Green Day - Drama Queen Lyrics

She is my drama queen
She is so wet and reckless
She is my drama queen
She dangles from her necklace

Daddy's little bundle of joy
Out of a magazine
Everyone's drama queen
Is old enough to bleed now

She is my drama queen
Her life is now unfolding
There goes my drama queen
What do you think she's holding?

Hey, little drama queen
Or did you find your savior?
Oh little drama queen
You better call a lawyer

Daddy's little bundle of joy
Out of a magazine
Everyone's drama queen
Is old enough to bleed now

Hey, little drama queen
From New York to San Francisco?
Everyone's drama queen
I think she's going psycho

Daddy's little bundle of joy
Out of a magazine
Everyone's drama queen
Is old enough to bleed now

She's old enough to bleed now
She's old enough to bleed now

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Green Day Drama Queen Comments
  1. Dicky's Setyawan

    Long Live legends

  2. Cathy Raley

    I'm Jamie I have a 3 year old daughter

  3. Fiqran Khalil

    Omg I love this song

  4. Nicolás Fresca

    los quiero chicos

  5. JockeHocke

    This reminds me of "Killer Queen" by Queen lol

  6. Bruce Walter

    I dont think bleed means period it literally means shes grown up to know how cruel world is

  7. Shelley Stinton

    This song reminds me of my life it makes me cry sometimes but I’m always happy to hear it.

  8. Naruto Uzumaki

    This song makes me think about my dad. He passed away in 2010... Green Day was his favorite band, mine too. I'm going to play this for my sweet fifteen (quince)

  9. Harris Avaan


  10. Manthan Shah

    That piano solo sounds perfect.

  11. False Correction

    Is this a song about a girl going through puberty??

  12. IdiotNationGD

    "Old enough to bleed now" is not about a girls fucking period sorry but cmon really?

  13. Dxnny Reise Reise

    Green Day up \,,\

  14. ريم الفضلي

    l No ... inglish

  15. ريم الفضلي


  16. ريم الفضلي


    Yassir LAAROUSSI

    do u like it ?

    Shourya Xalxo

    Yassir LAAROUSSI he wants to say something

  17. Bia Santos

    People are saying that this song is probably about Mike's daughter but when I first heard it I quicky thought it was about Tre's daughter (Ramona Isabel), because cmon, this is his album basically (although he doesn't sing any of the songs I guess)

  18. Nicolas Marquez

    Son los mismos acordes de Ordinary World pero en diferente ritmo

  19. Sherry Lemons

    wrong lyrics

  20. Philadelphia Freedom

    this is a good son for my girlfriend right? I mean she is kind of a drama queem


    Philadelphia Freedom "Daddys little drama queen, is old enough to bleed now" not for girlfriends.

  21. Dxnny Reise Reise

    Green day \,,\

  22. nijin.

    does she have her period

  23. Makayla Caudillo

    man.....this makes me wish i actually had a dad who enjoyed my company. ....i could run up to him and hug him or we can laugh together.....that's all i wish for but none of it is going to happen

    Soňa Juhásziová

    Yeah...same for me. It sucks...

  24. Axel Fabricio

    Me di cuenta que Drama Queen tiene los mismos acordes que Ordinary World solo que esa canción esta en otro tono :)

  25. Oriana Mengucci

    Hey I think we have friends in common, they're called Ms. Depression and Mrs. Loneliness

    Ben DJ Mr Ben Waters

    I know there child very well, suicidal

  26. nand coolman

    Dude this song is absolutely about father and daughter. Every little girl is always being drama. And every dad find it annoying and cute at the same time. But when billie sang 'everyone's drama queen' it's more like "it's not only you who is drama queen kid, but those adults are also drama queen and they're old enough to bleed" well it's just my opinion

    Haley Throckmorton

    nand coolman it sounds like it is about father and daughter but Billie doesn't have a daughter so maybe it is about Mike and his daughter. idk?

  27. Wander Jess

    Is it me or does this guy sound a lot like Weird Al?

    That_Green Day_Fan

    The 8th Hokage His fucking name is Billie Joe Armstrong. Get it right next time

  28. redhotchilifan98

    Such a good song

  29. Caique Porto

    Letra bugada

  30. pinkish

    I had no idea Billie wrote this in 2010ish or maybe 2009 but wow it's still a great song.

