Green, Pat - Dixie Lullaby Lyrics

My father had skin like leather
Hands like steel
From a lifetime spent in the cotton fields
Though he'd come home tired and dirty
Almost every night
He found the strength to smile at me and hold my mama tight
While that old transister radio would play the opry out in the hall
Id sit and watch their shadows glide across the wall

And they'd dance to a dixie lullaby
Picture of love beneath the southern sky
Oh my what a beautiful life
Just like a dixie lullaby

I left home at 18
In a hand me down chevrolet
Packed my mamas goodness and my old mans stubborn ways
It was college, work, and love
Then the babies came
The youngest ones got his grandaddy's name
And in the early morning hours when my children could not sleep.
I'd rock them in my arms to a simple beat

And id sing them a dixie lullaby
Hush baby don't you start to cry
Oh my what a beautiful life
Just like a dixie lullaby

My father was a mountain of a man
That was the description that I gave
The morning that we laid him in his grave
There with my mama by his side, we said our last goodbye
To a man we thought would never die
As I stood there in the fields of amazing grace
Oh how the tears ran down my face.

And I sang him a dixie lullaby
Well meet again, by and by
Oh my what a beautiful life
Just like a dixie lullaby

Oh my what a beautiful life
Just like a dixie lullaby

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Green, Pat Dixie Lullaby Comments
  1. Devin Proctor

    Hey cousin hope your doing good. Your mother is my aunt. Weve never met but you knew my dad and uncle. Tex and terry

  2. BC 1978

    18 years ago today my daddy passed . This song has helped me cope for many years. Thanks , Pat .

  3. Bradley Redmon

    I love you dad.... you will always be my hero

  4. Shelly Payne


  5. Kody Sweet


  6. JC productions

    I’m literally with pat right now!😂💀

  7. David W

    Makes me cry every time I hear it.

  8. Brittany M

    What a beautiful song.

  9. Ryan Carver

    Pat Green makes me wish I was from Texas, which says alot bc I'm from Tennessee.

  10. Musicfan Hawk

    Awesome song!

  11. Kevin Woods

    This song reminds me of my dad who worked hard every day to take care of us. Now he resides in heaven with the Lord.

  12. Beau Lucas

    Come to Asheville please?! :)

  13. John Smith

    It takes a real to sing a song like this thank you pat green

  14. Robert Janise

    My father just retired from singing after 65 years due to throat problems. Love you dad. I'm a retired drummer due to job duties. Awesome song ..

  15. Alan Wrinkle

    my dad would hold my mom and sway back forth i just watched and smilded i miss that

  16. Taylor Rideout


  17. Kane Kent

    I want to be the dad that I never had. I want to work hard and come home to a son and teach him to do right, and spoil my lady. I will do it

  18. aaron hobart

    One of the most underrated songs ever

  19. Shannon Lane

    Pat Green never gets old. The guy is solid

    Pamela Darlene Woodward

    Well said

    American Patriot

    Lost my best friend in a house fire may 18 2019. He was 81. Went upstairs to save his wife. They never made it out. I truly understand the meaning of this verse. Thought he would never die. Rest in peace my brother. We miss you. Jerry and Shirlee Schack. We will meet again in that sweet by and by.

  20. Brittany McGregor

    I love this song so much

  21. Jeff Commander

    All you thumb down people don't have a heart!

  22. Cap1talNumbers

    Stupid onions

  23. Theresa Squires

    Thank you for the memories

  24. Ann White

    wasent there to lay him to rest but not far from me so i keep his flowers watered

  25. James Pope

    So much truth in this song. "To a man we thought would never die" really hits close to home. My Dad will always be my hero.

  26. BC 1978

    This song gets me every single time. RIP pops. Until I see ya again

  27. Kim Kinney

    One beautiful Song. Brought me close to my father. At the right time, the right place.
    Amen. Thank you Pat Green

  28. Allen Gibbs

    I'm in VT  but always loved this song...tribute to the old man, there was issues but give my life for him now...

  29. david maynard jr

    Although my ol man and I aren't very close and I told him on several occasions I hated him and he was dead to me I dedicate this song to him. He sucked sometimes as a father but he worked hard to provide and give my brother and sister a good life. Although, I should tell him, but I won't because I'm to stubborn I love u dad.

