Getaway Plan, The - The Reckoning Lyrics

Where have you gone?
I'm like a rabbit down a hole
I can't find you now and I don't think I ever will.
Is it all in vain? Is there a heart beneath the skin?
The truth remains, all you need is hope and you can make it.

Where have you gone?
I'm like a child without a soul
I've got no one else and I don't think I ever will.
But there's something about the way you move.

This is the reckoning, the fight before the tide rolls in.
This is the reckoning and time won't wait for anything.

Where have you gone?
I'm like a rabbit down a hole
I'd cut my wings if I could only have control.
Was it all in vain? Was there a heart beneath the skin?
The truth remains, all you need is hope and you can make it.
Back to where you once belonged
The people that are holding on to everything they saw in you.

This is the reckoning, the fight before the tide rolls in.
This is the reckoning and time won't wait for anything.
This is the reckoning, the fight before the tide rolls in.
This is the reckoning and time won't wait for anything.
This is the reckoning, the fight before the tide rolls in.
This is the reckoning and time won't wait for anything.

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Getaway Plan, The The Reckoning Comments
  1. User Deleted

    Are these guys still going? First heard them from the cd inside a music magazine at least 8-9 years ago this song still comes inside my head time to time

  2. Brenzy

    Top notch! Australia needs to produce more bands like this!

  3. Christen Franklin

    His voice tho 😍

  4. Elisa Nocerino

    Amazing song

  5. DefBlue

    Saquen música, perezosos.

  6. Matthew GarettyConnorLinkMetroid

    I read another comment typed in connection with this video. It's not only the intro, of this song, but it all sounds as if it was actually taken from Linkin Park's What I've Become. I hope this band got permission for putting What I've Become into their own song. If not, they are SCREWED.

  7. Billy Trew

    Does anyone know where I can find the piano chords for this song I would love to play it

  8. Imogen Ruby

    Fuck i love them so much.

  9. Emma-Mae Henry

    Fan girling daily - 💖💖 amazing performers live.

  10. Mic Dolphin

    What happened? You guys could have been huge.

  11. Emma-Mae Henry

    fucking love this song , and its even better live <3

  12. Mary Stark

    I've loved this song for 5 years

  13. LittleGreen

    God that music video is strange...

    Shawana Ryals

    Not when you consider the time in which it was filmed. Children were behaving badly and some even hurt adults. Also special note to the fact the children burned a church that our band was playing music in. THe question to be denoted was WHERE WERE THE KIDS PARENTS THEIR WHOLE LIFE


    @Shawana Ryals Wow, didn't know. Funny to come back on this comment 1 year later, guess I was just a bit disturbed by the whole sacrificing of a kid part. Thankyou fo being one for the few on YouTube who respond maturely though :)

  14. krisowOw

    expIain the video, i remember someone did a whiIe back, i think the girI represented innocence and the boy who ran into her represented hope or something, couId be wrong

  15. Shawana Ryals

    I could have watched Matthew at the mic for the whole 3 mins though.  Who am I kidding?  I coulda watched him all day.  HE got the moves.

  16. Shawana Ryals

    Hey did those bad ass kids burn our band!  Hell no, the church failed.  Come back Matthew Wright!  #GetawayPlanfans

  17. Shawana Ryals

    Perfect #MatthewWright

  18. Mitch Rude

    why didn't you guys leave the chapel once it lit on fire, weren't you guys scared of being burned up? shits cray-cray!


    Its called special effects bruz...

    Mitch Rude

    Kodoku Those effects were quite special, indeed!

    Shawana Ryals

    Mitch and miss that fire ass beat?  Did you hear the beat that dropped when the kids started the fire?

    Shawana Ryals

    It was a form of loyalty to the church, they didn't run when shit it the fan.

  19. Ben Pap

    Time won't wait for anything...


