Grammer, Andy - Build Me A Girl Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I was merely a soul getting ready to go
Having one last talk with my maker
He said you're going to earth for better or worse
We'll see you back here sooner or later

So I said to him, as I spread my wings
Would you do one thing for me

Would you build me a girl from all over the world
I promise I'll always adore you
Made in Japan, with the style of Milan, and a smile from California
Brazilian walk, a head from New York, and pretty Parisian curls
Build me a girl
Build me a girl

[Verse 2:]
Well the days went by
Wondering why, why it was I hadn't found her
I was staring at eyes
Smiling at smiles
Still I was none the wiser

And you know I don't
Don't mean to impose
But I thought we had a deal


So calling all women who fit this description
If I'm what you're missing
Then please just listen to the wind
The clouds they're all screaming out, they're trying to bring you to me
So do not shut them out
Because there is a lady who is made for me
Yes, there is a lady who has been made for me

[Chorus x2]

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Grammer, Andy Build Me A Girl Comments
  1. Rita Marja-Helena

    Love the lyrics! And the rest of this song too...

  2. Kluge Tide

    Great for waking up and sleeping

  3. Zham Mi

    2018 🙌🙌🙌

  4. Isabel Kloberdanz

    I want someone to build me a girl😩
    made in the Philippines please lol

  5. JULIE Ann Mowforth

    Builds your self and they will come love your believe and believe ;believe will come beautiful song thanks x

  6. Cal

    Someone else thought it was gay from the lyric's colors? Clickbait lol


    Can you build me a man from all over the world? A man who would be there for me? Build me a man, build me a man.

  8. Rachel is petty

    I can't wait until I'm older and find the guy that's made for me❤️

  9. Zac Roland

    thank you for this video

  10. polosport2235

    Keep your head is a great song

  11. KeizerPaPa

    Elizabeth? EliselsHere? Hi I'm the Andy. I thought it was about the same thing, I think.

  12. Vika Cherneta

    would u build me a new grandma XC life is sad #storyofmylifeXC

    Cristan Kelly

    +Vika Postaychuk yo i feel ya i cried when she you know left us

  13. Breazi White

    Is this based on a true story?

  14. little miss

    my house

  15. Haseeba Haseeba

    Anyone want to tell me how this video is not copyright???????

    Doctour Two skull

    +Hasiba Math because the name of the song is in the title, plus she gives a link to the song in the description

  16. EliseIsHere

    40k SERIOUSLY? I never thought i would get this many.

    Rukey Burg

    EliseIsHere Came here because it wasn't anymore on Spotify strange enough.. And, in case youtube is a solution to almost anything, I came here. So here is my reason, don't know about all the other 440K 🤔😶

    Kyle Danzi

    lol now its 344K xD

  17. EliseIsHere

    Elizabeth I cant reply to your comment directly but I don't think it is about them. It's just a song about a man who asks God to create his dream girl in return for worship.

    Pam Scott

    +EliseIsHere you need to do holding out by andy grammer
    with whatever lyric u want


    soooo Adam and eve...


    soooo Adam and eve...

  18. elizabeth covell

    I have a question is this about adam and eve or not

    Brandon Williams

    +elizabeth covell You could interpret it that way. I see how you think that and listening to the song again I can hear it. It's just a matter of how you interpret it. I think he interpreted it a different way but your interpretation is not wrong.

  19. Matt Austin

    Is this song partially rasist?


    @Matt Austin to be honest I don't think it is because he states the positive appearances of different cultures. Its all a matter of opinion

    Pam Scott

    +Matt Austin no he's picky. he isnt rasict

    Ana Sofia Mendes Nunes

    +Matt Austin no, just a guy that knows what he likes

    Doctour Two skull

    +Matt Austin like how most white girls prefer black guys, its not racist its just preference (And that wasnt sexist becus i said most)

    jyeb bye

    +Matt Austin To be honest I don't think it is because he is just sayin what he wants like for example would you want a women that is black and 456 pounds?

  20. Queen Psychopath

    For once there are no haters and I'm happy about too

  21. Travis Mclarin

    go big or go home by american authors


    @Travis Mclarin I have just uploaded a American Authors video. I like to vary my artist and post a few more different ones. i will let you know whe i start and repeating artists :) if you have any other requests i will be happy to do it.

  22. Vena johnson

    the song luck by American Aouthors


    Thanks for the request. Starting now 


    @Vena johnson hey, so my editor is playing up so i have to keep starting it from the begining and also because of my exams i am only half way editing. Dont worry it will be made :) its just a slow process.


    I dont know if you noticed but ive finally posted it. Sorry if its not up to standards but i did the best i could .

  23. EliseIsHere

    Hey guys! If you have any songs you would like me to make a lyric video to just comment here :)

    annabella petersen

    EliseIsHere aj Mitchell- used to be

  24. Candace Taylor

    Song is so catchy! Love it 3


    IKR! it was one of my first. i made it before invisible but ended up posting it after it xD

  25. Vena johnson

    nice job


    Hah :) thanks