Grammer, Andy - Lunatic Lyrics

I've got five bucks sitting at a coffee shop
I just wrote a lyric that made me stop
Think about the world and what I got
It's a beautiful, beautiful day

I've got dreams for food and hope for drink
A new chance coming every time I blink
Sunset dripping off the thoughts I think
It's a beautiful, beautiful day

And maybe I should care more about safety
But I can't ignore or betray these voices singing

You can do this, you can do this
You are not a lunatic
Crazy would be changing your mind
You can do this, you can do this
You are not a lunatic
Crazy would be leaving it behind

I've got five bucks waiting on a matinee
I love to see films in the middle of the day
Same movie seen a different way
I don't think that makes me crazy

And I start work on the opposite side, of the clock
Tic tock clubs open at nine
I like to rock till the early daylight
Write music till five, this is my life

Maybe I should care more about safety
But I can't ignore or betray these voices singing


I will wiggle in a straight jacket forever
This is not some slight disease we can try and cure
This is one thing in my life that I know for sure
There is no turning back now

And maybe I should care more about safety
But I can't ignore or betray these voices singing


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Grammer, Andy Lunatic Comments
  1. 유지호

    Its my most favorite one of his songs. makes me cheer up!❤️

  2. Lilmissgrace

    17 people are lunatics

  3. Lionpuppyaj

    When I feel like giving up this song helps a lot ;)

  4. Hannah Brown

    I love this dude's music. So calming, it is the only way I can focus on anything recently.

  5. Mateo Perez

    So inspirational. Who agrees?😎

  6. Lilin Girton

    How could anyone possibly dislike this!?

  7. Trash Can

    Nothing like classic Andy! Not that his music stinks now, I love it! It's just his first album is giving me major nostalgia :) I love him so much. He's so charming and too good for this world. And an adorable cinnamon roll. Thank you Andy, for making such wonderful music.

  8. W1nd1sD34d

    I have been having a lot of trouble with my bff... We have been very close friends since the 4th grade and now some stuff has happened and she has completely changed, When I said I didn't like the way she was acting she said I was selfish and thought everyone needed to stay the same and could never change and said that she was just a mistake to me and she should have killed herself a long time ago, It really hurt me. I was very upset and spent a lot of the time crying and feeling bad about myself, this song helped cheer me up a bit.

  9. Elena Wilke

    this song is inspiring!

  10. Mary Grant

    This is a great song for trying to do impossible hw hahah

  11. pacouy

    Top Comments by the same person..... LUNATICS

  12. Alexander Berbey

    @ Andy Grammer
    Can I please have the instrumental because I might sing it for my school.

  13. Julia

    love love love love

  14. Matt Janack

    Andy Grammar really captures the essence of real optimism :]

  15. LAnite430

    Top comment talks about KFC in China. What...? XD

  16. lam simon

    I love you.

  17. Sophia Salazar

    music video Andy!? please?

  18. 432Knight

    This is a great song I get a jazz feeling from it

  19. Alpha Slays

    That red chair is reserved 4 me!

  20. DarkGamer3D

    It's funny, I've been like "Stephen OMG this song is old" *listens to it* O_O LIAR!!!

  21. hi hungry i'm dad

    His voice is awesome! It's not like you can sing any better, so you have no right in saying he has a crappy voice D:-

  22. Brianna Clark

    I love his shoes !!& this song !:)

  23. Suha Z

    love his style .. his lyrics .. his passion .. but his voice its not so good but u just enjoy his songs .. u have to admit it ppl

  24. Lynn Tieu

    Lunatics :D

  25. Sierra Gates

    3 people are lunatics:)

  26. Kenni Conley

    IKR!! lol I didnt expect that either, but our guide took us there one morning and we were all like "Are you serious?? This aint (southern slang, sorry lol) like the KFCs back home!" lol but it was good food. It reminded me of breakfast at McDonald's. And stranger still..they sold really delicious ice cream too! I love China..its so different! lol

  27. Lasto

    KFC for breakfast FTW!

  28. Lissie191

    I met Andy once, he was actually really nice. Then my mom told him to keep at it, that he's actually good at it, and she hugged him. It was kinda awkward. Andy, if u read this, yea that was my mom.

  29. Kenni Conley

    @AlexNecrofeliac A realistic one lol..Most people don't speak 100% proper English. The American English language today is spoken mostly in Ebonics and one really uses correct grammar all that much. People of different languages learn English better if they are immediately introduced to our usual terminology...And..though I don't appreciate you cursing at are correct. I should have said "My friends and I". Thank you for pointing that out. Hope you have a blessed day :)

  30. Willis Family

    Whenever I'm feeling down, I turn this up and lose myself in the lyrics. Makes me feel like I can do anything! Thanks for being so awesome, Andy! You're an amazing artist!!! You are meant to do THIS!!! - a fan from Denver:)

  31. PieLiker

    3 people are lunatic

  32. jacob sack

    You'd be a lunatic not to like this song

  33. TRGTwoo

    Oh look lunatic...... 2 seconds later -presses the like button-

  34. Kristal Garcia

    the person who has this album is LUCKY!

  35. codblopsnoob

    @Ruffianthing kinda. but they're fantastic :)

  36. TRGTwoo

    this man is totally awesome

  37. TRGTwoo

    two words

  38. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith



    I think you mean the GRAMMER awards

  39. TRGTwoo

    I've noticed there is a resemblence in all his songs, anyone else?

