Glee Cast - Spotlight Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Are you a man who loves and cherishes and cares for me?
Is that you? Is that you? Is that you?
Are you a guard in prison maximum security?
Is that you? is that you? Is that you?
do we stay home all the time because you want me to yourself?
Is that you? Is that you? Is that you?
Or am I stay locked away out of fear I'll find someone else?
Is that you Is that you Is that you?

Well I don't like (o-hoo)
Living under your spotlight (o-hoo)
Just because you think I might (o-hoo)
Find somebody worthy

O I don't like (o-hoo)
Living under spotlight
Maybe if you treat me right
You wont have to worry

[Verse 2]
Is this a relationship
Fulfilling your needs as well as mine?
Is that you? Is that you? Is that you?
Or is this just my sentence
Am I doing time?
Is that you? Is that you? Is that you?
Is this love real real love
Then I'm staying no doubt
Is that you? Is that you? Is that you?
But if I'm just love's prisoner
Then I'm bustin out (oh)


Boy you ought to be ashamed of yourself
What the hell do you think your doing
Loving me, loving me so wrong
Baby all I do is try (try)
To show you that your mine (mine)
One and only guy (only guy)
No matter who may come along
Open your eyes cause baby I don't like
Ooh, ooh (oo,oo)
Ooh, ooh (hey cause I don't like!)

Well I don't like
Living under your spotlight (no,no)
Just because you think I might (hee)
Find somebody worthy (no, I don't like yeah)
And I don't
Living under your spotlight (living under your spotlight)
Maybe if you treat me right (treat me right yeah!)
You wont to worry

(I don't like)

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Glee Cast Spotlight Comments
  1. Lua Moon


  2. Alex Mondrake

    Better than Rachel srry

  3. D. L.

    Easily my favorite Mercedes solo!! I love the background vocals of Tina and Brittany as well.

  4. Annabelle Madole

    Love this song and she made it better I love the show too

  5. Casa Mia

    Stupenda continuo ad ascoltarla non vivo senza

  6. Isaías Vicente Santos


  7. Karen Johnson

    This is another favorite by Mercedes because she is using her voice and not screaming. She has a great voice, but when she is trying to belt out louder , she screams instead.

  8. frostyellespawn

    Mercedes is goat and bae she has such a powerful and soulful voice it's just sad she always got over looked by Rachel I mean she was always better than her and she just blew her out the water with just this one song

  9. Alejandro López

    honestly, i know y'all prefer other mercede's solos like and I'm telling you I'm not going but this one with her perfomance SHOWS how amazing, unique mercedes can be and also the feelings in her perfomance, you can see her tired ofbeing second choice, of no one not noticing her it's just sad that this perfomance is only like 45 seconds, one of my favourite covers (better that the original btw)

    D. L.


  10. Alejandro López

    she outdid rachel berry and jennifer hudson with just one song

  11. honeymoon

    i cant believe this was five years ago??? :( time flies

  12. agus cardenitas bustitos

    i really like mercedes

  13. Michaila Williams


  14. Lucas Cordiolli

    Amo essa música, ainda mais cantada por ela. 💜

    Rafhael Leite

    Somos 2

    julio otakasso

    Somos 3

  15. khansome

    Amber killed it!
    But can I just say that Tina and Brittany sound so great together doing the back up it makes me sad they never got to sing a duet together, could've been easily done in season 4 missed opportunity really their voices go so well together! But they were always overlooked :(

    Shayne Hatch

    true, but Britney, MURDERED the dance routines, Her and Mike Chang, in love!


    yeah they were great

    carla magali azurmendi

    +Shayne Hatch those are dancers! yeah!!