    +Ben Sparks music Tempus Edax Rerum

  20. melieD boss

    i love it when u guys go hardcore ;)

    Bonnie Travers

    +blue dolly aka melbrit This isn't hardcore TGP, just saying.

    vasilis vks

    +Bonnie Travers probably meant hardcore as characterism and not a genre

  21. thesamuraiman

    I haven't heard this song in 4 years. I missed it. I knew I had it somewhere on Youtube. :P Great song. Glad I found it again.

  22. Sophie O

    I GET TO SEE THE GETAWAY PLAN PERFORM IN JUNE, AND I GET TO MEET THEM AND WATCH THEM DO SOUND CHECK!!!! Ahhhhh, I might die from Happiness, I've loved these guys for over 5 years now, and I'm finally getting my chance to witness the talent that is The Getaway Plan <3

    Emma-Mae Henry

    they are fucking amazing live <3

  23. Mars Angel

    Amazing live band, amazing song, this is my alarm every morning.
    I cant get enough of it. 

  24. Callum Wilson

    was watching casually then boom "lets just kill this kid"

    Mitch Rude

    Callum Wilson My favorite part!

  25. raisin22

    I didn't like this song when I first heard it but after seeing them live I've fallen in love ha. So epic!

  26. Andrew Martin

    How has this not created a storm of controversy? haha, great song!


    Honestly? Because they're not as popular as they should be. :/

    Small Hands

    because they went on hiatus just as they were getting big, it really set them back.

  27. Emerald Jade

    After 5 years of loving them I finally get to see them in September, hells yea.

  28. SophieInDigital

    The Video kind of reminds me of the Hunger Games.... Great song though :)

  29. Savage Johnny

    i am 8 and wat is this 


    great music

    Mitch Rude

    Savage Johnny It's a detailed description of what to do to your go, time won't wait for anything!

  30. Spajdi _

    This video fits perfectly to this song! :)

    Cheryl Jackson

    I of course can fully understand why there's a buzz around these fellas
    I say it is awesome!
    Youtube the song and have fun!

    Dragon Chaser

    No lie.

  31. Edwards Music

    I'm the one in the baige

  32. Edwards Music

    I was in that video

  33. Aristotelis Diamantis

    Love your work ! Keep it up can't wait to see use in oz!

  34. Jamie Armstrong

    Saw them in Belfast with sws there base player is cool as hell and so is the singer

  35. RockGunsN3

    Burn in hell.

  36. Evie Argyle

    Constantly on repeat! This song is amazing!

  37. itsmeruairi

    Saw them with Sleeping With Sirens, got their CD 'Requiem' and had the members sign it. They said they'd be back in March. This was in Ireland, so they'll probably be touring the UK then too

  38. CUBES

    Can I help?

  39. MemeBoy

    Can I slap you with a dictionary?

  40. Laura Holmes

    Saw them in Newcastle and met them after and they're lovely people too! Bet they'll be touring them selfs soon enough instead of being a support act!:)

  41. Rebecca Carter


  42. Isobel Reeve

    Saw them in Birmingham with Sws, they were amazing!

  43. Rebecca Sheridan Black

    Saw them live they were awesome so cute :3

  44. ChainsawPigeon

    Last night they killed it everyone did it was perfect

  45. Hannah Marie

    These were at SWS last night, love them!!

  46. BRANCH project

    saw this live in bham witht SWS, damn! a fucking great way to start a show

  47. Amber Avis

    i love Trenton so much, he come and held my hand last night omfg at sws and told me that i don't need to self harm and i promised him i'd try and stop, i love him so much

  48. Abby Aitkin

    I saw them last night in Newcastle with SWS.. they were honestly the best support act I'd seen. Not just the way he sings or they play, but the way they MOVE too... damn i love them so much, I'm getting there album as soon as i can

  49. Matt Keisoglu

    Thanks to this song, it gave me the idea to write a horror movie.

  50. jackinknots

    Cant believe i missed them at sleeping with sirens omfg help

  51. Jasmine Howard

    The singer looks like Tate from American Horror Story ;o

  52. Sonic Waby

    Last night though in Nottingham ;o it was lovely to meet you all also WAS AMAZING

  53. melinda wilson

    Saw them at sleeping with sirens in Nottingham! So good, they're amazing!

