Grant, Natalie - In Better Hands Lyrics

It's hard to stand
On shifting sand
It's hard to shine
In the shadows of the night
You can't be free
If you don't reach for help
And you can't love
If you don't love yourself
But there is hope when my faith runs out...
Cause I'm in better hands now

It's like the sun is shining
When the rain is pourin' down
It's like my soul is flying
Though my feet are on the ground
So take this heart of mine
There's no doubt
I'm in better hands now

I am strong
All because of you
I stand in awe of
Every mountain that you move
For I am changed
Yesterday is gone
I am safe
From this moment on...
And there's no fear when the night comes 'round
I'm in better hands now

It's like the sun is shining
When the rain is pourin' down
It's like my soul is flying
Though my feet are on the ground
So take this heart of mine
There's no doubt
I'm in better hands now

It's like the sun is shining
When the rain is pourin' down
It's like my soul is flying
Though my feet are on the ground
It's like the world is silent
Though I know it isn't true
It's like the breath of Jesus
Is right here in this room
So take this heart of mine
There's no doubt

I'm in better hands now
I'm in better hands now

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Grant, Natalie In Better Hands Comments
  1. Jenna Gainey

    Love love love this one. . .

  2. Rachael Melcher

    Make me Cry all the time

  3. kitty kat

    I woke up with this tune in my head amd spent 30 minutes looking for the song, lol.

  4. Jean Hatfield

    awe major church.....

  5. Ciarra Martinez

    I lost my baby sister 😢 when she was six months due to sids when this song played at her funneral I knew God was saying it

    She's in better hands she's in hands in the Lord 🙏😇🙌

    Chelsea Cullen

    My husband and I lost our first born baby to sids in April. His name was Logan. This song helped us so much

  6. Abby Nicole

    Life’s hitting me hard right now, my parents always told me that god opens the doors that needed to be open and closed the ones that needed to be closed whether it be healing or so forth, well they told me while my grandma was in the hospital, that sometimes the way god chooses to heal , may be to take his saints home , today makes a month that my grandma went to her heavenly home and now another one is fixing to, just pray for me please, I really need your prayers, I miss you nana

    Olivia Dawn

    Abby Nicole I’m praying for you tonight. God bless your broken heart, friend 😔❤️

  7. Cari

    This is my song. I need God’s Grace. :(

  8. Cari

    Ohh. I used to love this song so much before.

  9. Glyndia karenia

    I prayed for babies because I once was pregnant. I prayed to Lord Jesus for you and i love ya and miss you oxoxoxoxo 😘 amen

  10. jessa webb

    Love it i played it a my grandfather funeral he had stage 4 bone cancer and it was rough i helped he get though it intill the end and that was worse thanks Natalie Grant

  11. Nerlie Jane Abayon

    Take this heart of mine, Lord.

  12. Jeremy Ross

    My step aunt was dealing with breast cancer she had three beautiful kids & husband this song reminds me of her & family I can’t wait to see you again I love you

  13. Melanie B

    God with the family of that mama and baby in N.C.
    #SurvivorStrong 💔💕💫
    GOD With all efforts

  14. Lauren's Hairstyles And Tutorials

    Please pray for me friends! A really good friend of mine is really not doing well, physically, and may not be on this earth for much longer! 😰😰😰😰😰

  15. Brandi Kerisimasi

    Amazing song!

  16. Allisons Life

    To the 92 that disliked this, your still in better hands♡

  17. Macey Kirby

    Im singing this at Church and i am so afraid because every time i sing a song for my Church family and new people im just up there shaking like i am always afraid that i was going to mess up, but before Church starts i always go somwhere alone and i will pray and ask God to help me and he did and know i do it everytime and it always work

  18. paige anguish

    this was at my cousins funeral almost 10 years ago she was only 11 and i was 6 💔 it’s so unfair I miss her so much

  19. Marcus Santos

    This is truly great ❤️👌🏽😎🙏🏽

  20. Rachael Hood

    One of my closest friends sang this at my mom’s funeral, in June I will be singing this in a competition

  21. Dj Roly G.

    Praise almighty God & our savior Lord Jesus amen! Beautiful song amazing voice artist...thank you!

  22. Koriayana Frazier

    Rest in paradise G.M.D love always until we meet again

  23. Koriayana Frazier

    I love this song

  24. Helena JOHNSON

    Thanks again

  25. Emily and Rae Adkins

    This song makes me cry because my brother😭😭😭😪

  26. esco Tanner

    Just got back from an event featuring Natalie Grant. It was awesome!

  27. Isaiah Lozano

    I thank you for those who stand with God, its good to see people who are with God's side, as brothers and sisters

  28. ekechi100

    Great job.

  29. Lori Elward

    This gorgeous song was actually written by Catt Gravitt, Jim Daddario and Thom Ronald Hardwell. Natalie Grant did her usual amazing job of singing it! Thanks for sharing!