    Alejandro López

    mmmm i think they really didn't sang the back up, if you go to "lovefool" on the glee wiki it shows that's one of the only songs where cast members actually really did the back up i could be wrong tho, and also SAME I WISH they would did a duet :(

  16. Cathy brenston

    Song put me in My feelings

  17. Julia Lindberg

    "a statue, a statue, a statue" is all I hear in the beginning


    thanks a lot man, now that's all I hear😂

    joan carr

    I like the song I am a fan of glee cast

  18. Ariel Rod

    love you Mercedes

  19. The B


  20. sweet things

    I love it omg

  21. Jonethia Lacy

    This cover is amazing. I think that Ms. Riley did a damn good job of singing a Jennifer Hudson song. That girl can SANG. LOVE, LOVE HER VOICE.

  22. Jujubee58

    It's just sad Mercedes didn't have a solo at any of the competitions in any of the seasons!  Like she said just trotted her out to belt out the last note of the song.

    Adil Boughlala

    Jujubee58 idk what you're saying but she got solos as a Troubletones/New Direction Girls member? It's just too bad she didn't get one as a New Direction Member

    Karen Johnson

    She was decent but screamed her songs too much. She sang Whitney covers better than most and her Troubletones were carried mostly by Santana. Whenever she wasn't "belting it out" she was a better singer.

    The Music Council

    I AM JUST REALIZING THAT!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    W R

    Karen Johnson You're literally such an idiot 😂 Amber Riley has perfect technique that rivals Mariah Carey and Whitney and you're saying she shouts? You're an idiot. Naya Rivera belts loudly she doesn't know volume control idiot 😂.

  23. Rêver Pour Ne Pas Sombrer

    It my favourite song on glee i love amber<3

  24. Danielle L.

    Cant believe amber riley didn't get the role of effie white for the movie dreamgirls. they chose jennifer hudson over her! 

    Danielle L.

    yes she did. if u look on her glee wikia page, u will know


    I love Amber, but Jennifer was the better choice.

  25. Sarah W

    This was her best performance in Glee by far.

  26. joeh lopez

    Actually, I hear this song everyday, sorry for my english

  27. Marije L

    everyone has their own favorite..

  28. Fitzwilliamdarcy1000

    Loool I love Santana too

  29. Emmi Louisa

    *Suddenly feeling like the only person who likes Santana most...*

  30. Juan Latorre Giraldo


  31. Fitzwilliamdarcy1000

    I prefer Mercedes

  32. Justine Trieu

    perfection <3

  33. Marcos Lopes

    Amber Diva

  34. WillDa Great

    That was just her opinion

  35. quinn berry

    i love Quinn and Mercedes and Rachel

  36. harry potter

    It's Quinn obviously.

  37. tiarajade david

    i like this have have this on my phone
    name the voice

  38. Muriel Perez

    Rachel , Mercedes , Santana and Kurt ARE THE BEST c: .

  39. Isaiah

    Damn mercedes can sing i love her:)

  40. psychorabbitt

    Rachel and Mercedes (Hell, nobody on that show can belt one out like Amber Riley) have the more powerful voices, that can't be denied. But personally, I prefer what Quinn brings to the table.


    psychorabbitt same

  41. Anaies Gibson

    I know Quinn can sing but Rachel has a better voice than her. And Rachel said herself that Mercedes can sing better than her, in Real Life and in Glee, so yeah.....

    Karen Johnson

    If Amber Riley was better in real life, then she would have two albums out instead of Lea.

    mikalah edmonds

    Karen Johnson that doesny matter at all

    D. L.

    Yea . . . the number of albums someone has out does not equal their vocal talent.
    Anyways, though I never knew that Lea said that about Amber.

  42. Ashley Riot

    Best version is original plus Moto blanco mix

  43. chris gomez

    sin palabras la amo la amo la amo

  44. darlilg :D

  45. Maria Lowe

    I honestly think that this song is as good if not better then the original! :)

  46. Androck222

    Have you guys seen the new love child that looks like it came from Kurt and Mercedes.?
    Wade Adams with is alter ego "Unique". I think he has an amazing voice.

  47. Sasha Higgins

    Mercedes has the voice of an angel. It's smooth and definitely blends in with this type of soulful music.

  48. The PS4 commentator

    did anybody else have audio problems?

