Gibbs, Freddie - What It Be Like Lyrics

You can take it how you wanna take it homie
Yea you hear the record spinnin'
So you know I'm gettin' money
Got a spot, can't another nigga come and take it from me
Now you wanna sideline, fucked up, lookin' funny
And I'm flossin' in the 68' oldsmols
Subtract another booty, blowin' fruity with yo' hoes
You wanna be like me but you making that no flow
I got some dealers that'll hit you up for that rose gold
I'm fresh up outta Indiana nigga
Gary to be exact
Got my ticket with this rappin' through Gary up on my back
I'm in business with them nigga that keep a clip in the gat
Knees on the lac
Catch you in the kitchen whippin the crack
I'm a come up on some swishas and twist up anotha sack
Got your girl leavin with her, she wonderin' where she at
What she said up in the Jag, if she let a nigga stab
But if not I put that bitch in the cab
I'll see ya later babe

All my thug ass nigga, what it be like
All my down ass hoes, what it be like
No I don't fuck around ho, what it be like
You know I bust down ho, what it be like
All my East coast nigga, what it be like
All my West coast nigga, what it be like
All my dirty South nigga, what it be like
All my Midwest nigga, what it be like

Say nigga what it be like
Wanna go to war with me you better get your G's right
I'm a bout to show 'em what these G.I. streets like
Broad day to midnight
Better keep your heat tight
2: 11 1-8-7 semi-automatic weapon
Make a nigga get to steppin'
I don't care what set he reppin'
Bustin' in my own discretion
Bout to teach that ass a lesson
I be getting threatened by these lame brain niggas
But I never sweat 'em
Real niggas show me love in the hood
I ain't never got problems cause I got plugs in the hood
You might see me politickin' with them thugs in the hood
That's the type of shit I does in the hood
Middle-finger to you bitch ass niggas
Dog ass hoes
Y'all can keep on hatin' and thinkin' we gettin dough
The G's at my show
They rush the front row
Throw they sets in the air
Let a mothafucka know

All my Vice Lord nigga, what it be like
All my G.D. nigga, what it be like
All my Black Stone nigga, what it be like
All my Renegade nigga, what it be like
All my Latin King nigga, what it be like
All my Crip gang nigga, what it C like
All my Blood gang nigga, what it B like
We all the same gang nigga, what it be like

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Gibbs, Freddie What It Be Like Comments
  1. Zskywalker 2020

    Still under-Rated
    Thats how we like it baby

  2. Rice n Beans

    We all the same gang nigga what it be like

  3. Makaveli Inc

    What it be like , still here ma nigguh , whats good, all my west coast brothas what it be like!! Comin to 2020 with this boi!

  4. James S.

    Im here because of K.D.

  5. Lyndon

    Got Gary up on my back 9 years l8r

  6. Michael Cannon

    2019 this shit still got 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. UncannyAbilities

    Approaching 2020 like WHAT IT BE LIKE

  8. Ben

    This video was produced by Archibald Bonkers. THAT is a good name.

  9. jordan putz

    What it be like!!!

  10. Xhorxhino Vasili

    2019 this track never die. Love ya G

  11. Rufin Fury

    shiiiit had no idea there was a vid for this. classic

  12. 187

    My favorite Gibbs song

  13. palO AU


  14. Johnny Guit-Fiddle

    Why can't we tattoo gifs? Like, I'd get a gif of this on my arm.

  15. Sikario40

    This shit is like a 5 finger slap to the face

  16. menan88

    Still bump this daily. GANGSTA GIBBS HOE

  17. coach p

    this is a pretty good track. I never heard your music before, and you seem like you got skills. I like the fact that you gave a shout-out to the gangs. I hope you can have an influence on the gangs to stop the violence within the communities and to start building up the neighborhood. The gangs could be an important part of black society specifically if we were to use the gangs to police our own neighborhoods and do things such as invest time in neighborhood rec centers and feed communities. Now I'm not saying that the Black Panthers were a gang by any stretch of the imagination, but I am saying that games should look at the Black Panthers as an example of what can be done when you come together, educate yourselves, and attempt to do positive things in your community. Myself, I would not be opposed to getting rid of all of the police departments in favor of groups like the Black Panthers. They were more interested in feeding children, making sure that police were not coming into the neighborhoods and shooting our women and children, and building programs that would that would further the cause of the black community. I hope you can get big enough and have a positive influence on the fellas in the streets and redirect the focus of gangsterism.

