Green Day - Oh Love Lyrics

Oh Love, oh love
Won't you rain on me tonight?
Oh life, oh life
Please don't pass me by
Don't stop, don't stop
Don't stop when the red lights flash
Oh ride, free ride
Won't you take me close to you

Far away, far away
Waste away tonight
I'm wearing my heart on a noose

Far away, far away
Waste away tonight
Tonight my heart's on the loose

Oh lights and action
I just can't be satisfied
Oh losers and choosers
Won't you please hold on my life
Oh hours and hours
Like the dog years of the day
Old story, same old story
Won't you see the light of day

Far away, far away
Waste away tonight
I'm wearing my heart on a noose

Far away, far away
Waste away tonight
Tonight my heart's on the loose

Talk myself out of feeling
Talk my way out of control
Talk myself out of falling in love
Falling in love with you


Oh love, oh Love
Won't you rain on me tonight
Oh ride, free ride
Won't you take me close to you

Far away, far away
Waste away tonight
I'm wearing my heart on a noose

Far away, far away
Waste away tonight
Tonight my heart's on the loose

Far away, far away
Waste away tonight
I'm wearing my heart on a noose

Far away, far away
Waste away tonight
Tonight my heart's on the loose

Tonight my heart's on the loose...
Tonight my heart's on the loose...

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Green Day Oh Love Comments
  1. Elizabeth-Jose Lopez

    The moment the video starts I see literally weird-looking women. It’s so disturbing 😫

  2. Kevin Olson

    These days it's kinda hard to be in angst and against the system, "Capitalism " I remember when you where a Punk Band from the Bay Area. Came from nothing to Super Stardom. I remember in the early days when these guys were couch surfing after shows hooking up with random girls to get a place to crash, in Austin, Texas. Not much into name dropping, TC. Now with a net worth of $155M cumulatively between the 3 members. You are very much a driving force of Capitalistic system, embrace it. Capitalism is what got you where you are. Think about it, Socialism free shows, you definitely would not be in the position you are in. If you say otherwise, you're hypocrites. In this song, it seems they've stopped fighting and are enjoying there wealth, as they should. Billie with his Signature Gibson, Mike with his Signature Fender and Tre with his Signature SJC endorsement. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Capitalism. Message to the young fans out there today, Get Off your Asses and be somebody. Cheers to Billie, Mike and Tre, enjoy the wealth. You guys deserve it!

  3. Narynan

    I've spent my whole live wanting that experience.

  4. Chigaco 102

    0:02 Is she Sasha Grey..?

  5. Filu Carcamo

    i remember when this came out i had a crush on the blue hair girl and the blone one with the touche moi underwear

  6. States Of Games


  7. Lalmalsawma malsawma

    Who still listen in 2020

  8. Rifana Agustina

    i love sound guitar very chrunch

  9. DeMa DaFak

    I miss this old green day songs

  10. Suman Goku

    2020 🤚✋

  11. Green Day

    We’re throwing a party at the apocalypse and you and your 5 seconds of fame are invited. Go listen to Oh Yeah! out now -

    Big Lez

    Hi America would you mind maybe NOT destroying the world, some of us don’t want another apocalypse thanks.
    Sincerely, the rest of the world


    @Big Lez what.... this is literally just a song

    Mirko Manson

    Great song guys!!😘kisses from Italy

    Jorge A. Penagos

    Oh yeah is a great song. You're the BEST ever!

  12. Imperator Lupum

    A glam band in denial.

  13. 48.95,21.91SVK

    🏆2020 & This remains the #1 music video of All Time! 🏆 Chicks, Beer, & Rock 'N Roll !!

  14. travis sutton

    Hottest girls ever

  15. Got7&BTS Girl

    2020? 😍❤ i'm 16 but Green day made my childhood


    Don't forget to listen to the absolutely classics from 1994 to 2004 too. Real GD

  16. Ale.d.s

    Q buen vídeo de chicas sensuales hot !!!

