Grammer, Andy - Biggest Man In Los Angeles Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I got my start on the street
With the monkey next to me he'll
Shake your hand for a dollar,
If you're nice kiss your cheek
To my left I can see
Chinese flipping bowls on their heads from their feet
Strolling on the scene
Are my arch-enemies
Break-dancers take your crowd, your girl, your money
Balloon man's telling me to turn down please
And the psychic agrees
I begin to see that

Oh I'm home, I'm right where I belong
And there's no where else that I'd rather be

Because those moments on the street
When the crowd would rock with me
I felt like the biggest man, the biggest man in Los Angeles
You see all I really need
Are some ears to hear me dream
I feel like the biggest man, the biggest man in Los Angeles
Standing on the street, yeah
Just standing on the street

[Verse 2:]
Trombone cuts deep through the crowd doing Motown moves
With his hat tucked down
A belly dancer passes the tip jar around
And the men are confused, slightly aroused
Muslims, Christians preaching, wishing
I would shut up so the people could listen
Supposed to cut through all this noise
With my little voice, I begin to see that

Oh I'm home, I'm right where I belong
And there's no where else that I'd rather be


And the day goes dark
I pack my car
Stare out at the ocean
Take some time
A quiet smile
Let it all just soak in

Cause those moments on the street
When the crowd would rock with me
I felt like the biggest man, the biggest man in Los Angeles
You see all I really need
For my life to feel complete
Are some ears to hear me dream, some ears to hear dream
Those moments on the street
When the crowd would rock with me
I felt like the biggest man, the biggest man in Los Angeles
All I really need
Are some ears to hear me dream
I feel like the biggest man, the biggest man in Los Angeles
Standing on the street
Just standing on the street
Just standing on the street
Just standing on the street

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Grammer, Andy Biggest Man In Los Angeles Comments
  1. Minnie Okazaki

    anyone else here in 2020?

  2. Kaleb Gardner

    2:40 is my favorite part

    Ashlynn Skrabak

    Blu Goomba yes

    Revan Reggi Jr.

    Thats why he did this part :3

  3. Mrs Clifford

    im going to his concert!!! hes comeing to my state fair !!!

    jc cinnabunn

    Mrs Clifford
    what wich state fair?because he's coming to the fair where I live too!

    Mrs Clifford

    Kansas state fair! It was really fun , Rachel platten opened for him!

    jc cinnabunn

    Mrs Clifford
    aw I'm going Arizona state fair and he's gonna be there !:)

  4. emily newton

    lol now I'm saying Los Ange-lees instead of Los Ange-lus. I have been listening to this song to much. :)

  5. Amy Goodall

    I started to listen to his music when I was traveling through America last year and would go a drive without hearing honey I'm good. his music is amazing just wish he was bigger in England

  6. MinecraftCreeper



    MinecraftCreeper Wow nice

  7. Mr. Weaksauce

    your music is great man

  8. O. gwap

    This album is so humble

    A Normal Polandball

    I first read this as horrible

  9. Nigil Montgomery

    my fav song

  10. larry alegre

    His songs are very uplifting and just puts you in a good mood.

    Isaiah V

    Yes they do

    Mateo Perez

    Same man. Shoutout to you and Andy

  11. Dizzy Boy

    i am the biggest man in log angeles .  .

    Bensen Airlines

    do you even live there

  12. mchras

    Oh my god I love him

  13. Elixir5612

    pure bloody genius

  14. Carmen Herrera

    andy grammer is one of those people who makes music beautiful in any way! he knows how to express it in the positve feelings that he gives in his songs!!! andy grammer is my inspration and everyone else need to listen to him hell change you an make your life so much better through his music :) i love youuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your my life ahhhhhhhhhhh lol not in a creepy way <3

  15. christan cunningham


  16. FiiiRST

  17. Andrew Kulasegram

    No, see i thought the same way you did when i first read it, but he/she actually meant that there are a lot of unhappy people and it doesn't matter if you're "emo, goth, scene, girly,poor,black,white... anyone should listen to his songs." The person, wasn't saying that those people are unhappy, just saying no matter who you are if you're feeling down his songs can make u feel better. I hope this clarified the situation, because i know that person didn't want to offend anyone.

  18. Door Bane

    wow i dont know why but you made my day!

  19. Sophia Salazar

    just got the album! soooooooo good!

