Green, Anthony - Only Love Lyrics

Please keep your distance from me I know its hard to believe
I never wanted to be your only love.
I know the sting of plight hurts, it only makes matters worse
I never said I would be your only love,

Old ships, battle skies, silhouettes of skeletons
news on once the clouds are gone,
these are things that I ignite.
Old news heaven sent if heaven wasn't what it is
if all the stars fell from the storm
then this is what I've become.

I need a new relief
dressed as a new belief and then
I can try to be anything or anyone other than who I was
we never hear the dawn, it wake your roommate up
so all between the sheets wishing for anyone other than us.

Please keep your distance from me I know its hard to believe
I never wanted to be your only love.
I know the sting of plight hurts, it only makes matters worse
I never said I would be your only love.

Long locks, fuzzy dice, summer in the dead of night
some would say I had to go,
and these were things we never was.
Long cries no response, silhouettes from all my bones
still we get our heads on wrong,
cause these are things we never was.

I need a new relief
disguised as new belief and then
I can try to be anything or anyone other than who I was
and I will let you sing between your mothers sheets
and I will slip through the crack of the records that stack your bedroom wall.


Please keep your distance from me I know its hard to believe
I never wanted to be your only love
I know the sting of plight hurts, it only makes matters worse
I never said I would be your only love
(We need no proper ending that would mean this meant something)

We need no proper ending that would mean this meant something

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Green, Anthony Only Love Comments
  1. vic vic

    We need no proper ending, that would mean this ment something.

  2. Gilbert Bermea

    Lead singer of circa survive and saosin band check them out

  3. Kayel Kimble

    Absolutely love this song

  4. Leah Stringer

    Anyone else here for Nate? 😍🤤 Omg How am I only JUST finding this song in 2019???

  5. Stephanie Franco

    Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 7 years

  6. hippopopopopopotamus

    anyone know ether its on spotify under a different title? the rest of the album is there but not this song

  7. Cosingus Palpatine 444

    This song is fucking dreadful to the person It was written for... But the track itself is so good. There's so much engineering on the score

  8. Samuel Roemer

    This is literally my breakup song

  9. BlazingSerenade

    If you like Anthony and circa then you’ll love Coheed and Cambria

  10. Da Qt

    The best thing about this song is the naked lady =}

  11. lololololololol ol

    Cannot believe I never heard of this Anthony Green song.

  12. jimmymcnulty789

    garbage people are people you should just cut off

  13. RAC

    The Well Known High Pitch Artist Collab!!! Alright!!!

  14. Steven Mauro

    2018 and just discovered this


    Steven Mauro wow

    Rommel Gonzalez

    Same boat


    Steven Mauro dudes going on tour! Listen to his entire Avalon album if you haven’t already

  15. Will Romero

    I hate that the older I get the less I get to keep up on music. it is Awesome and sucks that i just found this. Nate dated a good friend of mine which led to the making of the first format album after he left his first band i think it was called never gonna score. any way i regress, as i agree! Fun has fallen from my interest after their first album. happy for nates success its cool to have someone go huge from your home town. anthony green has done so much amazing stuff. hes amazing awesome in concert.

    Tatty Pedraza

    Will Romero the format - classi

  16. alfi syachrin

    2017 here

  17. Mark Chavez

    don't know why this didn't blow up.

  18. Alexis L.

    I'm so happy to have found this song again. It's still stuck with me almost 5 years later.

  19. Tyler Goins

    Dead as fuck

  20. Damhod

    it reminds me of my ex girlfriend, she fell in love with me when i sang it at karaoke.
    but i still love this song he is so great.

  21. Noe Guillen

    Nate Ruess the best3

  22. George Tamez

    Don't let your ex's ruin this artistic work by a genius. Fuck em all.

    Vlad the Inhaler

    George Tamez amen

    Ruben Garcia

    George Tamez amen brother

  23. Jay Salvacion

    2016 and still listening to this

  24. Ota-Drew

    "we need no proper ending, that would mean this meant something."

