Gibbs, Freddie - In My Hood Lyrics

Woke up this morning in a bed that didn't belong to me
Gotta get on my feet and hit the streets the hood callin me
The time I waste is costin me, so I hop off in that bucket
Balling on a budget peel the top off my cutlas
Lemmie get up in the whip, turn up my shit cruise
And I'm not gonna stop till I'm one of those dudes makin major moves
Until that day I gets my pay anyway necessary
All I got is my dreams, ain't no other options up in Gary
I still love it, ain't no other place like it until I'm finished I'mma represent it
Much love to the niggas in the G that get that paper keep it pimpin
Independent women thats holdin down their household
My ghetto soldiers that struggle to bear their heavy load
I do this shit for yall, all my people dead and gone
And my dogs doin sentences behind the wall
I'm just a rebel with a cause livin' up to no good
Often misunderstood another day in my hood

Some things'll never change, but it's okay cause I'm good I'm tippin grippin wood
Another day in my hood, I'm from the ghetto mane
Wouldn't change it if I could, often misunderstood, just another day in my hood

We flip our doors up the whole hood stop and stare
Ghetto superstars with their cars ridin in the L
Roll the window down you see I got the screens flippin too
We don't deck and I got my crew, gotta make it to the neighbhor hood barbeque
And, flirt with some bitches and I burn up a swisher
When the ghettos out to get ya we kick it while sippin liquor
The violence and the stress it get to work in your nerves'
I flip that bottle pop the top and pour some yac on the curb
Yeah, some things'll never change just charge us to the game
Niggas in the hood don't hear the same, they straight blow out ya brain
I grew up on Virginia street, 1631 right up off of 17th
If you see me I'm with my heat, yall better recognize and respect that
Go into the park, I'mma rep that
West side to east side if its G.I then thats where I rest at
So you might catch the kid puffin that goods
Spendin cheddar on leather grippin' woods
Another day in my hood

[Hook x2]

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Gibbs, Freddie In My Hood Comments
  1. p8ntballr123

    Thats that midwest flow.

  2. Billy Golden

    Where's the love at people this shit is live

  3. Fusko Jones


  4. iLLeventhHourz

    Bars! Non filla for real

  5. FregX

    dope !!! my home girl stephanie just told me about this song.

  6. DahHustler


  7. Johnny Ellington

    shut up ^

  8. Pook Alook

    freddie droppin bomb after bomb. his name needa get out there

  9. tRapdontRap

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