Grant, Natalie - In Christ Alone Lyrics

In Christ alone my hope is found
He is my light, my strength, my song
This Cornerstone, this solid Ground
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm
What heights of love, what depths of peace
When fears are stilled, when strivings cease
My Comforter, my All in All
Here in the love of Christ I stand

In Christ alone! Who took on flesh
Fullness of God in helpless babe
This gift of love and righteousness
Scorned by the ones He came to save
Till on that cross as Jesus died
The wrath of God was satisfied
For every sin on Him was laid
Here in the death of Christ I live

There in the ground His body lay
Light of the world by darkness slain
Then bursting forth in glorious Day
Up from the grave He rose again
And as He stands in victory
Sin's curse has lost its grip on me
For I am His and He is mine
Bought with the precious blood of Christ

No guilt in life, no fear in death
This is the power of Christ in me
From life's first cry to final breath
Jesus commands my destiny
No power of hell, no scheme of man
Can ever pluck me from His hand
Till He returns or calls me home
Here in the power of Christ I'll stand

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Grant, Natalie In Christ Alone Comments
  1. SOS


  2. Tyrone Jeff O'Reilly Ramirez

    who sings it better than Natalie? NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Brenda Vasconcelos


  4. Kim_Jun Kyuuu

    Still Present 2019

  5. TheLady WithInMe

    The wisdom of God will teach us all things. God commands my destiny. Jesus was a man. The words need to be rearranged but its a great song.

  6. TheLady WithInMe

    That movie in the ad looks interesting about the church.

  7. The World

    Please pray for me. I need courage and more faith in Christ

  8. Esther Badamasi

    I love this song

  9. Raymond Thompson

    This is an absolutely beautiful and anointed song. I have heard different versions of "In Christ Alone" and any version you listen to, you cannot help but fall in love with this song. Because this song of salvation come straight out of the throne room of Heaven.

  10. NOBEL DJ

    yay this one has the full lyrics

  11. Jay Schock

    praise God for this Godly singer who loves God and praises God with her music. I saw her in person she is awesome. prasie God for her.

  12. Suzana Campos

    louvores que fala ao nosso coraçao.

  13. Lukket Games

    its nice i like her voice but i still think newsboys is better no hate or anything like that

  14. Jack Henry

    Too much production... The natural version/live version is better.

  15. leandro leal

    voz ungida 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  16. octoberboiy

    I love her rendition of this song, it's so much stronger than the original!

  17. Glenn Hubble

    great song from Natalie

  18. Randy Craig

    I’m going to buy this right now.


    just turn the volume up and record thats how i get free music

  19. Edward Cannon

    Love Natalie's Music God has really graced her with a beautiful voice !

  20. Ty Shay

    We sing this at church & I love it. Its so touching

    mercy inyam

    Nice bt very difficult to learn....

  21. Ty Shay

    We sing this at church & I love it. Its so touching

  22. suzana silveira

    Gente vcs sabem o nome do filme que tem essa música, ???

  23. Noslin Carvalho


  24. Gorgeousmama4

    Love this song

  25. Gregory Williams

    I. love. to. listen. to.

  26. Yunie Rowell

    GOD is Amazing....We have no idea what GOD HAS DONE on ME - YOU and everyone in this world.Where is the LIFE....There is a HOPE...And a HOPE brings millions of MIRACLE...BELIEVE IN GOD....GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES,Amen....

  27. Abagail Atkins

    Nice song......

  28. Eileen Walls

    I love love love this song and this artist!! In Christ Alone!! Amen

  29. Igor de Souza Reis Leandro

    I love this music. Amen. In Christ Alone, OUR hope is found

  30. Johnathan Aken

    Soooo because YOU can't understand the reasons of an omniscient creator to allow children to die before birth, therefore there is no god? If or an intelligent person you will are that atheism doesn't follow logically from that premise. The origin and finetuning of the universe for life , the resurrection of Christ, all goes out the window because babies die? Sorry friend but I think you're mistaken there.

  31. José Castro

    La mejor interpretación , por siempre, de este Gran Himno !!

  32. Terra Handsdale

    nkzoko you are blind...god is perfect and is real, if you cant say anything nice about the lord then keep your mouth shut!

    jirka halata

    Přesně tak!

