Gibb, Robin - Don't Cry Alone Lyrics

If your heart is breaking
I'm yours whatever
I will not forsake you ever
Don't cry alone.

Through the autumn rainfalls
I'll be your shoulder
If the winds of love grow colder
Don't cry alone.

Surely as the sun sets
New suns are rising
As winter herolds spring's horizon
Don't cry alone.

Don't you ever doubt me you lead
I will follow
Sweep away all pain and sorrow
Don't cry alone.
No, don't cry alone.

No, don't you ever doubt me
I'll be there for you forever
Don't you ever cry

I'll sweep away your tears and sorrow
And I'll be with you closed tomorrow
I'll be with you
Don't cry a...
I'm Yours
Don't cry alone.

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Gibb, Robin Don't Cry Alone Comments
  1. Ghost Woman

    So emotional voice of our angel Robin ❤❤❤❤

  2. Ellen McCullough

    Robin, you are so missed and will be loved always...

  3. Janet Jones

    I love you Robin! You are still very much alive in my heart.

  4. Sonia Augusto

    Saudades eternas 🌹🌹🌹

  5. Patricia Barkley

    This is such a beautiful and touching song. Robin, so many people miss you and are crying for you. We miss you so very much. Your voice and singing ability could touch our hearts and touch us deeply. You are so special to us. You will forever remain in our hearts. Rest in Peace. ❤️🌹❤️

  6. E.L. Mrachek

    Oh Robin I cry listening to you.
    What a beautiful song!
    What a beautiful haunting voice!

  7. Kim Bergeron

    Gosh what a beautiful song. Am in tears right now.

  8. gina8594inga

    Robin said good bye to us in 2012 it's taken me this long to be able to sit down and actually listen to this song and his voice again without losing it. he and my dad and my mother in law all passed the same year of the evil C word it still hurts to know he is not with us but knowing he is healed and in heaven helps a lot

  9. Maria Santos

    Robin gone for other place forever
    Piracicaba S.P Brazil

  10. hello hi

    You make my heart cry.... miss u my robin....

  11. mariehelene moal

    Magnifique chanson ! Robin...........

  12. evonne accristo

    Brings me to it....lovely

  13. hello hi

    Everytym I heard this song, I feel sad, I feel the pain and missing robin so much... Rip, thank u for youre music... u will not be forgotten...

  14. Shahla Shojaie

    The world will never again get such a wonderful person and singer as dear Robin you are just number ONE
    I love you very much with all my heart OMG i miss you darling.........

  15. Jourdan B.

    This is such an amazing song. Its so moving, and tugs at your heart strings. It made me cry. The Beegees music will always live on. While many people had a crush on Barry, I have/had a crush on Robin. There was something different and interesting about him. Its hard to believe that him and Maurice are gone and Barry is the only BeeGee left. Rest in Peace Robin and Maurice. <3 :'(

  16. hello hi

    Youre truly sing with youre heart not with youre voice. You make feel sad and cry. I miss u robin... my fav bee gees.

  17. Lee and cheryl Linskey

    What a fabulous song and makes me cry Every time I listen to this song so emotional words and strong vocals

  18. Jesus Ortiz

    Preciosa cancion'

  19. Vika Alvarenga

    Lindas músicas dos beegees

  20. Bill Wren

    I have never heard this song before. Wow!! what an amazing talent he was. RIP Robin you are missed by a lot of people. Thanks for the music and the memories.

  21. wa2k99

    I pray robin is in heaven

  22. Justice Mercy

    in Jesus holy name amen

  23. Billy Taggart56

    3 mins 20 secs of Robin Gibb singing this song is more spiritual than a year in church !

  24. osaka samer

    …we all will have that journey …don’t say goodby you got eternity

  25. Arden Hodgins

    Truly one of the most beautiful Celtic melodies that I have ever heard. Genius. Beautiful. Robin was unique. Now it is time for his son, RJ, to carry on the musical tradition.

  26. Alzira Rosa dos Santos Calandreli

    Durmo com essa música no pensamento... quanta dor no coração!!! um conjunto tão maravilhoso e de repente só restou um... não tem como não chorar...

  27. J.P. Gobeil

    The good die young......too young. Miss him.

  28. Elisabeth Jørgensen

    Han var en af de bedste .

  29. dewinteroffrance

    Charles,for me it brings back many beautiful memories of my late wife

  30. Alessandro Alessandro


  31. Gildete Jesus

    Amoooo vcs, Bee Gees, eterno Robin Gibb, voz maravilhosa ✌✌👏👏👏😘😘

  32. Vilma Donizetti Gonçalves

    Eu nunca esqueço essa voz! É linda !

  33. Vilma Donizetti Gonçalves

    É difícil não chorar por você.

  34. eduardo telles

    rob gib descanse em paz do amigo eduardo telles
    saldades do amigo dfescanse em paz.

  35. Marta M

    This is so heartbreaking , so soulful and sad song ... Robin will always be in our hearts ...Rest in heavenly peace ...

