Gord Bamford - When Your Lips Are So Close Lyrics

Girl I knew it must be you
'Cause it got hotter in this room
You walked in, made heads spin
You look so good in the neon light
I drink you in with thirsty eyes
Long sip of your cool smile

Girl, I wanna reach right out
Wrap you in my arms right now
Never let go, never let go
'Cause I just gotta taste you, baby
You know it drives me crazy
To be so far away
When your lips are so close
When your lips are so close

You might be right next to me
But, girl, it feels like miles between
My hands and your skin
You know what I'm thinking of
Small talk just won't be enough
Can't wait for your touch

Girl, I wanna reach right out
Wrap you in my arms right now
Never let go, never let go
'Cause I just gotta taste you, baby
You know it drives me crazy
To be so far away
When your lips are so close
When your lips are so close

Girl, I wanna reach right out
Wrap you in my arms right now
Never let go, never let go
'Cause I just gotta taste you, baby
You know it drives me crazy
To be so far away
When your lips are so close
When your lips are so close

When your lips are so close
When your lips are so close
Lips are so close
Lips are so close

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Gord Bamford When Your Lips Are So Close Comments
  1. EffemmEss D

    Love this song

  2. Gypsy Gangster

    Living a dream is great but living in his arms is better

  3. Craig Conley

    Great Canada singer!!! Hope I can see him someday.

  4. fernando sampaio

    sings a lot. nice song. pure country

  5. William Clark

    I'm from the states and just found this guy. WOW. Gord is pretty awesome. I've never heard of him until I started wondering around youtube looking for Canadian country artists cause so many American artists are mixing with pop. I'm a HUGE Bamford fan now.

  6. Clayton Briggs

    Go Canada

  7. Judy


  8. Clas Julin

    love it

  9. TheBlazersfan22

    we have his son on our hockey team!!! gord bamford for our anthem singer!


    Did paul brant sell him the chords for the song lol

  11. Wendy Bricker

    I love gord Branford music a lot

  12. Natasha Neepin

    my 12 year old son like playing and singing along with this awesome song

  13. Lloyd Robert

    Gord, 5 years later and I'm still entranced by this beautiful song. How are you? Hope all well. Love you always for giving me the gift of the pleasure of this song. Thank you.

  14. Northern Bushwacker

    Went to high school with Gord .... and we love you buddy .... Brent Tieken from Blackfalds
    This is my all time favourite from you Gord

    Lloyd Robert

    Wow, wish I knew him personally. If you meet him again tell him there are people who love and care for him. And truly appreciate his talent and kindness. Please do that for me. Thank you.

  15. David Yeroschak

    Great song

  16. Kira Dhaliwal

    Why the hell isn't this song at #1?

  17. ojoyful1

    Gordon B. sang the song, but who wrote it?


    I believe him and his band wrote it.. They compose their own music

  18. Sabrina S

    Goddamn, who knew country could be so erotic? This song is everything!

  19. Sabrina S

    So stinkin' hot!

  20. DWAYNE Benn

    I loveyou Alicai .....cant wait for your touch

  21. Karine GONARD

    France loves you, Gord!! Never let go!! You're the best

  22. martine crenleux

    tres belle chanson j adore

  23. Dane Freake

    What a great show in Timmins!

  24. Nora Thom

    Next door neigh or to Ford

  25. Reech reech

    What a song best one so far

  26. Mark & Ilene

    "i got this" and this song are two of my favorites! Proud to live just down the road from this guy!

  27. Mizz Mike

    Love it!! ❤ When I was at my lowest, my husband was away at work for weeks, he sent this song to me. Cant stop listening to it 😍

  28. Genea Maines

    LOVE this song so much

  29. shybabs

    I love this song so much I'm away from my husband cause of the military and this song makes me think of all the times we kissed

  30. Allison Heessels

    Friggin love this song country all time fav genre gord bamford is my top choice keep up with the great music gord 😍😍❤❤👌👌

  31. Sabrina S

    Love, love, love. So hot!

  32. klaas

    What type of idiot would give this a thumbs down

  33. sophisticated creeper

    I'm not even a fan of country and I love this

  34. JBSCAR

    Doesnt matter what lips.....as long as there close....🇨🇦

  35. Sylvie Maegerli

    Great song, one of my favorites 🎶🎶
    Love from Switzerland ❤

  36. chavez Buffalo

    How much to do a wedding I'm a local boy not to far from ponoka maskwacis boy but still country from buffalo ranch wondering if you'll get back to me for my wedding it's a year from now email is [email protected] thanks if you read this

  37. Mark & Ilene

    Musical Masterpiece!

  38. Chris John

    One of my favorites. Gord

  39. Chris Knight

    He was Awesome in PG when he was their

  40. Phille_Swe

    2018 still playin when your lips are so Close! best song ever! Thumbs up from Sween

  41. Terry Lesko

    Gord,great job rocking Kelowna ,I d go to your concerts anytime your in town

  42. Sabrina S

    Still listening & loving it in 2017.

