Grammer, Andy - You Should Know Better Lyrics

I'm on the phone; you turn your back on me
We're all alone, why is this happening
I never thought I would be questioning the one I, one I love

But here we are wrapped up in silence
Can we sound the alarm both so defiant and
Don't know where to start
I keep colliding with the one I, one I love

Don't make it so hard for me to stay

You should know better than that
Before you go on breaking my heart
And I fall even deeper in love
And my lungs screaming out can you hear me
You should know better than that
And here we are, here we are

If I could leave, I would be leaving
Cause I cannot believe what I am hearing
Tell me, how can it be
I'm second guessing on the one I, one I love

Don't make it so hard for me to stay

You should know better than that
Before you go on breaking my heart
And I fall even deeper in love
And my lungs screaming out can you hear me
You should know better than that
And here we are, here we are,
Here we are, here we are again

Some forgive just to forget
I have not forgotten yet, I still believe in you
But there is a crack in our cement
This time it's permanent, permanent

You should know, you should know better than that
Before you go on breaking my heart
And I fall even deeper in love
And my lungs screaming out can you hear me
You should know better than that
And here we are, here we are,
Here we are, here we are again

You should know better than that
And here we are, here we are,
Here we are, here we are again

You should know better than that

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Grammer, Andy You Should Know Better Comments
  1. selina tolson

    I no better now.😉

  2. Sav Justice

    Who’s still listening in 2019? :) 💕💕💕

  3. Legally Melanie

    I still love this song and the first album. Still one of my faves!!!

  4. MusicSoul05

    this totally sounds like Eyes Open by Taylor Swift lol

  5. Dennis McGillard

    ▕╮╭┻┻╮╭┻┻╮╭▕╮ ╲

  6. ThatOneFandomNerd

    this is so me when i think i found the boy i love but he is just not what i thought at all. :)

    Ashlynn Skrabak

    that's legit me every time I think I've found someone

  7. Jonah Lovell

    Sounds exactly the same as Use somebody by Kings of Leon

  8. Bryanne Porter

    Just heard this song at friendlys and I started to sing along with it and all my friends looked at me and were like what the heck are you singing?😂😂😂

  9. Emiel Smit

    Doet me wel een beetje denken aan Marco Borsato

  10. Rachel M

    anyone thinks the beginning sounds like Eyes Open by Taylor Swift?

    Lary A.

    yes, it really does !!!

    jyeb bye

    +dewliee No where close

    Austin Carilo

    yes. everybody that says Taylors song is a rip off doesn't realize that many artists use the same chords and beats to a song

  11. calvin khang

    Anyone else think this sounds like a song from the movie Tarzan? :D

  12. Nicole

    Sigh <3 

  13. KoPehal Madafaka

    OK this song makes me remember my fav song "King of Thieves" by christina grimmie....first intro

  14. Jonas Lau

    Last time i heard that song, i was the one filming Magnus... xD

  15. Magnus Petersen

    Last time a heard that song i was drunk on a floor to a party..

  16. cesvalerie bienes

    what does this song really mean?? i love it but i don't really know what it implies.. can someone tell me?? :)

  17. Ciara Comber

    i agree

  18. Shanice McSavaney

    Don't make it so hard for me to stay
    Love this! :))

  19. Countrycowboy08

    Okay, I just realize that "Eyes Open" of Taylor Swift is just a rip-off (musically and NOT lyrically) of this awesome song.. what a copycat bitch!

    Sophia Limsoc

    Listen, I know that your comment was about 4 years ago, I just wanted to say that Taylor did not 'copy' him, the beat is just a common beat, I hope I didn't sound rude, it just irks me to know that people talk about other celebrities like that without even being about 100% sure, I hope this clears things up

  20. Checky Montague- Willoughby

    This reminds me of a male version of a Taylor swift song... Just the tune sounds similar to me!

  21. KandiSweetzz

    i love you andy <3 <3

  22. ashleighxdmb

    i get to see him in august and 3 days before my birthdayy! i ADORE him. <3

  23. David Papa

    I agree, but I think it's cuz he doesn't make videos... idk just guessing

  24. Roshni

    i agree he does.. but at the same time i like that he isnt mainstrem.. the second he turns mainstream its downhill from there :/

  25. misssoccerobsessive

    Reminds me of eyes open by taylor swift in the beginning

  26. Lyla0701

    omg I was tryna figure out where I heard this before lol it sounds pretty similar at some parts

  27. Jodie Lowery


  28. Abstract Productions

    yes, yes he is, he is and always will be, BOSS

  29. Jodie Lowery

    Like a boss.

  30. CanielEegment

    Gets guys, check out our video for keep your head up! You'll love it. Thanks!

  31. pokemon1994ever

    i never really heard any of this guys songs except gotta keep ur head up, but dang this guys good

  32. Iz Jackson

    OMG Sorry, I just realised something... Eyes Open by Taylor Swift sounds amazingly similar to this absolutely WOWFUL song. I love Taylor, I do, but I can't help think she may have copied Andy here a tiny bit...

  33. Natalie Goldstein

    The "I'm on the phone, you turn your back and we're all alone" sounds exactly like "the tricky thing, is yesterday we were just children"

  34. Blake Walker

    Why is that the people who right about sex and smoking weed going to prison are more famous than people like Andy Grammer, who right about emotiona or loving songs or thankful songs etc. Blows my mind. Its teaching little kids the bad things in life.