  33. PM Encourager Boy

    GDAY Ndzoko - I assume that you may be over 60 then...perhaps younger.. If you have had the Born Again experience that is Wonderful Mate ! That means GOD is never giving up on you and HE wants you to just say - GOD I dont understand everything- I have Sinned- I know Jesus Died on the Cross please forgive me... That is it mate ! I will be Praying for a wonderful outcome - The alternative (JUST Think for a minute what If it is TRUE) would be Separation from all that is Good - even in this world there are some good things - people smiling, happiness, laughter, presents etc..Imagine No Good at all..Just Misery any GOD Bless you from someone also + 40 decades 

    That Girl Madiii

    I agree

  34. Gabrielle Cervantes

    SERIOUSLY??!!! Where are you getting that?

  35. PM Encourager Boy

    Hi Mate- well all those 13,500 000 early deaths are not early but on time and as I mentioned once before at a young age they all go to Heaven..It is us who grieve it and don't see the full picture. Hey can I make a comment ? If you would permit me - just let me know if that is ok..

  36. PM Encourager Boy

    CONTINUED...HAHAHA-- THAT IS HOW IT IS WITH GOD- HE IS THE SMART ONE- WE ARE LITTLE KIDS. We dont really know what is best for us...Hence things we see as bad and can be bad for sure- God Brings GOOD out of them - Ultimately one day when I see GOD HE will show me HIS entire plan and I will just stand there in almost unbelief I reckon...BUT I know I will smile ! Anyway Mate have a great day chat soon if your free = Encourager BOY

  37. PM Encourager Boy

    Then you can find it difficult to Trust HIM like you would a Chair. Even when you become a Christian you can sometimes not Trust HIM- The BIBLE IF ABSOLUTLEY FULL of these stories - The israelites when with Moses in the Widereness - Just READ THE BOOK OF JUDGES WOW- FAITH THEN NO FAITH THEN FAITH THEN NO FAITH FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS..Incredible..GOD works in ways we cant understand..Just like a Parent makes decisions a Child or teenager does not understand or agree with - that is how

  38. PM Encourager Boy

    Hi Ndzoko - been away back a bit now... Thanks for your msg. Yes Faith is very much taken for granted- You are talking about Faith..I have faith every day that my work will be there- when i sit on a chair I dont think to myself oh no will be break underneath me - no that is because i have seen it in action, experienced it and i trust its functionality. Faith in GOD regardless is a Christian Experience- unless you have had that experience of asking HIM to enter your life- forgive you of your Sins

  39. 85karawilliams

    Crying tears of joy because HE has helped me through a dark hour.

  40. Lorelei Delacroix

    Best cover of this song....EVER!!! :)

    Amber Rose

    You're not from CA, are you? I once knew a person with your first name.

    Leland Lindahl

    Absolutely. Melancholy emotion building to raw power and triumph. Love it.

  41. PM Encourager Boy

    part 3 - The Bible then starts to make sense - it is like what you read before were words - but God Literally places Jesus inside your heart and you get lifted inside- many Christians have a reaction to that - some cry, some dance around it is all personal - Unfortunately some Christians - before they become Christians have to be broken through their bad choices before they are willing to accept Jesus as their Saviour..anyway go to go mate- good chatting catch up soon - I am away a few days:-)

  42. PM Encourager Boy

    Part 2 - That is what the devil does tries to keep everyone distracted looking at one thing but there are other things there...he is called the master of lies for a reason.. think of the best lier you can and multiple it by millions i reckon... That is what the scripture is saying it "seems like nonsense" but when you get to that point of accepting God and amazing Transaction happens - Your "Spirits" eyes are opened - so hard to put into words - because it is an experience. more to come ;

  43. PM Encourager Boy

    Hi ndzoko - good to hear from you. Yeah I know what you mean about not making sense..Before I got saved, it did not make sense to me either and I wasnt even asking intelligent question like you mate. It was like I was blinded - sort of like having a Blurry view of life---You know that movie the Matrix ? Well it is like you see only what yourself can handle and also what was constructed around you - more to come :)

  44. PM Encourager Boy

    BLOKE is Australian for Guy hahahaha. Anyway thank you for sharing your thoughts, I a here from time to time and happy to continue our chats if your keen - keep questioning that is a good thing I reckon - It means that your searching...Many dont even give it a thought - they are people who have a hard time walking through life because they don't question what is happening around them in the unseen world.. Cheers mate - take care.