  25. ethan avrigean

    I don't even like Nate Ruess but he's good in this. Anthony, always a pleasure

    Vlad the Inhaler

    ethan avrigean Nate Ruess was awesome in The Format, fun was good at first, then it got to poppy for me.

    Jonjey Comms

    Did he fuck your girlfriend or what

  26. Alabama Kush

    I wish I never showed my ex this song. Or Anthony Green for that matter. Now every time I listen to him I just think about her. Fuckin' Laaammmee.

    Vlad the Inhaler

    Hell yea, I seen Circa back in 2005. It was sick.

    Vlad the Inhaler

    Take this and sing it to your new girl, replace the bad with good.

    Diamond Dore Woods

    Alabama Kush fuck her

    crimson ardor

    Alabama Kush so with you on that. Fuck

    Zed smf

    I was sitting here reading the comments and I was like why are they talking about Alabama Kush then I realized... xD i lol'd

  27. Sofiane Sweek

    2015 and still listenning !

  28. SamsMusicification

    Why have I not listened to this album? Time to rectify this...  this song is so chill

  29. Tristan Coyote

    Omg. I remember this song when it first came out. Completely forgot about this treasure.

  30. Jay Gonzo

    Two god like voices. Only way this could be better is if mika was involved.

    Kaitlyn Mager

    Holy shit, that'd be great.

  31. Ivan Lira

    Took me 2 years to finally like this song.. and it's amazing haha

  32. Chris Knapp

    This is soooo gooooood holy

  33. Jose Perea

    Best fuckin collab ever!!!

  34. Susy Gomez

    Nate..... :')

  35. Casandra Ybarra

    Nate 😍

  36. FJAD93

    uh ive been hearing this song since it came out and now i know the other guy singing is the guy from FUN. both great singers keep it up

  37. Amber Price

    Just recently ran across this song, love it!!!!!!! It's probably my new favorite song!!!!

  38. Kathleen Freeman

    Love nates voice in this!

  39. Rocky Johnston

    I don't know much about Nate Ruess but I like the new thing Anthony green is doing with his voice.

    Jay Gonzo

    Haha, Anthony isn't doing anything new, that's Nate reuss singing with him, the guy from the format and fun... See "some nights" lol

    Ryndan Riley

    @Justin Larsen I think he meant that nasally, raspy sound anthony has been doing since this album. Like compare the way he sings in sharp practice to the way he sings in anything older. Or maybe the different styles of music he's trying out.

  40. Lori Jane

    Nate <3

  41. Caomhe Morgan

    This is absolutely brilliant! I love Nate Ruess, his voice is angelic.

    Josh Smith

    Love hsi voice too!

  42. Oralia C Guerrero

    If his voice doesnt want to make you run through an open meadow in slow motion i question if your human.

  43. MrDrakeulah

    Nate is only good on this song imo. Sorry Fun. fans lol. But he kills it in this song so thats something i guess.

  44. Chance Bright

    Screw Nate, I'm here for Anthony.

  45. neverclosetoperfect

    then there was Anthony's pre Saosin stuff

  46. neverclosetoperfect

    don't tell me what ill love

  47. james mckenna

    Nate is hardly a newcomer. He's been making music just as long as Anthony has. Listen to The Format, they're incredible. I still prefer them to Fun. Both artists released their first moderately successful projects in 2003, The Format released Interventions and Lullabies and Saosin released Translating the Name.

  48. mikeisradasfuck

    I am having the time of my life. We all should let Anthony Green into our lives. omg I seriously need some purp to this...

  49. Sam Adams

    Anthony's been around for a looong time too, even before the Saosin days.

  50. Sam Adams

    If you don't understand the way the music industry works, just stahp -_-. Just be happy with what you have, Anthony is.

  51. LiquidInertia

    Loved Anthony from the early Saosin days till now. Nate was great in The Format too. Overall sweet song.