  20. riot1man

    One day, i dream of being the "Biggest Man In Los Angeles", but it's "Fine By Me" if I am not right now. "Stepping Stones" can get me there, but I rather be a "Lunatic" than to use those. Now, if you excuse me, I need to fit my ipod in "The Pocket" of my shorts so that i can listen to more of Andy Grammer;s song.

    Kaleb Gardner

    riot1man Well played

    Sly Bee


  21. Laurel Thompson

    "muslims, christians, preachin wishin I would shut up so the people could listen." come on people, this is clever, not racist

  22. ninaa8123

    Since when are the people you listed "unhappy people?"

  23. c0ldblue

    6 people are breakdancers.

  24. Madison Lewis

    6 are the smallest men in Los Angeles.

  25. xRorikinsx

    So was he at third street promenade or..because I definitely know half of what he's talking about can be found there.

  26. 12Cmags

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  27. Brittny Kenner

    My father is officially obsessed with this song.

  28. Allyson Nguyen

    free replay buttons: 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00

  29. Allyson Nguyen

    This is such an amazing song<3

  30. Abu S

    I like it!

  31. the heart of a tortuga

    love that! :D

  32. TJGraham921

    It is a cruel reality, working one job to another and being in the situation of a hopeful artist, but he lives life to the fullest and realizes how lucky he is to be doing what he loves. He came to my college and performed and I could not wipe the smile off of my face the entire time he was on stage. What an INCREDIBLE performer!

  33. Amicakaj

    i forgot how to actually say Los Angeles...

  34. braeden larsen

    6 people are dead to me.

  35. TRGTwoo

    i have to say this is awesome

  36. Franky Fitzgerald A.K.A St. Peter

    why are his lyrics so deep and always have a positive message he deserves so much more why is he not huge yet :)

  37. samlovessoccer360

    and grammer. Wow he has the most beutiful voice. It is nearly imposible for him to write a bad song. I would love to be him he is my idle ! I mean take a second and just listen. and then i bet you would just say wow. I think he IS THE biggest man in los angeles. For sure.

  38. jacob sack

    @epicbananas101 I learned of him the same way! Haha

  39. TRGTwoo

    I would feel like the biggest man of los angeles every day, that is if i lived there

  40. Megan

    I first heard of Andy when I heard his song 'Keep Your Head Up' and then I started listening to 'Fine By Me' and now all of these songs pop up! I've been on YouTube for at least an hour or more listening to him over and over again. All of his songs have this uplifting tune and makes me happy inside. I love you Andy. ♥

    Ashlynn Skrabak

    Megan Xx that's exactly how I feel about his .music it's so true I just listen to him for hours because he's so good ughhhh

  41. Hannah J

    I love Andy Grammar, I have recently have like the biggest change in my life that has nothing has to do with this song , yet it let's me forget about it for 3 minutes and 56 seconds. Thanks Andy(:

  42. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith

    andy grammer is great i like him. my sister is playing it right now.

  43. Mary Catherine Dymphna Smith

    I love him it's great music to hear it's's to your ears!

  44. Shannel Askew

    I love him!! He's so talented :)

  45. TRGTwoo

    Hmmmmm @hobbler3 oh and dont forget the five person the trobone guy/girl

  46. TRGTwoo

    Yeah, wait how does this have less views than Lunatic?!

  47. Ware Sisters

    This song makes me wanna rock from side to side on the street ahahah love you mr grammer!

  48. Rerte10

    I "Love Love Love" Andy Grammer's songs, including the "Slow" ones and the fast ones. "You Should Know Better" than to dislike any of his songs, but i guess it's "Fine By Me" if you do. You can call me a "Lunatic" but I've learned to "Keep My Head Up". Ummmm......can't think of anything i'm done now. :D

  49. mikaela burton

    I wish the world was a better place D: all these unhappy people.. emo, goth, scene, girly,poor,black,white... anyone should listen to his songss... i feel like his songs could change people lol idk why but it just has that effect on me :) i love him!!

  50. joseph lopez


  51. reina

    Okay I just have to say bse(best song ever)
    This man is awesome!

  52. Kalerrz

    Who doesnt love this song? I mean, really?

