Gibb, Robin - Gone With The Wind Lyrics

I never knew until tonight of the danger.
That any man could lose his life to a stranger.
Catch me when I am falling
I've been burned by the fire before
And girl, I tell you no lies
I don't wanna feel the pain anymore

But I need you tonight
All of my trouble, my torture and tears
It's over for now - gone with the wind
But I need you tonight
So afraid of the past that you made me tonight
Gone, it's gone with the wind

I know that once upon a time, I'd surrender
And lovin' you was twice as nice, but not forever
And I got too much emotion
And then love has just cut like a knife
And you know, it tears me apart
'Cause I don't wanna feel the pain anymore

But I need you tonight
All of my trouble, my torture and tears
It's over for now - gone with the wind
But I need you tonight
So afraid of the past that you made me tonight
Gone, it's gone

I tell you no lies.
I don't wanna be alone anymore
But I need you tonight
All of my problems, my torture and tears
Gone with the wind (you know I need you tonight)
But I need you tonight
All of my sorrows are fading and gone with the wind

You know I need you tonight...

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Gibb, Robin Gone With The Wind Comments
  1. Richard Gottheil

    richard   gottheil   gone   with   the  wind

  2. Richard Gottheil

    richard   gottheil    gone     with   the    wind

  3. Richard Gottheil

    richard   gottheil   gone    with  the    wind

  4. Richard Gottheil

    richard   gottheil   gone   with   the  wind

  5. marcelo vieira

    that's a song!! I miss those days...

  6. Alan LHHL

    i'll never forget you Robin... it's a promise...

  7. Patricia Barkley

    Wow Robin! This such a hauntingly beautiful song. You were so talented. How I love your beautiful voice. The picture shows how handsome and sexy you were. Oh for one night with you, but then a woman would want more. I love you Robin. You are a true angel. You could express your feelings in a way no one else could. ❤️🌹❤️

  8. Jonilda Pereira

    Amo o Robin Gibb
    Saudades eternas ❤❤❤❤

  9. Rossella Misantoni

    Sono Bellissime, la canzone con la voce di Robin!!!

  10. bbodinefan11

    If youre looking for perfection here it is folks.

    Nicole Terzaki

    There will never be another like him

  11. Laura Ferreira

    Lindo de mais❤

  12. Eduardo Ildefonso

    Impossível ouvir esta canção e não me emocionar..essa voz linda meio que chorosa emetindo afetividade e verdade no que canta...I have no more words to express what I am feeling now.

  13. Nivia de Almeida

    Essa música pra mim é uma obra de arte , absolutamente linda, emotiva, Robin canta essa música com uma paixão, quase um desabafo, um grito de liberdade, por tudo que ele sofreu com a separação e traumas do primeiro casamento, e uma emoção que vem de sua alma .

  14. Rocisaurio Channel

    Tanto sentimiento en una canción hermosa

    Rossella Misantoni


  15. Nivia de Almeida

    Que todas as suas dores tenham acabado com a vento ROBIN!!!!!!!!!!!!.........Que você esteja guardado nos braços de Deus !!!!!!!! Nós, "seus fãs" estaremos aqui ouvindo e se emocionando com o seu legado! Obrigado pela sua arte, quando ouço a sua música, eu elevo o meu espírito para luz, sua música é tão linda, que toca a minha alma no mais profundo sentimento de AMOR, TERNURA, GRATIDÃO E PAZ... SOMENTE ISSO JÁ JUSTIFICA O MEU AMOR ETERNO POR TI ROBIN GIBB E TE CONSAGRA UM ARTISTA ABSOLUTAMENTE SUBLIME PRA MIM!!!!

  16. richard gottheil

    Richard     gottheil     goes    with     the    wind

  17. richard gottheil

    Richard      gottheil        goes  with     the     wind

  18. richard gottheil

    Richard      gottheil       goes        with    the     wind

  19. Ricardo Cornejo

    What a great song! Absolutely catchy chorus! Interesting variation from the typical Bee Gees sound. Who were the backing voices? Robin and Maurice? Is this from Secret Agent?

