Green, Al - Love Is Reality Lyrics

Won't you stop the violence
In the street
He can make the pain go away
He can make the mood change
That's happening every day
People on people crime
Will never slightly change a thing
It's all a state of mind
The situation's got to change

Oh, I know that Your love is real
I can feel the light shining bright
If you want a better deal
Let the people sleep at night
Love is reality
Love is
Love is reality

What about the time
When you were living out on the street
The homeless people everywhere
With not enough food to eat
People on people crime
People all hurt the same
There's peace and deliverance
If you call on Jesus' name

This is something
That I should know
I've been down here before
You can try and try another way
But you're standing right at the door


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