  49. Afiya Graham

    I don't agree that Mercedes is the best singer on Glee. But, Mercedes has the most soulful voice on glee. And it is absolutely beautiful. Much like this cover <3

    Tyrel Blaxis

    She is the best singer, let's be honest.

  50. Ihas Sheepquake

    more like rachel is a spotlight hog.

  51. chani mcclendon

    they need to give her more singing roles #teammercedes

  52. Gagan Heer

    Can't wait Mercedes is coming back on the next episode, nov 8, 2012 :)

  53. MegaMadi97

    i want mercedes back :(

  54. alwaysahiccupandastrid

    Mercedes is beautiful :) And this is one of her best songs...I don't think people give her enough credit sometimes.

  55. Nakia Steel

    Mercedes, Rachel, Kurt, Santana, and Artie best glee clubers eva! Love this song. Its now my ringtone

  56. Julia K.

    Everyone in glee is simply perfect ♥

  57. Ihas Sheepquake

    mercedes is much more better then guinn

  58. Ihas Sheepquake

    better then rachel

  59. liltysean08

    Cracking the f-ck up -_-

  60. psychorabbitt

    ...what the hell does ctfu even mean?

  61. liltysean08

    Ctfu as far as what,LOOKS?

  62. psychorabbitt

    I like Rachel and Mercedes, but neither of them holds a candle to Quinn in my eyes.

  63. Alice Siu

    i agree!!!

  64. Kate Molly

    Its so unfair on Mercedes and I know exactly how she feels, but I got to say Lea (Rachel) is just amazing! However they both deserve the chance to shine, personally I think Rachel has the star quality

    Tyrel Blaxis

    Mercedes is a better singer, but Rachel is pretty.

  65. Primeiro Último

    Sorry, Mercedes is awesome, but Rachel is the queen! :D

  66. Primeiro Último

    that doesn't make any sense at all...

  67. Devin Corbett

    ...Why does that ball have Sue's arm O__O

  68. Herman Andersen

    no. i said no, as in rachel isn't the best singer, sweetie, just don't. im not stupid.

  69. Aaron Cairney

    This video isn't actually HD. I can hear that something is wrong with the audio, and there are much better and clearer versions of this track elsewhere on YouTube that aren't like that.

  70. Herman Andersen

    no. just no.

  71. liltysean08

    Woaaaaaaah there , next to Rachel of course.

  72. eduardo ramirez

    amber's best solo... ever (yes, even better than And i'm telling you, I will always love you, etc..)

  73. Michelle Alvarado

    I heard the original Jennifer Hudson version ... yeah Amber Riley blew out of the water! She gave more emotion to this song .<3

  74. sheerri

    Not all but a good percentage, sorry :)

  75. mynaijagal

    Amber "perfection" Riley

  76. ladyguitara

    wha why BLAINE

  77. Gian Roxas


  78. confident_rebel

    I can sing I'm black, but everyone else can't, abf they're black

  79. Sarah h

    all black people can sing.... :( it's not fair

  80. Lilith R.


  81. 121fifi1

    I know everything about glee 1 fan

  82. JoSanOfficialMusic

    I can't stop listening to this...the lyrics hit so close to home...and the vocal are just wow...I am completely inspired!

  83. TheGreenerItGets

    Amber Riley's voice...

  84. Geoff109

    @BeautyChickSavannah you would click on the statistics button next to the number of views but this video doesn't have any

  85. juliakate23

    CHEcK OuT MY CoVEr

  86. appeljuice413

    its mercedes bitch

  87. Angel Hdz

    Wiii is good nice

  88. Savannah

    Where can you see people who like and dislike this?

  89. Rushty

    Rachel Berry disliked this 8 times !

  90. misspemc

    i had chills all the way through the song. i love this song

  91. tinker bell

    if choir class was like this>>>it would be so much funn!!!

  92. jacuzzisssful

    This is so great! Just hate ryan murphy for adding a char for mercedes' bf all of a sudden... Should have shown samxmercedes first...

  93. Emma Wenn

    so glad amber gets more songs now <3
    her voice is undeniably incredible