Green, Al - Yield Not To Temptation Lyrics

Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin
Each victory will help you or some others to win
Fight manfully onward, dark passions subdue
Look ever to Jesus and He'll carry you through

Just ask the Savior to help you
To comfort, strengthen and keep you
He is willing to aid you
And He will carry you through

Ask the Savior to help you
To comfort, strengthen and heal you
Oh, He is willing to aid you
Jesus will carry you through

Shun evil companions, bad language disdain
God's name hold in reverence, don't take it in vain
Be thoughtful and honest, kindhearted and true
Look ever to Jesus, He'll carry you through

Oh, ask the Savior to help you
To comfort, strengthen and keep you
Oh, He is willing to aid you
Jesus, He will carry you through

All I wanna do is ask the Savior to help you
Comfort, strengthen and keep you
He is willing to aid you
And He will carry you through

I wanna just ask the Savior to help you
To comfort, strengthen and keep you
He is willing to aid you
He will carry you through

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Green, Al Yield Not To Temptation Comments
  1. Jackstar769

    Amen brother! Halleluia!⛪️🙌🏽👏🏽✊🏽💪👍🏿

  2. Lakeisha Molock


  3. Andrea Mills

    Oh Amen! The last verse has been on my mind the past few days. You sing this as my soul wants to sing!
    Jesus, the Righteous One, suffered to pay for my sin while I was a slave. Now Jesus not only calls us brothers, but friends.
    Keep strong in faith. You sing so well.

  4. Amy Lathrop

    My Step 4th Great Uncle wrote this. Horatio R. Palmer.

  5. A. S.

    I absolutely love and appreciate you, thank you for keeping the past alive.

  6. Marcia Atkinson

    Thank you one of the best renditions I've heard.. keep on singing for HIM.

    LotsofLove Underwood


  7. Marcia Atkinson

    Woke up this morning singing this song...God knows just how to Minister and encourage you...learnt this from primary school's important for schools to have prayer and devotion some kids never ever will get the opportunity to go to church...God promises never to leave nor forsake you in tones of trouble.... hallelujah

  8. Jovita Hollins

    Hassan you are truly gifted.

  9. Sharnet Francis

    This song minister to my soul

  10. Latrice Clark

    That’s right! You better sing it the way they taught us!!

  11. Lynette Beckles

    One of the firat hymn's I sang as a solo at the age of 10. The words of this song have stayed with me as an adult. Hymn lyrics are extremely powerful if you really listen to the words. Sometimes the words of today's music lacks the real biblical principles. Thank you for sharing Hasan.

  12. Donna Henderson

    Sing my brother. Taking me back when I was a little girl. 😢 missing those days when things were so much better and easier. Less worries.

  13. Ren Renxoxo

    Brought me to tears. Heard this for the 1st time, at the right time. Thank u

  14. Lavynia Cabral

    This music is amazing and your voice better yet! ♥️ God bless you, always! I cried so much listening, really spoke to me!

  15. Barbara Hayes

    I love this can you take me back


    In the beginning it almost sounded like Jesus is love by the commodores🤗 beautiful as always. Keep doing God!!!

  17. O Smith

    Beautiful. Thank you. I woke up thinking about this song and found you

  18. Milkish Queen

    Courage and more grace

  19. Milkish Queen

    Nice one dude

  20. margaret edwards

    You Can Sing Young Man!Thanks And Keep On Singing 👍

  21. Creative Minds Homeschool

    Any chance you have this as an audio download? We are learning this song right now and I LOVE your version!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  22. Dr. Kevin J. Jones

    Amen and Amen!

  23. Junho.S

    great job

  24. Izzie Moore

    Thanks for sharing this. God bless

  25. Erica Redmond


  26. TheRocbe

    He will carry you through.

  27. Silver Tidings

    Excellent job! Praise God and God bless you..

  28. Rebecca Wilburn


  29. Troy Christian

    👋🏽 😫

  30. Jesus flower child

    Love your voice and these old school hymns, and your interpretations of them, God truly blessed you!

  31. Tyler Parson

    @TheAulegend - so so so tastefully done, thank you! Please produce this and release on iTunes/Amazon/Soundcloud! Thank you!

  32. Michelle G.

    Love These 0ld Gospel Hymns Hallelujah Belongs to JESUS'👋Where Is This Annointed Vessel Singing Today, What Church?!! 11/18/2017

  33. Jack Jack

    What else can I say but "AMEN!" and Praise God!"

  34. Jennifer Jenkins

    Needed this today. I love how you did the verses one right into the next then closed with the chorus. It let the message come through.

