven waits.


    @g218 - If Gregg Allman makes Heaven hell I might even have a chance.
    Bad joke. Sad occasion for sure but the man's music is eternal Go sing with the angels Gregg Allman.


    I know the song on guitar, but get too choked up to sing it through. It's just that beautiful.

  49. holmeed


  50. Edward Sanchez

    Thank you so much for the post. I love this song and I am mourning the loss of Gregg Allman a few hours ago.

  51. Daniel Burns

    Gregg Allman was 69 years old, when he died on May 27, 2017 today!!!

  52. Zul Zappa

    . . . r i p gregg

  53. aimvideopro

    Loved his music.
    Miss him...

  54. Robin Shewmaker

    RIP, you beautiful rebel. You were such a big part of my childhood, adolescence, teenhood, young adult life, and golden years. Thank you for all the ear joy. 💙

  55. Dan Crowley

    One of the greats. RIP Gregg

  56. Nancy Bianchi

    Brings back so many good memories...favorite song "RIP"

  57. FL8mileshigh1

    RIP Greg. Thanks for all of your great contributions to music. I thought Queen Of Hearts was one of your best with blues and jazz wrapped together in a wonderful song.

  58. Ranger Dan

    Rest In Peace Greg, I write this with tears in my eyes.

  59. Keith Clelland

    Just want to cry!! the greatest white blues singer to ever live. God speed my brother

  60. bob lackey

    RIP Gregg Allman. 1947-2017

  61. Dav Rich

    Rest in peace. I saw you many times Your death has effected me!

  62. Emily and Jake

    Rest in eternal peace, Gregg. You were music to my soul.

  63. Starship Trooper

    So sad to hear about Gregg. I grew up on the ABB. Loved his voice. RIP Brother. The road goes on forever...

  64. tommy76blues

    true masterpiece . . . thanks Gregg we love you

  65. Mike Mcdonnell

    sounds like still got the blues for you ...Gary moore

  66. Joe robinson jr

    eat a peach

  67. seek atree

    Brilliance ! Love this song !

  68. Eric Anderson888

    gregg allman at his very best indeed

  69. Mark Garno

    I just love, love, LOVE these lyrics.....I don't purposely set out to vicariously live out Gregg Allman's lyrics but it certainly friggin seems that way?

  70. Andree Pages

    God I love this album

  71. Starship Trooper

    Hey gang, can you help me? On the front cover of Laid Back, what is Gregg looking into? Are those beads of water? Is that a frozen landscape in the background? Thanks!!!!

  72. Lisa Spears

    I also got this album when it hit the waves. This is a all time rag. I would love to set in with him and solo my ass off. One day maybe.

  73. David Ringo

    Randall Bramblett ......what a horn player....Greggs 1974 Tour was just superb...

    see noevo

    He wasn't on this album. Apparently, David "Fathead" Newman played the sax here.

  74. Deborah Scott

    one of my most best songs ever. ✌

  75. notrash22

    Hi all and thanks for viewing and subscribing.
    If anyone wants these Gregg Allman videos to remain on youtube, please feel free to download them and upload to your own channel.
    They are in the public domain and may be presented as you wish.
    I will be changing the name of the channel in the near future for the use of promoting my hand made acoustic guitars.

    Laurylie Norman

    Please let me know when you do?


    Awesome singer, and writer!!!!

    Brandon McGeorge

    Laurylie Norman o

  76. Tommy Haynes

    Very similar changes to the jazz standard " Autumn Leaves" I love playing them both on piano . The progression is very organic . A series of fourths , easy to remember. One difference is Autumn Leaves had an Am7 b5 instead of A m 7..and of course the chorus is different too. A really good album except his version of Midnight Rider feels dry and clinical compared to the Allman Bros version . His cover of Jackson Browne's "These Days" is excellent . I like it as much or more than the author's. " Multi Colored Lady" also stands out

  77. Keith Clelland

    love this song. loved the album when it came out. hated him wbhen he married cher! redeemed himself when they got divorced.

  78. Barry Sax

    Also got this album when it first came out. Love this tune. BTW who is the sax player on it? very Stan Getz like on his riffs. is that Janice Blair riding the horse with Geg? Greg on organ and Chuck on piano.Chuck had a great band called Sealevel.

    David Ringo

    Randall Bramblett .......

    ted pickman

    The sax player on the this, the studio version, is David Fathead Newman, the featured sax on most of the Ray Charles records. Randall is a great player, but this is David....and not very Getz - like here at all!

  79. Walter Lovell

    saw him at the Fox for the laidback album.

  80. Steve LaRosa

    Got the album when it was first released, 1970-whatever. This song has been with me since then. You know what I mean.

    Lisa Spears

    Me too. Its my all time favourite of Greggs..!!

    Mule Skynr

    Laid Back was recorded in March 1973 and released in October of that year..


    I bought as soon as it was on the shelf. And still have it.

