George Strait - You're Stronger Than Me Lyrics

If you are sincere when you say you don't care that we should just let the past be,
If the love that we knew don't bother you, darlin' you're stronger than me.

And if still loving you means I'm weak, then I'm weak,
And I still fall apart when you speak or we meet.
If the love that we knew don't bother you, darlin' you're stronger than me.

If you can have fun with some other one with no thought of what used to be,
If it's easy to say that it's better this way, darlin' you're stronger than me.


Darlin' you're stronger than me.

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George Strait You're Stronger Than Me Comments
  1. jesse Garcia

    Dwight might have done it justice

  2. Jewel Dotson

    Good cover of this Ray Price Hit from years before George was heard of.

    Benny Head

    Patsy Cline hit before Ray Price cut it.

  3. Elvis Earp

    If this doesn't make you want to 2-step, you ain't got a pulse.

  4. J Strader

    who is the steel player?


    If it's a session player it may be John Hughy or Paul Franklin. If it's the Ace in the Hole band it's Mike Dailey


    I just checked and Paul Franklin is the steel player on this song

    Shannon Burns

    @72olds350z, playing a Franklin Pedal Steel! From Shannon's notes. She has gone on to Heaven, singing with Patsy Cline who immortalized this song, written by Hank Cochran.

  5. Riderrprider

    Son of a gun, that is the best version I have heard. The man can sing, and his backup band is 200%. The way real traditional country music should be.

  6. JennysCountryChannel

    Great George Strait song! :-) Thank for sharing James :-) Merry Christmas! 

    J.W. Gauntt

    you're welcome Jenny, Merry Christmas

  7. Károlyné Szépvölgyi

    Kedves Jack  Nagyon tetszett a videó film.
    A dal az csodálatos volt. imádtam hallgatni
    az énekest, aki egy fantasztikus előadó művész.
    Köszönettel Klára Szépvölgyi

    J.W. Gauntt

    you're welcome Clare, glad you enjoyed it