Ghetts - Destruction Of The Eiffel Tower Lyrics

Oi P I'm disapointed in you ya know, you ain't no where near ready for me, I'm on a next ting
All you do is remix my songs I can't even do that to you they don't know the tune they might think I wrote it!

I ain't taking the subtle approach
I beat P like there's a belt buckle involved
MC's like me: running the road
MC's like P: come and they go
MC's like me: style upon style
MC's like P: couple of flows
MC's like me: performing on tours
MC's like P: couple of shows

Let me get straight to the point
I ain't got no time to play with this boy
When I'm done with him
Everyone will think they just watched another remaking of Troy
P's reply was blatantly moist, he said a few funny things
P's funny, keep the jokes coming in
Should I be worried? I've already duppied him
All Black Winter, black clouds above him
End of discussion
Oi, who left blacks in the oven?
If you think P Money is ready for the war
Then I'm sure I can see blacks blushing
His fan think I'm down
Two guns up, come back bussing
Surprise, surprise, none of you saw that coming

If my name was Paris
I would've spent half of my life embarrassed
I would've wished my parents never met
Let alone slept together and then got married, oh

If my name was Paris
I would've spent half of my life embarrassed
I would've wished my parents never met
Let alone slept together and then got married, oh

Again he's asking where the artillery is
This silly prick won't know till I kill him with it
Where was I when the beef kicked off?
Right there in the middle of it
I don't wanna hear man talk like a shooter
Unless his name is Billy the Kid
Tell Paris, I'm Baghdad
Suicidal, two bombs in the backpack
Tickity-tick tick boom
I deliver the hits, big tunes
Like sing badabada
I made more money of a song that flopped than P Money has in his whole career, so sing badabada
Hahaha on the way to the closest bank in the manor
Sing badabada
I'm looking at P from the top and the lift don't work
And I've kicked the ladder

And It ain't over yet, he don't pose a threat
Every blow he's thrown been below the neck
Body blow, not one blow to my head
I body foes, with one blow man are dead
It's Muhammad vs Joe in effect
And I run it, you know I ain't Joe in the end
That one hits like an overdose
Overclose to your death
Run up and OGz one up
Money don't run if your laces ain't done up
Cause if you trip over, I'll stamp you out till it's over
Bones broke, face all buss up
How can you say that I ain't stabbed nobody?
I can name more than 5 man I've cut up
Nobody in my clique is a snitch
They talk, get necked and [?]
Name, address, even the car he drives
You're a snake you'll get your mate stuck up
Killed him already but his fans went to the cemetery
With shovels and dug that mug up
Now he's back for more
I swear down he was better off dead
Got the champion's belt on, P can't get it off
Never I be letting off, lead forever

Enough about me let's talk about you
What you ain't done, what you have done
Okay, you've got 3 CDs
One's okay, two are really weak
Let's have a look at P's CV
How can a yout with 685, 000 MySpace views
Talk to a nigga with 2, 103, 000 MySpace views?
You stand still, I make moves
I came in the game a year before you
Yeah, Risky Roadz 2 I saw you
And that was '05, now it's '010
And you're still in the newcomer category
Swear P Money wouldn't win this clash
If he made every MC in Blueborough battle me
Kill off your cavalry, casually
Me run tings in the MC academy
Pain, agony, that's what you feel when I aim
Rapidly, hit anybody in the way
Tragedy, any MC in the game
Casualty, don't bite the hand that feeds you
I've got P Money on begs, happily

If my name was Paris
I would've spent half of my life embarrassed
I would've wished my parents never met
Let alone slept together and then got married, oh

If my name was Paris
I would've spent half of my life embarrassed
I would've wished my parents never met
Let alone slept together and then got married, oh

P ain't got no dough in the bank
That's why he looks like a tramp
I'd rather wear no bling, than gold rings
Sovereigns on every finger, I told him
You can head to cash converters hoping
It's a dough ting
Nah fam its a blue note at the most
But you probably won't believe me until the day you've sold them
Dead already, lemme dead him again
And if I get him I'm getting his friends
I know what Dee thinks
Deep down, P pound should never of sent
I watch the shot rebound
I pick the ball up, now he better defend
His last reply couldn't harm a fly
I'm the best anybody that can't decide
Don't know about bars or the art of rhymes