    David John Lutz

    know what you mean - a sweet slice of American peach pie -

    Tom Andersen

    I do know what you mean......

  81. fred Terrones

    Sorry guys but this song was not written for Cher Bono it was written for his second wife Janice Blair whose brother is the basis for the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers band Google it.

    Michael Rollins

    He dedicated the album to her as I recall.  I've got it framed on my wall because it is one of the best albums of all time.

    Gypsy Tees Gray

    You both are correct! I believe she was seriously the love of his life! You can hear it in his music from that album!

  82. Mary Lopez

    Memories.. My x would. Play this for me all the time when we first. Got together i still listen to it. Alot. I love gregs voice awsome song..

  83. Paco Montes

    La ponía en lentas en TITO'S (Salamanca) una de las mejoras canciones de amor de todos los tiempos y me quedo corto.

  84. carl-johan sahlström

    Love it. my body shivers from this.

  85. johnny zell

    this song is where gary moore got his still got the blues!

  86. Laurylie Polito

    Tried playing this on the Piano last night, love his compositions... He is a talented writer and musician, performer...

    Laurylie Norman

    +Tommy Haynes Thank you for the insights and inspiration... The Autumn Breeze is an old favorite of mine, Fly Me To The Moon is a great song as well. Looks like we have similar taste in music, it is nice to hear your thoughts on this piece.

    Laurylie Norman

    +Travis Hunt he sure wasn't...

    Laurylie Norman

    +Phill Emerson I adore Chuck Leavel, there are some piano lessons and a video here on you tube of him giving a lecture in NY regarding his style and work with the Allman Brothers... The guy is a legend.

    Phill Emerson

    @Laurylie Norman thanks for the Information if you enjoy Chuck Leavel you tube a band call C Level you will really enjoy the jazz these guys put out in the 70s

    Laurylie Polito

    Neat, I will. Thanks again...

  87. Tom Squeeze

    That was his song for CHER!

    Tom Squeeze

    I think so!

    fred Terrones

    Google it, it was written for his second wife Janice Blair her brother was the bass player for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

  88. Scott Hasemeier

    This is how you chill out and know life is so beautiful just listening to greg his voice captures what the blues are all about I've listened to the band for years (many) emphasis added for those who dislike his music may be too young to appreciate quality and I feel for you don't let the younger generation's music yeast you up that distorts your thinking to the point you think your a player and end up in jail/prison for the rest of your life. Thanks greg and the band for sharing such outstanding talent

  89. Ed Keene

    Once again five dumb ass people dislike this classic tune. Ron White said it best, You can't fix stupid. Go listen to Beiber or Katy Perry you ignorant fools. This is the voice of an angel

    Keith Clelland

    Ed Keene lol. great comment ed. idiots. what a great song.


    So true Ed. So true............................

  90. celloprofundo

    ''You see the fact is more or less'', been listening to this record since it first came out and thought he was sayin', ''see the back tears fallin''. :)

  91. Scottsdale 944

    I love this song, but the disgusting advertising bad music noise that preceded it makes me feel that Youtube  is a whore for money with no respect nor integrity for its art and culture. Don't bang my ears for a tenth of a penny. Have some consideration. BillyGL

  92. Carol Mahler

    Back in the early '70's I saw Greg do this live at what was the Key Biscayne marine stadium....great concert, beautiful, clear night...and the beautiful sounds of him singing this, a wonderful song that I've loved ever since!  A great memory!

    richard graber

    Key biscayne marine stadium can’t beat that era👍

  93. Charles Chandler

    About 'love'...etc...:)O(:...

  94. Skreach_x_Orchestra

    Damn... *Speechless*

  95. William Navarro

    One of Gregg allmans all time song

  96. Patrick Masters

    This week the present incarnation of the Allman Bros played their last concert I believe. Saw them several times over the years but still sad to see them end. Wishing them all well in their future projects.

    Donald Harris

    Gregg Allman & Friends His Life & Music Tribute Concert was GR8t ! ! ! Gregg Allman is my favorite musician and singer since I first heard the brothers play in the 70's ! ! !
    The man is a Blues Dude Legend and could and did play most every style , wether covers or co-written or just his own material, the man was musical Excellence that did not go hippiddy-hopping ! ! ! I have every one of the brothers albums ! ! ! R I P Gregg Allman . . . 😎🎸🤘🌹🍄 Peace & Play guitar On . . . 😎 DDHarris 12-11-2019.

  97. Nicholas Masi

    They are all GREAT SONGS!!!

  98. Nicholas Masi

    verse is same chords
     as Europa Santana inst. different chorus. very nice!!!


    Both Europa and Queen of Hearts are more or less built from the 1940's classic "Autumn Leaves". That said, so what, they are both very unique and original in the interpretation. 

  99. gaspo2180

    I always thought this was written for CHER.  True or not ?

    Porfle Popnecker

    Nope, this was released B.C. (Before Cher).

  100. berrypossum

    Buzz Feiten!