    Dropjaw Bertone

    Yes, Robin and Maurice are doing the backing vocals. This song is from Robin's 1985 album "Walls Have Eyes".

  20. Nivia de Almeida

    Música linda, quanta saudades de vc Robin!!!!!
    será que ele tinha noção de quanto amado era, tomara que sim!!!

  21. richard gottheil

    Richard      gottheil    goes     with    the    wind

  22. bbodinefan11

    Six assholes out there.

  23. bbodinefan11

    The true lead singer of the bee gees.


    Three great brother's/ all were successful with out 'each other, all four brother's sing truly perfect. Barry and robin sang lead's and Maurice has many song's he was lead singer , those songs are great , those records are not known, so there you all got it, good! When I write there not known, I mean lot's of music like that are from countries other than america

  24. yasmin Emanuelly

    isso sim que é uma musica de qualidade

  25. Annalie Fioole

    So beautil his voice........

  26. richard gottheil

    Richard      gottheil  gone       with       the    wind

  27. richard gottheil

    Richard     gottheil     gone     with   the    wind

  28. richard gottheil

    Richard     gottheil     gone      with    the     wind

  29. richard gottheil

    Richard    gottheil    gone       with    the      wind

  30. richard gottheil

    Richard     gottheil   gone       with     the     wind

  31. richard gottheil

    Richard    gottheil     gone      with   the      wind

  32. richard gottheil

    Richard    gottheil    gone    with    the   wind

  33. richard gottheil

    Richard     gottheil      gone   with    the     wind

  34. richard gottheil

    Richard    gottheil     gone    with       the    wind

  35. richard gottheil

    Richard    gottheil   gone      with   the    wind

  36. richard gottheil

    Richard    gottheil   gone      with  the      wind

  37. Miguel Gual

    Los tres magnificos!!!

  38. Silvana Lemos

    Enamorada de este hombre, su voz y su esencia desde siempre! Verlo y oírlo es soñar despierta! Una de las mejores voces que he escuchado, totalmente especial. Descansa en paz!

  39. Richard Gottheil

    from     Richard   gottheil     goes   with   the    wind

  40. Richard Gottheil

    from       Richard    gottheil     goes       with   the   wind

  41. Richard Gottheil

    from   Richard      gottheil     goes       with    the     wind

  42. Richard Gottheil

    from     Richard    gottheil    gone   with    the     wind

  43. Richard Gottheil

    from      Richard     gottheil   gone   with    the    wine

  44. 4drecord

    Brilliant track off a severely underrated album!

  45. hamilton lucas amorim pinto

    um excelente cantor, juntamente com seus 3 irmãos, Andy, Barry e Maurice.

  46. rebeca Rosa moyano


  47. Du Santana

    I love you forever robin gibb

  48. Helena Reis

    Que saudades do Robin Gibb. Amo eternamente.

  49. Valérie MARC

    I love you Robin ! So missing :( :( :( <3 <3 <3

  50. Richard Gottheil

    from   Richard     gottheil     gone   with      the   wind

  51. ailtom do carmo rufino

    essa e muito linda velhos tempo saudades....

  52. Tiago Kaninchen

    Too much emotion

  53. Richard Gottheil

    from  Richard   gottheil    gone   with   the   wind

  54. Richard Gottheil

    form   Richard    gottheil     gone   with   the    wind  

  55. Richard Gottheil

    from   Richard   gottheil   gone    with    the   wind 

  56. Richard Gottheil

    Richard  gottheil   gone  with  the  wind

  57. Du Santana

    Meu deus que musica lindaa so saudades!!!!!!!

  58. juie anderson

    I absolutely love this song!  Just discovered it about a month ago.  It is hauntingly beautiful and the Lyrics are unbelievable....  And the instrumental rift.  Wow!
    Thank you. I will miss the Bee Gees forever.

  59. 5455mickey


  60. José willams da Silva Gomes

    This music is beautiful like you.

  61. José willams da Silva Gomes

    This music is beautiful like you.

  62. Linda HH

    It is hard to believe he is gone. His spirit and music lives on!!! WHAT a voice; there will never be another one like his.

