Grammer, Andy - Love Love Love (Let You Go) Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
It's like
I've been feeling like a helium balloon
You know I'm always on the rise
Or is this love, love, love, love, love?
Dead winter but it feels like June
With a smile I can't hide
Is this love, love, love, love, love?

No defenses I'm too deep for common sense
Well it's love, love, love, love, love
Oh my I'm so delighted; I don't try to even fight it
I think you should know that I will never let you go

Oh I won't, I won't let you go
I won't let you go
Oh I won't, I won't let you go
I won't let you go
Say I won't let you go now

[Verse 2:]
I've been feeling like you're swimming through my hair
You know you're always on my mind
Is this love, love, love, love, love?
Dead broke 'feelin like a millionaire
With a twinkle in my eye
Is this love, love, love, love, love?

No defenses I'm too deep for common sense
Well it's love, love, love, love, love
Oh my so delighted; don't try to even fight it
I think you should know, that I will never let you go


I've been sleeping on a cloud called number nine
Walking on the air and staring at the sky
I can't remember ever feeling so alive
It's like you brought me back to life
Well you turned on all the lights, somehow

It's Like Ooh-whee
No defenses I'm too deep for common sense
Well it's love, love, love, love, love

[Chorus x2]

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Grammer, Andy Love Love Love (Let You Go) Comments
  1. Willian Tobar

    Comenta si aún escuchas esta música hermosa

  2. M. I.

    Stayblessing! Love ya 🎶 Steve

  3. M. I.

    Stayblessing! Love ya 🎶

  4. Asha Dillon

    look it up

  5. Bob Honda civic

    i found the 7th crystal gem...

  6. Dev

    Would've never heard this if it wasn't for Red Lobster

    that onenatural girl

    So Far Gone Would have never listened to this song if it wasn't for Macy's

    Michael Rucks

    So Far Gone I heard it at a JC Penny's

    victoria a.

    Dev wouldn’t have listened to it if it wasn’t for walmart

  7. Dennis McGillard

    ▕╮╭┻┻╮╭┻┻╮╭▕╮ ╲

  8. Bellakneiser

    Oh my 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  9. Mr.Tarzan's Top Ten

    I like this song and it's beats!

  10. Des Abayari

    He got Jason Mraz' Style but his voice is like Patrick Monahan's. He's cool though. :)

  11. Jan Michael Tabanao

    Chip n' Dip.

  12. Lorismar Cuicas

    love love love him!!!!! ( andy grammer!) muak!! he´s so cute!!! bechitossss!!! totally in love!!! ;*

  13. Mathew Bugaoan


  14. MAOS

    Best idea ever xD

  15. Mmmmaria

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!!! he's just... amazing

  16. jessi martinez

    i love andy grammer he's soo amazing!!!!!!!!!

  17. Latricia Conner-Trim


  18. moo_

    parts of it sounds like a more upbeat john mayer :)

  19. CC LG

    I think that would be bad... coz my ears would have an uncontrollable eargasm

  20. Blakewor

    and B.Reith!!!!!!!! I'd prolly explode.

  21. Sydney A.

    I Lo♥e,Lo♥e,Lo♥e You Andy Grammer!!!!

  22. Grandma Shots

    I love him so much haha he has such a amazing talent so AWESOME iv'e seen him in concert 4 times and met him 2 times such a chill Guy :D

  23. Lily Beall

    i is so a gramma freak
    see that yes woo me, sorry i had to

  24. engrish2006

    Let's just say that I work in a district that has less Gaps than Texas does. ;)

  25. Natalie HD

    Everyone's like I love love love this song but I'm in love love love with this song and every andy grammer song AND ANDY GRAMMER I LOVE&LIVE ANDY GRAMMER

  26. Joe Scott

    Which Gap do you work at?

  27. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith

    That's alright. I'm 14(: I get it.

  28. Katherine Hull

    Lol yes x) im A Bad Speller :) im Only 15 xD

  29. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith


  30. Katherine Hull

    Give me Enof likes and I'll do a cover :} Try at least :D

  31. Lyla0701

    I basically love this entire album

  32. bangelly03

    I won't, I won't ever dislike this song!!!!

  33. Madeline Elise

    im in love love love with this song!

  34. engrish2006

    I work at Gap, and I hear this song all the time, lol.

  35. Arias Juanita

    OMG I feel like a fool haha sorry i Just got what you meant -___-
    *FAIL lmao sorry

  36. Arias Juanita

    *I'm *Grammar
    l.o.l I'll help you out :)

  37. Joe Scott

    Been hearing this song for months at the Gap couldn't figure out who it was, I finally googled the lyrics and found out. Such a good song.

  38. annie

    Andy Grammer fever. <3

  39. FeathersHeather

    No actually im thinking about food.....

