Gregg Allman - I'm No Angel Lyrics

No, I'm no angel
No, I'm no stranger to the streets
I've got my label
So I won't crumble at your feet

And I know, baby
So I got scars upon my cheek
And I'm half-crazy
Come on and love me, baby

So you found me hard to handle
Well, I'm easier to hold
So you like my spurs that jingle
And I'll never leave you cold
So I might steal your diamonds
I'll bring you back some gold
I'm no angel, mmm

No, I'm no angel
No, I'm no stranger to the dark
Let me rock your cradle
Let me start a fire with your spark

Oh, come on, baby
Come and let me show you my tattoo
Let me drive you crazy
Come on and love me, baby

So you don't care a darn about me
I'll never treat you bad
I won't ever lift a hand to hurt you
And I'll always leave you glad
So I might steal your diamonds
I'll bring you back some gold
I'm no angel

No, I'm no angel
No, I'm no stranger to the dark
Let me rock your cradle
Let me start a fire in your heart

Oh, come on, baby
Come and let me show you my tattoo
Let me drive you crazy
Come on and love me, baby

Come on, baby
Drive me crazy
Drive me crazy

Come on, baby, wooh
Come on, baby
Oh, come on, baby

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Gregg Allman I'm No Angel Comments
  1. Andrew Flood


  2. Jon Slimick

    Great song. He's on gods playlist! Rip greg.

  3. G L pink Floyd


  4. Marilee Dent

    Only man my husband was jealous of. He never should have been just a friend

  5. Debra Parkerson

    No I'm no angel....
    Love this song
    Great man

  6. Bill Fish

    2020 still rocking.

  7. Mark Chick

    January 20th,th 2020 Getting it on.

  8. James Greene

    Sadly, is there anyone in this video still alive now after Gregg passed away?? I mean Dangerous Dan Toler is gone, Bruce Waibel, David Toler, Dans brother is gone,. The only one that I'm not sure about is Chaz Trippy. Every one of them guys were pure enjoyable.

  9. Rebel Rocker


  10. Don Smith

    I'm no Angel. This damn song speaks to me.

  11. John Seng

    Just curious: Anyone know the name of the old-timer character actor on the front porch?

    James Johnson


  12. Glowgirl

    Ever have a guy who's no angel? Thank God Almighty, I have.

  13. Danyell Rollf

    I cry when my man sings this to me!

  14. Audrey Ann

    Still heartbroken over this guys death! We love you Gregg Allman.


    Amen to that.

  15. Steve

    Well as Barbara Walters used to say in the opening of her show ... Hello this is Barbara Walters and we want to welcome you to 20/20 ! And this song still gets me upbeat and smilin

  16. Kathleen Moore

    Gregg Allman, yes your an ANGEL now!! Love you and this song!! R.I.P.

  17. Rebel Rocker

    He Looked Great Here , luv me some Gregg , ROCK ON

  18. Jeffrey Young

    I'm still listening
    . Jeffrey A Young 7/11/61 U.S.A

  19. captainvideoralph

    The Road Goes On Forever...R.I.P.

  20. nov20five

    One of the best southern love songs ever!

  21. Ted Luetticke


  22. Donald Chase

    Rader love still listing to motley Crue in 2019.and your bullshit.

  23. Ken Harris

    Great classic tune even in 2019!

  24. Robert Johnson

    Got to see this guy live once he was amazing

  25. Lee Rocheleau

    This was a good tour he opened for SRV

  26. terrance merry

    He was dating Cher when he wrote this

    Coy Leigh

    He sure wasn't dating much now was he? Ugly ass Bitch.

    Doug Cortes

    Gregg didn't write this song, wasn't the first to record it, and recorded it more than 10 years after he and Cher divorced, but his is the very best version by a landslide!

  27. Monique Muroni

    Always found something incredibly sexy about him...miss him....RIP

  28. Donna Vaughn

    Who's still listening to this song ❤️
    Donna Faye Vaughn....
    Milford Delaware

    Gabriel Trufasila

    Gabi Trufasila,Romania,Bughea de Sus

    John Hines

    I am John k. Hines poconos pa.