  45. PM Encourager Boy

    Hi ndzoko - You have an amazing mind - really- You ask so many questions and these are questions that many Christian Have...Really we do too. ndzoko I must say the only different between a Non Christian and a Christian....Is that the Christian imperfect, a sinner, week, frail, a sinner is Saved from these things and God gives the Christians what they call Salvation (Means they are going to heaven). That is the only difference. I have not picked up yet if you are a guy or Girl sorry. I am a Bloke

  46. PM Encourager Boy

    GDay ndzoko - Misery can be there when we focus on ourselves. It is a Basic Human Floor - as you stated back to when the FRUIT was eaten - Not apple. However when we focus on GOD and Jesus the Misery when and how it occurs can and is Lifted. It is a decision to choose or not. Your decision - My Decision and the Decision of every person to Choose Jesus - or Not. Because we are Human God gave us the ability to Choose Him or Not- Just Like Satan who was his Head Angel. God allowed Him to choose :)

  47. PM Encourager Boy

    Hi again ndzoko - limited characters sorry mate. I have a suggestion for your information seeking and debate. Try doing some research on C.S.LEWIS. He was the biggest Athiest you could probably think of.... Then God got his attention somehow - GOD does this through Sickness - Divorce - Job Loss - and many other things... Christians do know that some of the biggest non believers, can become some of the most effective Christians...GOD also puts Christians in non Christians lives :-) Have a goodone

  48. PM Encourager Boy

    GDay from Australia - ndzoko. Thanks for your comment. There is no doubt in a Christians mind that we have no idea why one person is saved like my worker (Pat) and why others are StillBorn. God actually covers Babies and young children if they die and takes them to heaven. No one knows the age that God covers kids until. some think it might be between 7 and 11. The good news is that these the Still born children - do have a Spirit and it is in a better place than here on earth...

  49. PM Encourager Boy

    Then I said" PAT will you ask GOD to Forgive you from all your Sins IN JESUS NAME every wrong thing that you have ever done?" PAT NODDED. Two days later Pat Died - Now he is in Heaven. Pat had told me only months earlier- There was no GOD - and that "He was a good man and all you do is go in a Box"...Now Pat is in Heaven - not some other awful place. I wont give up on anyone - No Christian will - Because that is what GOD Places inside of us.

  50. PM Encourager Boy

    Hi ndzoko - 4 Years Ago I was a pretty awful person. Long Story. 2 weeks ago I walked into a Hospital Unit - where one of my workers was dying from Terminal Cancer. I prayed with him and he nodded because that was about all he could do by then...My First Question: "Pat do you believe that JESUS died on the Cross to save you from your Sins every Sin?" Pat NODDED

  51. PM Encourager Boy

    Hi ndzoko - You of course are all people entitled to your opinion and view. So you have no argument from me. I offer the following as I see some of the comments that you have made. 1. GOD does have a plan - In the Bible it says that HIS (GODS) Way are above our Ways, HIS Thoughts are above our thoughts. That basically means that we humans who use part of our brain cannot possibly understand or comprehend - GOD's Plan - GOD's ways that he brings about His plan.

  52. missymillie

    this is such a powerful song, ministers to me each time I hear it. Thank God.

  53. Alicia Bilstein

    It is juvenile to think that because of a complication in a woman's body, or unfortunate series of circumstances, that God does not grieve for the unborn.

    A miscarriage is tragic, but it has nothing to do with God, or religion, it has to do with biology.

    Saying that God doesn't love us because of a miscarriage is like saying that Subway doesn't serve sandwiches because they have cookies.

  54. Alicia Bilstein

    He does not dictate what you do, or what happens on a daily basis.
    He has an ultimate plan, but as all plans go, they are subject to details changing.

    God sacrificed his son Jesus, to carry our sins and pay the price for them, past, present, and future, because he loves us.
    He wants us to know his love, but he does not force it on us.
    He does not hate, he does not cause pain, he does not cause evil, but at that price of deification, he cannot stop evil from happening.

  55. Alicia Bilstein

    Can I ask you to think about something?

    Your mother and father love you correct?
    Someone loves you, but that person, whomever they might be, does not control you.
    They do not take away your free will.
    They suggest things, and sometimes tell you not to do something, but ultimately you are free to do what you want, right or wrong.

    That is love.
    Caring and wanting the best for someone, above your own needs.
    Sacrificing everything for that person.

    God does not interfere in daily happenings.

  56. Dobby Elf

    Seek the Lord and He will give you understanding and more importantly everlasting life. He will reveal Himself to you if you would only seek Him out. Matt 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:" God bless

  57. Dobby Elf

    John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." Romans 8:18 "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us." God became flesh and let himself be brutally beaten and nailed to a cross, so that if we simply accept the sacrifice He freely gives, we would have everlasting life. Yes, I call Him a loving God.