    Bandgeek of Suburbia

    sweatymcrtshirt 2012


    Girlishtomboy Green day fan no

  31. coolaossian

    There we go. Read under "Drama Queen". The words comes from Billie himself, it's not about periods.

  32. Shelby Hosey

    Teach me how to not know how to spell, read, listen, walk, talk, think & act .

  33. kfcnyancat

    Everyone either thinks this song is sweet or disgusting

  34. Dybfjie

    I think it's about Mike Dirnt's first daughter. Old enough to bleed is probably about her period and about being old enough for other things too.

  35. C. Atkinson

    this is a great song

  36. C. Atkinson

    this is a great song

  37. Roman Macareno

    For anyone who didn't notice this sounds alot like a slower version of the intro of Jackass by Green Day

  38. Youresucharoach

    I think this song is about a girl growing up to see how harsh the real world is (no, not about entirely about her period). That explains the lyrics "you better call a lawyer" (being hurt about something) and "her life is now enfolding". Yeah it could be about her period but it's mostly about growing up and being overwhelmed by the assets of growing up. I think it has notations towards X-Kid, because that song is about being an adult but still having the mind of a kid.

  39. Julianna Spam Email

    Someone told me that this song was about pedophilia, knowing im a green day fan, and it completely ruined the song for me. it is not about pedophilia.

    King Tide

    +Sail Hatan naw its about periods.

    even better rite ?

    King Tide

    +Sail Hatan (just trolling)

    Julianna Spam Email

    @King Tide 😂😒


    Drama queen suena a QUEEN no??

  41. reyhan ghazali

    Reminds me of john lennon's watching the wheels everytime i hear the "out of the magazine" part

  42. teinkie

    What's funny is that not a single bass tab exists on the internet. Had to figure it out myself......

  43. teinkie

    Lyrics are fucked up as hell.

    Cooper Smith

    No shit.

  44. Macon

    This should've been a single. I think under different circumstances this could be a hit. Green Day did a bad job at marketing the latest three albums. None of their songs got much airplay on the radio at all.

    Instead of three albums in a row, they should've released one album, and pick the best 20 songs.

  45. J M

    Johnlock :D

  46. Ace Alice

    I came here because I really love this song and wanted to read peoples opinions about this great song and almost every comment is about if "old enough to bleed now" is about a women's period, what the fuck is wrong with humanity? I mean seriously are y'all really that fucking stupid

    King Tide

    +Ace Alice it could be tho, as a coming of age for your daughter, it could be a moment for a father in which he has to admit how old he is getting, and how old his daughter is. its a respectable opinion.

    Ace Alice

    @King Tide No I think Billie Joe meant she's old enough to get hurt by people, like developing her own feelings, and bedsides I gotta be honest I was high off my ass when i wrote that comment lol


    man i miss 2012


    The year of the last good cod. :(

    EBPGames - Eric Decker

    +Phacer (EBPGames) joking of course

  48. FallenDead667

    i want me and my dad to dance to this at my wedding :) 


    Aw that would be so cute! I think....

  49. Nick Smith

    guys this song is not about a period it is about a girl who is growing up from a drama queen (youth) to her adult age and referencing "old enough to bleed now" how she is in the real world and now she is on her own and no one there for her

  50. Marine Raiders MILSIM

    Billie was inspired to write this by one of his friends who has a daughter (maybe Mike). It's about a father's feelings while watching his daughter grow up and experience everything that goes with growing up – searching for answers – maybe getting in trouble – getting hurt – etc.
    Come on guys, what are you, Child molesters? Its in reference to getting hurt for the first time(Large Emotional Trauma) outside of her Father's protection and shelter.


    +Marine Raiders MILSIM I think "old enough to bleed" is a double meaning between periods and what you said.


    Marine Raiders MILSIM I think that too

    Erk Lauber

    I never thought about it in a molester way like that and now that I read this i feel like there's some real ass hole sin this world

  51. Carol Carolina

    No sé si me pone alegre o nostálgica o las dos cosas a la vez.

    Bruce C

    jaja estamos igual 

  52. Romina Vera

    oh yeeaaa.. good plant! is not sassafras but... is cool anyway XD. Not joke around, he does not talk of a woman period.

  53. Anastasia Ozerova

    Cool. xD

  54. dirly lienk


  55. daniel simpson

    This song is about a father watching his daughter growing up and I think the line "old enough to bleed now" is referring to having her period


    @daniel simpson lol i was just kidding but probably about that time of month though 


    the line "old enough to bleed now" refers to letting ur kids grow up, and as a parent u cant protect them from everything, they have to grow up and make their own mistakes in life.

