Gomez, Selena - Look At Her Now Lyrics

They fell in love one summer
A little too wild for each other
Shiny till it wasn't
Feels good till it doesn't

It was her first real lover
His too till he had another
Oh god when she found out
Trust levels went way down

Of course she was sad
But now she's glad she dodged a bullet

Took a few years
To soak up the tears
But look at her now
Watch her go

Mmm mmm mmm
Look at her now
Watch her go
Mmm mmm mmm
Look at her now
Mmm mmm mmm
Look at her now
Watch her go
Mmm mmm mmm
Look at her now

Fast nights that got him
That new life was his problem
Not saying she was perfect
Still regrets that moment

Like that night
Wasn't wrong, wasn't right
What a thing to be human
Made her more of woman

Of course she was sad
But now she's glad she dodged a bullet

Took a few years
To soak up the tears
But look at her now
Watch her go

Mmm mmm mmm
Look at her now
Watch her go
Mmm mmm mmm
Look at her now
Mmm mmm mmm
Look at her now
Watch her go
Mmm mmm mmm
Look at her now

She knows she'll find love
Only if she wants it
She knows she'll find love
She knows she'll find love
Only if she wants it
She knows she'll find love
On the up from the way down
Look at her now

Watch her go
Mmm mmm
Look at her now
She knows she'll find love
Only if she wants it
She knows she'll find love
Look at her now yeah
She knows she'll find love
(She knows she will)
Only if she wants it
She knows she'll find love

Look at her now

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Gomez, Selena Look At Her Now Comments
  1. kevin walton

    sounds like clean bandit but not as good

  2. Крошка Аннанита

    Русские с нами: А А ЛАЙК Ю БЭЙБИ

  3. Z V

    The best bop of 2019 quite frankly.

  4. lenny Andrade

    *A lu quer anal*

  5. Bruno Freitas

    This music is so perfect

  6. Celia Hernandez

    wow you are a really good person and you inspire me all the time

  7. Erica Vann

    Aaw Selena noooo

  8. Κώστας Αθανασιάδης


  9. DaRK RAVE

    Billie Eilish - duh...
    Ariana Grande - yuh...
    Cardi B - Okurrr
    Selena Gomez - mmm
    mmmm mm
    JENNIE - yeahy....yeahyy.....yeaaaahhhhhh
    JIMIN - Oooyahhh... oooyahhh....

  10. Jacob Simpson

    Is it me or does some of the vocals sound like Ally Brooke

  11. Petar Bosale

    I like Selena but this song is shit

  12. Facundo Giancarelli

    Me encanta

  13. BTS tus patrones


  14. Jaime Montes

    Hi Selena Gomez I love you I am your biggest fan oh you expired me every single time and I love you so yeah I am I am really expired right that’s why I think I would be a singer like you I’m older

  15. Mobile Com


  16. the majestic

    Wait for Justin's release.....
    You guys will be surprised by that dope...



  18. Ana Del angel

    Selena eres hermosa estoy segura que llegará ese chico que te ame y valore 💓

  19. T1mb3rwolf_lov3r X

    Selena honestly never fails to make me love her songs and i wish i got to this song sooner because i would have loved to listen to it sooner but i am glad she is healing.
    And again selena as a huge fan great job on this music. U killed it.💗💗💗😍👌

  20. Amanda Henley

    She knows she'll find love like yes

    Commet no

  21. Isa


  22. Stephan Van as

    She is amazing

  23. Kubilay Cinemre

    *hailey bieber disliked this video*

  24. Massi sr

    I hope you like My comment ♥️♥️♥️😘

  25. Itz_CookieDough

    Let's take a moment for the people that searched "Mmm mmm mmm"..

  26. Евгения Егорова

    Восхищаюсь этой девочкой! Она потрясающая, талантливая, человечная!

  27. Telli Dosya

    Looking at u after he married
    U hurt ur self top much ❤️

  28. Telli Dosya

    The uniq thing that selena didnt do in this song is
    'not using (Justin)'

  29. g p

    Aww this reminds me of the cleaning scene from the Cinderella Story movie she was in. :,) this music video and song is so good!

  30. Sheryl Thompson

    Can't believe it's all shot on an iphone

  31. Chandhan D

    Take a shot every time she says mmm mmmm mmmm mmmmm

  32. Saif Marji

    All i think of is the microwave meme where it goes "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

  33. Sushma Devi

    Salena is💖

  34. Hazel Eyes

    I love you Selena!

  35. Kamil

    wen i’m bout to eat pizza i say mmm mmm mmm

  36. Henngam Kuki

    I luf u so much Selena!!! Ur a strong woman, my idol of inspiration as well!!!

