Giorgio Moroder - From Here To Eternity Lyrics

From here to eternity
That's where she takes me
From here to eternity
With love, with love, with love

Baby, baby, baby gives me loving
Leaves me meaning nothing, nothing left to mean
Baby, baby, baby's got me sighing
Nearly has me dying, dying off to me

From here to eternity
That's where she takes me
Frome here to eternity
She does, she does
She does, she does

From here to eternity
That's where she leads me
From here to eternity
With love, with love
With love, with love

Baby, baby, baby, makes me feel good
Feels good now she makes me love me once again
Baby, baby, loving her is easy
Easy how she loves me, love me once again

From here to eternity
That's where she takes me
From here to eternity
She does, she does
She does, she does

Frome here to eternity
That's where she leads me
From here to eternity
With love, with love
With love, with love

From here to eternity
That's where she takes me
From here to eternity
She does, she does
She does, she does

From here to eternity
That's where she leads me
From here to eternity
With love, with love
With love, with love

From here to eternity
That's where she takes me
From here to eternity
With love, with love, with love
Baby, baby, baby, baby

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Giorgio Moroder From Here To Eternity Comments
  1. Retroplayer one

    2020 sigue siendo hermosa

  2. Mario Sergio

    Quando eu escuto esta música, eu me sinto viajando em uma nave espacial numa velocidade estupenda, rumo ao infinito!

  3. Simon price

    Rupert, 1977. See stu I remember lol.

  4. Cosimo Simonefti

    Un cavallo di battaglia.vvvaiiiiiiiiiiii!

  5. GallonHat Pat

    He looks like a Keegan Key character

  6. Pheunith: Psychic-Water Type

    My Name is Giovanni Giorgio. But some people call me GioGio

  7. Lays Milene Miranda

    gostaria de ter dançado essa em 78 imaginando o quanto o futuro seria incrível (não foi)

  8. Balraj Arora

    this music will die only with me....

  9. Herr Starr

    This sounds like a song that will be played at a popular series in the future and it'll become famous again

  10. Grazia Molinari

    Precursore illuminato dell'elettronica raffinata. La House music non ha inventato nulla! Ha attinto a piene mani dal suo genio!

  11. Paolo Cesare Scardua

    no words, eternal.

  12. ☯ mazewaxie ☯

    GTA Liberty City Stories... Flashback FM


    Looks like Charly García without vitiligo.

  14. The Kickboxing Community

    This does not sound like a 70s song

    AT ALL

    Andrey Ivanov

    Funny enough, I thought the same thing - until I saw the year badge. But then when I started listening to it more carefully, I realized it really is a 70's style because of some very unique sounds present in the song... for instance, all of those "quirky" "chirping" sounds you hear in the song are evidently made by 70's equipment - and other various "pure analog" sounds. The reason being because 70's equipment had different implementations of the synths and settings - and also, 70's music equipment had components made out of actual Lead (it produces those said signature sounds), whereas they stopped making them like that in the 80's and onward. This is evidently the reason why all those pure-analog musicians and enthusiasts use old 70's equipment rather than the modern digitally-sampling ones (I heard this from an actual DJ whose been in the field since the early 80's).

    Have a listen to this 70's synth sounding song and you will find a lot of similar sounding sounds like the song in this current video. 😌

    Timber Micka

    It's like... the most 70s thing ever

  15. Marieke Pattyn

    nice song from 2037

  16. Harrisuddin Miah

    Dhe my fuarvet sond1977ok

  17. Gaetano Rutigliano

    Avevo solo 15 anni e questa canzone come quella di baciotti andavano per la grande

  18. Эдуард Арнаутопуло

    Спасибо за музыку! Классика на все времена

  19. Zerolino100

    Grande Moroder!

  20. silverwater006

    The outro from 4:29 just teleports you into another trance!

  21. Cielo Terra

    Per vanessa anna +++

  22. Vishwanathan Menon

    In year 2019, still no match the way whole music was played. Great, one of the best time for good music best lyrics no doubt best singers.

  23. Rubens Gomes

    My song

  24. Alex Salin


  25. Cinzia Wood

    Stile inconfondibile

  26. DD Funky

    Un concept album électro-disco de haute volée! Un disque aux sonorités incroyables en 1977, j'ai eu la chance de l'entendre en discothèque lors d'une soirée discofunk, ça na pas vieilli. Génial!