    Comrade Kong

    the fuck outta here witcho clown ass

  18. Cee Jay

    A real spitter

  19. andrew harley

    This song really is a classic

  20. ChapterzMC

    Let's goooooo

  21. عبدالرحمن الشناوي

    c.c.g from egypt all da way

  22. Kyle Cook

    Passin through Indiana back to the city n I met this mans atta BP in Whiting Indiana slangin his CD wayyyy the fuckk back. This dude fuckkin blew up. Easily in my top 5 now. WHAT IT BE LIKE

  23. ChapterzMC

    Let's f****** go!!!!

  24. Uncle Jim

    Salame boi

  25. Hipthony Hoptano

    This tape issa classic as well as midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik. I wish people wouldn't see him only for Piñata cuz he one of the greatest gangsta rappers of all time tbh

  26. tha_real_jimmy

    I’m fresh outta Indiana, Marion to exact( 76🖐🏼)

  27. Matthew Tyler

    Detroit Michigan Gary Indiana what it be like AWOL and Feddie Gibbs what it be like

  28. Bix Nood Mufuggen

    what it be like

  29. Kyle Cook

    Yo fuckk GI.. wait till im done witchall bum hoes

  30. Jason Crime

    beast. dayyumnn

  31. CrazyCanadian

    so underrated

  32. Sosa 90

    Lol who the fuck compares Gibbs to tech nine tech is fucking trash compaired to gibs. White folks understand gibs In his own lane

  33. Jas B

    Here since day it dropped still fire . 8 years now. Such a banger . Jan 2018?

  34. andre aka dre trevor

    Like who can

  35. Charles Endsley

    haaaa....i remember bumpin this is the ol 01 lac , pearl with the velvet guts back....11 years ago?

  36. Joseph Volpe

    One of the greatest videos of all time

  37. John Baptist

    blood just boiling!!!!!

    all THESE phonie pathetic rappers got these 😤

  38. John Baptist

    freddie alone Hands DOWN POUNDS 4 everything can slay all these MFS byhimsle that's how GANGSTA PAC SHOCK ELECTRIC CLEEEEAR KABOOOOM he is

  39. Joseph Silberbauer

    midwest till i die illstate bitch chitown 6nation

  40. DM AutoTV

    Dope dope track

  41. Sara Marie

    I saw him in concert. I was front row, close enough to touch him

  42. DM AutoTV

    Gangsta Gibbs you're dope

  43. RoRo Dear

    Classic still bumping this in 2017

  44. michael siegel

    where can I download this?

  45. sam lastmen

    east west north south where evver

  46. KayzUp

    gangsta gangsta gibbs

  47. Mattia Paolo Nicoletti

    This is

  48. Mattia Paolo Nicoletti

    From nickerson this fucking nigga gibbs go hard Brother

  49. Mr. Wilson


  50. Ok dog

    gangsta gibbs commin' to Sweden in may, what it be like

    eminem backwards is eminem

    +Ok dog såg du konserten?

    Ok dog

    I missed out, jobbade :/


    Det var fätt

  51. gorillakilla40 Flecha90


  52. Justin Stackman

    Freddie Gibbs go hard

  53. Kate Smith

    damn this shit is bawse

  54. Gbaby

    Why is there not more views!

  55. J.Andrés Marín Acevedo

    from colombia.criminal beat, total respect. real shit. high flow.success

  56. Sunny

    lol this is classic

  57. DopeGaming Inc.

    freddie dont get enough credit

  58. Arthur L.

    this is fucking a classic

  59. Shaq q

    Freddie Gibbs was rappin like Luda

    Rhyme Oddysey

    +Shaq q nope

    Shaq q

    If u didnt listen to luda that much u cant c that 

    Black Lyfe


    Koolaid launcher

    +Shaq q nombre

  60. Thomas Pigeon

    The tune that made me know Freddie Gibbs. Still my favorite !

    gotta light

    Thomas Pigeon same!