    Johnny Kainu

    ^ yep i agree. 


    "old enough to bleed now" represents on the verge of going physco and having to deal with the struggles life has 

    liam x

    Or old enough to be hurt.

  56. Lastofthewilds1

    "duuumbs ways to diie ♫"

    Emily Valdivizeo

    omg funny

    Gabriel el tipo ese

    Never realized that xd

  57. KnightwigGaming

    its tres kids bc they say new york to san fransico and thats where his kids live

  58. eliasXD

    y entonces para que mierda estas en este video -_-

  59. wabdih

    I don't think this has anything to do about a daughter. Its probably speaking metaphorically about another girl

  60. Macon

    Why is this not a single?

  61. Sociopathqueen

    im wordless, so awesome <3 Why come i never heard this, untill now ?? :O And im BIG fan of green day

  62. ferminpolo polo


  63. McMillium

    then why are you here commenting with the people who enjoy this song?

  64. popasoda1900

    thats what he means

  65. Urban Stories

    noway dude, ever listened to nightlife or wow that's loud? This song is awesome

  66. Yassir LAAROUSSI

    I am not agree with you. why you think that ?

  67. R.D.R .Armstrong

    Beautiful song

  68. Cali4nia

    Mike does

  69. styrk

    You're not alone.

  70. Deacon vlogs

    the lyrics in description are fucked up

  71. Z Ξ N T A

    good BMX edit music!!

  72. CareyGames

    I find it weird that BJA doesn't have a daughter and sings this song. Oh well, in love with this!

  73. Gavinmo123

    Im pretty sure it does.

  74. Jordan

    I always thought that the lyrics were just saying that she is old enough to get hurt. The period thing didnt even cross my mind...thanks guys :)

  75. Lemon Vermillion

    What is this song actually about?

  76. KPhoenix

    Good song but Billie Joe could have made it so much better. The instrumentation is quite lacking. It sounds way too basic and not very worked on.

  77. KPhoenix

    I love this song. I've had the live version on my computer since way before the trilogy albums came out.

  78. David Radford

    I think this song targets gay marriage.

  79. Lilypad

    Not weird at all. People don't really read. Ever

  80. Jelle

    Yup, me to.

  81. shane reid

    Check out my cover of Drama Queen leave a comment and let me know what you think :-)


  82. MrRenato345

    openig notes are the same

  83. Jelle

    It's just a regular descending major line from C to G. Nothing too special.

  84. Rebecca LovesGreenDay

    He's so perfect.

  85. Yassir LAAROUSSI

    me too .. I damn love this song

  86. adva rubin

    Just me or this song just perfect?!

  87. 1waytickettopluto

    Weird how people are posting the same comment as I did AFTER I posted mine...

  88. Savannah Puccio

    the lyrics are way wrong

  89. Thoughtful Ravioli

    To me this simply just means that your daughter is growing up. The "Old enough to bleed now" just means she'll be getting hurt instead of being little, where everything was perfect in your mind. She's old enough to understand the world. To understand the cruel and ugly things, but also the beautiful things.

  90. febicks

    I think the lyric "...shes old enough to bleed" is obviously figurative meaning shes out in the real world/vulnerable but why couldn't it be about her period? As in coming of age? This is the same band that wrote songs about masturbation and coming out of the closet. Don't forget that.

  91. 1waytickettopluto

    Sorry for being skeptical about a song being about a girl's fucking period. It's an obscure song subject don't you think? Jesus Christ. Is it that stupid to think maybe that lyric meant she's old enough to be in the real world now and can get hurt? Like what's the "call a lawyer" part about then?

  92. exotic80

    "everyone drama queen is old enough to bleed now" It's about a 12 year old girl having her period. Duh.

  93. 1waytickettopluto

    What the hell is this song about?

  94. Rose Richards

    Im going to their concert...Bur i swear im gonna cry on some songs. i cant help but cry on some songs especially this one and wild one. c:

  95. slinkummais lo

    whenever my classmate is sad, doesn't smile long, long time then I sing this song, (I'm directionerly Idiot) IT WORKS
    only fans understand what feels they heart...
    She really wanna turn back time and be between the amazayn band...

  96. Luke Kirkpatrick

    So does EVERYONE else, don't worry you're not alone.