  35. Kur 1600

    I'm 18 and started learning hymns on my piano and this has been my favorite one , thank you for this man

  36. L Borges

    Thank you!!! God bless!!! I woke up this morning, just wanting to hear this hymn and God delivered. I did a google search for the lyrics, but when I saw there were some renditions I said why not...THEN I SAW THIS ON🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Old school new school twist!!! TGBTG

  37. Lucita

    This is a very beautiful hymn.
    I learned when I first born.

  38. MiiMii

    Right On Time!!!!!

  39. Nancy Foix

    1 Yield not to temptation,
    For yielding is sin;
    Each vict’ry will help you,
    Some other to win;
    Fight valiantly onward,
    Evil passions subdue;
    Look ever to Jesus,
    He will carry you through.
    Ask the Savior to help you,
    Comfort, strengthen and keep you;
    He is willing to aid you,
    He will carry you through.
    2 Shun evil companions,
    Bad language disdain;
    God’s name hold in rev’rence,
    Nor take it in vain;
    Be thoughtful and earnest,
    Kindhearted and true;
    Look ever to Jesus,
    He will carry you through. [Refrain]
    3 To him that o’ercometh,
    God giveth a crown;
    Through faith we will conquer,
    Though often cast down;
    He who is our Savior,
    Our strength will renew;
    Look ever to Jesus,
    He will carry you through. [Refrain]

    Michelle G.

    Nancy Foix, Thank you in the name of JESUS for I want to learn the words🙏

    Latrice Clark

    Thank you, I couldn’t find the lyrics-😃

  40. Timothe Lambert

    I wish I could get this on my ipod

  41. Daquon Demery

    amazing god bless you

  42. C K


  43. Solo Budget-Vegan

    Yo, Hasan. I was living in South Korea when I found this videos (2012). This song speaks so clearly about what our life focus. Jesus. "Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin. Each victory will aid you, some other to win"! Words that cut, but give life. Thank you! I didn't even know this was a hymn. It's not in my denominational hymnal, but it has become my FAVORITE hymn, and whenever I am tempted I quote scripture, pray, and sing this song.


    Solo Budget-Vegan yes lord! it's my fav hymn as well because of the lyrics! we have victory over temptation

    Tony McCraney

    @TheAulegend God is good and I all the time

  44. Kurama Uzumaki

    Lord knows this song is of Spirit & Truth. Thanks brotha for sharing. May the love & grace of Christ continue to keep you.

  45. Love Hope

    lovely voice

  46. Lyric Thomas

    You have an amazing voice 💯

  47. Juliana Cheatem

    wonderful voice

  48. Juliana Cheatem

    Yes, thank God for grandma's

    Kwame Newson

    Amen....Mary Newson....the best of the best!

  49. Stephen Smith

    That was great! God bless you!

  50. MrFredw81

    This ministered to me so powerfully, I am in tears. I just went through one of the hardest things that I have ever had to endure. Thank you my brother.

  51. Bob Bruman

    you really spoke to me...blessings in your career


    thanks so much for watching and sharing your thoughts. God bless

    Michelle G.

    TheAulegend, Thank you Sooooooooo Much For Posting These Beautiful Songs, This Young Man Has A Beautiful Voice, Is This Young Man Still Singing For The LORD'💜2017

  52. PwrPuffGurl

    This song was on my heart today...awesome delivery!

  53. yanique Brown

    Hallelujah... Glory to God... God bless you sir as you minister...

  54. Rosalind Pearson

    Beautiful voice and music!

  55. lois poeharris

    keep on during for God young man, to me u are true voice for God and his people, you really inspire me Love u Hassan Green.

  56. lois poeharris

    keep on during for God young man, to me u are true voice for God and his people, you really inspire me Love u Hassan Green.

  57. lois poeharris

    keep on during for God young man, to me u are true voice for God and his people, you really inspire me Love u Husan Green.

  58. Princess Manasseh

    So encouraged by this. Thank you!

  59. April King

    I love love love this song! I grew up singing this in church it was always my favorite to sing in Sunday school...Thank you for singing this...and posting I really I appreciate it!

  60. Lyles music

    I love it

  61. D Greer

    Just beautiful

    Rosalind Pearson

    I agree!

  62. Chica C

    What an anointed instrument you have. It does good for me every time I hear. Keep. walking with God And thank you for sharing.☺👍

  63. Marvin Mccormick

    Awesome job! I really got a blessing!

    Michelle G.