One line of fat hands
So P Money's a one lying man
Said there's only one sight to stand
Still this is one way traffic
Come touch this one way damage
I ain't being direct enough
Back to back with Littles and Blacks
You will never get that, and come do a live set with us
Which reminds me
I watched Fuck Radio 5 the other day
And I clocked you behind me watching me slyly
P Money's a batty boy
I bet he was in school sucking cock in the library
No wonder he's talking that gay shit
Face it, he ain't gotta squeeze his shit out his anus
Nah, it just drops out
How can he say that I owe man head
When he's the one with a cock mouth?
I could imagine P Money on lock down
Yeah, everyday getting had up
Till he starts riding voluntary bang up
Dad comes to visit looks at his son
Shakes his head and tell him to man up
Me? I'm suicidal on the riddim
While P would be suicidal on a prison
Come to his door, open his flap up
Body hanging from the ceiling
He, only had a week left, this don't add up
Why would someone do such a thing?
Every night he let his cellmate tuck him in
He can't leave his cell door open
Without 25 man running in
But again shipped out to a whole other wing

If my name was Paris
I would've spent half of my life embarrassed
I would've wished my parents never met
Let alone slept together and then got married, oh

If my name was Paris
I would've spent half of my life embarrassed
I would've wished my parents never met
Let alone slept together and then got married, oh

He's not swag, yeah (He's not, he's alright, he's alright)
But he's nowhere near Ghetts (Nowhere near me)
I'm on a next level to my man
He's on radio, talking about "it's like Jay-Z and Nas"
Huh? In your world

If my name was Paris
I would've spent half of my life embarrassed
I would've wished my parents never met
Let alone slept together and then got married, oh

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Ghetts Destruction Of The Eiffel Tower Comments


  2. j98

    are we all gonna ignore ghetts rhymed MySpace views with MySpace views

  3. pafcjack100

    The variety of flows on this one... levels. For me, this one gave the war to GH

  4. Firell Parker

    This is so sick I forgot how good this is

  5. New Level Gaming

    Everyone knows p money won this. Ghetts refused to clash p money once u refuse to clash man that’s it u lost. Plus Westwood and pretty much every other dj said p money won so that’s that end of discussion. (There’s ur grime history)

    Firell Parker

    But the MCs Said Ghetts won. And djs didnt say that. And on that logic then can we say Dot beat him. Cause Dot said to clash him on lotm to prove his not better. P werent on it.

    New Level Gaming

    Firell Parker what mcs? Besides people close to ghetto? Everyone knows p won. Westwood declared it on his bbc 1xtra show jheeze keep up bro u seem to have missed that. And p didn’t clash dot coz he actually killed him??? And already punched him up twice and had him crying?? What more does he need to do to win? Clash someone on lotm? Please spare me

  6. Mark Andrews

    Getts got buried

  7. Robert Smalls

    my reaction video:

  8. ZMC Film

    oi this whole beef was jokes but they both murked it

  9. Jay Lintz

    The beat was cold the first verses where cold. But then end bars where dead all that battyboy stuff was hella immature sounded deadddd. Ghetts still won overall. CLASSIC

    Firell Parker

    P started it

  10. Paul Mccarroll

    "if my name was Paris I would've spent half of my life embaressed" best bar ever closely followed by "try and eat me at e3 pull out the streezy and make Eskimo dance"

  11. Harry Austin

    Hardest Diss of all time

  12. Ish Ssh

    Pmoney lost this.

    Jake S

    Ish Ssh u dumb p slaughtered ghetts

    Grimez Alive

    Jake S go back in p money batty hole

    Tom Fowler

    they both didn't disappoint both were good

  13. andrius subonis

    Ghetts looks like Pogba in this picture

  14. boxing finest

    just look were they are today ghetts is the guy in grime p is level below

  15. Bradley Jones

    Sick but p still spun him

    Hossein Tashakori

    Clearly dont listen to lyrics then.

    Isaac Lyons

    even in my opinion

  16. Laurence Martin

    Ghetts went in big time!

  17. Xanstantine

    This is one of the hardest disses in music, rap or grime. It's HAM, without a shadow of a doubt.


