Golan, Rosi - I Like You Lyrics

A thousand bits, a million parts, tiny pieces that make your heart
And I like you
I heard you whistle, the song we dance to, you remember the smallest detail
And I like you

Ooo ooo ooo ooo I like you
You ooo ooo ooo I like you

Our footprints re arranged the leaves, you pulled me tight, and said you see
I like you
You wrote your name on my sleeve so I can keep you always with me
And I like you

Ooo ooo ooo ooo I like you
You ooo ooo ooo I like you

The creases in the corners of your mouth when they curl into a smile
That forms around you like a giant light, and warms me from the inside

And we’ll grow up, but not just yet, stay here longer so we don’t forget
I like you

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Golan, Rosi I Like You Comments
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    Description box. :-)

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    Omg guys like 20 likes and i'll do absoloutely nothing!

  4. Jellyfish Prince

    10 votes ill make a vid of me singing this
    20 ill sing this to a special friend
    30 ill tell him i like him
    so yah vote im too nervous to tell him and i should do it before august first then ill become uglified becus of braces

  5. Daniel Sanipass

    I need the chords to this song!

  6. Ben D

    This song makes me cry.

  7. Alex Hernandez

    i love her voice

  8. CarbonatedWater89

    Love this song.. So pretty.