Gogol Bordello - My Gypsy Auto Pilot Lyrics

I came back to my hometown incognito
To forget about it all
Suddenly, I heard "hey there papito-pito-pito
You don't ever give a call"

whapba bup bup ba
whapba bup bup ba
whapba bup bup ba
whapba bup bup ba

Remember we used to skip school together
Said to me drunk girl, police man
Now, where have you been all my life
I've been skipping school since then, yeah

I've been watching trains
Swiftly rolling by
I've been jumping them
Without long goodbyes
To uncover rules of life
And how to break them well
And the key to my gypsy auto pilot
And my story to tell, hey!

Whapba bup bup ba
Whapba bup bup ba
Whapba bup bup ba
Whapba bup bup ba

So we ran to outskirts of our town
To the working man dance hall
Where all night we played piano-yano-yano
Off the chairs about to fall
Then we climbed the ladder to the attic
Where once i showed her my first song
Above the street where all them crazy dreamers
Still talking nonsense all night long

Whoa-o whoa-o
Nonsense all night long
Whoa-o whoa-o
Still writing their first song

I've been watching trains
Swiftly rolling by
I've been jumping them
Without long goodbyes
To uncover rules of life
And how to break them well
And the key to my gypsy auto pilot
And my story to tell, hey!

And we laugh, and we cry
And we recited sacred text
And we rose and we fell
And then we said, ok what's next?

But, if you keep on watching trains
Swiftly, rolling by
One day you will be gone
Without long goodbyes
To uncover rules of life
And how to break them well
And the key to your gonzo turbo gypsy auto pilot
And your story to tell
Story to tell

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Gogol Bordello My Gypsy Auto Pilot Comments
  1. Евгений Чибышев

    Obolon forever Kiev love

  2. bloodaGe Ron

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas ... Ron is now billioner as well Master of Puppets + ty all for suport +

  3. bloodaGe Ron

    1, Avenue du Rock'n'Roll, L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette.

  4. bloodaGe Ron

    how is to go online billioner ?

  5. electra papa

    This video was so emotional! They have the best live performances ever!

  6. Donna Barnes

    Love em

  7. Fabrice Abreu

    C'est quand le prochain ...


    Best of the Best.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Emiliano Lorenzi

    0:59 Eugene's double in the crowd!

  10. Emiliano Lorenzi

    They never fail!

  11. MarcelToPawian

    This is So Good !

  12. Glen Johnson

    блестяще, ребята!


    СПАСИБО.что ты жыл.

  14. videoua5

    Great performance..!

  15. videoua5

    Whoa-o whoa-o
    Nonsense all night long
    Whoa-o whoa-o
    Still writing their first song..!

  16. Joe Ahmad

    If there is music that appeals to more of the world than this, I don't know it.

  17. MrFrozzenn

    When you put all your soul and heart into music. Wonderful.

  18. Леонид Ан

    Ukraine = Nazism


    + Леонид Ан Сюда хоть не лезь, idiot!

  19. TheGrandAstoria

    Iggy Pop moves at 2-12 <3

  20. hidan_sbk

    Максимально охуенные

  21. Skeptical Whale

    The guy is friends with my dad lol

  22. bobbiebob575 bob

    I just found out about these guys. Bloody hell they are so fucking good! Respect!


    I discovered them today! this is so fuckin crazy haha! Love it!

  23. pavel vladimirov

    Восторг. Ребята, вы лучшие! Great!

  24. Julian Mexia

    Man I need to see this guys live looks awesome

  25. Olga Meyers

    Женя, с днём рождения! Удачи, успеха и всего такого! Ждём новых песен)
    La mulți ani!

  26. Даниил Пономаренко

    ААаа , так ещё и патриот с флагом нашим , уважуха !!!

    Евгений Нету

    Настолько он патриот, что вместо того, чтобы остаться на родной украинской земле, он уехал в США к лучшей жизни. Вот такой патриот.


    он в США не живет с 2008

  27. heatherhellraiser

    Put the damn camera down Alison!

  28. Жизнь в американской деревне

    Вы лутшие !!! БРАВО ! БРАВО ! БРАВО ! Здоровья духовного и телесного ! ТВОРЧЕСКИХ УСПЕХООООООООВ ,,,, !!!!!!!

  29. Bearded Company

    Hey, you're from the Ukraine ?


    +Bearded Company he migrated to usa somewhere near 1998-1999, but originally he is from ukraine.

    Bearded Company

    +ProstoShelMimo мог и на русском, чел

  30. Nicholas Morgenthaler

    You guys should record something with Manu Chao

    Lemmy Lem

    I forget the name but in a documentary they play together.

