Grant, Eddy - Ire Harry Lyrics

Lives in Brixton
And he's got a degree
Ire Harry, Ire
He just wanna be free

Born a loser
See him walking the streets
Never too sure, too sure
About where he'll sleep

Oh! Ah, yeah

Ire Harry (Alright)
Ire, ah, ah, I
Ire Harry, Ire
You got too much soul

Ire Harry
Ire, ah, ah, I
Ire Harry, Ire
You got too much soul

Even in Tucson
Where the grass is green
You'll see Harry, Ire
Dreadlocks blowing in the wind

Oh! Alright

Ire Harry
Ire, ah, ah, I
Ire Harry, Ire
You got too much soul

Oh, yeah

Ire Harry (Alright)
Ire, ah, ah, I
Ire Harry, Ire
You got too much soul

Ire Harry
Ire, ah, ah, I
Ire Harry, Ire
You got too much soul

Ire Harry
Ire, ah, ah, I
Ire Harry, Ire
You got too much soul

Ire Harry (Whoo! Alright)
Ire, ah, ah, I
(Ire's in the papers)
Ire Harry, Ire
(He's in the papers)
You got too much soul
(Living with the past)
(Living with the past)

Ire Harry (Alright)
Ire, ah, ah, I (Oh!)
Ire Harry, Ire
You got too much sou1

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Grant, Eddy Ire Harry Comments
  1. eugene beyers

    Can’t find on iTunes !!! 😡

  2. Shanina Faleafaga

    It’s New Years baby listening in 2020

  3. Junior Telakau

    🇻🇺 Vanuatu still listening.2019

  4. Sean king

    Wassup fiji🇫🇯

  5. Manatu Wadenges

    cs toi le vrai CELUI OU CELLE qui ecoute en NC lacher un pouce ❤

  6. Charlie Perez

    Beautiful melody.. Tokelau represents🇹🇰🇹🇰✌️

  7. cap 187

    This song and a cold corona with lime...💯💯💯💯💯

  8. Paul C Lalchungnunga

    Such a lovely beautiful song

  9. Justo Roteta

    Eddy Grant's "Going For Broke" album was, for my taste, even better than "Killer On The Rampage".

  10. esvanilda soeria


  11. Shane Hen

    simply a legend

  12. Marie leiataua


  13. hood 74

    Ifo jam still jamm 🔥🔥 drink up songs

  14. Tai Leaupepe

    2K19 Jamming with this and Corona 🙌🏾

  15. Alfie The Butler

    Be sure that Fiji, Vanuatu, Rotuma, Aotearoa, Tonga, Samoa... i mean Pacific islanders in general be rocking to Eddy Grant's mellow reggae

    Uai Missa

    Kanaky uvea mo Futuna mahoï dans la place Sélassié !!!

    Ruci Tukana

    💯 too good bro! Love this song

  16. Hennessy Kwehnah

    You didn't come to Liberia, but we still Appreciate all your songs.June 12,2019

  17. rug6366


  18. Will Patterson

    Ire baby

  19. Rachel Meyet

    What will our life been without MUSIC and Eddy Grant😘

  20. Fate cheezy


  21. elvin pedro

    Ignite the party!!!!

  22. robert kokona

    One of my favourite..mi no less eddy Grant...yu rock

  23. Tavare Williams


  24. Gana Edage

    Luv da 80s .. grew up in it may older brothers song luv it..

  25. Apanui Koopu

    to the rough sleepers in Greerton village Tauranga thats you Mike and the boys hang in there brothers, F... the shops in Greerton and the Police who dont seem to understand the plight of our homeless society, there heads nod yes and their words a beautiful but there hearts a empty and wish you worst we will have our Home in the sun brothers just hang in there a bit longer kia kaha whanau GOD BLESS

  26. CougarOne

    My jam in Tonga since 1984. Eddy Grant is off the hook!

  27. Alumita Waqa

    Still listening to this in the melody

    sharky bond

    meeh 9/11/19 Tongan/ Samoan drinking my red wine while listening hahhhha

  28. TIIKI

    Awesome !!!

  29. Mabel Mamarika

    Constantine mamarika been looking for this song since 1998 until 2016 he find it on YouTube what a lovley song EDDY

  30. elvin pedro

    2:55 is that Ire bells???

  31. Richard Jones

    2018 December 8th, 07:26am.....

  32. Anare Tuilevuka

    Fijis national anthem

  33. reclidias eigab

    I just like the song just like any person like a specific song for what ever justification,in my case I do not explain myself over what so ever,anyway some people like the song and others do not like it.

  34. regeboj

  35. OFA LOVE

    Polys n Islanders still jamming hard to this in 2018..and every coming year .,..till always...😝💃💃

    Will Patterson

    Bula Malo Talofa lava

    Milora Nawakie

    true 😹

  36. Peter Jordaan

    Oh my G. Eddy Grant is TOPS of the music chain. No matter what

  37. France Lewis

    This song takes me back to my old days in the 80s

  38. NZchur_NZ

    Fuck bout time I found the song chur

  39. Patrick Adam

    Jammed to this hit in Samoa, those many years ago. Yeah Mon!

