Girls Aloud - See The Day Lyrics

When you look at me
Tell me what you see
Do you see no love at all?
Or do you see in me
What you always see
In every girl that you fall for

I will show you how love is meant to be
Just watch and learn and listen to me

Will you ever see the day
Heartache leads astray
Good love will always come from me
Will you ever learn to love
Without a little doubt
Good love will always come from me

When you look away
Is it mean to say
That she haunts you night and day
And does it hurt your heart
When I say let's start
To heal the part that's been torn

Don't you see that
I'm really worth a try
And I say to you
I know just what to do


Don't you see that I
I'm really worth a try
And I say to you
I know just what to do

[CHORUS X2 (to fade)]

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Girls Aloud See The Day Comments
  1. Suzanne Mousley

    Omg doing a bit of a nostalgia bit and found out Girls Aloud had covered the Dee C Lee classic and kinda murdered it.great song but original better by far

  2. D Lamb

    Nadine sang this great!!
    I’ve always thought Kimberley was the prettiest by a long mile. The nicest as well.

  3. Sam West

    Will always love my Queen Cheryl.

  4. Kevin McShane

    Nadine kills this song!!!!
    Literally kills it!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  5. Willlll1m

    Every Xmas I comeback to this song!

  6. [toastedroast]

    All these girls were gorgeous, And could sing but for me, Nadine always been my favourite 21 year old me sure was smitten. Even now as she's on I'm a celeb.

  7. Arian C Barton

    I miss this 😔💔

  8. Ömür Hünerli

    Nadine Rocks! 🤤

  9. Roach

    Nadine was the backbone of this group lol

  10. °itz_gacha-Hollie°

    Look at her then and now she in da
    Jungle lol

  11. Anyname Myname

    Cheryl is absoloutely beautiful😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Angel Annor

    I love this song and Girls Aloud should reunite

  13. Alex the Pensmith

    I only remember this was a single when it gets shown on the music channels at Christmas. Cheryl absolutely hated this video and single as I recall because of how she looked in it. I actually think they all look lovely here TBH, Nicola especially. I suppose coming literally weeks after 'Biology' was released ran the risk of it not being as big a hit, which hitting #9 meant it wasn't at that time even though in hindsight it's still a good chart position.

  14. Sonia Lilly

    Nadine's head is so far up her arse! Nicola had the led voice in this group no doubt.

    Lloyd Robinson

    Maybe because nadine was the only one with the voice, nicola the horrible ugly little rat was a terrible singer

  15. Chris Watson

    I so wanna give Nadine a try!

  16. Eleni Szypuła

    I lived in Dublin, Ireland when this song came out (2005).

  17. Living-in Ibiza

    I watched everything on these as im ill & was watching anything but got hooked even though im no fan so I was bored so thought id see how they got together etc and was surprised at what they went through etc, but what the hell has cheryl cole done? She looks like Michael Jackson now!,, Dee C Lee sang this beautifully

  18. Thomas George

    I wonder if artists consider rereleasing tracks. If this was released now, it would get 10s of millions of hits

  19. Dennis Wright

    I'm also in love with Dido and Adele !

  20. Dennis Wright

    I'm biased because I've been in love with Sarah for years! She is the best personality!

  21. MadWorld

    Cheryl singing out of her nostrils killing the beautiful tone that is Nadine 🤣👌🤣

  22. ruthroses1

    i love cheryl's engagement ring

  23. Nina Pham official

    Why I can’t find karaoke ?(((

  24. Dra Matic

    My very first favourite song in my life !

  25. Joanne Denney

    Sarah reminds me of Marilyn Monroe here with her longer blonde hair. All five look stunning

  26. Donya P

    So beautiful

  27. Dan Bana

    Miss this, What an innocent time in music.

  28. Geoff Baxendale

    5 stunning talented girls without question.

  29. dockcom

    This song is a banger!

  30. Diana Kerry

    i would never stop loving this song :D <3

  31. Peter Sydes

    trust the plan..Q

  32. WeOnlyBeingz OverStand

    Had to come back in 2018!!!! Jus to bring bck my childhood memories For abit

  33. JerriAyçiçek

    These songs were my childhood 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  34. Vanessa Davidson

    Nadine was the most annoying one in the group. Hated her and still do

  35. laminage

    I had no idea that DC Lee was the "Orignal" Backing Vocalist in Wham before "Pepsi" took her place. She missed doing American Bandstand in 1983.

  36. Halloweenville

    I never understood why Nadine was marketed as the Beyonce of the group, she wasn't the best singer, the blonde one was far better, and she was more stunning in my opinion, i never got why Nadine was always forced on us, it was probably because she was more friendly with the production team, who knows

    You don’t recognise this name

    Sarah has terrible vocal technique lol, if she was at the front all the time her voice would be shredded to bits

  37. laminage

    At least they all Sang. In The Supremes it was only Diana Ross, in The Ronettes it was Veronica "Ronnie" Spector, and in Eden's Crush (US Popstars) it was Nicole Scherzinger who would later record with The Pussycat Dolls. At least they made it. Look at what happened to Girlicious (A Pussycat Dolls Spinoff), they thought they were going to be the next big thing and it didn't happen.