  31. Gabriel Soriano

    i need a new album. Gogol bordello is so fucking gooood

  32. galina firsanova


  33. Tashi

    I smile every time I listen to this song, lol so good

  34. Robert Rozanski

    Guys... this will never say thank you enough, but life is turning and twisting as it is right now, and your music is like a perfect balm to my soul, love it and thanks for all the positive energy, sharing it back and with everyone <3333

  35. Luanny Pereira Rocha

    WOW! This is a total perfecton! I really like this band ♥

  36. TheR2row

    Guys, please lose the electric guitar hard rock thing you're doing.

    Matthias Gregory

    +TheR2row I understand what you're saying and agree somewhat. I do think if I played the same songs every night, for reasons of keeping my sanity, change would be mandatory after more than a decade. And for GB, different means putting electric guitar up front more than in the past. Short of bringing in new instruments. It's not nearly as in your face and over the top w/ the wanking solos of Dave Matthews Band adding Tim. TIm's a killer guitarist, I just don't enjoy the extent and distortion of the new presentation. GB isn't nearly that in your face w/ the change of electric guitar.

    I think it's hard to imagine how it would be to play the same song for 4,000th time, and of any band I've ever loved, GB does it w/ more commitment and pure joy than anyone I've ever known. I can tolerate a few minor adjustments, as long as they don't turn into the bored "this is a job, let's play this shit and get outta here" vibe most band do after 7-10 yrs. of touring.

  37. Julia Ka

    I like it so much! :) Are you planning to come to France soon? Please come.

  38. Salo Garcia

    all mexico need this guys one more time

  39. Regina K

    Приїзжайте до Німеччини будь ласка! :) Ми на вас дууже чекаємо!

  40. Regina K

    Please, come to Germany!!!

  41. sevgül

    i love gogol bordello, they are so much more than just a band to me, i find my life in their words, moving from country to country, dealing with shitheads and still trying to stand strong. they always gave me hope and determination. i got to see them live last year and got addicted to their shows as well now i try to catch them everytime they come to europe. i love you guys!!!!

  42. Evangeline Greene

    Lol love how my boyfriend came out in the beginning holding up our two tickets please sign in boulder, Colorado. He's ecstatic he even came out in the video.

  43. Fookyuu NSA

    So I'm the guy in the top hat from boulder, fuck yea bitches train core for life

  44. Sashko Kononuchenko

    Коли ви знову в Україні будете?Я,піздюк,проїбав ваш минулий концерт(((((

    Zui Zui

    Цього року. 18 серпня на фесті Захід.

  45. Anton Malinsky

    i've seen them in Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Pomona. Best live show ever.

  46. kronickingpin

    Loved there concert it was best show Ever you have a fan for life

  47. Pavel Hajek

    love it :) so much wanna see you again ... 

  48. Rima Land

    I love you guys so much! Каждый раз поднимается настроение и хочется идти в пляс! 

  49. Violin Jazzmessenger123

    Love that violin! -> jazzmessenger123

  50. I am Bennu! So are You!

    Suspiciously slick and shiny...where are the ragged edges?

    Mia Jankowicz

    Cliqmo made it and she rocks. She's an amazing photographer who's been shooting them obsessively for years now so she knows her stuff. She shot this by holding two cameras (one stills, one on video setting) stacked on top of each other, so she could get her fix either way. If you find it slick, that's because it's made with incredible love by an incredible photographer and videographer <3. 

  51. Ann Moses

    love the video!

  52. fontirolo

    needs more cowbell

  53. Snake8418

    So damn good.

  54. khvost

    God! I wanna see GB live so bad!

  55. Édipo de Almeida

    Awesome! Please come to Porto Alegre (Brasil) again...

    Abay Orso

    Eles já vieram pra poa? Não acredito que perdi...

  56. Eric Deibler

    Just saw them on this tour a few weeks ago – and it was EXACTLY like this video! Fantastic!

  57. GG S

    my favorite song

  58. Mayya Feygina

    You guys bring me (and many others) great joy, no matter what state of mind I'm in. Thank you x1000, youz my heroes for life! <3 ;-}D

  59. Jamming way

    Новый клавишник прижился, как родной прям! 
    Евгений усач крут=) Да и все жгут!
    Спасибо, Gogol Bordello!

  60. MagnoliaWire

    GB essence captured perfectly in video format. Love it.

  61. Eve Candyslade

    If you ever ask yourself why people love this band so much, here are all the reasons in one amazing music video :) I love it!


    So much positive energy 

  62. aka0