Gibb, Robin - Give Me A Smile Lyrics

It's not the way you say to me, I'll wave goodbye
It's not the search to try to say the tears you'll cry
Because I am crying too for the thought of leaving you

You have to give me a smile as leave you treasure
Do it in style and believe in yourself
'Cause while I'm away I will stay firm beside you
And then I will go with the thought that you tried not to break

You mean heaven to me and when I return to thee
We'll see our own love
You may not know but I do miss you earnestly

Of all the moments in our time, there's none like this
And ev'ry day when our lips met, there's none so bliss
For when I say sweet c'est la vie,
I laugh and leave with tears on me

You better give me a smile as I leave you heather,
Treasure yourself and find time for no else
For while I'm away I will stay firm beside you
And then I will leave with the thought that you tried not to cry


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Gibb, Robin Give Me A Smile Comments
  1. Rosemarie Rivera

    Beautiful Robin

  2. HLRJaystee Moore

    Bang bang bang

  3. SG Barnard

    Feel exactly the same pascal foulon more and more ...

  4. Katherine Dupoise

    Gimme a smile 😊 😄😁

  5. May BRITT Rønningen

    Beautiful Robin.My love forever.Miss you so much my farlig.❤️

  6. Lien schen

    Love Robin 😁😄🌹

  7. jean nowo

    Merci, cher Robin de nous avoir offert votre sublime voix et votre merveilleux sourire durant toutes ces années
    Vous êtes à jamais dans notre mémoire
    À vous à tout jamais,mon bel ange
    Bernadette,madame Jean

  8. Vilmis Vigorelli

    He was special man .... !!!
    I miss youu Robin .... come on ... come back again .... I wish you were here ....❤❤🌹🌹🌹🌺💕🎶🎼🎼😘😘

  9. Lisa Scott

    Very pretty song. R.I.P. Robin.💟💟💟

  10. God bless the Animals for Ever

    Rob was Not Happy😢

  11. fleur snow

    Great song ! and Robin has an angel voice I miss him too much !

  12. Lorraine Ekholm

    Never have I missed a voice so much. there will never be another talent like Robin Huge Gibb.

  13. Elisabete dos Reis

    Quando vejo os videos e fotos do tempo que o Robin foi casado com a Molly fico extasiada , ele era lindo , extrovertido , voz de anjo , maravilhoso, depois do divorcio nunca mais foi o mesmo, ele ate sorria e brincava com os irmãos, mas tinha um olhar triste . A VOZ ERA DIVINA SEMPRE !

    Li Lise

    + Elisabete Most of all he was so YOUNG & SWEET! 💕Robin was very much in love with Molly...She was older, more experienced than him & self-confident. Not beautiful, but as he once said in an interview, a girl didn't have to be beautiful or have a perfect figure to be loved by him.😊 He saw things that other people didn't see or look for.😍 I don't know if she loved him just as much as he loved her. 😒Probably not, otherwise she would have followed him on tour or go live with him in the States.🤷‍♂️

  14. Elisabete dos Reis

    I love Robin Gibb forever <3 A voz mais linda do mundo <3

  15. jean nowo

    Que cette chanson est belle et la voix de Robin ,du pur cristal
    Je pensais connaître toutes les chansons solo de Robin ,et j,en découvre encore
    Pendant plus de 50ans ,il a été un vrai génie de la musique et de la chanson avec ses frères
    Les bee gees sont immortels
    Bernadette,madame Jean


    g confirme

    fleur snow

    je suis entierement d accord avec vous Madame Bernadette !

  16. May BRITT Rønningen

    Oh Robin you give me goose bumps .Love you forever.,💓💓💓💓💓💓

  17. Vilma Donizetti Gonçalves

    Musica linda!

  18. Katherine Dupoise

    What if every person who was ever alive came back to life today?

  19. Cornelia Attique-ur-Rahman

    My darling Robin, I miss so much every day

    fleur snow

    Me too !

  20. Vilma Donizetti Gonçalves

    Me lá nos anos 80

  21. Vilma Donizetti Gonçalves

    Nossa, como é bela essa música!