  58. Gabrielle Cervantes

    That's the thing, God isn't a human being. He is above all. And where did you get the definition for perfection to be "able/willing to protect the innocent from suffering"?

  59. Gabrielle Cervantes

    God is perfect. Therefore he does not make mistakes.

  60. Andy Joel Cupuerán Alcivar

    hermosisima cancion... Dios bendiga su voz...

  61. Tricia Fisher

    god does care about those little tiny babies dieng daily.. . He even love those people who murder them. those little babies that were murdered didn't get to choose whether they needed Christ or not. so they are in heaven. because god gives you a choice between god and the devil.

  62. Celine Antonio

    Let us just pray for those who do not believe the Living God.. How really sad to know that there are people who do not believe Him and even say something bad about the Precious God.. God bless to those who praise HIM>

  63. BigBaby94

    Man, u must live in a dim, dark place. Nothing good ever happens huh? I bet you're one of the ones who attribute all bad things to the absence of God, so who is responsible for the good that happens. Blame Him for the bad, no credit for the good. Yeah that makes sense.

  64. BigBaby94

    Obviously, you haven't read Genesis, or you would know why childbirth is so painful. Oh... but wait, that means reading something u don't believe is true. So good luck dying w/ your theories... lol!!! PS: I'm not a maam

  65. Lesley Hudson

    No I don't because I know it is real with out having evidens.

  66. Lesley Hudson

    He dose and they are with him right now in heaven.

  67. Lesley Hudson

    Prove to me that the bible is not real and I will mite believe you but I really doubt it.

  68. Lesley Hudson

    Did you know that your full of CRAP!

  69. BigBaby94

    Sorry, I misspelled

  70. BigBaby94

    Sorry to upset you my friend, but there is more factual evidence to back up creation than there are the many theories. That's why they're called "theories". Not to insult you, but even someone of minamal intelligence would have to agree that this amazing world could not have been an accident. Creation itself points to one Devine Creator.

  71. BigBaby94

    You are obviously in pain and I don't know what you've gone through. But I pray that God would comfort you and when He does, you realize who Jesus is, because He loves you!!!

  72. BigBaby94

    Very true, also, those who tried to deny the fact that Jesus was risen would have produced His body. But they couldn't, and you know they tried.

  73. Trina Anne

    This is where my life is placed forever and no matter what I go through here I know I have a crown of glory waiting! Glory to God!

  74. gracefaith77

    My favorite version.

  75. Martykeyz

    sweet chords

  76. meg

    Here in the love of Christ, i STAND. when all the crap around me gets to me, i just have to sing this song in my head and remember that God is always with me, even through the toughest times. i am so very thankful for that.



  78. drea lew

    love this version!

  79. Sherilyn Goodwin

    I am DEEPLY saddened when a person says they don't believe in God. They are missing out on the only thing in this life that has any real value. You will never be a whole person without the love, and grace of God in your life. I have tried to live my life without God, and I have never been such a miserable person. I am deeply grateful that I have never had to live a day in my life not knowing my Creator, and His consuming, redeeming, and fulfilling love.

  80. parkouraustin

    Religion is great stuff for controlling the stupid and weak. Gotta love to hate it if you are an atheist.

  81. inspire:)

    this is not my favorite version for some reason the meaning isnt quite there but its still a good song

  82. Jenny012191

    it's "like" a Christians anthem? I think it IS :)

  83. BieNumber1

    I didn't realize she was on American Idol but then I didn't see them all either...Natalie I love your depth of lyrics and emotion in your voice

  84. Emily Harrigan



    So am I :)

  86. studentofthegospel

    The Gospel in Song form.

  87. Elizabeth Fuentes

    Such a powerful message.

  88. nicholas enloe


  89. missymillie

    classic! All glory to God, He alone is worthy.

  90. horse101freak

    Man love this Song it is totally awesome!!! can i get an amen to Christ?

  91. David Owasi

    thumbs up if you are dissapointed you cold not follow along!

  92. bigbudda05

    Miraclemarkers com forum

  93. Alainna Norland

    I love this song! it really portrays Gods love and power!
    my family in law just lost a brother/son and I grew up with the person who died.
    And this song has really helped remind me that God is still in control.

  94. Alainna Norland

    @oitsmenz AMEN!!!!

  95. inwonderwoman


  96. sophie calvert

    such a beautiful song.