Green Day - Fell For You Lyrics

I woke up in a pool of sweat,
At first I thought that I pissed the bed.
Haunted stories in the midnight hour,
The kiss of death on the Eiffel Tower.

And I went down,
Like the speed of sound.
You're out of sight,
But not out of mind.
I had a dream that I kissed your lips and it felt so true.
Then I woke up as a nervous wreck and I fell for you.
I'll spend the night living in denial.
Making paper planes just for a while.
I'll crash into you, crash into you,
Did you crash in my imagination too?

Break a leg and you crush my heart,
I'm a mess and you're a work of art.
Got your blessings going 0 to 5,
Steal a kiss and I took a dive.

And I went down,
Like the speed of sound.
You're out of sight,
But not out of mind.
I had a dream that I kissed your lips and it felt so true.
Then I woke up as a nervous wreck and I fell for you.
I'll spend the night living in denial.
Making paper planes just for a while.
I'll crash into you, crash into you,
Did you crash in my imagination?

I had a dream that I kissed your lips and it felt so true.
Then I woke up as a nervous wreck,
And I fell for you [x3]

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Green Day Fell For You Comments
  1. danielle cara


  2. Mariah Alvarado

    This song reminds me of me but im such a nervous reck who cant fucking show how much i care about a guy who barley speaks to me anymore... This song is for him

  3. Revati

    Fell for this song :) It's so full of joy, a true masterpiece. Thank you, Green Day!

  4. fvck.shxllxw '

    this is me with my crush except nothing ever happens

  5. Jetstar001

    1:21 And all the roads we have to walk are winding :D

  6. Mathew Scragg

    best song in !uno!

  7. Laurie Diehl

    I LOVE ................LAURIE,....AUGUST

  8. bonebagvegas

    Nice! Kind of reminds me of Postcards from paradise by Flesh for Lulu.

  9. belle

    I love trees he's such a good drummer 💦💦💦💦

    Fallen Poet

    Trees do tend to be talented drummers


    +Fallen Poet treees is the best drummer

    James Giannico

    He tends to branch out with his drumming, wonder if he'll ever embark on other passions

    R A T C H E T

    The apple doesn't fall far from the Tre.


    I really think he got his *roots* on this album

  10. Daniel Gisborne

    Just listened to this on Spotify and it sounded really fuzzy and bad, great song though

  11. Missy Faye

    ok I don't hear the difference btw this and the remix.. i'm confused..

    Miles P. Hour

    Missy Faye Otis mix drums are more punk and not pop and also the bass is more louder making it obvious to hear.

  12. Gabe Coury

    Who's also stoked for the Otis remix coming out tomorrow??

  13. Black Ice Entertainment



    Black Ice Entertainment Yaas

  14. Bailey Ford

    This song is my life story lol that's why green day rocks 😀😀😀

  15. Enrique L.B.

    Somebody said that Bless This Acid House by Kasabian sounds like this song. ¿What do you guys think?


    Enrique L.B. kinda does,mostly the intro riff

  16. TheRealMcBoy

    I got a postcard from paradise


    You noticed that too?

  17. Max Walthew

    i love you baby

  18. Shannon Talviharju

    Absolutely brilliant. Thanks Mr Nirta reintroducing me to this band. Glad you're home after you're Italian business trip. I trust all went as planned

  19. Carolina Vinzoni

    fue tan real como mi amor por vos

  20. Leva - Music

    Durva hogy magyar tölti fel :D helyes! \m/

  21. M-47

    Who'd have thought  Punk band could make a half decent love song.


    +Spider-Man616 well if you compare them to other punk rock bands, they're still pretty much pop punk, even thought the songs are somewhat attitude-based...


    They aren't pop rock, they are punk-rock / pop-punk. And yes, the majority of their songs are actually rebel music. Even today.

    Mikey Cruz

    +Destroyer27 Try listening to The Ramones, you might change your mind. Punk Rock is not just limited to rebel music, it can be a love song, protest song or whatever you want it to be.

    R A T C H E T

    Silliest comment, they've been writing fantastic love songs since their first album. 80 kicks this songs ass, along with many MANY other green day songs that are just as good. You're confused by the mixing and production, leading you to believe this is superior to any other love song they've written.

