Green, Al - Positive Attitude Lyrics

This song if for the people
Those that live in doubt
You won't have to scream
You won't have to shout
We've heard it over
Time and time again
There's someone I want you to meet
He is my best friend

He will bless the right
And condemn the wrong
Come my sisters and brothers
And sing this song

I've got a message for you
Gotta have a positive attitude
Nothing my God can not do
When we have a positive attitude

The time is now
To reach all the people
Now what I'll do
Is keep my mind on You
Blessed assurance
Jesus is mine
Look beyond my faults
Just one more time
Please Lord, forgive me
Try me one more time
Your truth and devotion
I can't deny


Come on
Can you play the solo
So come on people
Give your faith a try
He will never let you down
No His love you can't deny
We have such a blessing
In this opportunity
Of going to our Father
For our joy and assurance
Blessed assurance
Jesus is mine
Want you to forgive me
Just one more time


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