  22. Vilma Donizetti Gonçalves

    I love you Robin Gibb.

  23. Vilma Donizetti Gonçalves

    Vai dar certo meu anjo .me ajuda por favor.

    Katherine Dupoise

    Girl, we can’t read Spanish!

  24. Vilma Donizetti Gonçalves

    Vindo de você não poderia esperar outra coisa.É lindaaaa

  25. Vilma Donizetti Gonçalves

    Que música linda meu anjo!

  26. Vilma Donizetti Gonçalves

    Tua partida partiu meu coração !

  27. Vilma Donizetti Gonçalves

    Faz tanto tempo , mas não ti esqueço, porque você vive em meu coração. Saudades ,Robin Gibb !

  28. Vilma Donizetti Gonçalves

    Forever doniti.☺😂😂

  29. Sara Ortiz

    Linda música amei

  30. Marta M

    Love this song and love the most beautiful voice !!

  31. Conce de Moraes

    Love Robin!

  32. pascal foulon


  33. Devoted2as

    That bit of falsetto is out of this world! How can he do that?

  34. Lorraine Paterson

    Love this song.

  35. Richard Gottheil

    Richard  gottheil  give  me  a smile

  36. Dessto Snowborn Lee

    Yeah is a good song

  37. Peter Litjens

    Today it's 2 years :(
    Oh I miss You so my dear Robin ..... R.I.P.

  38. M Lucia ODS

    Molly was not ready to marry a big music star. I believe that Robin loved and took very long time to overcome the separation ... but his face was marked by sadness ...

    Pamela Crow

    M Lucia ODS Edwina was not his true love. But she’s enjoying his legacy.

  39. M Lucia ODS

    Oh My God! How many smiles I would not have given
      to Robin ... Music so naive ... Beautiful and romantic! But, today I cry....for you...Rest in peace, angel!

  40. trackmeet1000

    This was on Robin's Reign and I've always wondered if it was for Molly - they had been married for only a while. Have no idea how she could have done what she did - especially keeping the kids from him whilst she could. Clearly, once they found their way back to him, they adored him. If you study photos of him during that time and after - although he found a new life, there was always a sadness about him.

    Shay Phillips

    trackmeet1000 in all

    Shay Phillips

    In all honesty Robin was a smuck to her. All the women and women and women plus his drug issues at that time

    Katherine Dupoise

    Yeah, you’re right that this was on Robin’s Reign. In the description is lists a different one in Spanish but can’t remember the title. Idiot.

  41. valleycat2010

    Love the song.
    Love Robin.

  42. Jeannine Allen

    One of the greatest" R.I.P.Robin Soar with the Angels"

  43. Linda Jane Manser

    A wonderful smile a real Gentleman R I P Robin
    Sing loud with the Angels

  44. SuperMHariel

    RIP Robin from Philippines..

  45. ugo fantozzi

    robin is dead yesterday

  46. Rita Lange

    I just can`t stop crying to.... R. I. P. Robin

  47. Kathleen Watson

    I just can't stop crying ... R.I.P Robin .... My Thoughts Are With You and Your Family Barry ... Keep Strong

  48. LondonSilk

    You will make God smile with your perfect voice. Rest in Peace

  49. Peggy Duncan

    Love you Robin and will keep you in my heart forever. You and your music make me smile...RIP sweet make many smile


    Triste, un artiste eexceptionnel je t'aime Robin

  50. Janessa Jam

    YOU! make me smile! :') R.I.P

  51. Brotherlouie1972

    "Gone with the wind" Q.E.P.D Robin Gibb...!

  52. Kiana Mercury

    i will smile only because i know you're in a better place

  53. North Maan

    Will miss you !!

  54. Zulrob

    I do too smie to you.. and ask you to get well and God to help you .

  55. Juliana Pinheiro

    musica linda,linda !!!!!

  56. Connie Senk

    A wonderful song to smile too .

  57. barbara covell

    i will always love ya robin,,,
    i am praying for you my love x

  58. Taly Foox

    Yes beautiful song. From "Saved By The Bell"

  59. Catherine Robert

    very nice one just love his voice