    Lisandro Suárez

    Think of the Ramones. Most of Joey's compositions are silly pop songs about love, and yet they're are as rebel as a punk band can be. Writing 'lyrics against the system' is just one way of being rebel. You could also say you're rebel just for playing punk rock itself, because it's a genre that goes against classic rock traditions, although nowadays it has become another genre else like pop, reggae or hip hop. On the other hand, Green Day has always talked about political issues, even in their most commercially successful albums (ironically as rock can be). In fact their last album is a huge critic against american society and stuff. So...all I'm saying is.. it's all relative.

  22. AdamPlays Music



    what about popularMMOs?

    AdamPlays Music

    +geekypanda honestly I don't even remember 😂😂


    @AdamPlays Games haha its been that long 😂😂😂

    AdamPlays Music

    +geekypanda yeah😂😂

  23. AdamPlays Music

    this is an amazing song

  24. brayan florez fandiño

    esto si es rock

  25. brayan florez fandiño

    estio si es rock

  26. CVM181

    This song is on my Top 3 of ¡UNO! 

    2 years and 2 months since I bought this album, good times :`3

  27. chacha nono

    Amazing <3

  28. Freddy Daniel

    i love this song

  29. Freddy Daniel

    una de las mejores canciones del UNO

  30. Grecco's Music Respository

    This reminds of the early Beatles.


    Same! It reminds me a lot of one of those 70s one hit wonders.

  31. Evelin Magyar

    Totally love this song. Especially because of the fact that im in love :3

    Kylee Hensley

    Evelin Magyar GO GET YOU SOME LOVE!!!!!


    tyler update?

  32. Faith Bigelow

    I love this song..I love Tyler and he likes me just were not dating yet I want to date him but we are both shy to ask..


    Hell fucking yeah, we do

    Emo Punk Trash

    It's been four years this is nerve wrecking


    Alright people, it’s no longer a search and rescue, it’s just a search, we are looking for corpses, go high, go low. Tracking? HOOAH, lets get em

    Mariah Alvarado

    i feel you

  33. Arman Hadzigrahic

    Awesome :D

  34. Rhianna Rayner

    I LOVE GREEN DAY!! Especially Billie Joe <3 

    Twisted Hope

    Usually it's the case. I've met people who can't name one song by them and only know about Billie. I never said you didn't appreciate the others. So calm yo tits. :)

    Cassie Grace

    @Rhianna Rayner Holy balls, you don't need to "appreciate" everyone in a band to like them. Fuck all this "true fan" bullshit. You can adore a band and not have a clue of the artists behind the music. Shut up, everyone, please.


    +Twisted Hope Having a favourite doesn't mean you're "not a true fan", bro...

    Angel Bluue

    Cassie Grace true fans exist hunny. Get over it

    Katti Vale

    Rhianna Rayner yassss... me too!!!! 😎😍💚🙃

  35. pra nep

    green day rockss

  36. Anshuman Acharya

    extremo awesome song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Noah Nicholas

    I see what you did there

  38. wabdih

    They played it once but it got taken down from youtube :/. They've played most of the songs at least once

  39. Maximiliano Rearte Fava

    I admire you sir, what you did is the right thing to do. Let me say that I understand you, I know what it feels...

  40. Frozen Heart Production

    bitches be crazy man

  41. TheKalimero29

    I'm so sorry bro! :)

  42. Kerr Jamieson

    This songs stuck in my head

  43. Fiakosorio

    Fell for Church on Sunday

  44. Jordon Brilliant

    Why did you come back to the video after you disliked it?

  45. Kingoftheghetto Ghetto

    Copy Right Alert!

  46. CreatureQuake

    Bitch... she could at least acknowledge it.

  47. Robert328851

    9 already

  48. TammisNorway

    I fell for you!!! <3

  49. GertJohnnys2


  50. GreenDayParawhore

    I get it

  51. GreenDayParawhore

    I had a dream like that too, with the boy I liked except we were at a Green Day concert, and I didn't tell him. Sorry to hear that tho

  52. Letícia Irineu


  53. white boy

    No it's not.

