Grace Potter And The Nocturnals - Timekeeper Lyrics

Time Keeper
I can't believe how long it's been
Time Keeper
I wish I could start over again
I'm too young
To be feeling this way
Yeah I'm wasted as I lie awake
There goes another day

Woah, Time keeper
Please wont you slow it down tonight
Time keeper
The day days are tolling by
Time keeper
Tell me I'm gonna be, alright

Time Keeper
I thought I'd have it right by now
Time Keeper
Everythings still spinning out
I'm undone

Breaking out of the cage
But before the beast can get away
There goes another day

Woah, Time keeper
Please wont you slow it down tonight
Time Keeper
The days are rolling by
Time Keeper
Tell me I'm gonna be, alright


So choke the dawn and damn the daylight
Time is just an invisible line
Time Keeper
I'm hoping you hear me, tonight

Oh Time Keeper
Please wont you slow it down tonight
Time Keeper
The days are rolling by
Time Keeper
Tell me I'm gonna be, alright

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Grace Potter And The Nocturnals Timekeeper Comments
  1. Cherlyn Burleson BlackBird

    Heartkeeper, time has been told, and its up. Moving on.

  2. joão severino

    Dear Grace. I love your voice and you are very beautiful. Kiss from Portugal.

  3. Jim Jimmy

    She is amazing. Of all her song, STARS is my favorite and its easy to connect.

  4. Anna-Laura Hocker

    She is truly amazing. Amazing Grace!

  5. Annie Marie

    August 22nd 2019.. Still here💙

  6. Tracy G

    New to me I like it

  7. web surfer

    sing it girl....good gawd

  8. Mac Stands

    Another Xllnt song . My goodness this young lady can flat out sing!

  9. Douglas Holt

    Amazing artist !!

  10. Ian Kerr

    So fucking great

  11. Ian Kerr

    So great

  12. Bryan Gaydon

    Thank u for finding me my life is pretty much on the line.grace i sing with u one day im prying for u from kry.i love u and i love u all mcb

  13. Robert Reichard

    Beautiful voice! This song never gets old to me

  14. Ria Davis

    👄TY Grace Potter 4 all the great 🎶🖤🎶 but especially the stars ✨ song as it mirrors my experience with the last conversation & moment I had with my son Bobby who passed 18 yrs ago today💔
    Ria in gratitude~*

  15. Sarah Rhue

    I so badly wish this version was available for download!!

  16. Leester

    @1:09 proof that she is performing this live, not lip-syncing to a track. Fuh-nominal

  17. Military Veteran

    Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
    I can't believe how long it's been
    I wish I could start over again
    I'm too young to be feeling this way
    Yeah I'm wasted as I lie awake
    There goes another day
    Whoa, timekeeper
    Please won't you slow it down tonight
    Timekeeper, the days are rolling by,
    Timekeeper, tell me I'm going to be alright
    I thought I'd have it right by now
    Everything's still spinning out
    I'm undone, breaking out of the caves
    But before the beast can get away
    There goes another day
    Whoa, timekeeper
    Please won't you slow it down tonight
    Timekeeper, the days are rolling by,
    Timekeeper, tell me I'm going to be alright
    So choke the dawn and damn the daylight
    Time is just an invisible light
    I'm hoping you hear me tonight
    Oh, timekeeper
    Please won't you slow it down tonight
    Timekeeper, the days are rolling by
    Timekeeper, tell me I'm gonna be alright
    Songwriters: Grace Potter
    Timekeeper lyrics © Walt Disney Music Company

  18. Dorothy Taylor

    talented and beautiful

  19. Janna Smith

    I wish I could like this song the billions of times it deserves

  20. Denise Smith

    beautiful voice

  21. Dylan Dembrow

    Literally my favorite artist ever!

  22. Marianne Carlson

    Incredible voice , love the song , a little bit too much on the "Country" sound for me . Adore the piano version !!!

  23. Victor Barbosa

    Your music is so full of energy and meaning! It's alive! You're awesome!!!

  24. Jobs Burleson Tx

    What a voice. I love Grace Potter. She is still one of if not THE sexiest women EVER.. Wow!

  25. adam lima

    Realy a Great talent, but, the people can't see it. This video need much more views.

  26. GlowingAprilSky

    'Timekeeper, I thought i'd have it right by now...' :(

  27. theoriginal68niou1

    God, this song has so much meaning for me.

    Mark Cox

    me too. Separation sucks.

  28. baby doll

    This is my motivation to go on everyday.  Thank you so much.