  40. NIghtRider805

    then sarah is lucky :D

  41. Joanne Rose

    7 people read the dislike button wrong. "Dis I Like" :P

  42. James Foster

    Dude same hahaha

  43. Jackylin Blue

    I love love love this song so much!! <3
    Greets from Germany :)

  44. Sunny Walker

    yeah her name is sarah <3

  45. Firepants20

    Damn attention horse, and yes I removed the W on purpose. It's called self censorship , because I respect the younger generation and their innocence. Hahaha

  46. cows2hoopfest

    Yes there was one person on my mind the whole time :)

  47. braeden larsen

    7 people missed the like button.

  48. Henry Yu

    @KayJayM14 i am surprised to say that... i did not think of one person while I was listening to this song..... very catchy though especially 2:20.... very awesome.

  49. TRGTwoo

    @ComedyQueenma wow the best idea i've heard since........ well this is the first good idea i've heard :D

  50. Ofthesol

    Andy Grammer and Jason Mraz should collab <33

  51. TRGTwoo

    2:22 i just skipped a heart beat

  52. Hibak

    i think of all the people i crushed on the past

  53. ch1cky27

    Is it maybe "she is love" by parachute?

  54. Sara Caph

    Awwww...¿Alguien que lo traduzca al español? :c

  55. TRGTwoo

    and might help if i wasnt so shy >.<

  56. TRGTwoo

    only if i could remember all his songs + lyrics i would sing it to my school

  57. Limitless Meraki

    @KayJayM14 yeah Andy Grammer

  58. AlexIsACanadian

    @cutiebaby136 It could be Love Love Love by Avalanche City. Either way, that is also a great song!

  59. Yvette Sandoval

    there is a song i am finding! all i know is that it repeats love and its a man that sings it! it goes alittle like this!! is it love love love love! someone please help me!! i hear it all the time at stores but i dont know what it is called

  60. John Pham


  61. WerefoxLady

    ohhh damned this song is just...... GREAT!!
    i can't stop listening to it <333

  62. Mirisa Schwalbe

    anyone willing to give me their tickets to the varsity theater so i can see him live? please!?

  63. Ashley

    Aside from the soul, warmth, and catchiness in his music, Andy seems like a down-to-earth, genuine guy. I won't pass up a chance to say hi and make convo with him after a show.

  64. Pracilla Ayers

    So my best guy friend just told me this is how he feels about me <3

  65. Enraged Bobross

    so true kay jay

  66. peroperopero69

    the new james blunt. the more popular version.. all his songs on this album.. "every song " is brilliant ;)

  67. Enraged Bobross

    well im glad we need music like this to be all around the place in our society today nice clean music :D most songs today are about bad things that kids today are doing so andy is good enflucence

  68. Nicole M


  69. Tropicalyoptimal

    he kind of reminds me of 2am club

  70. nickij12

    andy grammer makes real music. its always happy and cheerful. im glad that he is out there to make these songs that arent inappropiate and stupid. just makes my day listening to his music, so amazing :)

  71. Benedicta Gisela

    maaann....the scan code is brilliant!!

  72. TheFreshSolution

    @magnuschr ahaha good one :)

  73. Zénab B

    I Love It *w*!

  74. Nathan Chang

    damn... good good music

  75. Krissi Furr

    i work at Rue 21 and i'm always dancing around when they play this song!

  76. Nancy

    Do my eyes decive me?? Is that really FOUR dislikes. Ha, they must've hit the dislike by ACCIDENT!! They better have hit it on accident or I'll hunt them down and make them press the like button!!! :)

  77. PrinceCrismat M

    0:00 - 3:42 Definitely my favorite part!

  78. maurepasgirl

    I love this songg!!...everytime i go shopping at Rue 21 this song is playing.... <3

  79. Natalie T

    Comments about dislikes are silly, just stick to the incredible sound of andy por favor.

  80. Natalie T

    Micahel Franti and him should do a duet.

  81. Ashley Patel

    and now 4 people! Gosh, these people have not heard good music! They are tooo lame for love!

  82. Ashley Patel

    my feet smell...oh well....he'll still love them! <3:)

  83. Bellaisle

    love love love him

  84. Angeleena .Joseph

    4 people let love go

  85. EatMyOREO5

    @PWNBYGEMINI No, it's Andy Grammer.


    Adam Levine v.2 yes yes? :OOOOOOOOOOO

  87. DaPoorWhiteKid

    @MattRatt2218 So. I clicked on it, and was as well disappointed.

  88. lexi vasquez

    ohhhh i get it!

  89. lexi vasquez

    oooh:) catchy song.i like it!

  90. footballfreak936

    i wont let this song go!! tee hee hee(:

  91. flylikeabeetv

    three people are LONERS that dont know what love feels like

  92. Kaylyn Joy

    i have yet to find a song that i dont like by him.

  93. Alex DeLarge

    This song is definitely not my style, but dammit.. It's really catchy..