  54. portree skaterz

    thats grimm dude.

  55. Harshith Suryaprakash

    Acctually 8

  56. coolbean08

    This songs about tre apparently

  57. Brennan Finnegan

    shit man, I'm really sorry. that hurts.

  58. jaki verdi


  59. Brennan Finnegan

    dude, seriously?

  60. MrDuckyGoosy

    It's not auto tune he just sings backing vocals behind his own lead vocal ;)

  61. Samuel Beniuga

    ahahhaha...made me laugh dude

  62. Ballistic Fingerprints

    even Nightlife?

  63. Absynthe23

    Love this song! along with all other songs of the trilogy! :)

  64. Zalan Pap

    so beautiful. always will be my favourite band

  65. Rich Carbonell

    i love uno

  66. CertainSomeone

    It`s not love that hurts. It`s the lack of it.

  67. Micah Joshua Paragua

    its five now :( fuck the fifth one!

  68. Martin Temelkov

    I've been in love. It's painful, pointless and overrated ;]

  69. How Do I Make A Username?

    This is my favorite song on ¡UNO!

  70. How Do I Make A Username?


  71. Mil_Yoongi

    This band is my life. <3

  72. Mason Tatum

    never fall in love. it hurts too much when you lose them...i speak from experience

  73. Tina Tarallo

    Over my spring break recently, I actually had a dream about this guy where I kissed him and it really felt so real.. I woke up nervous as hell because I didn't know how to react, but I fell and I fell hard.. This song describes it all perfectly.

  74. thebeatgoeson50

    I fell for you at church on Sunday.

  75. brendanhealy3

    Church On Sunday riff!

  76. Sara Braghin

    Oh, yeah.

  77. gordomcquire

    The stupid, it burns.

  78. Sara Braghin

    We're talking about lazy guys, both of us.

  79. Sara Braghin

    Fuck you too ♥

  80. Sara Braghin

    I was waiting for Green Day.
    Not another kind of Foxboro.
    They are a band, that's their job and they don't record new songs? Is it too much difficult?
    I could record a song too, in this way. Just copy with a famous name and there are always a bunch of fans ready to follow you.

  81. Sara Braghin

    What was I waiting?
    Green Day, not a sort of Foxboro.
    If I wanted to listen to Foxboro I would listen to their songs.
    Please, let us not mince our words.

  82. Eufo

    they said that 'Uno' was like their old stuff, what were you waiting?

  83. MajesticStove

    Fuck you

  84. Luis Alberto Escobar

    best dream ever

  85. Peter Garrison

    "better than copying other bands songs"

  86. Dirk Striderman

    The chorus sounds similar to Pretty Little Girl by Blink-182 (Released around the same time)

  87. Sara Braghin

    Go to the song "Walking alone" and listen: 0:20 minutes of "Fell for you" is the same of 0:30 of "Walking alone".

    Go to the song "Favourite son" and listen: 0:34 minutes of "Fell for you" is the same of all "Favourite song".

    They copy thier songs.

  88. nflsbest26

    you mean dislike? take an english class baby girl...

  89. Leah Otaku

    freaking love this song, along with all the others lol

  90. becca smith

    Ha! That was funny, man. I think you're Awesome as F**k.

  91. Scsigs

    In terms of how their album releases & not where their band is headed, they're kinda going like The Beatles, but we're far from hearing the last Green Day albums, so don't worry.
    Here's what I'm reffering to:
    They start out relatively unknown--> They release several albums & get popular--> They get to a very high point of popularity--> They release albums to recapture their early album's spirit.
    1 other thing, is that they release a few albums in a year, but that's at different points in the 2.

  92. Adam Marchese

    best. dream. EVER :D lol I was lucky to have that dream but if u want to, look up lucid dreaming and there's instructions on how to lucid dream. When you lucid dream and you get some practice at it, you can control your dreams ;D haha yeah I'm trying to learn :33

  93. Adam Marchese

    Laughing my ass off right now XD thank you haha

  94. Nico Maddox

    That wasnt funny

  95. Martin Notar

    Roxette is back!
    Great song!!!

  96. Justake

    They may just be Insomniacs