  30. glynna schmehl

    I've been relaxing taking care of an injury all day and it's the best vacation I ever had :) Sometimes I think the physician's assistants are better than the doctors !

  31. Tong Cheng

    I wish I could give 1millions likes because this song is fantastic.
    May God bless all.

  32. Tong Cheng

    God bless

  33. Nic Gilliland

    does anyone know what cd this is on??? thankyou very much

  34. artavia boyd

    Im in better hands now ❤❤

  35. Michael Reagen

    brothers and sisters i need prayer i am shaking on this song

    Brittney Beckman

    Michael Reagen done

  36. Devonta Jasper


  37. Rachel Houtchens

    I'm in much better hands alone with God than in the hands of all the Psychology Community! The churches should know better than to send people there!

  38. Brit lee

    I had a hard life but my parents always told me that God does open doors and he's always there for me. They told me always that God has a plan for me and he knows when its time for to come to him. My mom went to him this past October. Her faith got her though the tough times and mine too.😢

    Brooke Muir

    Brit lee I am so sorry❤️ My aunt pasted away last week and it's been tough cuz she was like a second mother to my sisters and I, and it's just been so difficult. I hope that God does many wonderful things for you💖

  39. sony delgadillo

    thank you very much for the song

  40. Hailey Patterson

    This song reminds me everytime that my grandfather that passed away in 2012 that he is in better hands now. Not to worry.

  41. Elle Kruse

    beautiful Love U God!

  42. Cailin Davison

    This is my favorite Christian song right now!


    God bless you, sweetheart. Life can be so hard at this any age. Praising God that we have our Heavenly Father to turn to; it is His Strength we can cling to when all seems hopeless...

    Sarah Hunter

    I love this song sooo much! This has always been on my top ten (and with all they Christian music I know, that's good)

  43. KevinDrakeFitness

    Jesus Lord we Love YOU!

  44. Sharmaine Simmons

    Love this song

  45. chris claus

    praise the the Lord for this beautiful uplifting music. it really hits the spot

  46. Kirsten Sage

    Time to Listen :).

  47. Jennifer Tarot Johnson

    so beautiful and comforting

  48. Unicorn _pizza&cake

    Rip Oísín 7/11/15 love you so much gone but never forgotten sleep tight pet xx

  49. Ruth Torrente

    morning devotion of mine 😍😘😇

  50. Laiz Vitória

    Amo essa canção 😍

  51. Yashiro Haruka

    This song soothes both mind and soul.Praise God

  52. Jessica Tonya

    Please pray for my boyfriend, he is in a coma from overdosing on medicine. His name is "Bless". The doctors said that if he wakes up he might have brain damage and won't be able to walk, talk or do anything. Please keep him in your prayers. God will work a miracle


    How is he doing?

  53. campbell bailey

    it's a beautiful photo so sad that this person is so deformed there probably is sin in there lives and god is punishing them with love that's hoe I blind it

    Laura Parker

    @Matthew Webb Saying, Dear Lord is taking God's name in vain? Do you know I am reading the book of Matthew. In fact, I am on chapter 21 now.
    Thank you for correcting my awful sinful sin.
    You're kidding right?

    ¡Hola! this is me!

    +Laura Parker Yes, in that context it is.

    ¡Hola! this is me!

    +Laura Parker Also, congratulations on reading the Bible, you are one of the few that still read their Bible.

    Laura Parker

    @Matthew Webb I am not patting myself on the back for reading the bible. The only reason I said that is because of your name.
    You don't have to be sarcastic.

  54. campbell bailey

    I can never love myself because the bible clearly states that I and people like me are the antichrist. and it is true I will never be free either side of hell but at least I can pretend to be spiritual in my beautiful hypocracy

    ¡Hola! this is me!

    Come again? Do you know Jesus, as your Lord and Savior?

    Stormie Giddens

    you need to ready the Bible BC it say to love yourself an the people around in its true how u can't love other people if u don't love your safe bc if don't love your safe then how can u show others how to love one other and there safe


    campbell bailey I love you in Jesus name

  55. jonathan smith

    whoever plays this song at my funeral gets all my money

    The Cake Cave

    Challenge Accepted!!

    Unicorn _pizza&cake

    Someone sing at mine please

  56. RAndolf jugarap

    I'm in better hands, because of you Jesus thank you lord for saving me.

  57. Becky D

    OH this song is exactly what I need to hear and remember and CLAIM and PRAY PRAY PRAY to change from the inside out

    UKWildcats Basketball

    Yes, you're right! Something i struggle with is trying to fix myself, but when I came to Jesus & asked Him to live in my heart, be my Savior, take away my sins, turned from my wrongdoing, and confessed Him as my Savior, He made me clean (John 3:16). I forget that I can't fix myself, but Jesus has to do that. He is the only One with the power to, so I just got to pray and leave it with Him because I know He is still making me (Phil. 1:6).

