Gibb, Robin - Down Came The Sun Lyrics

You like to think that you are Admiral Nelson
With a gun, a wife and son
So why don't you grow up and be a Policeman
And probably then; you'll be with men
Or maybe be a walker with a guitar
But then you'll stop and start to crawl

Down came the sun
The world has finally won
Bang goes the Earth
The stars and the sky know what it's worth

Now I'm an evil man, I sing a new song
But all the same; I'm still to blame
So now my only son is leaving teaching
And on the run, for bad is done

Down came the sun
The world has finally won
Boom goes the moon
We wonder why it happened so soon

Down came the sun
The Army have loaded every gun
Down came the sun...

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Gibb, Robin Down Came The Sun Comments
  1. Marlene Sullivan

    So Beautifully Sang. 💗

  2. Carmen Bindiu


  3. peter morningsnow

    "You'd like to think you're Alfred Nelson with a gun," is a good line, as so is, "The world has finally won." Everything in between is shit for all. Except for Robin, fine enough as he comes.

    peter morningsnow

    But Peter Morningsnow, it's Admiral Nelson (supposedly), not Alfred Nelson (supposedly). Indifferent cuckolds agree (Australia and David Runciman agree)!

  4. Elisabete dos Reis


  5. Надин Кравец


  6. Надин Кравец

    I love you Robin. Forever.

  7. Dietmar Brach

    the king of beautiful songs

  8. Lurdinha Passos

    Adoro o ROBIN❤❤❤

  9. M Lucia ODS

    In the 60s many good people have used drugs ... young, great artists. Why defamation? Just see the works, the musical legacy they left ... Songs that touch us deeply, bringing back memories, thrilling us to tears .. The Gibbs brothers were always the perfect gentleman, happily married, family men. Except, Andy, who has a very sad life story. Blessed are those who reach our souls and hearts, putting forth the most beautiful feelings ... God bless the family Gibb!

  10. Bobby O'Williams

    searcher3, there is alot of good stuff on that tape. Just listen to the grandness in this one song!

  11. Bobby O'Williams

    So sad that Robin died today, May 20.
    I bought "Robin's Reign" on cassette in 1972 when I was in transit at Mildenhall RAF. I just now purchased the only CD copy of it listed on Amazon.
    Robin you were great. May you rest in peace, mate <3

  12. SuperNevile

    The king of beautiful songs with quirky lyrics : "why don't you grow up and be a policeman, and probably then you'll be with men". "Said he would thinka over his drinka" on the same album.

  13. Bobby O'Williams

    I bought Robins Reign as an audio casette in the Post Exchange at Mildenhall RAF base in 1972. Since then I've learned who Admiral Nelson was b-t-w.
    Thank you for posting this. Well done!

  14. Beth and Andy

    Another excellent track from Robin's Reign. Thank you!