Green, Anthony - Right Outside Lyrics

What did you ever see in me?
You know that diamond ring will set you free.
While you are waiting for that dream..

I'll be waitin' in the morning when you're coming to your senses.
Don't keep tellin' me you didn't mean it just to make me stay.
How did you get so far away?
How did you get so far?

What did you ever do for me?
You thought those eerie eyes would break you free.
Are you still waiting for that dream?

I'll be waitin' in the morning when you're coming to your senses.
Don't keep tellin' me you didn't mean it just to make me stay.
How did you get so far away?
How did you get so far?

Something in our dreams to keep the stars away..
Something in the stars control our fate..

I'll be waitin' in the morning when you're coming to your senses.
Don't keep tellin' me you didn't mean it just to make me stay.
How did you get so far away?
How did you get so far?

I'll be waitin' in the morning when you're coming to your senses.
Don't keep tellin' me you didn't mean it just to make me stay.
How did you get so far away?
How did you get so far?

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Green, Anthony Right Outside Comments
  1. a3883m

    I love this song....only thing I was hoping for was a huge blowup of intensity. I mean Chino is a freak and AG is nutso - in the best ways possible.


    i forgot this song even existed and i remember the feeling i felt when i heard the first time. its a good feeling.

  3. Brianna Trevino

    2019 still forever a hit for me 🖤

    maynardDRIVESfast 80

    I've been a lifelong Deftones fan (all of Chinos side projects, really), and a Saosin/Circa Survive for like 15 years. How the actual fuck did I not hear this before now?

  4. Wing s

    Garzi brought me here~

  5. Brittany Kuch

    Discovered this song early middle school I’m 23 now Nd still love it

  6. Emery Nebraska Martin

    Fun one

  7. King Tran

    I'll be waqiting

  8. The Ghost of Jacky-Winter

    Why dont they do a whole project together??????? This is GOLD

  9. Jada Marine

    Wow who would have thought🖤

  10. Sarah Christina

    My two absolute favorites in one song 😩😩

  11. octopus 28

    Never gets old

  12. Brittany Kuch

    I discovered this in middle school. I still love it 22 now

  13. God ZILLAMAN

    Still listening.

  14. Jeremy Hendricks

    chino makes everything better!

  15. Mario Bear Sanchez

    how the hell am i 6 years late to this, i am disappointed in myself 🤦‍♂️

    Forkonthe Left

    Mario Bear Sanchez me rn


    its ok i'm 7 years late 😂

  16. CallieOnly

    Perfection 🖤

  17. Rob Faget

    The woman by the tree has giant ass nipples. Great song! 2 legends!!

  18. robluxi piech

    2018 needed my chino fix

  19. russian d

    If only they both shared there awsome screams together. Shit would be great. Imagine anthony and chino screaming together.

  20. Yawny_Cash

    Stars Control Fate :D

  21. sarah celestiia

    The previous kellin quinn and vic fuentes

  22. thursday89147

    does anyone know the chords?

  23. AdrenochromeDream

    this sounds beyond sexy

  24. Kaycie Edwards

    Yaaass! My two favorite artist! <3

  25. April Hernandez

    I fell in love with this song

  26. Nick Teves

    Amazing song

  27. Chrissy Mccauley


  28. Will Romero

    this song is so sick! always loved on your experimental aspect/ love the callab work! f#@ing awesome.

  29. Will Romero

    wow huge anthony green fan. always had mad respect for deftones extremely original raw grunge sound with a beautiful offset of melody.

  30. Javo Maverick

    no pero se me sale el alma

  31. Javo Maverick

    hola me abducen los aliens

  32. Val Kilmore

    I'll be waiting in the morning when you're coming to your senses😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  33. Cuttlefish Man

    Fun fact I found:
    Second lines (Chino Moreno's lines) of the first and second verse are:
    "You know that DIAMOND ring will set you free"
    "You thought those searing EYES will break you free"

    Coincidence or not, I think this is sick.
    (Diamond Eyes being an album by Deftones if anyone doesn't know.)

    Charm R

    Cuttlefish Man Not a coincidence. Sentence structure is exactly the same except for the words Diamond and Eyes.

    Drew Snyder

    Anthony Green covers Diamond eyes live

  34. Gary Stephens

    Two of the most distinct, tasty voices in all of music.

  35. Diamond Dore Woods

    This song is bad ass, funky, sexy...and then some. Love it

  36. chris ohara


  37. xlaythe

    This is amazing. "Dont keep tellin me you didn't mean it just to make me stay." Uncomfortably close to some marks.

  38. Vlad the Inhaler

    This track is fucking sick.

  39. A Crooked Vulture

    I was just looking at Anthony Green's collabs in Wikipedia and I saw Chino Moreno. Let me just say I never clicked so fast my whole life.


    haha yea i did the same exact thing but reversed, i was lookin at chino on wikipedia

    Kaycie Edwards

    John Guerrero Yeah Chino Moreno is amazing as well !

  40. who cares?

    La siento inexplicablemente hermosa, desearía que nunca terminara.

  41. chris norman

    the feels this makes me feel though

  42. justwhatthe doctorordered

    how can someone not like this

  43. Kessy Santos

    oh my god why the hell did i take so long to listen to this? IM SPEECHLESS

    Val Kilmore

    Kessy Santos how'd you get so smart🙂

  44. OddBroad Tv

    I love it


    EddyGirl I love it to

  45. Modest Mind25

    just noticed thats Meridith on the cover.