  40. TRGTwoo

    oh wait i dumped her that makes me feel better :)

  41. TRGTwoo

    -sigh- i was gonna sing this for my gf but then she dumped me :(

  42. TRGTwoo

    at least 461 out of 464 know what music is :)

  43. Jessica Rose

    I love Andy Grammer! He is so talented (not to mention that he is smokin' H-O-T hot!!!) I bought the whole album on iTunes and I can't stop listening to it! The songs sound so fresh an they are so darn catchy! I would love to come and see him live in my beautiful home of NY! PLEASE COME SOON ANDY!!! -3 -3 -3

  44. Dlehelacopter

    @bubblerific syllable count for the beat

  45. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith

    @TownOfTheToon See....All of the comments on this video so far have been from my five year old brother, I also found out he commented on at least twenty other videos.....

  46. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith

    =) =(whimpers)

  47. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith


  48. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith

    huh? the name if you can..

  49. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith

    me:YES! meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:oh yeah! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  50. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith

    HECK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith

    ooooooooooohhhhh yeah

  52. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith

    yeeeees! what the [bleep]

  53. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith


  54. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith

    andy grammer other songs dang words will follow you.


  55. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith


  56. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith

    oh yeah


  57. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith

    YESSS!!!!!!!!!!! :D :P ;)


  58. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith

    andy grammer is great <3


  59. Kyra Natale

    @imakeithail1 so true

  60. Kalerrz

    I just heard a few of your songs for the first time just now and your amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Anu Sharma

    I had this stuck in my head while I took my mid-terms

  62. FreyadKnot

    Man, I can always feel better about anything if I listen to you. I am so glad I found your music.

  63. Jason Steiner

    99.995% of people like this song. the other .005% are lunatics.

  64. Kuulei

    Oh wait no he doesn't!

  65. Kuulei

    He kinda looks my DARE teacher!!

  66. Kenni Conley

    Ive been in China for the past two weeks teaching English classes..Me and my friends would go to KFC for breakfast every morning and this song came on one day. I had never heard it before but it was in English, so I listened to it. Since then, every time it came on I would mouth the words I could hear and start dancing to it. The people there would laugh but they didnt make fun of me because I was probaly the only black American in the city lol I couldnt wait to find this song when I got home :D

  67. Dave P

    im usually a strictly hip hop guy, like hard stuff. but goddamn andy grammer! one of my favorite artists right now

  68. Rachel Smith

    YAS! Just got his album haven't stopped listening to it for 2days straight!

  69. 12Cmags

    Two retards

  70. valerie

    am i the only one who liked this song as soon as he started singing?

  71. icecubecrip

    @stuntboyz81 now there are two of them haha :D

  72. Zack Ackar

    Fame you download a QR scanner on your smart phone. But most Androids have google goggles, which works fine

  73. Alycia Johnson

    I love the way he says "lunatic" ..(:

  74. Lolo95

    anyone know how to scan the code with your phone?

  75. instantstar2316

    im loving this song!!

  76. hayescraze721

    Hunter Hayes sent me here!! he said this song is very inspirational to him, so of course I had to listen to it. AMAZING song! He's very talented!

  77. E cab

    Daaamn! THIS IS MY JAM! LOL! (;

  78. Haley Johnson

    I just watched him play this in a show in Morehead City, NC...and I literally loved him so much! He is one of the best artists I have ever seen live. He is so upbeat and just so lively. I will definitely see him live again in the future! Amazing show! Love him <3

  79. markustheaters

    im very inclined to go buy his album. time to go do that now

  80. Michelle

    can he get ANY better? i dont think so... wait i mean yes he can but hes too amazing now and aaahhhh cant even think right ;D <3

  81. Bekah Armstrong

    What I love about Andy: That I can sing his songs in front of my parents and they don't yell at me (: His voice (: That none of his songs suck (: I LOVE YOU!

  82. Shawn Durrant

    I love how he doesn't write perverted songs. That is one of the reasons why Andy Grammer is my favorite singer! :)

  83. ToastyNinjas96

    @RandomPlasma83 i nknow he must b lunatic

  84. jmayoucantseeme

    FINALLY... a music artist who's music actually makes sense, has meaning, and people can relate to.<3

  85. Ashley Patel

    Me: See Mom, He said that I'm not a Lunatic! HA!
    Mom: Psh...Yeah right...(comes in room and looks at computer screen)

    hahaha!!! :D

  86. Maura Blake

    cannot get this out of my head!!

  87. FaulTea Leaves

    who the hell accidentally pushed the dislike button???

  88. Angeleena .Joseph

    someone had a spazzam and accidently pressed the dislike button

  89. ToastyNinjas96

    o someone pressed the dislike bar hes probly depressed

  90. footballfreak936

    haha i love it how i can sing along!

  91. vivalaitalia413

    this is pure genius.

  92. BombshellBabe

    I can hear this song a zillion times. I love Andy Grammer! :-)

  93. WritingWillow

    @NIghtRider805 thanks. That means a lot =)

  94. con nor

    I can't help but be happy when I listen to his music (:

  95. con nor

    I can't help but be ha[[y when I listen to any of his music (:

  96. Teresa

    Omg, his voice at 1:47 when he says "foreveerr" and "cure" just makes me melt !
    Why are you so amazing andyy????

  97. Joaquin Gonzalez

    @anotherwideeyedgirl How; elaborate?