  27. sucessor de dojosai

    He is Italian

  28. jon doglegs


  29. Стас Бабич

    бляяя,"плиту купил в 78 м за 100 руб!)))

  30. Стас Бабич

    гений электропопа!!!!!

  31. Juan Quintero

    I will listen to this song from here to eternity of course ...

  32. Marco Aurelio Zambon


  33. Stephen Mccarthy

    Way, Way, Way ahead of its time, wouldn't go amiss today

  34. kannonball

    From year 1977 to year 2020

  35. João de Sousa Neto


  36. Mat Ming

    Questo pezzo è stato pubblicato nel 2076..... Un viaggiatore del tempo lha portato cent'anni indietro.

  37. Ivan Orellana

    Una extraordinaria joya,un diamante en bruto,un tributo al maestro Giorgio morder,


    My old memories back n my favourite....

  39. Just Another Ghost

    Dude got killed by David Bowie in Regular Show.

  40. Micko Dillon

    This is awesome

  41. Antonio Mastroberardino

    Avevo questo disco ma la copertina era bianca🎼🎵🎶🇮🇹🇮🇹

  42. Cielo Terra

    Giorgio non appartiene a questo mondo +++

  43. Zakat Almosen

    Puttana che mattonata sulle gengive.

  44. ray bon

    studio 54 ....1977 ...1978......yankees 17 games back, heat waves black outs,

  45. Brasil acerejadobolo BRASIL ACEREJADOBOLO

    Bolsonaro 2022?

  46. Doi Librero

    He had a cameo in MI Fallout glad to see him still healthy

  47. Ivens Ивенс

    A low Bow to the generation of 1940.

  48. Ivens Ивенс


  49. michele visconti

    Italy, love...

  50. Jason Lieberman

    Giorgio up in 1977 lookin like the faroff future of 1983.

  51. Hans Joachim Klampke

    Geile Mucke von Hajo

  52. Phong Thanh Luu

    cool Songs im Born 1977er

  53. Laura V.

    Fantastic. Fantastic!!

  54. Charles Smith

    I am trying to guess the intricacies of the opening of this electro-disco number which led to space disco, MECO's "Star Wars" disco songs, and Moroder's "The Chase" - the best space disco instrumental song around in the 1970s.

    The opening measures - and I have to think "Moog" here. Robert Moog invented this world famous of all modular synths ever since the RCA synth was invented before that.

    What would I do if I were Moroder with all of the modular features and effects of the Moog to pull it off from "From Here To Eternity"?

    Vocoder - to use for the "for here to eternity....with love, with love, with love."
    (for the "with love", I would use an echo-delay effect). The Vocoder is a voice recorder, not part of the Moog (likely the Minimoog), but I assume that I have a large Moog module that takes up 1/4 of my wall.

    The triadic chords would be my singing voice with a multitrack recorder, attached to the Minimoog and attached to the Vocoder. I would use at least one VCO (voltage control oscillator) to pull this effect off - and from hearing what I heard in the triads, most likely I would use a LPF - a low-pass filter, to filter out any bass frequencies so I only hear treble frequencies in the triads.

    To get the so called "accents" in that Vocoder sequence, I could do two things -
    1. Adjust the volume control, or -
    2. More preferably, use a wavelength alteration - so basically it all means I would adjust the wavelength control knobs on the Moog - for example, change to pulse wave to square, or triangle to square and back to triangle, or sine wave to sawtooth and back again, to enhance the effects.

    On the Moog gadget itself.....
    Sweep pad - so with the sweeps on the chords, I would use a VCO, maybe a LFO, in turn, to filter the chords with the cheesy distortions the Moog would be famous for.....

    Mod Wheel - on the Moog, I would use that to change the overall tones down 1/2 tone, or a full tone, or 1 and a half semitones.

    Linn Drum Machine - to pull off the drum thing. Not part of the Moog - but it is common in the 1970s to use that rhythm machine.

    In turn......

    The "Vocoder" sequence with all of those analog effects would sound like a voice of an alien robot - which Moroder would definitely love so, so much!!!

  55. Antonello Belmonte

    Un fuoriclasse...