  29. Fernando Rueda

    Oh my god. I felt this way for an entire year in seventh grade. I couldn't stop thinking of how much time I had left before I died. I couldn't stop thinking of what would happen after. Of how much time I was wasting just thinking about it. It was only when I realized that you have to enjoy life while you can did I stop thinking about it so much. This song is a masterpiece. Thank you.

  30. Ryan

    Reminds me of time by pink Floyd

  31. Isabel Hung

    Where can I get the chords?


    +Isabel Hung

  32. Red Brown

    Does anyone feel the Nina Simone touch to the piano "I put a spell on you". She is amazing!

  33. MWSilencer

    She reaches right into where your soul resides, oh my.

  34. Dawn King

    Grace, you and your band rock! I tried to describe your music to someone...a bit of 60's rock, a little blues, a hint of country, and a hell of a lotta soul! Love you guys!

  35. Lindsey Morrison

    This song...  is how I feel...everyday.    wow, thank you Grace.    <3   I get it.     being an addict.....days rush by...and ..... now I look and its been 10 years.      :(       thank you for this song

    Nolan Pierce

    Lindsey, I was touched by your comment,I too have a daily struggle, and time just flies by. This song touches me and I listen to it while I ask the Lord(The Timekeeper) to tell what I can do to make everything better.
    I think that I'll listen to it every time I need some inspiration.
    Bless you in your journey, and I hope you find some peace and a new energy for living!

  36. Roger Diotte

    Wow, was just taken to a neat zone amidst your song... I just slipped through a Crack...

  37. Patrick Pierre, Jr.

    Love this song... Can't get out my head.

  38. John Michael Cipollina

    Been looking everywhere for the chords to this beautiful song

  39. someamorplease

    She is so talented, why doesn't every body know her name?


    She really is! There's no females with rocky voices like her in the charts right now, wish someone would see that and put her out there

    Linda Poole

    Grace Potter and the Nocturnals have played concerts in Australia and probably other places in the world. I saw her two years ago, so I think she has a good following.

    Military Veteran

    I AM SO GLAD that i decided one night to stay up and watch the ENTIRE Jay Leno Show (when he used to Host The Tonight Show over there in Burbank, CA), let me tell ya' girl: Grace Potter came on and sang AN AWESOME SONG ("Stars")! I had NEVER heard of her before either, But when i heard that song, those lyrics AND HER VOICE, i was like, YES, FINALLY a REAL GAL WITH REAL TALENTS! :-) :-)
    I am NOW HOOKED on pretty much the Majority of her AWESOME SONGS! I LOVE HER VOICE AND HER SONGS! MY FAV.'s ARE for sure, "TimeKeeper", "Stars", "Medicine", "The Lion The Beast The Beat", "Paris, Ooh La La" And "Apologies"! :-) :-)

    Ava Gail

    someamorplease ik

    Thystan Herder

    I only know her because of Jannel Garcia's audition (paris)

  40. Ivan Lonechild

    Grace Potter is a future great. Awesome singer and very beautiful.

  41. breffnipark

    Grace is a very talented and beautiful woman  !!

  42. montbob100

    Did she write this?Fantastic.

    Grace Law

    Of course she did :) she writes or cowrites all their music.

  43. La Mona The Soulful™

    *☆☆☆ her voice☆☆☆*
    *is phantastic*

    La Mona The Soulful™

    ;)*** @Nina martins


    Get out

  44. CgSixYearsOld

    All she needs is a piano and her beautiful voice. Lovely!

  45. Allison Miller

    Totally thinking about Doctor Who.

  46. 3dukey

    1 cool band...period..y kinda peeps

  47. Barry Kaye

    Awe inspiring.

  48. Vicki Ribeiro

    No puedo creer que este video no tenga más de un millón de reproducciones, hay tantas boludeses con likes y lo que en verdad se merece ser conocido son canciones como estas. Y cantantes tan talentosas como ellas.

  49. Martin ChipChop

    maybe one of the best songs, if not the best in my opinion from grace, and so underrated..

  50. angela westbrooks

    Nice song.

  51. elaine stuehler

    Grace ever amazing

  52. saulo giordani

    em fim, achei um brasileiro que escute grace potter

  53. bronxchica777


  54. Krazycrits

    jhazzie jazz brought me here love you babe hugs and kisses

  55. Eric Sleith

    Such a passionate - existential song!

  56. Niki Moua

    I love this song! It's full of energy, has a jumpy tone, and so very deep.

  57. Jamie McCannDoit

    i love you

  58. breffnipark

    Outstanding !!