  17. JessLeon18

    Billie i love you

  18. Jack Coma

    That eyebrow raise tho

  19. Jack Coma

    This is my sexuality

  20. Léo N.Reis

    3:39 Oq está escrito na bunda dela?? Não consegui traduzir 'Touche-moi'

    Dayse Roberta

    "me toque" em francês

    Léo N.Reis

    @Dayse Roberta Obgd Dayse! Amo essa música.

    Dayse Roberta

    @Léo N.Reis tbm amo. tava ouvindo ainda pouco e bateu uma nostalgia boa

  21. Lopa44

    I predict this song to be on the setlist for Hella Mega Tour.

    iStay Krazy

    Its possible

  22. Juls Garriott

    Tons of almost porn in this video... QueerPunk

  23. Ana Gualdoni

    la doctora belu caduco se le vencio el titulo

  24. oom b

    I love this

  25. fernando fernández pinto

    Listening 2020

  26. Sad Potato

    Will be rocki'n till the decade ends \m/

  27. Marin Hrženjak

    So underrated

  28. Vagyok Valaki

    2:16 - Scarlett Johansson

  29. Ad fi

    oni sie przy tym klipie to musieli ostro naruchać, ojjj bylo ruchanie ze hej!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  30. Adnane Hajjiya

    Remember my sister tell me MTV play ur fav song oh love (excuse my English sucks)

  31. Billies Avocado

    This song just reminded me of my ex tf 😕😂


    Rain gold


    Oh love oh love won't you rain on me tonight lmao

  34. Melted Flame

    Everyone talks about Billie but look at mike WTF HE LOOKS TWENTY

  35. Dion Marcus

    Too bad youtube doesn't allow nipples


    Videonya tdk angam sama lagu nya ohh

  37. Dhani Sebats

    Stay listen

  38. YANK BOY

    Perfect broo🤟

  39. めしくう

    I'm Japanese
    I love!!!!!!!!
    very coooool!!!!

  40. xXx Creep Xx

    Wellcome to thailand brother 2020 🙌🏼

  41. Yuliana Romero

    Diciembre 2019?

  42. Sprints William

    Ralph Jones time?

  43. Johnley Nord

    I love this song man

  44. yanel eskorbutina

    I love billiee you amnstrong

  45. Hayden Matoush Coon

    I her vigena

  46. Dr. P Lankton

    I wonder how lady 80 feels about this video

  47. Itchey Boy

    these niggas are married right?

  48. nuclear kid

    *Toche moi*

  49. solomon beh

    Oh love I miss you so much 😭❤️😢.

  50. Angelika Florioli

    I don't understand this's misogyn and the wimen look like they need a penis..horrible..nothing to do with love

  51. Keshav Dorai

    3:02 guitar solo

  52. tropa do leleo

    Muaica foda escutava desde Pvt 👏👏

  53. tropa do leleo

    Fodaaaa BR ai ???

  54. Alee 00

    I finally found this song after 7 years🔥

  55. Pony Salvaje

    Name v:?

  56. Mr. Memester

    Most underrated band + song

  57. delayed

    i only know this song because of angry birds

  58. Patrick

    Tre cool is too fucking cool sometimes

  59. Temesgen Kassaye

    Oh Love is the first Green Day song I ever heard, although I didn't know it then. Coming back to this makes me realize I've explored all their albums and this was assumedly a dull song from their worst album but I haven't heard a Green Day song that I ever hated. Just goes to show even their "worst" songs are amazing.

  60. Jeff Hatley

    Green Day Rocks!! Keep it going!!!:)

  61. Thibault Vayssade

    J'étais tranquillement entrain d'écouter l'un des groupes de rock pour lesquels j'éprouve le plus d'affection, quand soudain je décide brusquement de regarder le clip alors la chanson qui était déjà lancée depuis quelques instants. Et là je le vois. Ce "Touche-moi" venu des enfers. Vive la langue française.

  62. Kai is crying

    How I know I'm gay
    Me every time the camera is on a girl:
    Go back to Billie °~°

  63. Miscellaneous.

    Billie is the hottest one in the video.