  38. Aliyah Burnette

    I love this song I prefer the live version from chemistry tour.

  39. laminage

    One of the best "Cover" Versions of a Song originally done by a R & B Act.

  40. Donya P


  41. Break the ice

    Nadine literally sings 80% of this song lol

  42. Living-in Ibiza

    Cheryl Cole or whatever she calls herself had to go on thinking she was the best.... I can’t stand her but the rest were lovely

  43. LordOfThe Flightless

    Girls aloud songs have just become so bloody iconic

  44. Ron Wylie

    I am a 63 year old man and I love their stuff, whoever chose the songs was brilliant

  45. Jahangir Zadeh

    Cheryl odd one out in every department !

    Paul Sheen

    Why ????

  46. Garrerth Reed

    Beautifully done.

  47. Alison Attwell

    Love this tune

  48. thequalitydan

    Why on earth was this not included on TEN?

  49. Isabel Laing

    Awww love Girls Aloud 💓Each and everyone of them are Beautiful and Great Singers ❤️💋❤️💋❤️

  50. laminage

    It sounds like something that Songwriter/Producer Burt Bacharach would have written back in the day. I could see Santana & Brittany singing this on Glee.

  51. domhull09

    nadine is just the best

  52. Garry Leonard

    They should all be took outside & shot.... Destroying such a beautiful record by such a beautiful lady... Dee C LEE....... THEY ARE PATHETIC... HAVE SO CALLED SINGERS TODAY GOT NO SHAME... i would be embarrassed if i was them..

    Naomi Doyle

    Garry Leonard stfu and keep insults for yourself

  53. Lisa Ann

    Miss girls aloud! Hopefully they have another reunion

  54. Jessie Franklin

    Why doesn't Kimberley not sing a solo line on this song?

  55. Stuss H

    absolutely crap..

  56. Kayleigh Natasha

    When my niece was a baby andI babysat her, I'd always end up having to play this version of See The Day to help her sleep. So I'd have to wait until the next day to get my CD back.


    You were a wonderful Aunt. I am Canadian and I only found out about these guys earlier this year. I was channel surfing and I came across them and I remembered Cheryl Cole being a Judge on the US's X Factor.

    liz sugrue

    Why not sing this to her?

  57. Jack Young

    The miming is BAD in this video lol

  58. Beáta Fülöp

    Super music! 😍💜

  59. Busty Girl67

    Dee C Lee original is better listen to Dee C Lee 1985 version


    I've noticed that alot of UK Artists "Cover" alot of Obscure Songs. Take That, Girls Aloud, are prime examples and it's easy because the "kids" don't know who are the original artists are.


    Very true but this is not bad , Dee C Lee had a special voice ,

  60. Sebastian Kelly

    Nicola should've sung a lot lot more, her voice goes with the rhythm... Kimberly should've sung too!!!

    kai Smith

    I have a crush on nicola Roberts

  61. Ariadne Lydia

    Nicola should've sung more, she sounds great <3 and Kimberley too

    LordOfThe Flightless

    Ariadne Lydia I think her voice really went well with Nadine's. Just look at something kinda oo

    kai Smith

    This made me cry for some reason. this song was song when i was 5 and it put me to sleep plus i. Never hurd it since then.

    kai Smith

    Ariadne lydia nicola Roberts is my crush

  62. Meg S

    Nadine Coyle feat. Girls Aloud

    Naomi Doyle

    S Meg she's part of them, she can't ft herself

    LordOfThe Flightless

    Naomi Doyle they're implying she's the best one. But nah Nadine's voice went really well with Nicola's...
    They also happen to be the two I find most attractive but that's besides the point

  63. Princess Vampire

    I think 2005 was the year 'Girls Aloud' all looked the best. ^_-

  64. Nicolás Gabriel

    Nadine eres hermosa te ami ❤️

  65. Plaz AWall

    Nadine and her 4 backing singers

    Plaz AWall

    +misssuperellie - I stand to be corrected

    J LP

    I always prefer Nicola's voice, but she never got enough to do


    Strange how her 4 " backing singers" have all had more solo success than Nadine , Cheryl with at least 5 solo No.1s , Kimberley with Centre Stage & starring in the West End , Nicola with the highly acclaimed Cinderella's Eyes ..

    smck 2016

    Lol Nicola and Kimberleys albums tanked same as Nadines. critical acclaim means f all when you don't get the sales to back it up. As for Miss Versini whatever her name is now she only got success because of The X Factor.


    What happened to them is no different with what happened with "Other" Girl Groups. The Spice Girls never had any real Solo Success nor did the Members Of En Vogue, and while Xscape are reuniting Kandi Buress (A Real Life Housewife Of Atlanta) who wrote There You Go For Pink, and Scrubs for TLC isn't rejoining her former partners. It's very hard to reinvent yourself also people still look at them as Those Reality Show Group.

