Greenwheel - The End Lyrics

Is anyone else awake
Deaf ears on these words must fall
Dodging friendly fire
Marksmanship inspires
The end that is never the end
There’s no difference between foe or friend
Blanks in the chamber, they’ll have you believe
Faces so sober, trusting souls deceived
Mouth less children, still promises they feed
Bullets softer now, still we bleed
The megaphone speaks still pulses race and scream
Things will be quiet soon

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Greenwheel The End Comments
  1. Pinoy Techdad

    End of 2019 and still listening
    . Such an underrated song and band

  2. Tim Gainnes

    best cut on this album

  3. Justin Daft

    Seriously.... this entire album was amazing.. crazy these guys never made it big.

  4. going home

    great song

  5. Jeff Brown

    My daughter liked this band so I wound up going to several of their performances. Ryan and the band gave their all at every concert. I think I enjoyed them as much as she did.

  6. Jager Roberson

    love this song!!

  7. joshtinpowers

    *Blanks in the chamber

  8. Bern

    that these guys didn't make it big is for me one of the biggest mysteries in music..

  9. C.W. V.

    "Blanks" in the chamber, not "rocks"