  63. Abril Granadillo Z.

    Gone with the wind...........

  64. petina de Nijs

    Everyday i have to listen to his beautiful songs , and it make me cry . I cannot understand that he is gone. for almost a year . Love you dear Robin . Miss you .
    From the Netherlands Amsterdam

  65. tonkabbify

    another great song from Robin... such a waste he had to leave us so soon!!

  66. WIS666S2

    And then love has just cut like a knife
    And you know, it tears me apart
    Cause I don't wanna feel the pain anymore,,,,
    But I need you tonight
    All of my trouble, my torture and tears
    It's over for now - gone with the wind
    But I need you tonight
    So afraid of the past that you made me tonight
    Gone, It's gone,,,,
    But I need you tonight
    All of my sorrows are fading and gone with the wind
    You know I need you tonight,,,, & forever....

  67. Jeannine Allen

    R.I.P. Excellent Always be remembered for your Genius" Love you miss you Robin soar with your brothers Andy&Maurice Soar high with Angels"

  68. kneckie1

    Rest in Peace
    Love your Music
    It will last forever ♥

  69. Linda Pero

    There are no words...

  70. emily lander

    you where a part of a great team.

  71. Radio Signifikant mit Adolf Depardieu

    Bee Gees ye are not of this world .. Robin Gibb you were in this world of new roads built in music thank you .. you are still alive in your music

  72. Mike Pal

    Rob, we love you. And we know you're just a room away ... always. Thanks for the magic.

  73. Alex Jensen

    RIP Robin RESPECT!!

  74. TheSandygibb

    Robin Gibb se ha ido: el mundo se quedó sin su voz, sin su talento, sin su sonrisa, hoy es un día oscuro.
    Nos dejó 50 años de música,su ejemplo de amor a la vida, el recuerdo de su talento que vivirá siempre a traves de nosotros y de las generaciones futuras, a quienes tenemos el deber de difundir su legado inmortal, adios Robin.

    Eva Miro

    TheSandygibb lo mismo digo.eva

  75. Rainbow Bright 79


  76. Gabriele Giles

    RIP Robin, prayers and deepest condolences to your family!! We´ll miss u and your music!!

  77. Duangruthai Boonpasan

    You are my superb memory . I'm your big fan . RIP :(

  78. Lotta Fees

    Fly free!

  79. patrick Derache

    ADIEU l'artiste.Je suis très peiné de ta disparition Robin

  80. Brotherlouie1972

    Q.E.P.D Robin Gibb...! Vc é imortal!!!

  81. Beth Nelson

    RIP Robin Gibb. such an awesome talent, he will be greatly missed!

  82. Chan Joon Yee

    Gone with the wind. Rest in peace and may the music live on.

  83. BillieJeanJackson100

    Too late! He said GOODBYE r.i.p Mr. Robin Gibb

  84. Sylvia Pals

    Bedankt voor u lieve reacties. Liefs van mij Sylvia Bos.

  85. Eugenio Villaverde

    great composition!
    don´t give up robin!

  86. gonzagp

    Solo los más grandes le miran desde la misma altura, que grandisimo tema.

  87. link Wallace

    amo tus canciones robin eres de lo mejor

  88. ali elzarif

    I love you Alina

  89. sofia hreicak

    robin sos el mejor ,que te recuperes pronto.

  90. a. frost toriblack Black

    muy pocas canciones me hacen sentir tanto y llorar esta es una la amo es hermosa!!!

  91. Juliana Pinheiro

    musicas que marcam a vida inteira....

  92. Muzabeata66

    W ubiegłym roku miałam przyjemność słuchać Go na żywo na koncercie w Warszawie - niezapomniane przeżycie....:))

  93. KellyE

    I loved this song so much when it was new and it still gives me butterflies. God is good. Keeping you in my prayers Robin. And I to wish to go back in time sometimes.

  94. Badfingerbabe777

    I love you Robin, you have the voice of the angel. God heal you and keep you safe..

  95. stacey4u2luv

    Robin we are all praying for you. Fight for you are loved.

  96. martina saje

    the best song!