  35. ThatOneAccount931

    ...Does anyone else here a slight resemblance between certain parts of this song and Taylor Swift's "Eye's Wide Open"? I'm not trying to provoke angry comments or rants, just yes or no responses so I can determine my level of sanity.

  36. basuki94

    I think Its fair to say all of his songs are flawless

  37. Natasha Haram

    I'm obsessed with his music! ♥

  38. jodyannspencer

    We just saw him in concert last night and he is GREAT in person, as good as his album if not better. Very entertaining!!!

  39. Abstract Productions

    out of all the chairs he sits on a drum

  40. cows2hoopfest

    @DirtyFkingDutch it didn't take me that long!!!

  41. Do You Believe In Magic

    How would not love this song

  42. Ebony Hayward

    A lot of artists don't write their own music but Andy does. He wrote most of the songs on his album before he was even signed. He definitely writes his own music!

  43. Brooke Kleinfeld

    this song is about me. the writers theo. the singer is andy grammer. sorry to break it to you, but most singers sing songs other people wrote

  44. braeden larsen

    WTF. I swear it's the same 7 people who keep missing the like button.

  45. Jose Bautista

    If this happens to me I will sing this.

  46. samlovessoccer360

    i think that i've heard this song before...o ya this is the 10th time ive listened to this.

  47. TRGTwoo

    It took me only 0:02 caz i love all his songs :D

  48. Bally Bones

    this song completely reminds me of my ex

  49. Emily Hays

    @DirtyFkingDutch 0:05 seconds :D

  50. Carmelcarm

    GREAT!!! i just fell in love with this

  51. Ebony Hayward

    such an incredible song! <3

  52. TRGTwoo

    one of the suggestions ( andy grammer humble celeb) nope just an awesome one

  53. Limitless Meraki

    he makes my heart melt like a popsicle on the 4th of july!!!!

  54. Garza Donna

    well actually 1 second

  55. Garza Donna

    i am the first one to click like button when was only 2 seconds on the thing

  56. unhobolikeconduct

    this song is awesome!

  57. Ameer Zarzis

    hey people take my poll on my channel if you like football!!!!!

  58. llubu2

    @thejonin567 lolol

  59. raapmexusa

    personally, my favorite :D

  60. frizzy1211

    He deserves much more views than he is currently getting :/

  61. bungholioCORNHOLIO

    anyone works at old navy here? hahaha

  62. gigglebabe96


  63. chaaasok

    444 likes > 4 dislikes
    (/ o v o)/

  64. miffomange

    join spotify now!

  65. S D

    @clevelandcavalier13 I second this! I never knew people who loved Andy Grammer also loved Ben Rector! :D

  66. Sarin Mgr

    This was my favorite song to watch him play live. It was an amazing night<3

  67. Elizabeth Mather

    His music is soo gooddd♥ :D

  68. Felicia Germain

    4 people don't know better.

  69. Felicia Germain

    This guy is literally one of my FAVORITE singers now. i LOVE LOVE LOVE his voice!<3

  70. Harri Brown

    Those 4 people who disliked it , must think its a download button

  71. Rebecca Floyd

    @jennimurs I didn't mean it in a mean way, i love Andy and The Wanted, i never said this was a bad song and i never said the wanted were bad so stop assuming things just from a little comment.

  72. Francisco Aguilera

    @caseybrynnl yeah

  73. caseybrynnl

    4 people should know better than that...

  74. Dana Gleizer

    Stupid people.
    The dislike button is not the download button!

  75. Ally Schiller

    @aryanna1001 theo was the songwriter

  76. Ralph Malph


  77. Carmel

    Okay sooooooo why are you so amazing?

  78. ilikemonkeys


  79. 100PercentMaggi

    I wish there was a karaoke to this...

  80. Brianna Winslow

    Hes soo cute and amazing!<33333333

  81. RockyRdOrange_101

    @celgirl321 I thought ANDY wrote dis song. Who did and did they make anymore songs?

  82. Patti Bee

    Your whole CD is the best! Great debut album!!

  83. RockyRdOrange_101

    He seems like the sweetest guy in the world (even.thou dis song is about leavin)

  84. ana villalobos

    omG i am in love with this song. thank you Andy Grammer for your beautiful music :D

  85. Jordan Clark

    The bass..... omg

  86. camprockfan37

    @MurderIntheMake - The Wanted by who?

  87. MorghanMoore

    He should be 100000000 times bigger than Bieber...

  88. dinosaurz456

    it took me 1 time to listen to andy grammer and know i am in LOVE!!!

  89. Rebecca Floyd

    I love this song, but it sounds alot like The Wanted

  90. Charlotte Ayaz

    1 person just doesn't know better.

  91. Paulin Pagulayan

    This is the ONLY album that I love all songs in!! :D

  92. Jared Grimsley

    I hate buying CDs, but I bought this one immediately. A perfect album.

  93. kellykristina11

    in a year, this guys gonna be at the top of the charts!

  94. Trey Hammy

    i dont really get in to this kind of music but this changes my mind!!!

  95. Shaneika Aguilar

    Reminds me of tarzan music.

  96. allisonnnicole1995

    I met him and saw him in concert he's so amazing can't wait to get your cd in the mail :D