  54. Holly Ashford

    saw them in Southampton at Sleeping with Sirens, was amazing

  55. Deanna Reed

    This song it amazing live, omg they are a fab band

  56. Nathan barrett

    Saw these in Southampton they were amazing

  57. flowermouth

    Saw them in Southampton, they were perfect!

  58. Misshowzat

    Horrid video


    me too! :D

  60. Rocking Steady

    Love this song! they were awesome live, saw them in Eindhoven

  61. Andréa Evans

    They were perfect!

  62. ListenToAwesomeMusic

    they were amazing in brussels!! even better live :)

  63. Mileen Catteau

    omg i love this song so much they're so good live :) brussels was vhaeoif

  64. LotteBlaBlaBla

    Yesterday was amazing! They are really sweet!!! I have a picture with them, have their signatures, and hugged them!! ♥

  65. Karen P

    Brussels yeah! They were amazing!

  66. Aagje DeMeersman

    I totally agree, they sound waaaaay better live. and they are the nicest dudes i've ever met at a gig

  67. Andréa Evans

    They sound even better in real life, I went to their concert yesterday (SWS and HLH were there too)

  68. moniquestappaerts


  69. RockGunsN3

    God....who are so cruel to give dislikes to this awesome song ?!

  70. prolific187

    lets suck each others cock i live in brisbane

  71. prolific187

    where gonna bottle them when they go to the tavern and make them lick our ballz

  72. prolific187

    and they lick ballz lol

  73. Aimee Stevenson

    i'm sorry but the start sounds too much like Linkin Park.

  74. prolific187

    id rather finger my ass

  75. Tenshifyre

    Just sayin'... Their concert was AWESOME!

  76. Jasmine Smith

    Can't wait to see these on SWS Feel tour!!

  77. Tenshifyre

    Yep! Newcastle concert is on tonight! Can't wait to see them!

  78. GillDoesGames

    That is one BIG mouth.

  79. KatishaDaisy

    Seeing these guys on the 30th September, seriously can't wait :D

  80. Hannah Louise

    Same! :D

  81. OhNoKira

    it doesn't matter what brought people to listen to the song but as long as your band is getting listen to chill out

  82. littleAngel335


  83. Wellington Gibson

    Not to start an argument with you, but Kellin Quinn has been posting about this band on his Instagram. I just started listening to them cause of him and they are pretty good!

  84. OldYe Chap

    kellin queff you mean but besides that dont even mention sws when it comes to this band they have something called TALENT

  85. Daniel Trew

    I think it's trying to communicate. o:

  86. Michael

    nedz moar fukin Br00taLZ berkDownzZ hEy!!11!! stupid fagz witH TheIRR meLODIEz!!

  87. Matt Mannara

    the fuck is this pussy shit

  88. Speedy DnB

    They are from Australia lol

  89. Thinh Nguyen

    Fucking epic!

  90. Bueg McBuegal

    have you heard Kellin Quinn's new song?

  91. Lunatic LoveBird

    Oh my gawsh oh my gawsh oh my gawsh. This is genius. It gave me butterflies in my stomach and wanted me to go do something haha how strange music can change someone's emotions

  92. MiniJava

    im so obsessed with this song omg..

  93. Lucan Wells

    This band is so underrated! Matt's vocals are some of the best going around in the aussie music scene!

  94. James Townsend

    Holy shit. lol

  95. meadow

    I saw them supporting Anberlin in February, the beeeeest night ever and now I love this band!

  96. goth PrinCcesS

    Everytime I listen to this song, i feel like a pinch in my chest !! I really feel so damn good.. ♥!!

  97. Mark Folkerts

    I saw them last night in Brisbane, they were awesome. Great live show, great sound, and great energy for the X&Y Club.

  98. InsaneCalcifer

    huNer gMAe

  99. Lelia J.Driscoll

    Awesome new song
    Youtube it now !