  53. Crewisboss

    yeah, i got a man crush

  54. Jetliboi101

    He is friends with the candy man

  55. crazeekiwi1

    all his songs make me happy :) They deserve more views than they currently have

  56. Sheldon851

    I'm still trying to figure out how all of his songs don't have 10,000,000 views each. He's TOO talented

  57. WhyElloDereVlogs

    @fame122095 you can only do it if you have a smart phone

  58. Garribean2341

    @fame122095 Barcode App.

  59. Kennedy Hughes

    He's super funny live. I love him. <3

  60. raapmexusa

    i love how his music sounds so positive, it makes me happy :)

  61. Hadeel Elzubeidi

    Love his songs! <3

  62. Lolo95

    anyone know how to scan the code with your phone?

  63. Luisa R

    I loveeee Andy Grammer! Can't wait to see him in concert on Feb 10! :D

    sean Mclogulin

    How was his concert?

  64. lee rubino

    ANDY GRAMMER is my fav singer hes music is so great i love listing 2 hes songs it puts a big smile on my face every day and i wanted 2 say keep up the good work i think your the best singer so far that i ever herd your music makes my day everyday

  65. Carly Gray

    I just got to meet him yesturday at that Mistle Toe Mixer he played at :D He's amazing.

  66. Amelia 'Lucy

    And lyrics my eyes!

  67. deejmusicwall

    can't stop listening to this...

  68. Connor Zaeske

    ok, you dont want to stop reading this at all, DONT STOP! If you have a heart, post LOOK UP ANDY GRAMMER! to atleast 11 videos. YOU ARE TOO LATE TO TURN BACK AND ITS A GOOD THING! If you do this within the next 143 minutes, and if you do, you will press nothing, and you will see this great musician, and great man have a smile on his face, and a feeling in your heart and his.

  69. Nancy

    How could someone hate his music? How could someone hate his voice? Those eyes and that smile are the death of me! How could someone hate them??
    Will there ever be answer to those questions???
    The answer to THAT question is of course, no, people's heads are messed up.... *sigh*

  70. Andrea Renia

    i love this song :)

  71. amanderpanderz

    His music may be going mainstream, but I could never get sick of hearing it over and over again.

  72. RockyRdOrange_101

    I love dis song but y must everywhere i go someone talks trash about justin beiber. U dont like him. So what who cares just freaking talk about

  73. MrPoopy

    this song sounds like the music they play after a happy ending in a movie

  74. AtHome

    this is amazing. i am in love <3

  75. andrewatmmccarthy

    how could you possibly give this a thumbs down

  76. Kaylyn Joy

    that would be so amazing if he just went out to the street with his guitar and his voice and performed for whoever passed by .... i would stand there all day ..... why cant famous singers be ones who are on the street and actually sound good like him? not crappy singers like justin beiber who are just lights and skinny jeans.... but the ones who just sing for whoever is listening .... yeah... that would be nice

  77. parkitt130



  78. Prianka Shah

    @havinfungirl its like 5$ :)

  79. Anne Rocha

    where can i buy the album?

  80. Kaitlin Kase

    at 1:00 it sounds like an owl city song. :) love thisss. best friend showed it to me <3

  81. Amicakaj

    i was the tenth person to click incredible

  82. Amicakaj

    I begin to see, that ohohoh i'm home, i'm right where i belong!

  83. mishka616

    ... all i really need are some ears to hear me dream <3

  84. Gaia Saitta


  85. Jackie Gil

    I'm jealous of all those people who watched him preform on the street :(

  86. jbcaparaz

    I love his CD. It made me Keep my head up most definitely

  87. Conner Wyatt

    3 dislikes! thats shows how great this guy is! None of the autotuned crap!

  88. adededelina

    Thank God for artists like him :)

  89. Hailey

    I loooove how he says Los Angeles!!!♥♥♥

  90. Brad Miller

    @bellbrookhockey44 it*

  91. Brad Miller

    @csahryl25 this would have been perfect comment, but the LOL kind of ruined, just some advice ;)

  92. Guano452

    @gabetheman16 I found them out! For the Chorus, its (Capo on 5th fret): G,C,Am, C. I can't remember the rest though, but some dude did do a tutorial on it on here, so i would check it out, thats how learned this song! Its fun playing and singing this song on the guitar! (:

  93. EthanMcCray

    Love his music...and I would like to know who disliked this???

  94. Lexi Lynn

    love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  95. MorghanMoore

    All his music makes me like literally just break out dancing or have the biggest smile on my face. <3