    Dennis Benge

    +david maynard jr , someday your chance to do so will be gone, and regret will forever haunt you.

    Shellie Shellie

    Pride is a terrible thing. Someday you will regret that you never told him and that day will be too late. Suck it up and be the bigger man.

    Gail Rambeaut

    david maynard jr this is my wifes account but man to man i lost my dad when i was 17 take it from me please please tell your father how much you love him hug that man an never let go id give everything i own to hug my dad just one last time

  30. Peyton Pfile

    Great song... Speaks my life in 4:10

    R Bledsoe

    Mine too. That makes you AND I, two very, very fortunate people. Thanks Dad.

  31. Jennifer Hagan


  32. Towelieeeeeeeeeeeeee

    The "to a man I thought would never die" verse gets me every time. Beyond grateful that my father and hero are one in the same.

    Bradley redmon

    it gets me too, my mom passed away almost 5yrs ago and I have social anxiety cause of it cause she was larger than life itself, but my dad is my hero, he is simply a mountain of a man

  33. Kendrick Busby

    this song is my Dad . he is the best man on the planet. thank you Pat for giving us this song. k.busby

  34. Stephanie Singletary

    I love pat green!!!!! This aong really touches my heart. I lost my dad in 07 and it seems like a yr. Ago. The aong reminds me of him..... i miss my Daddy

  35. bigchicken88

    I wonder whatever happen to pat green haven't heard any new music in 9 yrs. such a great talented singer miss hearing his music on the radio.


    @bigchicken88 Still here!

    Jacob McCullar

    bigchicken88 just saw him last night in Austin

    Charlie Woods

    He’s still active and doing great in Texas. They have their own charts. About all of the artists are independent. There’s enough places they mostly tour in state.

  36. truck243

    Beautiful song , one of the best in recent times .

  37. Harley Horman

    I would just like to say Bob wills is still the king, get out of here with this George Strait talk.

  38. Ken45

    Beautiful song. Promotes being a REAL man and REAL love.

  39. jesse black

    It pisses me off when people say texas isn't in dixie

    Acres ninety

    its a place all its own

    Favian Vasquez

    jesse black There's a difference between Deep South and Dirty South.Most of those that weren't born in Texas got here as fast as they could!!

    Easy The Great

    LOL Texas IS Dixie

  40. Mike Lastiwka

    It was good to hear a Man make music. A man song of ethics and priorities. Thanks man. Thank you.

  41. Mike Lastiwka

    This one touched me deep. I had to listen to this 2 times. I almost cry when I hear this. A true work of art. Fantastic. It brings out my emotions of family. The way it use to be.

  42. nicksmom02

    LOVE* Just saw Pat in concert Friday May 9, 2014 and it was amazing!!! I love this song, so grateful he didn't sing it, however and have me in tears in the middle of such  hue crowd

  43. nicksmom02

    I love and miss you Daddy. RIP Aug. 5, 2013

    Ashleigh Luedeker

    nicksmom02 that's a day before my birthday. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  44. Mark Fry


  45. Nancy Crews

    Great song

  46. Armyguy31826

    Saw him a few weeks in graford, Texas at buckets and boots 2013, him and Casey donahew band, and Tracy Lawrence. Pat was the best!! Nicest guy u will ever meet!!!

  47. Armyguy31826

    Hi Rabbit!!!!!!

  48. Brian Sullivan


  49. Cynthia 81

    Love this song, first song me & my husband danced to at our wedding!

  50. faithfulmomof3

    Nice to hear real country music!

  51. Josh Holt

    The guy in the ad before the song (brad paisley) isnt half the singer Pat Green is.

  52. inlovewithmaimiink

    My daddy died last month and it was so unexpected, he was a MOUNTAIN OF A MAN. This song makes me cry. He was such a hard man but had his sweet moments. Never imagined id be this lost with out him.. I will forever love and miss you Daddy. Thanks for always being there for me. Even when i was wrong and didnt wanna hear it.

    Patrick Wagz

    sorry for your loss

    5+ years, hope you're doing better

  53. Dani Holmes

    i agree

  54. longliverocknroll5

    With all the music I listen to, this song often gets lost in the shuffle. But it is still one of the only songs I have that no matter when I listen to it I love it. So calming, emotional, a beautifully painted portrait of life.