  64. Vanya Iero

    this is the reason I'm bisexual

  65. Carmine Ortello

    Love 2019♡

  66. Taka Morita

    2020? Anyone?

  67. Eskimo Pro

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  68. River Rose

    This is the song my crush (now boyfriend) played when he confessed to me. This song still makes me want to cry. And the thing was, that was something he would totally do. Our initial friendship was started with the realization that we both liked Green Day.

    Pikachu de Sushi

    How beautiful, I really like this kind of stories, 'cause they are unique, Viva Green Day, regards from Colombia

    Ary arlert

    My boyfriend hates Green Day :') kill me now

  69. Emanuel Wan

    still fav song 🥰🥰

  70. Shrijay Thapaliya

    2019 ending.....

  71. Darshan Bhattarai

    Its 2019 n i still addicted to this song.

    Billie Joe

    Me too bro

    Darshan Bhattarai

    @Billie Joe i wish it had been the real billi joe

  72. Romelyn Sy

    ok but my bisexuality is showing help

  73. Leah Frenetica

    I need to make that purple haired tattooed chick my wifey! She's gorgeous 😍😍

    RAYMIT Das

    whats her name ?

    Leah Frenetica

    @RAYMIT Das No idea :P

  74. Kamonthum Kraithep -

    Ho love.

  75. angolana loka

    isso o youtube nao ve neh

  76. No One Exists

    At least he’s got good taste in women which look like roadies from his band I think that would be cool for his lifestyle

  77. Waneymolly Waney

    Oh God..if I come back by my Pass...

  78. John Christopher Santos

    I can't wait for your concert here in the Philippines see you soon Greenday

  79. Daniel Birky

    The people who disliked this dont know what love is

  80. Cex Metal

    This song is pretty cool instrumentally... but lyrically is probably the worst Green Day song ever. Too stupid imo

  81. Green Day

    Crawl on the dance floor.. spit in the air.. get weird. The Father Of All... video is here:

    Catch the Hella Mega Tour presented by Harley-Davidson w/ Green Day, Fall Out Boy, & Weezer + The Interrupters - get dates and tickets:

    weirdoking rockstar

    Tour Australia please

    Natia Tvarade

    Georgia please but that one that is in europe

    Hana Sanjaya

    Like green day 💋💜

    No One Exists

    I can’t wait to see Green Day this year Of 2020 I’m so excited 😆 I’ve been a fan of you guys for three years and know all of your songs and I’m so excited to go and these are all the songs I love to listen to by Green Day and more.

    Oh, Love


    21 Century Breakdown

    21 Guns

    Wake Me Up When September Ends

    Know Your Enemy

    Jesus Of Suburbia

    St. Jimmy


    Boulevard Of The Broken Dreams

    Last Of The American Girls

    Still Breathing

    Viva La Vida

    She’s A Rebel

    Give Me Novocaine


    Basket Case

    Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)

    And more.

  82. SuperPlushMarioYT

    I saw more tits than some porno's!

  83. Taba Yasin

    Why are they so underrated?

  84. Atomic Fart

    Wth. It's already been 7 years... I didn't even notice.. 7 years in my playlist 🤣❤️

  85. Elora martines

    I wonder if this video like to hes wife?👀

  86. Greg Hanson

    This song/ video is PERFECT. Getting on in age I can relate.

  87. Dipesh Poudel

    I remember listening to this song for the first time. Loved that catchy and easy to play intro!

  88. sam447

    billie doesnt age at all ,i wonder whats his secret

    No One Exists

    Someone revealed it already because, he’s happy with his career as a musician he has going on for himself, it makes him younger two another reason because, music is his life once musician always a musician and so & so fourth

  89. 動物王


  90. 48.95,21.91SVK


  91. Draco Storm

    "Oh love, won't you rain on me tonight?"
    If you insist 😏

  92. Gamersociety21

    Anyone remember angry birds promoted this?

    Rogelio Martinez


    aj lavalla

    Wasent it just the gutair riff

    Sarthak Kashyap

    Thats how i discovered greenday!!

  93. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Stop comparing Billie Joe to God. I mean he's good and all but he is no Billie Joe.