Greenwheel - Strong Lyrics

Here I am all alone
Situations overwhelming again
Be strong
I tell myself but I fall right back again
Hold on
I think I just realized something
Here I am right in your hands
There I am letting you take what you can
I won’t let this happen again
I’m too strong to fall again
A light of hope fading more each time I breathe
Right or wrong, too many roads, a wounded soul in need
Hold on
I think I just realized something

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Greenwheel Strong Comments
  1. TheElectronNinja Games

    EA had fantastic songs for sports games in Y2K, what the hell happened?

  2. Bart K

    Best song off NHL 2003. Plus a great song to listen too while fighting an infection.

  3. Jesse S

    Back when NHL games were exciting and fun to play...The soundtracks also rocked...To bad EA can't make a fun game anymore...They need new developers...someone with an eye for hockey....Bring back David Littman at least he put a great product on the shelves every year...Unlike Sean and the EA crew all they care about is HUT and getting money from that as well rehashing the same boring game year after year.NHL 19 better improve or I won't buy it...Also $79.99 for a video game these days is insane...I remember when PS3 and even older consoles were like $59-69 per game. I buy all my games digital now because the trade in rate is not worth trading in unless you have a ton of games to trade in...Also buying digitally you save on taxes...Which is nice.

  4. Bart K

    Modano, Zubov, Lehtinen, Sydor & Hatcher! Oh & this song! #Anthem

    TheElectronNinja Games

    GOOD LORD THANK YOU FOR REFERENCING MY FAVORITE TEAM OF ALL TIME ALONG WITH MY FAVORITE SONG FROM THIS GAME. THANK YOU!!! :D I always used to just score goals with Modano because he was my favorite player. I actually got to meet him on Opening day October 10, 2008 Dallas Stars vs. Columbus Blue Jackets and I also met Brendan Morrow and Marty Turco, I have Marty Turco's goalie stick still to this day.

  5. will edm

    When you remember a song off a game and don't know what it was called so you look up the game soundtrack

    David A

    will edm glad I could help you find it, great song!

    will edm

    David A it is a great song thanks for the upload :)

  6. Anderson50

    aw shit i remember playing this game! richter, messier, bure, leetch, balckburn, the list goes on <3 LETS GO RANGERS

  7. Olivier Simard

    wow...remember ! 2003

  8. mara17159

    видеоряд бы еще толковый сделали.Цены бы вам не было

  9. OoOGuiltyOoO

    great song great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    David A

    Glad you like it my friend!


    devils for life bud sykora elias arnott 1st line best att in the league never forget ya roots bud hahah

    David A

    i was more of a red wings fan in the 2002-03 era with guys like brett hull, sergei federov, lindstrom, datsyuk, shanahan and stevie y. The devils roster was pretty nice too though with scott stevens, scott niedermayer, langenbrunner and elias to name a few, for sure!

    Jj Wieczorek

    I played as Detroit on that game


    Long Live EA Back Then!