  59. James Biederman

    Susan Tedeschi also

    Paul VanSteenis

    Susan Tedeschi is amazing. Tedeschi Trucks is rediculous with how awesome everything they do is. They just covered the whole Clapton Layla and assorted Love Songs album at LockN festival and it was freaking awesome

  60. John T

    Grace IS HANDS DOWN one of the greatest female vocalists in the past ten years.

  61. Mia Edris

    totally agree Duane, she is amazing!!!

  62. Duane Edwards

    only just came across her and her band ....WOW cant believe i have deprived myself of this music for so long...AWESOME

  63. TheBent139

    Grace is nothing but brilliant. This is an amazing song. Reminds me of Shelby Lynne's style but Grace has a bigger voice.

  64. givemeanidea99

    This song is about The Doctor.

  65. Leah Nisbet

    I may be to young to understand these lyrics. But the more I listen to this song, The more I fall in love with it.

  66. TEE BEE

    He hath spoken, we shall listen. Powerful Guru Rogan

  67. jschmitz101

    Joe Rogan for president

  68. Richie Coto

    Great Odins raven! Deathsquad! Powerful joe rogan!

  69. Ben Worrell


  70. Chris Datti

    Powerful OliveGarden Butthole

  71. TheTrapTrain

    #Deathsquuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuad d:

  72. Hemulenssis

    Powerful Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

  73. hawie2

    we welcome you with open arms

  74. Agency is stored in the balls

    This is pretty gritty for a hot chick like this I'm pleasantly surprised.

  75. Michael Yee

    Train by day, Joe Rogan Podcast by night, all day!

  76. joldenrod

    haha you're a dumbass

  77. matteblacktiger

    powerful Joe Rogan

  78. Koolaid

    Mmmm i'd love to make some of it ooze right into my mouth and continue until it starts dripping down her leg

  79. TheBent139

    Love this to no end. And Grace too. Such soul.

  80. Joanna Puteh


  81. roxandra13

    I'm in love with this woman...

  82. pandabear104

    Her voice is so lovely.

  83. angel silva

    i'm still looking the button 1000 like`s

  84. shaolin40

    I'd like to see her duet with Bruno

    Military Veteran

    Shaolin40, Have you listened already to her OTHER MORE AWESOME Songs: "Stars", "Medicine", "TimeKeeper" & "The Lion The Beast The Beat" = FREAKING AWESOME ROCK MUSIC, SOUNDS SO CLOSE to THE AWESOME REAL STUFF THAT CAME OUT in the 70's And/Or 80's!!

    Now IF you REALLY LIKE this kind of raw, AWESOME ROCK MUSIC (the way I DO), Have you ever heard of The White Buffalo and The Forest Rangers (had MANY Hits on "Sons Of Anarchy"?? man, THAT GUY HAS SUCH AN AWESOME VOICE TOO! MY FAV. Songs from them are "House Of The Rising Sun", "The Whistler", "Ballad Of a Dead Man", "The Matador", "Come Join The Murder", etc., etc. THEY TOO, JUST LIKE GRACE POTTER & THE NOCTURNALS, ARE WAY TOOOOOO FREAKING AWESOME!! :-) :-)


  85. ohifonlyx33

    Is this song about The Doctor?

  86. deh amorim

    god bless the aTube Catcher! ;)

  87. Alex Ho

    Do they have this version for download? W/out the instrumentals

  88. B00KW0RM06

    love her musics... this is no different. awesome as always.

    hits home. AMMMMMEN!!...

  89. fsyas

    Where are the Nocturnals?


    Who cares?

  90. alex monospace

    Thumbs up if you see this tune as the main song for the next James Bond movie!

  91. Fearless

    I love grace potters music, She has as much soul as Carol King an Karen Carpenter ever better. She is funny, down to earth. Has an old soul and I mean that in a very good way! ROCK ON GRACE POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. MsCentrum04

    mscentrum She needs to put her jeans and shirts on once in a while, and she doesn't come across as warm or humble.She hasn't got Adele's sense of humor.She needs to stop going on trashy daytime talk shows.She need to honor her gift.Her garb screams ATTENTION.Enough. Just sing!

  93. antonia lawrence

    i love this song so much can just jam out and turn up this song just loud oh yes thats my jam love u grace potter

  94. Raymond Dauphinais

    Where can I get this version of the song?

  95. bowl of korn

    This song is the story of my life

  96. Rylee Pellegrino

    Seeing her tonight! Love you girl!