  58. Mary Anne Nichols

    love the message in the lyrics, love this song, and love the photo capture.

  59. Jazmine Hollo

    wow, I love this song there is literally no words for this song on how touching and how it can get to your thoughts. Its

    Lois. Juan Cabrera

    Hey Girl 💖

    Lois. Juan Cabrera

    Miss My Boyfriend CJ

  60. chris baltazar

    praise God!!!!!

  61. Elvia Gonzalez

    Beautiful song... With words so wise...

  62. cavadartmouth

    I cannot get enough of this song

  63. godfrey mashiya

    Good indeed

  64. joshua amar

    simply beautiful

  65. Nandawula Ruth

    The voice is just great God bless

  66. Marlene Shadley

    I loved this song it made me cry


    +Marlene Shadley It made me cry too!!

    Sierra Delossantos

    me to I actually sang this song to my grandma,when she passes,I sang in front of everyone💯😭

    Godisgood goodisgod

    +Sierra Delossantos huh?????

  67. Lora Bowman

    You did a great job.
    I found one word missing in the third lyric slide. The word "be" is missing. I love this sound. Not sleeping tonight, again. This song on my mind like a skipping record, had to get out of bed at 1:46 AM and look it up on Youtube. God bless you and peace be with you.

  68. Mark Roelike

    I love her voice soothing to me like a angel... blessed

    Sierra Delossantos

    yes its very nice💯

  69. lourdes perez

    Natalie Grants voice is truly from the heaven above. Her voice is the closest we get on earth to hearing Angels sing. God has truly blessed her and through her i hear the Angels sing.

    - Tony Rivera

  70. richard slaughter

    I lost my mom last year this song really hits home.

  71. Graziella Martines

    Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

  72. kai kay

    Satan disliked this video 14 times!


    kai kay 🙄

    James Jindra

    Praise the Lord, made me laugh out loud.

    gwen reyes

    @James Jindra bish

  73. Dee Dee Roberts

    This song is amazing. Natalie grant awsome

    Because He Lives

    God Is Awesome. God Should Receive The Glory

    Lois. Juan Cabrera

    Love's Songs Girl

  74. Skylar Gooch

    Jesus Lord all mighty we all in the world fit in the palm of him he is amazing nothing could be more awsome then him i luv u Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️

  75. jim52536


  76. shadowdog

    My sister passed and this is what we played at her service . Thank you for this video .

  77. wayne jaksik

    Miss you wayne. I know you or in better hands. Will allways not like april 1. When you left it's was not a joke. I ask god every day why.

  78. wayne jaksik

    Miss you wayne. I know you or in better hands. Will allways not like april 1. When you left it's was not a joke. I ask god every day why.

  79. Mary MarMar

    When the video says "so take this heart of mine theres no doubt." The text looks like it is in the shape of a heart. 3

    Eva Balderas

    thanks for that vision it put a smile in my face and heart

    Mary MarMar

    No problem! ❤️

  80. Hannah Eng

    You can't love if you don't love yourself

    Ashton Arnold

    I don't agree, I think it's possible to love if you don't love yourself. You just can never love completely. :D

  81. jointherapture

    This is the video of the day for Mar. 13, 2014 on Rockandroll Bible on Facebook.  Thanks for sharing it.

  82. Nicole Ngwenya

    i am singingthis in church on saturday the 4th January. Thanks, this is helping me practise

  83. nancy wranovsky

    Thank You God for holding me - Merry Christmas to "The wholeworldhears" for making this video 

  84. Chiney TT

    i just love this song so much!,,,

  85. KONGOLO Jean marie

    nice song i am strong now. i like really

  86. Hayley Coplen

    love this song

  87. alisa Golimbievsky

    that is so sad tell your sisters teacher to keep on praying.

  88. Karis Brennan

    my teacher lost her nice a year ago. she was a wreck, is too. she cried almost all the time. she is/was an amazing teacher. i sent her letters saying: she's talking with Jesus! He is alive! She no longer has flaws!! she is in eternal paradise!" wow, im actually tearing up right now. ok one more thing; my teachers sister has lost both her children, her 12 yer old son from cancer, and her 16 old daughter from a car/motorcycle accident. so yea.... ='[

  89. Nathalia Jassi

    Beautiful music. God bless u.

  90. Cortnie Myers

    they played his song o at my cousins funeral and i just love this song cause it reminds me of her and i miss her soooo much and i just wish it could be true for her to cum back

  91. Jogie Pesiao

    Yes Amen ...Glory to God forever and ever <3

  92. Aireen Anciro

    i love this song..everyday in our life,Jesus is always there behind our back and i thought to myself that i am in better hands.

  93. king cortaga

    a very beautiful song....... I love you Jesus....

  94. Garrett Wachtel

    I'm going to sing this song for an audition into a musical tomorrow~ Hopefully it'll work out!

  95. Sassa Fontz

    love this song!