  37. karim abi zeid

    Here before all the "who's in 2020" comments

  38. Diego Ortiz

    Vamanas de esta mmm mmm mmm

  39. Sonia Agarwal

    Who is better?
    Selena gomez= like

    Justin beiber= comment

  40. Santa Claus

    You know what's that best thing about this song mmm mmm mmm 💕

  41. Jenny Tylor

    If you are here today 👇

    Register down

  42. ляляя ляля

    Мне кажется песня о себе😅 а так песня классная

  43. eli

    wow i love you queen...

  44. KIKITO

    119K dis from Justin and Hailey fans :P

  45. José Almeida

    Selena your music it's so good, but I didn't liked some parts of your video.
    continue like this girl.

  46. Muliana Saleh


  47. 송수민

    Imagine Justin bieber listening this in his toilet haha

    Spooky Lifeu


  48. Merryl Alexander

    You're my absolute favorite ❣

  49. Камола Хатамова

    I LOVE YOU♥️♥️♥️♥️

  50. Cesar Rivas

    Salina moooveeee lol

  51. clop Taha

    In 2050, everyone will say who will be here in 3000?
    Am I right?

  52. Andres Alvarez

    Very boring... This music sucks!!!

  53. Инара Сагитова


  54. Aru_Artt


  55. True Sparcsi

    Camilla army

  56. Lidia López Alvarado

    😮😮😮😮😮😮😮Wow Grandioso

  57. M J

    I love u Selena 💖💖💖

  58. Stan Smit

    WEEEEYYYY SIIIIII!!!!!😍😜😩😈🙊😎❣️😻😔

  59. Elias S

    Hino maravilhoso ♥️

  60. Alison Wondergarrix

    Did she steal the mmm mmm from Martin Garrix?!

  61. the ring the ring a ghost

    Look at her now

  62. Amanda Henley

    I love your now song.I wish I could meet you

  63. Elias S


  64. Jodany Novap

    -Like, if you're listening before the end of 2019😭

  65. isadora fernades


  66. Anderson Olano

    aber cuantos latinos presentes

  67. Jasmin Jaen

    People will still be listening to this in 2021


    Everyone:-She is better without justin.

    Me:-She is bitter without justin.

    Oh comeon,remember how good this couple is.

  69. marlon costa


  70. Mita Ropert

    Selena you are the best and i love your music❥❥❥❥❥❥❥❥

  71. A F

    Somehow this song reminds me of Play with Fire by Hilary Duff music video. I have the same emotion watching this in my late 20's as I did watching Hilary in my early teens... Maybe it's a 90's kid thing or maybe I'm just old AF lol

  72. Random Stop

    Selena Gomez - Rare (Demo)

  73. Random Stop

    Selena Gomez - Rare (Demo)

  74. Gelsey Pulusou

    Seriously this song and her last song really touched me because my bf left me and 2 weeks later he had a new gf

  75. Magnetizer

    It's just funny that she thinks she knows that she's attractive...

  76. Александра Неслатковска

    Love you ❤💗

  77. Mónica Vergara Cortés

    Te amo mamonaa

  78. lol me-

    Surprising that iphone have good camera quality.

  79. serine sisi

    love you selena 😘😚❤

  80. Who_Cares?

    It's so funny when Justin were on a party and this song would start .. I would love it to see his face

  81. Jade izq

    TEMAZO QUE LANZAS BABY💖 Aquí esperando el Álbum ☺💖

  82. Nastya Ber

    Как круто, что появились русские субтитры😍

  83. Carlos Eduardo Bacho Cornelio


  84. Honeyy Hazem


  85. Miguel Dilda

    directors: do you want choreography or color?

    selena: sure

  86. Kawaii gachaguurl :3

    Alles wegen Justin.

  87. Natalia Morales

    This song is about selena, about his friendship life :v

  88. Mariana Fernanda Torres trujillo


  89. Dimitra Mot


  90. Sunny Sharma

    Urr fannnn 😍😘😘😘😘

  91. JJ PLAYZ

    Me when I eat my favorite food: 0:34

  92. Magic gamer

    Selena you're awesome ❤❤

  93. Alyson Ferrera

    Melhor clipe da Selena

  94. Alyson Ferrera

    Acertou Selena, música boa, moderna e tem uma batida legal.

  95. Alyson Ferrera

    Selena should sing more in Spanish.

  96. SelenaGomezVEVO

    I was so excited to release two songs back to back and surprise my fans! It’s a reminder that you can rise no matter what challenges life brings.

    w ma

    Love you

    Palmu Lama

    Lots of love Selena

    I am deceased

    Lmao i'm the 500th com, fuck y'all 🤣

    XxcobluexX Red

    I love you selena

    TNS Stepper 101

    SelenaGomezVEVO I’m so excited for you!!