Gorilla Zoe - Echo Lyrics

You did it to yourself
Now your all by your self
Acting like you hate me
I left because you made me
You played me to the left
Now there's nobody left
To hear your complaining I'm gone and all you hear is your own

And I'm gone
And your all alone
Cant you hear the (hear the)
No one to hear you
There's nobody near you (near you)

It started off great
But who was to know
That love is lost
Cannot be let go
You say it's my fault
OK then I'll go
It's better to know
Now there's nobody to argue with
Cause I'm not home
Don't care who your with
Don't call my phone
Or did you forget
You know your wrong
I'm gone (gone)
And your all alone hearing your own damn

And I'm gone
And your all alone
Cant you hear the (hear the)
Nobody near you
There's no one to hear you

Disgusted with trust
I'll trust no one no more
Just went with the flow
Found myself on the floor
When you went away
All my pain went astray
Like it's a new day
Now I have no one to argue with
Cause I'm not home
Don't care who your with
Don't call my phone
Or did you forget
You know your wrong
I'm gone
And your all alone
Hearing your own damn

Your own damn
No one is near you
No one can hear you
It's your own damn
No one to hear you
There's nobody near you

All night long
I thought to my self
Why would I stay with you (with you)
Realized that you were the one who had issues
So why would I miss you

...to argue with
Cause I'm not home
Don't care who your with
Don't call my phone
Or did you forget
You know your wrong
I'm gone
And your all alone
Hearing your own damn echo
It's just you and your
It's just your and your
I hope your talking alone
It's just you and your
It's just you and your
There's no one to hear you
There's nobody near you
It's your own damn
Your own damn

To argue with
Cause I'm not home
Don't care who your with
Don't call my phone
Or did you forget
You know your wrong
I'm gone.

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Gorilla Zoe Echo Comments
  1. king Summers

    2020 song still hit

  2. Captain Howdy

    Still hard in 2020 👍🏽💪🏽


    If this song was made round this era nigga would have been infamous

  4. ccamacho146

    I agree what a days

  5. nick myhre

    Listening in 2894 , anyone else?

  6. Angie Collins

    Love this song. %100

  7. jeffjmooney30

    Bumpin out my trunk in the 20

  8. Aries Milann

    2020 in dis bytchhh!!!! Where u at gorilla !!????

  9. Trishia Harrison

    Who is here jan 2020

  10. Wit Tes

    Live life✌

  11. Brian Rodriguez Ramirez


  12. Sabrina Aletha

    Yesss mood

  13. Chanel Dunlap

    January 11, 2020 yall

    26 mil. Crazy.

  14. lacedbassAK

    Reminds me of getting hammered when I was 16 in 2009. Man miss those high school bonfires in the middle of nowhere

  15. Vicky made me

    2020 still damn good song!

    KrazyWhiteBoy Gaming

    Big facts


    Damn straight

  16. BillNyeTheScienceFry

    I honestly forgot this song exists, I just saw my recommended and saw gorilla zoe and this was the first thing that came to mind.

    I listened to the song and the nostalgia hit HARD!

  17. caitlin mason

    Here in 2020😏

  18. Jawsom Xiong

    All you hear is your own ECHO...

  19. Alexis Romero

    2020 and it’s still the jam!! 😛🎶💯

  20. Christine rose

    Bumpin in 2020

  21. ILL Mindz Music Group


  22. Moist- N-Damp

    I remember listening to this while playing Cod World at War

  23. Mercedes Beverly

    Who's hearing this in 2020?

  24. Just_Amber_ Forever

    fuck everyone, with all the years... Ya'll stupid..

  25. Tiniya abony Houston


  26. Nick Evans

    Fucking first to comment 2020. Comment on this if you ain’t gotta baby dick

  27. Alan Labriola

    It's new years day 2020. Just found out my BM is trying to have a long distance relationship w some dude she met on XBOX live. This song helps me laugh at her stupid ass

  28. Christopher Martinez

    DiNg!!!!! DonG!!!!! SkYsCrApEr 🌟s CrOwn 🚀

  29. DƎVIL

    2020 anyone? Memories hit hard lol

  30. Michael Shaw

    12/31/2019 still jamming

  31. hank skiiz

    Dec 31 2019 n im still jammin this

  32. Roderick Johnson

    Women get work up for nothing just echoing

  33. Papyrus The Skeleton

    Dis song fire

  34. Ty Jordan

    Heartbreak in 7th grade

  35. DailyDrivenRust

    Who else remembers pulling bittys cause this was the first thing you hear on your bebo page

  36. Daniel Ross

    Featuring P Diddy?!?! P Diddy is hearing Gorilla Zoe's Echo!!! Lol... No one to hear you! Lol

  37. mary khonglam

    27-12-2019 stil loving it


    wna 2020

  39. Autumn Nelson

    Remebering 2009

  40. Davina Marie

    This is the song I fuck with most by Zoe 💯

  41. Jay's Nest

    I had a memory from an old Facebook status remind of this song. It’s been forever since I’ve heard it and.... Damn it’s still a bop lol

  42. Mr._l_FKd-_-bYO_l_ FEELJNGz

    10yrs later and I still send this too my ex....