  55. Floyd K

    Wow, that was really a beautiful song and video.

  56. 87bayoubengal

    Long live love

  57. Ginny Sanders

    I havent seen Pat in over three years. I need me some P Green glow!

  58. Angie Carr Robinett

    Wow bto! Maybe you should relax and hear the lyrics!!

  59. natalia007ish

    you are heartless if u dont love this song>>>

  60. btownmxer

    Im talking about the last decade

  61. Charlie Hatcher

    You do realize this song was made over 6 years ago?

  62. btownmxer

    New country sux dick! This song doesnt mean shit all it is, is about the allmighty dollar anymore

  63. Carolyn Bonner

    Reminds me of my father. Love this song.

  64. trinidad jamess

    beautiful song reminds me of my granddad. miss you dad!!!!!!!!

  65. Landon Sugg

    Country music comes from old europe folk music you know blue grass whitch as strong influences from Irish and Scottish music not black people at all

  66. J2Love24

    LOVE this song!So beautiful it touches my soul:' )

  67. hj179

    Agree agree agree!

  68. Brandon Peterson


  69. J Matthews

    Haha, exactly...I'm black and I love country music, Texas Country to be exact. Great music has no "color"

  70. Brandon Peterson

    What does being black have to do with anything?

  71. Joseph Brooks

    I am going to see him tomorrow night here in Philadelphia at a place called Union Transfer. I am super psyched to see him.

  72. J Naylor

    This gives me goose this

  73. VegasFan01


    Me too...when my Daddy passes some day, I will think of this song.

  74. JokerzPrincezz

    Reminds me of my daddy ♥

  75. Brian Thomason

    @TexasRho83 Ha! TRUE THAT, MY FRIEND!! True that!

  76. TexasRho83

    This song has the same effect on me as the ending of Ol' Yeller.

  77. MrCastaway64

    A great song, Reminds me of my father. How I miss him

  78. Dave Wollenberg

    Pat hit #24 in Billboard, in '07. God bless ya, for postin' it. Have a great week!

  79. Ben Pierson

    Pat Green kind of got away from what made him when he went to Nashville. This is one of the ones that he got right after he left Texas!


    damn i love this song .

  81. Warren Wright

    Love the song...the vocal is done with heart and soul....loved it~!

  82. jeremy patten

    songs got heart and character, well sung .

  83. GeorgiaBoii32


  84. wheelmanstan

    He is great and did make it to the bigtime but he saw how corrupt the music industry was and got out of the nashville scene. He said he would rather make ends meet singing to people the way he has always done. Darryl Dodd also made it pretty big but ofcourse you gotta be a sellout pretty boy no talent to make it big now. I mean look at the losers now. 10 of the same idiots up there on cmt always sweeping award shows. Coincidence, I think not, marketing and pop country infiltration.

  85. harlan tweed

    beautiful song i knew it was a hit as soon as i heard it.go Pat

  86. raider8801

    Guns up!!! Pat Green is a great Texas Tech Red Raider!!!!

  87. GeorgiaBoii32

    @MrBradelz MEDIC

  88. Sous Chef

    @vgarza1972 least they are not making us watch commercials......

  89. Zukosgirl251

    Beautiful song.

  90. lee far

    GREAT SONG ..................VEVO BLOWS

  91. therandleray

    Pat Green writes and performs amazing songs.. I think he could probably be my most favorite country singer just because of how much i can relate to all of his songs.

  92. benjytexas

    VEVO sucks green baalllls

  93. Andrew Marino

    A lot of bests came out of Texas. If the music touches you in some way then it's the best.

  94. Sam Castorani

    One of his best by far. Gotta love Pat Green. Met him several times. Great guy.

  95. shaneraleigh

    radney foster hands down is the greatest songwriter born in texas! without a doubt.

  96. wirklichdoof

    pat green looks a lot like my 10th grade math teacher

  97. travis goucher

    no way is pat green the best to come outta texas. he's good but george strait is way better.

  98. BigBlueMSP

    GREAT SONG!!!!

  99. beerfoodandtunes

    I luv this vid. itz sooo sweet!!! imagin ur parentz singin dis 2 a litl kid. creepy thought, but a sweet 1