  52. Kelly McLaurin

    we need no proper ending, that would mean this meant something.

  53. Tiffany Law

    jack frost!

  54. Andrew Howard

    If you enjoy Nate Ruess of Fun.
    Go to my channel.
    I covered their song "Stars"

    You'll love it.

  55. Amy Munksgard

    Nate has been around for 10+ years. Doesn't look like Anthony's been around too much longer than that.

  56. Dannie Jackson

    Manita arriba si estas aquí por Nate Ruess >.<

  57. NoGhostsAsleep

    Maybe he is, but it's kinda sad to see him getting more attention when he's a newcomer compared to Anthony :/ no disrespect to him or his fans but..yeah Anthony is a legend and Nate has more fans

  58. AymanANK

    Like = you here for Nate Ruess <3

  59. Israel Reyes

    Nate Ruess its awesome!!

  60. X-plor-R

    Naples! ;) Awesome song.

  61. Sam r

    nate reuss is the best, and him collaborating with anthony just makes me love him even more

  62. laurie wonnacott

    Well, it's his album, he composed it, and oh yes... he's a legend.

  63. sitto raal

    thats great!

  64. Megan Verycken

    Haha that's basically what I do every time I find anything involving fun. :3

  65. Megan Verycken

    Yes I have! I simply love it. Love Nate and Brendon and it's great that they sang together!

  66. NoGhostsAsleep

    Anthony is a legend though

  67. NoGhostsAsleep

    you're missing out! he's great

  68. Megan Verycken

    I love finding new songs that Nate Ruess sings :D

  69. Tyler Howe

    nate ruess is the best

  70. DanceNickDance1

    You know he is in Circa now?

  71. Red Hawk334

    Great song, great singers, it's great seeing Nate do more solo songs!

  72. rishik17

    fucking love saosin.

  73. Josh Messer

    Yessss! I have not tried yet but I am going to try and make a Anthony Green station, already have a Circa station. This guy is really super talented, lol but everyone already knows that.

  74. Brett Robins

    Why isn't this on Pandora, I JUST WANT TO MAKE A STATION DAMNIT.

  75. Paul Schultes

    Anthony Green and Nate Ruess. It just makes sense.

  76. Red Hawk

    Good song!! Go Nate!!

  77. kevin guzman


  78. ianhatz

    Anthony is the front man for the band Circa Survive. They're awesome, check them out!

  79. MrDannybejarano

    I Love that two different type of artist like Anthony green and Nate Ruess can come together and make music. No bullshit music video , no product endorsement, just good music.

  80. justjazzyjas

    Not my kind of song but happy to support Nate and anyone who supports him :)

  81. Julie Fleming

    Anthony Green is an awesome guy, he's the kind of guy who let's other artists have a bigger part than him, how is that weird? That's pretty awesome.

  82. Heretic Haze

    this song is amazing. no matter who anthony had work with him on this song, it would be just as great. when he performs the song live, he doesnt have nate to sing it, and it still sounds amazing.

  83. Ryan Humphries

    Anthony green makes this song the best. best singer ever<3

  84. Alex Wendt

    i really wish anthony would have chosen somebody else to be featured on this. Like Craig Owens or Johnny Craig. Craig Owens would've been fucking sweet

  85. Canis Majoris

    I love the voice Nate ♥

  86. MissDuhamel

    sounds just like Brian Molko!

  87. Rome Maldonado

    strange combo but its pretty cool.

  88. BingBongBeBop

    Who cares it doesn't mean the song is any less meaningful? Collaboration is never a bad thing. You'd be surprised if you found it how many people go behind the recording and the instrumentation of bands but it's more than just who sings, who jams, it's about if this song sticks out to you of the billions of others you could be listening to.

  89. derpabot

    Along with Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, and just about every other rapper/singer that sings about teenage angst and drugs..

  90. Mel García

    nate <3