    +Cristian Real i see london, i see france


    Anthony is just a beast. One of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard!!!

  47. Chris Hall

    First time hearing this from looking through Chino Moreno's colloborations on Wikipedia.

  48. Tiffany Reid

    when two gods sing, it sounds like this

    Regor Brentek

    that maam, would be Deftones - passenger

    Alicia nicole

    Regor Brentek I never really got into Maynard but I completely agree. passenger is a badass collaboration

    Michael Bordeaux

    Alicia nicole Maynard?! what's the matter with you! missing life! got to hear sum! TOOL! WOO! YEAH!

    Fabian Segundo

    Tiffany Reid Realest post I will read all day.

    Rob Faget

    If you ever need anywhere to sit theres always my face

  49. Josephr94

    used to love this song, well still do just forgot about it. Gives me a crosses vibe now.

    Alex B

    Josephr94 k

  50. Tarah

    chords?? tab?? pleeeease

    Anthony Quinn


  51. chrono050

    This Is Okay For Having Chino On It. Im Sorry but I Dont Like The Way Mr. Green Sings. I Mean Its Okay lol Prob Would Hate It If Chino Weren't On It He Is Def In My Top 3 Singers (Maynard, Layne Staley An Chino)

    Diamond Dore Woods

    i makin Caviar is one of my fave DGD songs. The mixture between Kurt and Chinos voice is just orgasmic

    Justin Weisel

    chrono050 don't forget Geddy Lee from Rush!

    Scarlet Begonias

    Couldn't agree more.


    chrono050 Why do you capitalize the first letter of every word?

  52. Desiree Cruz

    Can't get enough of this one 💚

  53. Rx Queen

    Check this out

    Rx Queen

    Thank you Brandon, I don't like it lol 😜

  54. Jdmfonz Soso

    Chino just is a boss

  55. Eddie Martinez

    Baby making music ♥♥♥

  56. alex

    a whole year nostalgic ...

  57. wes vw

    haha nice.

  58. LeeVaughn Graves

    dissappointed in this...

    Scottie DoubleAlpha

    I hope u died since u made this

  59. Gabrielle Mackay

    Excuse me. Where is the "I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHIT" button?


    I'm raping the repeat button!

  61. Wishfuldrinking99

    You're a tool. You do realize that time doesn't stand still and that it moves on, right? What's wrong with people starting to listen to Anthony Green now? Especially younger people? Get off your high horse and stop being so bitter.

  62. Luke Gauthier

    This song is ecstasy.

  63. Caleb Fraley

    LOVE this. I'd like to see them make a heavier track, though.

  64. wake up mr west

    no one gives a fuck about how long you've listened to an artist you pretentious goon, i found out about this guy 5 minutes ago and i like his music and thats all that fucking matters. are you gonna cry?

  65. Oooh

    what a joke haha

    Josiah Arrey

    Oooh 🐮🔪


    Your penis?

  66. Lull Armstrong


  67. Ray Kon

    I seriously think people click the dislike button on accident

  68. eddie92hg

    anthony green AND chino moreno??? two amazing voices

  69. Alabama Kush

    This song has been breaking my heart the last few days. Fuckkkk

    Fucking women.

  70. EmQubed 90

    Do you even?

  71. Matt Martin

    i like your name lol. lahey

  72. em71383n

    Your grammar is bad, and you should feel bad.

  73. Clayton Rogers

    For some reason I really fucking doubt you went to get any kind of college education let alone a high school diploma.

  74. Irish steampunk88

    214,834 people and only 34 other people like sex?

  75. jigyoda

    of course

  76. Im Merks

    soul for my soul...i always thought it was either soup for my soul, or soap for my soul. cause they make sense you know.

  77. Im Merks

    even better than it.

  78. emerica780

    Good comment. Very descriptive and well thought out, bro.

  79. Peter Jones

    Well said

  80. Charlee Pinkard

    I thought this was about her leaving him. haha

  81. emerica780

    You sound 10x worse, god that joke you made was so terrible and not funny whatsoever. Might need to go back to college and socialize more, maybe it will open you up to some better forms of comedy.

  82. jigyoda

    you should learn soul for my soul instead, more fitting

  83. catsandbluntwraps

    this is amazing

  84. DerekOnTspn Yonimusprime

    This is fucking amazing. Fuck. Ing. Amazing.

  85. Clay T

    So edgy.

  86. Clay T

    Oohh, look at you - how cute. Might need to retake reading again.

  87. Michelle CABRERA-NEGRON

    Am I the only one that thinks it's weird that so many dudes are making references to their dicks in reference to two straight singers? Also I'm learning this song so I can sing it to my wife.

  88. Revival7

    first 40 seconds of the song and i like it already

  89. CoCaFanboy

    One of the best things ever made

  90. ashley d

    A dream come true, fucking love this

  91. Dalton Menoncin


  92. Deric M

    Wow just wow. :)

  93. Kaitlyn LeBrun

    My favorite off this album. First time i heard it and i'm in love. fosho.

  94. Gabriela Hernández

    I love this song, OMG.

  95. worm child

    Oh my god
    the two best things ever