    Donna Vaughn

    @John Hines hello John Hines!

    John Hines

    @Donna Vaughn howdy

    Bonnie Hughes

    I am too !! ... Glassboro, NJ

  29. Andrea619

    Happy Birthday Gregg!...My Favorite song! glad I got to see you in concert!...R.I.P <3

  30. bernie Mahoney

    That voice !!!!!

  31. Tony Griffin

    awesome some of my fav,to the vest.

  32. Marilee Dent

    Miss him. Merry Christmas

  33. greg west

    This song caused me to sprout a mullet

  34. Joseph Walsh

    Greg was the rock star of the 70 s till he died ...this songs when he broke into chers house ....

  35. John Berry

    Although this song came out in 1987.. it sounds like a late 70s song.... the video is obviously 80s though...

  36. Atahulpa

    RIP Greg and say hi to Duane for us all ...

  37. Maria Elena Rodriguez

    Greg was hesitant to be singer for the band at first; now I can't imagine the Allman Bros. sound without his soulful, gravelly voice

  38. Arden Carpenter

    I bet his brother listens to this song every day since he’s been gone from earth and proud of him and what they both accomplished,cause it sure is a great song on Greg’s own he probably would say

  39. The Graceful One

    I love this song and this video is AWESOME takes me back to the good old days ...ty for posting this. .May he RIP. ....

  40. Margaret Meyer


  41. Stargazer

    Silly video, but great song for Gregg.

  42. Dan Crowley

    RIP Gregg and "Dirty" Dan Toler

  43. chip tmcc

    Still have my vinyl.

  44. Cee Sudy

    I love Gregg... But if hes playing the keyboards in this video, for real, then im as talented as him. MAGA!!! RIP

  45. Raymond R.

    I hate that they F'd up so many great songs in the 80's with cheesy videos...makes me appreciate songs like Midnight Rider even more

  46. Donna Vaughn

    This song gets me... Everytime 💝

    Donna Vaughn

    Alrighty...I'm back.. who's with me..?👀

    Justin Wallace

    Nice taste in music Donna. I revisit this video all the time.

    Donna Vaughn

    @Justin Wallace look who's back!!!

    Donna Vaughn

    @Justin WallaceI'm listening to this song from Milford Delaware...

    Justin Wallace

    Sherwood, Arkansas


    MTV NEWS.....TINA HIXON........GREGG ALLMAN .....IM NO ANGEL ....1987

  48. deputydog239

    These guys were great, love the song and had great beat to dance too.

  49. Steve Marino

    Saw the Allman Brother's 5 times growing up. They were always the headliners, and always took a break during the set. Fantastic the first part, the second part was another story! Lots of stuff ingested during "halftime". Still, the best band I ever heard. Greg was the best front man and singer any band on earth could ever want.....just had to keep him away from backstage back in the day. Loved how he later cleaned things up and stood strong. There will never be another one. My hero for sure.

    bernie Mahoney

    Amen !!

  50. Patricia Mobley

    Yes Greg open a can of whoop-ass on these rookies. Now you can jam with Duane till the cow come home. Yes baby. We love you and miss you.

  51. T Hobbs

    I love Gregg Allman, but does anyone have a better copy of this awesome video???

  52. Levi Notrub


  53. jack allen

    Back when vids were vids and girls knew who they and we are.

  54. Tony Griffin

    best off all time

  55. Gypsy Willows


  56. Melanie C

    Stalked by demons protected by Angels..

  57. chop 362

    Such a great song by a greater artist, missed.

  58. Marilee Dent

    Guess I'll die in the South way out

  59. Marilee Dent

    What hells we all went through.

  60. Marilee Dent

    Miss him

  61. Marilee Dent

    Me either

  62. boysntiaras

    Dickey Betts is an awesome guitar player. Very underrated. Love me some Greg Allman.