    Xanstantine trus

  18. André Santos

    i dont want hear man talk like a shooter, unless his name is billy the kid!! SICK


    André Santos what’s the supposed to mean

    Ddv Sgd

    GRIME TRACKS Billy the kid is a American cowboy who was known for gun duels.

    Kenpachi Zaraki

    billy the kid was THE cowboy

  19. Star9Disaster


  20. Wenstyne Music

    p did win cause ghetts did refuse to clash him, but everyone knows ghetts is harder

    Firell Parker

    Dot beat p cause p refused to clash at lotm.

  21. Adam Richards

    Ghetts had sex with P Moneys mom, P money got upset and started crying and then went on to send for Ghetts. Ghetts killed P Moneys dog aswell. Then mailed it back to him. In parts.

    Gol. D Rodger

    Adam Richards wtf how you know that..,

    Jay Lintz

    Adam Richards man sick in the head

  22. TheYunger1

    Although I dont know how this beef began. Someone Tell?

    Firell Parker

    Basically Ghetts remixed ps bar, p didnt like it and tried drawing him then it was just a thing of I'm better etc. P started sending shots then ghetts had to reply. But they've never been kl they've sent for each other so much since this. Ghetts is closer to Little Dee than P.

  23. TheYunger1

    Ghetts Won. He didnt sign the contract on westwood because he doesnt have to prove that hes better than p money. He shows it in this War Dub!!!

  24. Safwan Choudhury

    ghetts won ps just a retarted uneducated arse I can listen to this more times than his tracks

  25. IMelonsI

    ghetts has made big moves since the clash, whereas p hasn't. bringing back up a clash 2 years later shows that p is in it just because ghetts has a big name.

  26. GhostofLenoir

    Lizzy is money...Queen Elizabeth...who's head is on all notes. Moist.

  27. gavin downes

    dont say nadda ghetts all day !!!

  28. shakira Allen

    As if p-moneys send for you again LOL is he being serious ?

  29. UKGRIMEdotTV


  30. Wenstyne Naylor

    @ForDaHate1 yeah but p asked him for a live clash and he said no even for 10 bags, i'm a fan of both btw

  31. wayne flanagan

    ghetts killed p money man big time!!!!

  32. Ivan Georgiev

    @ForDaHate1 he did -_- , "he got pared" thats an opinion smart ass

  33. James Stone

    ghetts pars p money hard

  34. Jay LDN


  35. mashherd

    @krisis1233 bars better. someone tell me what did he say, says it in every tune he chats shit

  36. Tom Chapman

    ghetts won hands down, so much betta than ps

  37. iTitchzzyy

    ghetts parrd p nuttin to say about these barrz too much

  38. Alien Dogmuck

    @SuperHypeboy his fans went to the cemetry with shovels...

  39. KCrispe

    @SuperHypeboy if there was no ghetts there would be no p money so snm mate

  40. Hi. There

    im with p...he parred disrespect to g doe still

  41. MrSiiMo

    fuck off ghetts won end of, no one had even heard of p money until ghetts wanted beef

  42. Wattz Music

    @RyderFly89 ghettz ıs more than alrıte man obvıously you havnt heard all hıs stuff. he always goes hard man the grıme scene wouldnt be the same wıthout hım real talk. search whos on the panel datz alot.

  43. billy thomson

    look at you people chattin shit over youtube : / big men : )

  44. Wattz Music

    @RyderFly89 whack? lol fuckın yank talk. thıs ıs fuckın hard.

  45. Wattz Music

    thıs merked ıt

  46. FinchieX

    @SuperHypeboy are you mad ? ghetts been merking man since 98 p money is air i only know 1 of p's tracks if you think p won press stop press x and close down your pc

  47. Ben Dover

    P money does put out a sick track ones and a while, but tbh i've heard one song with Ghetts that didn't go harder than most of the shit P has done.
    Besides i can even mention the only line from P that made me crack up.... The dub lines like: Where's your ar-ar-artillery, but that's my opinion and i'm entitled to it so fuck y'all haters.

  48. SouthEaling

    @Glitteringent09 Brappppp!