  56. Dragan Milenkovic

    The Godfather of Disco,Techno,Eurodance,Rage and Rave music personally

    Charles Smith

    It inspired MECO - a cover disco band, to cover movie soundtrack songs from space movies in 1970 - "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind", and "Star Wars", altering John Williams' original soundtracks into a disco-style format great for disco dancing. But I wonder if John Williams sued MECO for attributing his songs as derivative songs without John's consent.....

    Charles Smith

    MECO - is a space word - actually an acronym - which means "main engine cut-off". Usually you execute MECO as an astronaut after you go into orbit after blast off (usually 8-15 minutes after liftoff).

  57. Ermak Freeman

    1979 ем2

  58. Wagner Macchi

    Esse cara é um gênio até hoje grande Italialiano Sr. Moroder, Dj, tecnico de som, tudo já fez pelo bem da musica eletronica da qual ele é o máximo precursor, dirigiu, criou, executou, e deu vida a muitas das maravilhas da eletronica, lá dos anos 60, e até hoje, inclusive, foi o motor do sucessos da grande maravilhosa Donna Summer, que Bom que estas conosco Giorgio Moroder de Um fan teu do Brasil......abração a todos que curtem....

  59. Binford8100

    Porn glasses
    + Porn moustache
    + Porn music

  60. Klaus Karnath

    THE Future of Music👌

  61. paul nicholls

    now thats wat i call a 70s moustache

  62. Melania MoneyPenny

    Italians are masters of everything creative ....disco ..prog rock ...opera ..horror are just down to earth about it and don't brag.

  63. Elena Poli

    Un fottuto genio,allora era 3 o 4 se la giocavano.grande effetto anke ora ke la riascolto.😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Giovanni Malagrinó

    Elena Poli, Cerrone, Gino Soccio .By disco '70,s hot Made in Italy

  64. Ricardo Cunha


  65. Fabián Olea Melián

    do anybody know why some of the songs of this album sounds similar in certainly parts of it? maybe he had only some audio tracks and mixed them in diferent ways???

  66. Damoskinos

    The Power of Georgio's music is contained in the mustache

  67. Péqueux d'Arleux

    a sound like gino Soccio.

  68. Shitosław Pasterski

    super composer.giorgio thank's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. TheAcione

    setembro 2019 !! continua supimpa!!

  70. Martin Gries

    Giorgio Moroder is 79 Years old !!!

  71. Jack Deman

    Giorgio is Out of this world Way ahead of our time I Danced to this at Florentine Garden in Hollywood CA

  72. R. KORG

    I hear Fancy as a vokal...?

  73. Rossy Russo

    Haha thank God it's Friday what a soundtrack an movie!!!🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🦏🐼🐻🦍🐬🐳🐂🐊🦊

  74. Ascoltando la Musica


  75. Salvatore Iudice

    Ma quanta musica ha prodotto questo grande artista, ma soprattutto, quanti Oscar ha vinto con le sue colonne sonore?


    Ano 1978 portuários saudade

  77. Paco Harder

    Los inicios del High Energy 😎

  78. Polyhead

    The Neverending Mustache :v

  79. Nicola Altavista

    The best musical 80 dance

  80. Gary White

    The start of the disco era and this song takes me back to my matric year 1977.

  81. Maria Jose Dos Santos

    Se o tempo voutace e rã bom de mas

  82. Maria Jose Dos Santos

    Recorda é vive mesmo é sa música cantava muito nas discoteca eu dançava muito ela e show de bola

  83. Antonietta Porcaro

    Geniale. .

  84. Giovanni Malagrinó


  85. Cosimo Laneve

    pare Franco Nero he he he he M.I.T.I.C.O.

  86. zabastovka

    Спасибо большое за ваше творчество

  87. Alfeo Viero

    Argentum Astrum
    Quae errante lunan
    In serenissimum firmamentum
    Estelar estela estrela .:

  88. HIPPYE


  89. gerald smerea

    flashback fm

  90. Señor Garcia

    Party Pete

  91. 273VIPER

    Never gets old , maybe a thousand times played

  92. John Robben

    This really sucks



  94. camilla nobrega

    Eita cabaré de calango bão 👏👏👏👏

  95. Márcio Miranda