    Brian Waldie

    Potato Head Yes, but dickey isn’t in this video.

    Jeff C

    Silly comment. Underrated by whom?

  63. SlimJones62

    Greg Allman - If Dr. Pepper and Mt. Dew had a love child

  64. sterphles

    He's gonna steal your diamonds but bring you back some gold? Not sure that's a very good might want to reconsider this

  65. Cobone

    Real music and thank god i was alive to hear it.

    T Hobbs

    Cobone, yeah, me, too.

  66. Victor Ortiz

    Rip brother greg!!!

  67. Vignette Orleans

    In regards to your " learn to spell " comment Learn history Eisenstein could not spell as well as many other famous people.

  68. gerald baker

    Wow, thanks to you tube....

  69. doctor steve

    any one that loves southern rock knows that the grand daddys of southern rock were the Allman Bros.
    before Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker, et al, the Brothers reigned supreme.
    BTW, thats Dangerous Dan Toler on guitar.

  70. Keith Cogdill

    I stood out in front of Greg Allman and was called a bouncer whicht if shit went bad i was jumping behind his big ass . Anyway his girlfriend at the time told me Greg dont need no girlfriend he needs a nurse , Rub the skin off it baby then put a bandaid on it. Right

  71. L. Ann

    I’m an Angel 👼

  72. Brian McNary

    One of my all time favs! We had the best music!

  73. Mike Fadell

    Love ya Greg Allman thank You for the Music that Rocks me everyday RIP Bro

  74. Scott Liegel

    Greg is having a blast making this video, thanks for uploading,

  75. Josie Springfield

    This song played on the radio station K X G O 93.1 Eureka Ca year 2006

  76. Patrick O'Connor

    Never have seen the video, liked it, but Allman did it all in his life. A hard hard life of lots cocaine and alcohol if that's possible. Anyways, he could throw a top 10 hit together pretty damn good.

  77. agnelanna heavens

    his son is just as beautiful

  78. agnelanna heavens


  79. agnelanna heavens

    liketheytaughtmetoshoot brennersynderspaddr

  80. agnelanna heavens

    I am no angel saiolarandarmyboys taught well

  81. Charles Bracewell

    When’s your baby due? Yesterday...

  82. Daniel M

    SNL did it best....

  83. randall scott burress

    'I did not shoot ..the sheriff and i sure ain't gonna hurt no deputy?"""

  84. Texas 1

    He had problems. Who doesn’t? I loved him. ❤️

  85. Ryan Adams

    Is that Sybil Danning?

  86. Brian McNary

    Gregg was divinely inspired.

  87. Erinski

    “Let me show you my tattoo,” sounds funny now, but this was from back when only badasses who didn’t care about societal norms had tattoos.

  88. barbara r

    2019 love this song and greetings from Cleveland ohio

    randall scott burress

    any-body nissing GERG ..where did he go at?

  89. David F

    Gregg was a talented musician. His history is cement solid in the the annuals of music, writing, and production. One very important other thing too. He was smashing Cher's sweet spot when she was in her prime!!! Imagine how good that sweetness was. Still is most likely. He lived a great life!

  90. Debbie Hariman

    Great song

    Newman OutDoors

    His Best IMO .

  91. Jumes M

    Wow. At 1.04, the dude is WHALING on those drums.

  92. Paul Burke

    love this video what did gregg have like 9 different wives...... !

    Newman OutDoors

    I think Cher was one : )

  93. Matthew Smith

    The South will rise again!

  94. Monsieur Renard

    Bad acting and a kind of confusing musicvideo. Furthermore the song is not bad, but suffers from clinical and clean production. The version on Allman's last live-album is far better.

  95. LoAd Cartoons

    I'm just here for vance colvig.

  96. R3D 5IVE

    I always loved it when something you thought was done in the spotlight comes back for one more party.

    Newman OutDoors

    He did and In My oppinion His Best . Great comment .