    Leroy Lutu


  40. Robbo Roberto

    I loved this song. Such a cool song, especially at a party.

  41. Stephanie Kipic

    What a song and a beat memory lane of kings cross at the old mansion pub back room full of black brothers and crimes doing there best

  42. Eddie Robinson

    Kylie rose Eddie

  43. emmanuel ukpong

    Grant, one of the finest musicians around, a well-rounded artiste, multi instrumentalist, versatile, eclectic sound, not afraid to experiment, even did a very popular song in Yoruba. Toured Lagos with Okosuns (RIP) in the 70's but I was too young to attend.
    I grew up listening to this cut on transistor radio, with no chance to listen again on demand. In fact, I didnt even know the title. I now have a better appreciation of this wonderful tune. But, Eddy, you've got too much soul! Respect!

  44. Mark Heke

    Chuurr Jah Live

  45. Jim Carlile

    Some real get down music

  46. Firefly Kiss

    ❤️ this jam.

  47. Flavio Cruz Oliveira

    edy massa..o melhor reggae do mundo nao tem igual

  48. Mike Te Whare

    yay been looking for this song .churrr

  49. The 6ix

    That Is My Cousin

  50. Paulo Rosse

    die beste von eddy und wir bleibe susame.nur du und ich wir beide Jane.

  51. Paulo Rosse

    jane die best von edddy.wir bleibe susame mein elft

  52. George Tuia

    Someone should reward you with $1, 000, 000 for this upload.

    Linda Daniel

    Always has special memories when I hear this song 😀

  53. Number One

    c'lah sekal


    finally found this song, grew up listening to this at all the drink ups mates use to have, all this time i thought it was "irie irie" but its "ire harry" lmaooooo


    Kenny broo straight up hahaa

    Good Cunt

    Chur braaada

    Lawry V

    Hahaha straight up bro. I still have a lot of songs to find with this sort of memory. Cheers brada


    Fuck thought I was the only one who thought that hahaha

  55. Abraham Lincoln

    Best song ever ever ever

  56. kaarigan kisco

    Classic candy!

  57. Tadeusz Obajtek

    Supr !!!!!

    Tadeusz Obajtek

    Dobre klimaty

  58. happy


  59. Sammy Persaud

    i've got all your songs on every usb devise,in my truck,in my car,at the house,name it eddy grant as a fellow gt'ist,you r covered and listened to all the time.big up my gt bredren.


    bro, kindly request by any possibility u could email . ire harry and drop baby drop. thnx.

  60. Wendy Fleurette

    Beautiful Song. love it

  61. george joseph

    thanks for thee Gunja Eddy GRANT.:-):-):-)

  62. andile seyisi

    one of those songs that puts somewhere

  63. Vladmir M.oscar Tiomiro

    eddygrant do you feelmy love

  64. fweenerson

    anyone got Eddys ORIGINAL recording of this ,,from 1975?

    Péter Tatár

    ....with Equals ? :-)


  65. Alittlebitnuts2day

    Is it true that his grandfather is on the $50 bill?

    Tone Tuakoi

    Alittlebitnuts2day lol

  66. John Doe

    If there could only exist a button on youtube to replay same melody thousands of times ! I am doing  this manually now; I could listen to this melody for ages without having enough of it.

  67. Richard Jones

    Speaker on full volume ...blasting eddie grant tracks all morning on the 2nd of January 2015

  68. Hilamani Tovafi

    Memories..... :)

  69. Stacey Ahuriri

    Love this song!!! Yaay Irie Harry....

  70. Gordon Aglass

    A very good song any day but prefers the original version of it done in1976 in the Born Ya album.




    Original version anyday

  71. Lucan.W.

    love this song always ... gr8 memories :)

  72. ALFA


  73. Pule N.

    My fav eddy grant cut! To bad I can't get on iTunes. Tooooonga!

  74. Crystal Bailiff

    how funny you mentioned blue wave, that was the song I was looking for. love this one as well :)

  75. narnz09

    hi MrReggaemusicjamaica,do you have the song blue waves it comes from the same album,if you do can you please post up,tumeke bro.

  76. beingbrave

    Someone please post "something beautiful" from "Mystic Syster."

  77. beingbrave

    Thank you for posting.

    V. Dargain

    Yeah. Thanks a bunch "going for broke " . This is a definite oldie but goodie .

  78. bora yoon

    eddy jus gettin ire

  79. yat masta

    been looking for this song for years finally someone posts it! thankyou

  80. moonlxghtqツ

    Jfxbcvxccxvcccxvxccdgffbvvvvbvbvvbvv. B bcbv CC. Cocci cccccccxxfzzfzgzfgxdfdfdfxcxxxxffxzcx

    Te Huriata Mariu-Le Noel

    You'll see Harry irie

  81. moonlxghtqツ

    Certy ara
    As ea who c c good woo how
    Oh okay good for who does criss cross bay I don't want to it would be gay um I mean by that bob might be like that