  36. Audrey Simmonds

    Such a mystical voice ... thankyou 💚

  37. thinkofme14344

    The song is quite sad but meaningful.😧

  38. Shashabells Channel

    I love u

  39. Lin Lee

    Always Love

  40. Nio Antonio

    in memorium great musician forever : Robin Gibbs , augs't 31 ' 17

  41. elli Pirelli

    Ich vergesse dich nie du bist immer in meinen Herzen R.I.P. lieber Robin

  42. Diane Herrell

    this song is so sad yet so uplifting .. rip dear Robin. you live on in your glorious music.

  43. john deguido

    Great song

  44. Graciela Gonzalez Camarasa


  45. gelse machado

    Ninguém consegue cantar com esse timbre de voz! Só ele!...

  46. Clint Fitch

    I will have this song played at my funeral the best song I think you have ever done thank you so much for everything you have done and your brother's rest in peace my friend God be with you

  47. Rudolf Wolff

    Ja auch wir müssen gehen Auf Wiedersehen Robin Gibt

  48. mel Belle

    amazing! I miss his talent

  49. Rhonda Silberberg

    Beautiful piece of music!

  50. bbodinefan11

    This recently played at my dads funeral.

    Gloria Mary Haywood

    bbodinefan11 Sorry to hear of your Dads passing.....Beautiful piece of music our beautiful Robin!


    And I had it at my dads funeral I carried him in to this and I couldn’t stop crying

  51. Watney Edith

    I cry every time I listen to this song. Very emotional man, very emotional voice. Beautiful.

  52. Bernardo Jose Peregrina

    GOD is here.

  53. Mary Mcgarr

    Just beautiful r. I. P robin

  54. Leonid L

    Жаль,Очень,Очень... Что Ты Не Снами, Спи Спокойно.. Я Думаю о тебе!!!

  55. Emilio Noardo

    Great Bee Gees.

  56. Richard Lerman

    only one robin

  57. Dugald Stark

    I met Robin once and taught his son RJ aged 8. Long had such a fascination for Robin's voice - what amazing sensitivity in the phrasing and tone. This song is almost too sad for the human heart to bear.


    So true

    Betty Joe Gentry

    His voice was so beautiful and pleading to his loved ones. I believe he already knew he was dying when he cut this song. Barry said that he suspected that Robin was ill when they last got together. What a loss to the world...
    his voice was so original and timeless.

  58. Diane Herrell

    the world cried at the loss of this amazing talent. don't cry alone..

  59. Melinda Dennison

    Very pretty

  60. giovanni B.

    this song always makes me cry. the world miss you robin. I miss you

    Julie Thake

    Giovanni Beltrán I

  61. Lobet Silva

    In that song, our dear Robin sings like a pray! Like a cry!!!!!!  He knows that many people will cry for him not so far away!!!!!   dearest , and sweetest Robin! I love that song SO MUCH!

  62. Ashley Mellor

    I love them

  63. Valérie MARC

    My dearest Robin, i miss you so much...........

  64. Gloria Mary Haywood

    In one interview Robin was saying how, like most artists ,he creates music and songs as a way of building an extension of himself "outside" of himself...having to do with trying to create some sort of "immortality". Like an architect leaving buildings behind,and that he (Robin) kept on creating because he could never know which building would be the best! I say "calm yourself sweet angel,,, they are ALL beautiful buildings and they're here forever,same as our wonderful memories of you."

  65. Mohamed Shaltoot


  66. theuncleunder


  67. Wlodzimierz Gregorczuk

    to On i inni wielcy których już niema tworzyli mnie.

  68. Rosemarie-claudia Schied

    Als ich erfuhr das Robin Gibb gestorben sei fiel ich in ein tiefes Loch er war ein wunderbarer Mensch in meinem Herzen lebt er weiter ich Trauer immer noch um ihn ich werde ihn niemals vergessen I-love you Robin Gibb

  69. ليلى الطائي

    I love you Robin.RIP

  70. Lorena Fuentes

    What a beautiful song, miss you Robin and your brother Maurice

  71. Matt

    For me, this is one of my favourite songs ever recorded. It sounds as if Robin (God rest his soul) was almost ready to depart this world and his selflessness is shown in this song. Such a poetic and beautiful song with such a powerful message. One of the most inspiring musicians ever to grace this Earth!

    Samuel Pepys

    so well said, perfect.

    Stephen Morgan

    Beautifully said. I had met Robin on many occasions - he was complicated, but as you can hear in his voice and his songs - he had a beautiful soul!

  72. Rt Kahley

    Love this song!

  73. Gustavo Al

    Love you, thank you Robin.

  74. Ray Pesana

    i love you Robin. Thank you for the music that made us inspire all over the world. I love your unique talent in singing. I played your songs and Bee Gees songs in a million times. R I P Robin we love you forever.

  75. Stewart Roberts

    i so love this song and have played it thousands of times

  76. kurt Van Avondt

    I have no words...So beautiful....