  66. Mokhtar Amen

    i love this song and the music ,

  67. Elaine P

    My guilty pleasure 😂😂😂😂

  68. Noelle keating

    Good song good video

  69. Wollas

    This was the song we used for our school leavers' ball. *flies away*

  70. Zeinab Aoude

    forever my fave

  71. Johnny Elvis

    back agian on 23 0f march 2015  cool   tcb

  72. maria78831

    kimberly nothing?nadine sings almost 70% the lyrics of the song


    Poison Ivy, And you must be retarded, if you can't except someone else's opinion, I THINK she wasn't the best singer. obviously you don't, and that's fine with me.

    Poison Ivy

    Halloweenville Are u serious?! She was the only w some decent voice. Sarah is a bad singer!


    Do you have a problem with people having opinions that differ from yours. i don't like Nadine's voice- as i think she can't do twirls and tricks properly, i like Sarah's voice because to my ears it has more fluidity and she doesn't try to out do herself, as mentioned this is my choice, and nothing to do with what you think. deal with the fact that people have opinions, and it's not down to you to correct them.


    Nadine's voice is more Blue Eyed Soul and while she did get "Leads" more than the others, her Solo Career didn't take off the way Cheryl's did. Also when a Producer/Songwriter does a Song, they try to figure out who would be the "best" at singing it. When Eden's Crush (US Popstars) found out that Nicole Scherzinger was going to sing Lead on "Get Over Yourself" The others were furious, upset and angry, another problem was that they worked with alot of Producers who worked with everyone from Monica to 98 Degrees but the Album never took off and "Get Over Yourself" was their only hit Single. Berry Gordy did the same thing with The Supremes.

    J M

    Halloweenville wow at least we know you’re just terrible

  73. Johnny Elvis

    i love the blond  woow  cool 0n the 18 0f march  2015  pece

  74. Sara Savić

    Sarah looks much prettier with longer hair

  75. Johnny Elvis

    cool on 6 0f march  2015  tcb 

  76. My Precious

    Nadine is the definition of perfection and beauty.

    Paul R

    @My Precious Nadine is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen

    LordOfThe Flightless

    My Precious nah I always had a massive crush on Cheryl, (probs the jordi accent), but now definitely Nadine.... Definitely. Theb probs Nicola. Yeh, she's probably the prettiest

  77. MissKimberleyJ

    probably still 1 of my favourite songs of theres

    Suzanne Mousley

    MissKimberleyJ a Dee c Lee original.

  78. a-hopeless-embrace

    Omgg I wanna cry :'(
    What a beautiful song...omg my heart obiviosuly omg

  79. Liily Hancox

    will forever fangirl over girls aloud

  80. Kaz Parry

    Love song xx

  81. Mario Martinez

    es el peor vídeo de todoooooooooos jaja

  82. Dean P.

    Nicola reminds me of lorde. 😂

  83. Johnny Elvis

    love this song  on 6 of feb 2014   peace  tcb 

  84. honoshikun

    I love Girls Aloud, but the original was perfect and they can't touch it. No one can for that matter.


    I've heard my share of "Cover" Songs and this one was one of the best out there. I noticed that UK Artists do "Cover" Songs and quite often nobody knows that they didn't "originate" it. Look at Damage, They did "Freak Me" but it was also a Hit for The US Group Silk.

    Timothy Carr

    Yes Definitely original best

  85. dianasitetwid mandy

    Is it legal too that beautiful at 2:00 wow

    dianasitetwid mandy

    CORRECTION!! I wanted to ask if it was legal to be that beautiful at 2:00, but abviousley I was so shoked by her beauty for doing those mistakes lol

    LordOfThe Flightless

    dianasitetwid mandy a Cheryl man eh?... I used to have a crush on her. But I think I had a bigger one on Nadine. Nadine by far, and Nicola. Cheryls just not me type, other than the jordi accent, cause thats greet like

    supbro_the _crazy

    i hope so

  86. Patrycja Malgorzewicz

    Ohh shit sherlock! -

  87. SameDifferenceisbest

    I'm from 2025

  88. en _

    I don't know why, but when I was a young girl and this song came out, I was so in love with the video and their dresses!!

  89. proxycol

    nicola and nadine <3

  90. Ade Victoria

    Alouder forever♥

  91. Polaroid Productions

    LADY GAGA AT 0:11

  92. Polaroid Productions

    Wow, I never thought this was girls aloud! Doesn't sound like them!

  93. Queenhip_hop Dancer

    pwwww kommatara mou oso kairo se epsaxna :)

  94. Yasmin Lavik

    Cheryl and Nadine rule

  95. Madi kayla

    just type it in on google, they have some random websites that will show it, trust me i'm in the same situation! Sexy! no. no, no is easily the best just so you know ;)

  96. xnadziejax

    Cheryl is the best!<3

  97. Patrycja Malgorzewicz

    Ohh..Hey you from the future -__-

  98. samia cc

    cheryl cheryl <3 <3