  43. Nora Thom

    Like his music love it Alberta

    Nora Thom

    Gord is good love his this song

  44. Nev sentri

    This song makes me cry for my sister cause she sang it And i was Like Kinda crying And she so close to me but now we dont live together she live with my mom and i live with my dad I listen to this song ever night and cry for her I wish one day i can go back to her<3 Luv you lil sister

  45. Dalton Wynant

    Love his music, god blessed this man with an amazing talent. Wish i was that good

  46. XK AX

    This guy came to my old school

  47. Ken Van Gundy

    My daughter got to singbwith Gord at a local function.....was awesome

  48. Leonard Bourke

    song for clare from leo....

  49. Hakan Dursun

    Excellent !

  50. Ken Van Gundy

    my daughter got to sing with Gord. ...great day she had


    Who ever decided he is not good enough to be main stream,is making yet another gigantic mistake.
    He is as good if not better than what I hear on the radio today.

  52. CountryGirlAtHeart


  53. lummy Dee

    Gord is hugely underrated...its the war against traditional country or probably the Canadian tingy

  54. Earn Buddy

    5k sub damn d heck hpen

  55. Titan Cater

    I love this song I listen to it over and over. Your a good singer keep it up

  56. Vonny Krammer

    this is one extremely sexy male, fantastic voice, great backing, and very easy on the eye...could listen to him forever!!

  57. JBSCAR

    Wish Gord would come to High River and have a show sometime.

  58. lauld

    Magnifique !!!!

  59. Genea Maines

    Love this song !

  60. Madhu Soodan M

    In today's music so country voice, good to hear

  61. John Sheflo

    went to school with goods sister. and for lack of better words. he's a fkn douche

  62. I AM DJ GEE

    Love This tune!

  63. Patrick Henry

    Jamaica love you gord

  64. Gucc

    this song makes me miss her <3

  65. Patrick Henry

    I love this guy music!!!!! Canada answer to George Strait

  66. JBSCAR

    Gord, I love country music and I am pissed off why you have an electric guitar in your video.
    Number 1 rule.....don't have an electric guitar in your video!  FFS!

    Adam Bowman

    JBSCAR he's playing an electric guitar in the song, why wouldn't he have one in the video?

  67. Jay Weekes

    well done

  68. Ryan Armstrong

    hope to see them in concert

  69. Noah Kerr

    cant wait get to see this guy in concert on nov 11

    Sebastien Hache

    Noah Kerr How was it??

    Noah Kerr

    it was freaking amazing he only did three songs. they were breakfast beer and Folsom prison blues and another one I dont know the same of

    Noah Kerr

    Songs of

  70. Slegacy CDN


    Chris Davis

    SlegacyA CDN lmao 😂

  71. Loretta Juneau

    If only some people really meant what they said ♡♡♡

  72. Loretta Juneau

    once apon a time

  73. Rick Laird

    Real Good Tune !!!

  74. Monte LK

    One of my favorites. reminds me of a certain someone.


    well played..

  75. Glenda Gaytan

    I heard this song a year ago when it didn't have much views, I'm glad it got popular 💖

    Carlos Vieira

    when your lips are so close. .....pretty good that song

  76. Kayla Redfeather

    i love this song so much...it reminds me of a special person...💞💋

  77. Halfway South Project

    check out Paul Brandt.....my fav canadian country artist.....

    Kira Dhaliwal

    Halfway South Project me too! But to be honest both men are amazing!

  78. Kurrupt-killer88

    girl it muss be you lol

  79. Kurrupt-killer88

    girl it muss be you lol

  80. DELORES McCallum

    listen to this song everyday,love it 🎶🎶

  81. Carrie Storozynsky

    Gord Bamford is my cousin

  82. Keon Osmond

    this is so good

  83. JBSCAR

    Hey Gord, I would like to come to a concert if you are in HIGH RIVER anytime soon.  Since this is where you grew up for crap sakes.  Good ol Nashville tells you the roots now eh?

  84. Todd Ouellette

    love this song

  85. Rossnlouise emmanzac

    well, we just found you...can't believe we did not know about you before!! your style would suit most the British country fans...maybe see you at country to country in London sometime? good way to get your talent known over here!

  86. Lori Zowada

    Dang Gord! Love your music! Why did it take me so long to find your songs??

  87. jheremy figueroa

    nose como llegue a esta cancion pero no a de ser bueno :v

  88. pretty good song,never listened to it for awhile.love this song.

  89. ThisPrettyBinxx

    Whoever hit the dislike button is a soulless peice of dust. How the fuck does this not hit you in any way

  90. Patrick Henry

    the next Allan Jackson

  91. Braedon Mackenzie

    sounds very close to don't let her be gone

  92. Christine Bories

    still love this song

    Patrick Henry

    it's really good

    Harrison Powderface

    This is awesome.

  93. manonthecat1

    I'm English but living in France (the French love country dancing) and this is one of my favourite dances that our group (Buffalon Country) do. Thank-you Gord!

  94. Laila Lafromboise

    I like your music and it makes me cry when I hear your music

    Laila Lafromboise

    like it

  95. joyce jackson

    Very nice good job   :)

    Laila Lafromboise

    it awesomeness

  96. Bea Laframboise

    i like your music 👍💜💘💝💟💞💖💙💕💛💚💙❤💋💋💋💋

  97. Emanullah NexeW

    the best song of all time i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ITTTTT

  98. Susie Peters

    Great country singer!

  99. Sheri Severight

    i am a fan