    Robin will missed emencely , but what a great way to say good bye, and i have to say this (its hafd not to cry alone )

  78. Hernan Sandoval

    nada que decir !!! preciosa , llega al alma .

  79. Christopher John Marr

    A great loss to us, Robin Gibb will always be remembered. Thanks Robin for all the music and the memories.

  80. chuyortiz5


  81. Erzsébet Gabriella Czopyk

    If your heart is breaking
    I'm yours whatever
    I will not forsake you ever
    Don't cry alone.

    Through the autumn rainfalls
    I'll be your shoulder
    If the winds of love grow colder
    Don't cry alone.

    Surely as the sun sets
    New suns are rising
    As winter herolds spring's horizon
    Don't cry alone.

    Don't you ever doubt me you lead
    I will follow
    Sweep away all pain and sorrow
    Don't cry alone.
    No, don't cry alone.

    No, don't you ever doubt me
    I'll be there for you forever
    Don't you ever cry

    I'll sweep away your tears and sorrow
    And I'll be with you closed tomorrow
    I'll be with you
    Don't cry alone.
    I'm Yours
    Don't cry alone.

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  82. janmac52

    I believe this was the very last song Robin ever recorded before his untimely departure.  Love and miss you forever, Robin. <3

    Matt Bird

    janmac52 Sydney demo was

  83. allymayful

    What a finale! What a way to say good bye! Magnificent!

    Linda Cappelli

    I never will forget you, Robin. Forever in my heart

    Michael David

    @allymayful this is and his legacy is the best present he could have left us.

    Michael David

    @allymayful this is and his legacy is the best present he could have left us.

    Gloria Mary Haywood

    Actually, 'Don't Cry Alone' was recorded in 2008 when Robin still had a strong voice. But I agree that it is so very moving and beautiful!....So glad he included it in TR...very hard not to break-down when listening to it.......makes me miss Robin all the more.

  84. stephanie neata

    So true. Was just listening him sing wedding day just now. Love it.

  85. stephanie neata

    This is so beautiful. I believe Robin knew he was dying. I feel that these words were meant for his family but used for Titanic as well. Miss him and that beautiful voice . Makes me cry.


    +Carol Carter Beautifully stated Carol. I am a nurse as well......It was God's decision to share him with us during those wonderful years of music. He is now in heaven with the angels as God planned.

    Larry Wilson

    stephanie neata He did know. That’s what makes this song even more wrenching. As sick as he was, the power in his voice is still there.

    E.L. Mrachek

    Carol Carter
    I hate anyone say he "should" have done this or that. I say to people who tell me I should have done not should on me ! Say that aloud to get my drift.
    Putting blame on any person is wrong.
    Saying Robin's death is all his fault is cruel.
    How does anyone know what went on in this family? What he did or did not do?.
    All we know is that this beautiful man
    lost his
    "battle " with cancer.
    Let us remember Robin for everything he did do, leaving behind whether alone or with the Bee Gees so many beautiful pieces of music for us to enjoy.

    JoAnn Spencer

    E.L....don’t ya think you’ve taken a kind, heartfelt, missing Robin comment a little much. That was a strong finger you just thrashed at Carol with, she made a beautiful statement regarding Robin that he should have, but didn’t! What we don’t know we can’t fix. Robin felt in his heart that the short lives of family members was the price they had to pay for their success, he never got over Maurices’ terrible death and so we say we wish he had of gotten medical attention but felt it was his time!! We all loved all the Gibb brothers and miss all who have passed so unfortunately early😢❤️💔💔💔

    Lourdes Zamboni

    Valeu meu lindão...talentoso do princípio ao fim...meu querido Robin Gibb...sei que está na paz do Senhor JESUS
    Amor da minha vida💓15:31/
    20/11/19 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 RJ

  86. sandiandstevie

    Still brings tears to my eyes. No one has ever had such a plaintive, emotional voice. One of the GREAT artists of our time.

  87. Karen Durant

    God Robin.

    E.L. Mrachek

    Karen Durant





  90. Sharm Will

    Even though this song may sound sad, it is actually a great song.  It would seem its dedicated to his wife and he wished for her to continue life, and not cry alone. It shows that Robin was a selfless man.  Such beautiful words and thoughts through music. its been over year, almost two years. RIP Robin


    Very well said Sharm, I think this is one of the most beautiful ballads I have ever heard.

  91. Angela Carabott

    Beautiful and thank you dear Robin for all your musical life you shared with us on earth. You will always be in Spirit with us and in our hearts and in our Prayers. RIP.

  92. Rosebat Joy

    so great !!

  93. Charles Mulchrone

    what can you say, words fail me. RIP Robin.

  94. SEN

    ROBIN Will Live In My HEART , Until I Die .

  95. SEN

    ROBIN Will Live In My HEART, Until My Last

    BREATH .

    E.L. Mrachek

    I understand what you are saying.

  96. India Lee

    omg I love this song finally I found it....beautiful just beautiful

  97. Miranda Howard

    Robin, you are a doll.