    Marvin Mccormick, ME too🙌

  64. revchris2015

    Thank You Father God

  65. Tânia Rodrigues

    You've a amazong voice!

  66. Tosha McCarty

    Love it! Thanks for sharing. Besides just sounding beautiful it came from the heart and the ending was like an invitation to salvation =D

  67. Dublinbird Hanson

    I haven't heard this song in many years and it has been playing in my head all day. I am so blessed to find you singing this tonight. Beautifully done! Thank you!

  68. karen y spann

    Hasan Green, this is one of my favorites (I love your videos). I grew up in the deep, dirty South, but I learned some very "clean" values. This hymn and many others are forever etched in my memory, because I had a grandaddy named Johnny Jenkins, Jr. who picked me up every Sunday for Sunday school. I also had a mother who made us go to church "religiously" (pun intended).  This song is very relevant to me to this day. I literally just "yielded to temptation" a few days ago. The devil is always on the prowl to entice you. But, I did not "Yield to Temptation". Thanks for posting. Just lovely!!!

  69. Margaret Brodie

    I remember singing this song in Sunday school and Church when I was 5 years old. They don't sing songs like this anymore, and that's so sad. My Dad use to sing all those old songs to us. Dad I miss you!


    No sis, the true body of Christ abound and new generation that still sings this Holy Spirit given song and much more, please ask the Lord to lead you to His body where the cross centred gospel is being preached and men carry their cross and follow Jesus everyday ❤

  70. Mikey Musique

    Great Job Man! I'm a minister of Music at a Baptist Church where I've been playing for a year and a half! The pastor pops hymns on me like it ain't nothing! I'm glad I stumbled upon this bc it has helped me get the correct tempo and feel for it! Thanks again!

  71. Jenna Wallace

    Just beautiful!

  72. Joshua Arthur

    We sang this in the adventist church

    justkeep'n itreal

    No such thing as a Seventh day Adventist church, nope nowhere in the bible. Roman 10:17 " so then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God ". Man started that church and if man started your church it will be uprooted by God (Matthew 15:13) because it's a Tare church not Wheat

    kelvin YouTuber solo

    This song for true jesus church

  73. Gerald Mcgaughy-Edwards


  74. rob wren

    Great song! Great rendition! Bless you man. The church needs to get back to this

  75. takira baxter

    The church today dnt listen to songs like this anymore... You did a great job! We need more of this!!

  76. Rosa Burris

    You are a talented young man and it blesses me to see young people lifting up Jesus. You are a blessing to the body of Christ.

  77. Tamika Maclin

    Love it!

  78. Lee Mc

    One of my favourite hymns, thank you

  79. Regina Argueta

    Love old skool and you do it so well! May God keep and bless your ministry.

  80. Breanna Griego

    You sing it so beautifully!

  81. Breanna Griego

    You sing it so beautifully!

  82. Tyrone Ellis

    this was good. I was wonder if you know I'm so satisfied by luther barnes if you do please record and sing it pleaseeeeeeeeeeee thank you. u r anoited and appointed

  83. Jefferson Luiz

    mtu lindo parabens pela voz

  84. Evelyna Laurie

    Thanks for sharing. I was looking for the version by Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers that my mom used to play for me when I was a kid. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your video. You're such a blessing. Keep singing for Jesus :)

  85. Deb Cap

    Beautiful rendition of this hymn. Great job!

  86. jerrynice80

    Hasan for President !! Blessedly Amazing....still.

  87. DaOrigTruthSeeker

    I heard Aretha Franklin do this when i was a little boy. God bless you for resurecting this song for me. The lyrics really minister to me and i appreciate the purity inwhich you performed it.

  88. Gene Noel

    Beautiful rendition my brother, cu-do's to your grandma. Look ever to Jesus.

  89. M Carter

    Thanks for staying true to the melody.

  90. Mine

    Love this song...

  91. Schantel Mitchell

    I woke up looking for this song b/c I needed to hear it. Much to my delight, Hasan Green had posted it. Love, love, love all your work (since you were AULegend). Thanks for this. Needed it like air today. Keep doing what you do, lil bro. God bless.

  92. parfum du ROi

    i am always hapy each time i hear it.

  93. parfum du ROi

    i love this hymn and you adlip it so welll God bless you more in His work.

  94. Jemima Alt

    Amazing I love the lyrics.

  95. 4Him Forever

    Thank you Hasan for sharing this powerful hymn. It was my pastor, Rev. O.L. Pounds who sang this song about 50 years ago, and I still remember the purity and the power of God emanating from this song.

  96. johnkevin1104

    my grandma too!