  61. Expect the UnexpectedPG

    Freddie the hardest!! #DOPE

  62. Bob

    fuck youtube ads


    +Tosh Itora get adlock or adblock plus. free. never have to see any ads ever again

  63. Euroz

    Illest Gangsta Gibbs song I've ever heard.

  64. Rajzer 1337

    S/O 2 MYall  West Coast Ni66aZ

  65. Ryan Evans

    yo, bpm ??

  66. Kendale WisCali
    #ParentalAdvisory #ImpressiveFlow #Sincerely 
    Kendale WisCali Gamble​ #FACEBOOK 
    #StopTheViolence #Yall 

    FREDDIE GIBBS - "What It Be Like" - HD Music Video OFFICIAL
    Freddie Gibbs 

    #FREDDIEGIBBS - " #WhatItBeLike" - #HD #MusicVideo #OFFICIAL
    Freddie Gibbs

  67. Phillip Aldama

    holy shit that beat

  68. Prophessor Z

    "We all the same gang, what it BE like!"

    theimmortal sleazus

    The gds and vice lords almost actually clicked up in prison and the p stones if I'm not mistaken. There was a parlay at some point

    Tonya Williams

    In every race creed and color what it be like!!!!

  69. OneofAKind 13

    Gibbs you're a great talent my dude but I think its time to leave the streets out of the studio. Its not about changing the style but going in the direction of Pinata. Going shot at aint cool when you're dead. Peace my dude.

    Ketrin Celo

    @TwofiddyFourstroke lmaoo


    Foh lmfao

    Marcus Engdahl

    @TwofiddyFourstroke It's even older than that, this is just when it was up on youtube, this track is as old as youtube is. Lol

  70. Jamier 1.8.7SJM Williams


  71. street akuma

    Thats the parking garage across the street from the Genesis..wonder when the last time a car actually parked in that motherfucker

    Herban Legend

    sick user name haha

  72. Bellman Boy

    I like this one though

  73. Brian Miller


  74. Bernat Macia

    damm try this video on 144p
    so nice


    lmao you stupid....made my dumb ass do it..

  75. Víctor Banderas

    Piyaaa freddie gibbs arriba las moto

  76. Brandon Ellis

    white kids always comparing artists smh


    Brandon Ellis says the cat with the whitest name to be had... Lol. You white too, quit frontin

  77. ty asmundsen

    when I say ES you say GN

  78. Jones.Ben13

    dude don't look OR sound like pac

  79. Patrick Murphy

    man gibbs so versatile he switches up the flow with ease.  

  80. Code Red

    Put our city and state on the map nigga do you

  81. Andrea

    Freddie is a beast but never like Tech N9ne

    Stan Antifa

    im from greece, my bf from holland

    Pablo Escobar └A زيتا

    @Stan Antifa well belgium and holland are almost the same. u live in holland?

    Stan Antifa

    we out here at rotterdam

    Pablo Escobar └A زيتا

    @Stan Antifa dus je spreekt nederlands?


    " belgium and holland are almost the same" said noone ever

  82. Nikov Heist

    realest rapper in da game

  83. guillaume laviolette

    reincarnation of 2pac


    That doesn't add up.. Cause, you know, Freddie Gibbs isn't 17 years old. But I feel you though, there is a heavy resemblance.

  84. L.A. McMillans 1st Grandson

    Salute to GARY!!

  85. drinsanity13

    Have to drive through Gary every time I travel between Detroit and Chicago.  Looks like a real piece of shit wasteland but I always have to bump to this tune when I pass through.

  86. michael !!!!

    GARY INDIANA where shit happens 

  87. J Lopez


  88. Monk Killedababy

    He's so much better than tupac at writing and then again technically, so I see no comparison other than a 90's style

    tak nie

    Monk Killedababy after his dead everybody gonna love him


    @tak nie so true

    tak nie

    @Jerone Freddie the best rapper

  89. Original Generation Clothing

    a classic 

  90. wibez fernandez


  91. Jughand


  92. Ben Hiehle

    Tupac and Gibbs=Rap history

  93. Ben Hiehle

    Bomb as fuqq