Graveyard - The Apple & The Tree Lyrics

I remember the days I don't recall
It was a time of innocence and decadence
Oh the fights, the fun and the ignorance
Now you're always under influence

A long hard fall from oblivion
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
Too young and scared to let it be you and me
Too full of ourselves to see how it was gonna be

Never had an easy living but it's the only life you've ever known
You've been good you've been bad you've been different
That's how it goes for people like me and you

Ain't it strange how the cards are dealt?
You say tomorrow seems as bad as yesterday
That you live because you have to not because you wanna stay
Then there's those who die trying to get away

Never had an easy living but it's the only life you've ever known
You've been good you've been bad you've been different
That's how it goes for people like me and you

So sick of people telling us who we are
I'm neither or I'm everything and in between
I'm nothing or something that you've never ever seen
Life's a repetition how it's always been

Never had an easy living but it's the only life you've ever known
You've been good you've been bad you've been different
That's how it goes for people like me and you

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Graveyard The Apple & The Tree Comments
  1. Alberto Rodríguez Andrés

    es como sultans of swing pero con barba

  2. Mataeus V.

    CCR would be proud! (Thank you)😎

  3. thorinbane

    Remember when Graveyard, The Sword and Witchcraft played good music. Remember when they decided to crap the bed. This makes me sad. And I though High Country was soulless corporate crap...Welcome to the club Graveyard.

  4. Iron Beast Maiden 666

    Fantastic amazing

  5. Matheus Vinicius de Oliveira

    i love these guys

  6. Logan McDonnell

    Anyone know why innocence and decadence is off Spotify?

  7. Bennie Townsend

    I don't particularly care for this album but the guitar sound is perfect

  8. gerald stevens

    😍😍Motörhead covers Jimi Hendrix 😂😂

  9. PenguinWrestler

    Singer sounds like Pepper Keenan from Corrosion of Conformity

  10. Jerimiah Johnson

    Really wish I had heard of these guys before just a couple months ago, they are great.

  11. Him Baer

    Against popular beliefs, this Album is tbeir greatest. Took me quite a while to actually listen to it over and over, since it was more soft and experimental... I would say. I was just sooo disappointed about it at first but NOW, I'm telling you, take the time, its almost perfect and sooo round and well fitting, this band was at their peak with this....i think! hopefully not^^

  12. semeniuc george

    best conttemporary rock band !

  13. Felipe Ferreira

    And, they're back ;D

  14. Enneric K

    Come back soon guys, your music is amazing

  15. Паша Ященко

    Like Hellacopters Sweden music is awesome!!!!

  16. Ixchel Peralta

    I remember the days I don't recall. It was a time of innocence and decadence. All the fights, the fun and the ignorance.

    Now you're always under influence. A long, hard fall from oblivion. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. To not get scared to let it be you and me. To follow ourselves to see how it was gonna be. Never had an easy living, but it's the only life you've ever known. You've been good, you've been bad, you've been different. That's how it goes for people like me and you. And it's strange how the cards are dealt. You say tomorrow seems as bad as yesterday. That you live because you have to, not because you wanna stay. Then the souls who died trying to get away. Never had an easy living, but it's the only life you've ever known. You've been good, you've been bad, you've been different. That's how it goes for people like me and you. All right! So sick of people telling us who we are. I'm neither, I'm everything and in-between. I'm nothing and something that you've never ever seen. Like summer petition, how it's always been.

  17. Devon Kildare

    Dafuq?! They're not getting sued for plagiarizing 'All Along The Watchtower' ?!?!?!
    I like this band, but... /smh

  18. Jon Kopp

    Rest in Peace Graveyard. You will be missed most dearest.

    jaft six

    ooooh noooo me acabo de dar cuenta :c

    one cunt wolf pack

    they're back!

  19. Qayyum Arafat

    amazing classical blues song!

  20. rob rockit

    blue cheer

  21. rob rockit

    i think it sounds like ironbutter fly mixed with santana

  22. Gus Geraet

    i think these guys like weed

  23. Flyingvrips

    I love em then. I love em' now too.

  24. Матвей Малинин


  25. Dr Dogtoffee

    If you walk through the streets at night

  26. Vidal jacques

    un super groupe blues rock à savourer ,génial ;je kif

  27. Adam Mathieson

    I get the concept. Boy howdy that lady is super pretty
    So much of it brings me back to being a boy picking stones in the field

  28. Unnamed Player


  29. Erverton Sousa

    Amazing! Nothing more...

  30. TheHerki666

    super cool guitar sound, super shitty video!

  31. Michael Schlefstein

    Just an observation... is this a recycled "The Sultans of Swing" in tow???... hear the lift here???... regardless of how good the players are here, they need to stay clear of lifting.. Does Mark K... can you feel it too?