  49. SouthEaling

    @SuperHypeboy r u dum! ghetts merked ittttttttttt. fuk p money

  50. Rammoify

    @BuuuhRis yh he backed out of it at the last minute but p would destroy ghetts in a clash

  51. Rammoify

    P money is better than ghetts half of the time you can't understand what ghetts is saying

  52. Bob Dobalina

    I'm the 22,222nd viewer :)

  53. Martyn Morris

    P-Money kills him! Even does it on a live film, get ghetts on that, he would fail lol!

  54. OfficialLfym

    whats he spittin to

  55. ReloadFM Jyzerr

    yh this is moving still, i subd ya so next ting u up gets a click still, av got next griminal diss on video just upd abeg u hola at that plz an yh its proper hype

  56. Ollie Jones

    No one is killing anyone, no one will ever win there both too good and both got bare bares for each other

  57. dinitis

    every1 gets hype of 1 track from ghetto; but hes been Murked over 3 tracks against -and dont act like his udder dubz wer ard- they were shegged like athletes foot on a chick wearing sandals. As for parrin -any businessman will respect only 1 bar of this track -the myspace ting -the rest of it -cussin pmoney bout his name -thats all playground talk. Most of u cats on Ghetz arse just dnt wanna admit that the beats ard; rather than the entire vocals. Stop hypin like you know whats up

  58. Lewis Haine

    @SuperHypeboy def not mate, ghetts merks him in this track.

  59. Lewis Haine


  60. GhostofLenoir

    @SuperHypeboy no.

  61. ReloadFM Jyzerr

    this new layout is parrin it, they wont let me give the video n e stars man. got another fresh GRIMINAL DISS on my ting in hd 4 ya an its hype sidewinder back in the day still. get at me

  62. molowe1

    @MANLIKEMAX : Nah bashy is at least top 10, His one of the most lyrical MC. He will merk P Money no question about it.

  63. GhostofLenoir

    you're air

  64. Todd Heaviside

    who da instrumental byy?

  65. GhostofLenoir

    real talk

  66. ReloadFM Jyzerr

    ur smashing it with dat upload massive still i just upd 1 GRIMINAL DISS VIDEO on my ting still its in hd holla at dat yh

  67. Ozair Syed

    @SuperHypeboy wow

  68. badderman1

    He took da piss about the myspace views..... P Moneys a one liner ma-ann lool nex ting

  69. rory rory


  70. sdotlondonkid


    his parents must have been Michael Jackson

  71. Jamie Trolling


  72. LukeeStarr IE

    he murked himself so pmoney has nuffin to say on him,, ghetts killed him wiv this, admitt doe pmoney has had some hard bars on ghetts, no one has lost yet if anythin pmoneys losin to be fair


    Bashy? No he's not i wudn't even put him in the top 50 grime mc's in london. lol

  74. sdotlondonkid

    is his name really Paris

  75. sdotlondonkid

    4 lyricism he is one of the best in the country

  76. sdotlondonkid

    lyrically Wretch 32 is the to come out of this country. His mixtape is betta than most man's albums - and its a free download. Wretchrospective is the greatest album the uk scene has ever seen. Nough Sed

  77. Ashley Ashiz

    @EjRTeRRoRzZ I agree with the 4 but i think different order, but then theres no such thing as top 3 becuase everyone has there on liking so the argument can go on forever lol


    Bashy lool

  79. GhostofLenoir

    @EjRTeRRoRzZ Hahaha you speng eediot. How can you put P ahead? He has done nothing. Swag CDs. Ghetto Gospel pisses on everything he has ever done.

  80. f15hlu3

    ghetts parred it!!!!

  81. blaydewho0

    P money>Ghetts. jeeze...p money lays out FACTS in LETHAL BARS what dus this breh have on him other than bait jokes put into average bars

  82. makiese2

    Ghetts has been there from day. P has improved over last couple years to put him on par with the best grime mc's. Ne1 is gassed to say theres an outright winner cos both killed their dubs. suicide was pointless on a 8 mile vibe but 2/3 dubs vs a nxt mc dont make u a bad mc if u make one dub not worth makin. Ghetts had the hype from day but P is making a hype now. thats wats swingin man to P's corner. real talk

  83. ayamad2

    ' me? im suicidal on a riddim but p wud b suicidal in a prison' TKO

  84. ValyenFluff

    omggg pmoney just got killed hahahahahah

  85. ritious11

    The best is BCK... respect him. Ghettz