  43. Elyssa Ricapa

    2019 this still bumping like this

  44. Carlos eduardo eduardo

    Show ...top music

  45. sef musa

    Where the lyrics tho 😑

  46. Ben G


  47. Min Yoongi

    Played this when I think about my crush with his girlfriend

  48. one punch man

    I'm still here ❤

  49. JamesTheLostOne

    The last time i heard this song was on the dsi flipnote studio and for some reason today at work I just kept singing e echo. Boy how time flys.

  50. Omeezy Lopez

    Still banging this💯💨💨💪💪💪

  51. Gabriel Contreras

    Holly shit! It's been that long. Don't give a shit! Still bumping it. Real music.

  52. Fortnite 12345

    I love this song so much💖❤️💕

  53. Milan Nguyen

    ❤️ Omg I remember listening to this when I was on my way to preschool around 8 or 9 years ago when my dad turned it on.😭memories

  54. LilTaco-Meat

    This was .y childhood

  55. Shadow The Dubstep Wolf

    ive been listening to this upload version for the longest, its awesome to know its still here, Thanks KlamityArts

  56. nellie rempel

    Still love this beat ❤️2019

  57. Allexus Gavin

    Love this song have since day 1 and always will 💯

  58. lacedbassAK

    That baseline tho

  59. That Chico- Bert

    Dont care who your with- dont call my phone 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. Bigg Alex

    I remember playing this song on repeat for 4 days straight before I left my ex in 2009.. 10 years later, and I'm still listening

  61. Min yoongi is MINE

    Old memories 🥺🖤

  62. Savannah Ortley


  63. Ross Aragon

    Fuck yea this is my shit

  64. SF KerZi

    Haven't heard this since 2011, when I was 7. Now I'm 15. This song brings back memories.

  65. Armeon Brown

    2019 and I’m in love with this song 🔥🔥

    Jaime Riehle

    Same here

  66. PR's Fish Room

    For yearzzz i forgot about this song, woke up this morning with the lyrics an rhythm echoing in my head. Had to youtube it to see if was still out there and here it is. Thank you for uploading this👏

  67. Jeremey Barclay

    The year is 3202. Yes i'm a time traveler. #Stilllistening

  68. Maddy Buchholz

    My dad just od 2 days ago and this in one of the songs that me and him used to listen to rip dad

    my first vid is cringe dont bully me

    That's sad

  69. Shanna Upshaw

    Sammmmmeeeee still rocking out to the og rappers

  70. Fatima Mendoza

    My sister dedicated this song to her ex but a week later they got back together same bullshit everytime i just thought it was funny

  71. J Acosta

    I need someone to argue with but she left me and IAM sitting alone in the dark .

  72. Sam Sciabbarra

    I hope I can listen to this in 2059

  73. Walena Living,Praying,Dancing 2 God

    My friend Wesley was singing this song at work the other day....I forgot about it..this is still jamming in 2019....Everbody have relationship problems....then you hear echos when it's over✌🏾💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽❤

  74. brittene cockerill

    Too shea!!!!!!

  75. ferd durst

    oct 1 2009

  76. Bonez L.H.

    September 30 2019
    Is the day I stopped by and went down memory lane!

  77. TrueBlueKing

    2009 or 2019 this is the truth
    peace bitch

  78. Mace Windu

    2009, sophomore yr high school. Lost my virginity to the neighborhood milf. She had this song blasting in her house as we did it on her kitchen floor...dam I was young.

  79. Alexa Rusboldt

    Not the only 1👇

  80. Jake Cumbaa

    4 For Echo Tom...

  81. Elizabeth Jamir

    2019 sep--25? Anyone 😊 .. Old is gold💕💕

    Urion Limitbreaker

    Same, but I'm 26.

  82. Shawakia Davis

    Wow I was 9 year old , now I’m about to be 20

  83. Chris Valenzuela

    How did I go from hood nigga to this?

  84. Jude Clownworld

    total trash

    Dlow2289 Dlow2289

    Glad you wasted your time. Cheers 🤣

  85. Pamela Trudell

    This song is the echo alright

  86. Wode Dagawd

    Something bout Zoe voice

  87. Riley Freeman #JP

    Wtf is this

  88. Gregory Smith

    Song was ahead of its time

  89. Mitch Cada

    Damn near 2020 Zoe killin it still!

  90. David Gomez

    September 2019 anyone ??

  91. Jackson Entertainment

    I'm 12 now, but back then I remembered listening to this in my mom's car.


    No cap I’m 14 thoe den good old days

  92. Torie 684

    Awwwww shiiiiiiiiitttt!!!
    Those were the days✌🏼
    Respect to those good ole days!
    And the binge begins💙🎶

  93. Autumn Ball


  94. Lori Mndoza

    This one of my songs 😊

  95. Ij_yama 777

    still cold