  32. der Strychen

    heard whole the album... there`s no "Grave" in the Graveyard :(

  33. Liam Strömberg

    i really love this song and i totally love the devil sacrifice in the ending

  34. Lydouchka Durand

    Guitar playing is great , as the rest also...


    Come to see my channel


    Alors a ma chaine tu t'abonneras.

    ABONNE TOI !!!!!
    Inferno jedi master


    over all theres a lot of wishbone ash and i think they are influenced by bluesy rock music.hmmm? i hope theier next album combines deathmetal and occult deathblues with pop harmonys.... critisize your ass bitches ;) who are you to critisize anyway? you like it? just buy it! ante kai gamh8hte palio malakes...GRAVEYAAAAAAAAAAAARD!

  38. Dr. AwkwarD

    this is sick!

  39. Ed Licari

    Great song and band! This is real talent folks.

  40. Woodward IV

    I know they sound different here, but there's a lot to consider. 1.) Essentially all genuine bands evolve over time and their sound changes with their evolution. 2.) This is only one song and may have a different vibe than the rest of the album, which they may have chosen to draw new fans/show themselves under a new light. 3.) They're fucking awesome so stop whining.

  41. Uncle Guts

    Hm. Interesting. I can't wait to see what the rest of the album is like.

  42. Spacefreak


  43. oren ford

    its different but i think it is good, can't wait for the rest of the album

  44. le moen Gweltaz

    wait and hear before bleeding

  45. Will Hush

    Very Hendrix. I don't see why people hate this song, its exactly what I expected from Graveyard

  46. Miguel Ramírez G.

    good new hippie move ¡¡¡

  47. NowhereFast12

    THEY ARE FUCKING BACK! Thank You Surely Graveyard!

  48. Deus Dovahkiin

    love it or die this band is amazing also with their new sound

  49. memorattlehead

    This is not what I expected but, after some heards I finally like it, but still I'm a little disappointed; however it's only one single maybe is the song to get some new audience, but I still hope this could be a good album for my musical taste maybe no like the 3 first albums, but still decent... and maybe if this was my fisrt taste of the graveyard material I could say is pretty good, but they accustomed me to someting more rocker, acid, psychedlic and wild that I loved instantly... if is an experemintantion is good, to have a more expansive sound, but I hope they won't foget their roots

  50. Jeff Richards

    Reminds me of Golden Void...and that is not a bad thing.

  51. Snuffian

    I feel like this is the natural step of progression they shoulda hit on Lights Out

  52. David Lamb

    Awesome song!
    Looking forward for the entire album :)

  53. Jorge Camus

    It seem to me like a great tune. Its nice to hear something fresh and out of the two last albums!

  54. Madafaka Benny

    Love it!!

  55. Debbie Elicksen

    I absolutely love this.

  56. Mirek Pansky


  57. Sami Tissari

    Personally I take the slow motion music videos as distasteful and ridiculous. Directors emphasize on the shovel digging into the shit made curious, though. The sharp cut from the shovel to the lead singer's fork was brilliant, methinks.

  58. Karsten Johansson

    I keep waiting for him to sing "And the wind ... cries... Mary!"

    Or the Sultans of Swing. Take your pick.

  59. morgan c

    I can dig it

  60. darrowsmith

    And Harry doesn't mind...

  61. Eve Drew

    waiting for the witchcraft new album

  62. Gabe Kortez

    First time I heard it I noticed that the style was a bit different but the more I listened to it the more it started to sound like their other work. It's like a darker tone on this one but I love this track. I think this album is going to be gold like their other 3 albums. This band is perfect to me. They are in my top 5. Not one song I don't like.

  63. Joakim Christiansson

    Gooood! Fortsätt kötta....

  64. Omni Codex

    For the people who don't like it, it's because you forgot to drop acid first.

    Omni Codex

    @zinnyzxx Damn straight! \m/


    +Omni Codex ...ganna have to disagree, it's an insult to say you have to take drugs to enjoy this

    Omni Codex

    @PigeonSquawks No, I don't have to, idiots do though...

    Sorry if I wasn't clear.


    +zinnyzxx oh sleeper? where?

    Omni Codex

    @tzDub92 Check their Facebook.

  65. Mikeselsewhere

    Enjoyed the music, not so much the clip.  Anyway looking forward to the new album.

  66. toast

    Awesome song! Looking forward to spinning this record until my ears bleed

  67. chknwngonstrng

    Really great band!  Heard their first album a few years ago, hooked ever since. Excited for this one!

  68. Antonio P

    Fucking briliant.
    Yes, it's different, stop whining about it, they're amazing musicians. One of their main qualities is not to sound the same at every fucking track. 
    Amazing sound, look forward for this album.
    Cheers from Brazil

  69. ReefTV

    This would fit nice with offroad adventure/roadtrip video

  70. Frenz HG

    This song it's too short

  71. Elisio Ferreira

    It kinda reminds me of "All along the watchtower"

  72. Dominique Keller

    Infatigables porteurs d'eau d'un rock ardent prolongeant la tranchée inaugurée hier par Cream et Led Zeppelin, les Graveyard font rissoler, depuis 2006 à Göteborg, un blues rock situé entre hard-boogie et psych'folk, mis en place grâce à des mélodies finaudes, une technique servant de modèle à des milliers d'apprentis guitaristes, et une verve politique (gentiment nihiliste, disons) pas prête à mourir de soif, tel qu'en témoigne la quatrième giclée d'huile du quartet (Innocence & Decadence, le 25/09).

  73. Anthony Villanueva

    sounds like thin lizzy

  74. Igor Sydorenko

    Girl is working, boys are dancing. Is this how Sweden became the leading economy in Europe?

    Érico Ferry

    +Igor Sydorenko Dude, I have to say, your band is fucking amazing, totally stoned hahahah

    Johnny Blade

    Igor Sydorenko Sweden and hole Europe is dying from islamic invasion

    op cynical

    When was Sweden the leading economy in Europe? :o

    Sander Cohen

    @op cynical About 400 - 300 years ago, and it had nothing to do with an uneven distribution of labor between sexes. It was called the swedish empire ^^

    op cynical

    @Sander Cohen and how was it a bigger economy than France or England or Prussia or Russia?

  75. Patrick Hollowbag

    grave-fucking-yard :-) We ask for something special, psycho, trippy whatever... you always deliver the best :-)

  76. Mikko Puhakka

    When did Graveyard become Nicke Andersson tribute? It's a good song, but this is not really the way to go. Some Hellacopters and COC (Pepper Keenan) style vocals.

  77. SkeezyMcD

    I forgot about Graveyard and this was not what I remember the band sounding like. That being said, this is still good and I enjoyed every minute of it.

  78. iiswansongii

    My first impression..he sounds and sings and has the lyrical pacing of a corrosion of conformity song

  79. Colin Plumb

    massive early Fleetwood Mac vibe. love it!

  80. Naqib Farok

    Reminds me of shocking blue, this song is good enough for me its like a chill part of graveyard, cant wait for the next song, hehe :)

  81. Francisco Ortiz

    Love it as always.

  82. Aj Madonna

    AMAZING music video for an AMZING song by an AMAZING band!!! Graveyard never fails!!!!

  83. Hell Gino

    Rythm guitar at the beginning sound like Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing^^

  84. Ephemeral Eiswer

    Negative Image Of Graveyard ... What Sadness ...

  85. Graham Barth

    I don't get the surprising amount of hate I'm seeing. _Thankfully,_ not all bands sounds exactly the same with each release. If you want that, go fucking listen to Disturbed, or Nickelback. You've heard one song by them, you've heard 'em all.

    Some of us like our music to evolve. I mean what the fuck's the point of releasing a new album if it's just gonna be your last album with a new name?

    tl;dr: cry me a fucking river.

  86. Sergey Kostin

    Exellent work. These mystical Swedes manage to do always something new, equally vintage, sincere and seasoned with amazing taste. Release is not simply one of the best years, and one of the best in the genre at all.

  87. Markus Hallebjer

    Svensk sommaridyll!

  88. Eduard Tlapanco

    Muy buena rola , es del tipo de canciones que me gusta escuchar cuando voy por la carretera.
    The song reminds me of a classic rock style, its real cool to here. GRAVEYARD rocks, there in my top  bands definatly.

  89. bob heine

    it sounds different. but only listening to it once, is it fair to pass judgement?

    bob heine

    @bob heine so after listening to this more than a few times. i have to say i really like Jonatan's guitar work on this song

  90. Scott Allsebrooke

    unsubscribing now...


    @Scott Allsebrooke Thanks. We Don't need your kind here.

  91. pfk1002

    What's with the vocals on this new track? Kind of weak from what we're used to expecting?

  92. etha s

    hmm. kinda misses the mark, not very enjoyable to listen to. damnit

  93. Bruno Gyorfy Beltramini

    O estilo musical que essa banda tem e segue é o melhor que poderia existir ! Graveyard é a melhor !!

  94. Chuck Casella

    Rock on!

  95. Cosmo Kidd

    Pretty insipid and routine, good for a 7-inch b-side. I hope the album is heavier and with more pathos.