George Strait - Go On Lyrics

I'm so sorry, I keep interrupting, what were you gonna say?
You caught him cheatin', I don't blame you for walkin' away.
I know where you're comin' from, it sounds like where I've been
Oh, there I go interrupting your story once again

Go on, go on, you were sayin' how a fool can only fool you so long
It's true, it's so true when they do you like that
What else you can do but go on.

Our conversation won't change nothin', but it's sure nice to talk
With somebody who's been cut out of the same ol' cloth
You know how you said happiness can't be found lookin' back
If you don't mind, maybe we can talk a little more about that.

Go on, go on, you were sayin' this is better than sittin' at home
It's true, it's so true when they do you like that
What else can you do but go on...

Even when you see no reason to
Don't wait to live life 'cause it won't wait for you

Go on, please go on, you were sayin' what don't kill us only makes us strong
It's true, that's so true when they do you like that
What else can you do but go on.

Just go on.
Life goes on... and on.

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George Strait Go On Comments
  1. Debbie Ashton

    One handsome man, glad he's from here.#TexasForever

  2. H G

    The face of country music.

  3. Doris Stovall

    I love this

  4. Doris Stovall

    I never get tired of playing the songs

  5. Doris Stovall

    The songs just get better

  6. Juan Garcia

    I can listen to this song all day and all night long!!!

    Juan Garcia

    For the rest of life!!!

  7. Juan Garcia

    I love this song🥰🥰🥰🥰

  8. Doris Stovall

    I love George Strait songs

  9. vallie southall

    I love you George

  10. Blake Nicholas

    He's the king for a reason

  11. Doris Stovall

    I like this

  12. Doris Stovall

    I love this

  13. Doris Stovall

    I love his songs

  14. Doris Stovall

    I love this

  15. Ryan Theweave

    I’m going on she Whores on. Bye CJ

  16. Brent Baker

    George Strait at his best! Awesome song!

  17. Darci Sanchez

    my favorite song by the king George Strait miss songs like these

  18. Javier Montejano


  19. JayDogTitan 1464

    This is one of George's very very best!

  20. Steven Hunt

    this is one of my favorite George Strait it!

  21. Michiru Yami

    I love how creatively this song is written.

  22. jscountrygirl85

    I know I say this about many of his songs, but this is definitely one of my favorite songs he's ever recorded. 18 years later, and I still love it so much! A lot of his late 90's and early 00's stuff is so underrated now, especially his self-titled 2000 album, which this song came off of.

  23. california82170ify

    use to have this back in the day. glad i found it again its like new all over!

  24. Sylvia Payton

    Hi, "My Santa." Welcome back and happy New Years.

  25. Sylvia Payton

    Welcome back, "My Santa." Happy New Year.

  26. Sylvia Payton

    Happy New Year, Sir. Wishing you and Norma a happier life in 2018.

  27. Sylvia Payton

    Happy New Year.

  28. Sylvia Payton


  29. Sylvia Payton

    Thank you. Aha!.

  30. Sylvia Payton

    Okay. Not a moment to late either. Yes, it is about that time again.

  31. Sylvia Payton

    No!. 'mirrows don't lie' "By" George Strait. Merry Christmas. Is a beautiful day!.

    M M

    And the circus and flying monkeys Ms. Payton. Girls growing into beautiful young ladies is like an early morning fishing song and we can only pray we don't cause any lasting damage.

  32. Sylvia Payton

    Good music, "Go On." Good night.

  33. Sylvia Payton

    God bless Norma and King George Harvey Strait. Happy Sunday.

  34. Sylvia Payton

    Happy Veterans Day to King George Harvey Strait and Norma, My Lady And True Friend.
    God Bless Texas
    Don't Mess With Texas!.

  35. Sylvia Payton

    Good morning, Sir. May God Bless Texas, Amen.

  36. Sylvia Payton

    Good Morning Sir, (King George Harvey Strait)
    TOPIC: "Earned History"
    ISSUE: "Burn Candles At Booth End" (K.T. Oslin)
    Have a Good Day, Sir.

  37. Sylvia Payton

    TOPIC: Rest in Peace (RIP)
    WHO: American Television Correspondent: Robert (Bob) Simon
    Death: Head injury in a Car accident
    Where: Manhattan, New York, United States
    When: IIth February 2015

  38. Sylvia Payton

    One thing that all "Believes" agree on, however, is that Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem.

  39. Sylvia Payton

    Good morning, Sir. This is to get the ball rolling again Sir, nothing more. Have a good day.

  40. Sylvia Payton

    Good morning. Thank you. God Bless us today and always, Amen.

  41. Sylvia Payton

    TOPIC: Feet
    FOR EXAMPLE: "A Pig Feet," "A Chicken Feet," or "A Goat Feet" is literary that: "Feet"
    REASON: Because the common denominator in each phrase is literary "Feet" and are eatable to some Humans and some animals.
    But, "A Club Foot" is a human leg deformity that makes dancing or walking gait difficult, perhaps, one may compare the1930's "Shuffling Gait Dances" we talked about some times ago, would resemble the definition of someone with "Club Feet" attempting to dance.
    God Bless, Sir. Have a beautiful Monday. The weather is nice and cool today I believe.

  42. Sylvia Payton

    Yes, I understand.

  43. Sylvia Payton

    Good morning, Sir, King George Harvey Strait:
    What I forget to say is that "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown." Be bless.

  44. Sylvia Payton

    Thank God, "Mu Plang Des Dah Nan." "Mung Gode." "Mun Sha Gari Mun Gode, Allah" (Gari="Abinchi").
    God bless, Nigeria, America, and President Donald Trump as he continues to rule our Country, Amen.

  45. Sylvia Payton

    When? at "Tower Of Bable," "The Great Awakening," "Mountain Kilimanjaro" or:
    "Africa Without The Sugar?. I wouldn't know Sir, but "I Will Take It To The Lord In Prayer" and I have for the rest of my life, Amen.

  46. Sylvia Payton

    I believe the nursery rhyme used to be:
    "Early to Bed and Early to Rise makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise." God bless, Amen. Thank you for everything. Have a good day, Sir.

  47. Sylvia Payton

    Dear God, I have been praying to you faithfully. Now the final summation has arrive today. I have my political trust in President Trump and I will be voting for him again in 2020. May he be blessed in the future and always. Also, I would like to pray for my favorite team to win in Jesus Christ's name I pray, Amen.

  48. Sylvia Payton

    A better start to the song. I would like to say.

  49. Tommy McDonnell jr

    I have to say George Strait is one of my favorites Long Live good country music

  50. natalie rincon

    Had a phone call exactly like this!! There's definitely a George strait song for everything you're going through!

  51. jscountrygirl85

    Another great song from George, delivered in his signature smooth style! Loved this one ever since it first came out.

  52. jake ternoois

    Looks it..Acts It...Sings It.....the king

  53. Gene Spanos

    Great stuff.

  54. Hot Man

    King George dose good songs

  55. Casie Lovell

    I don't. blame u for. walking away

  56. Justyn Lewis

    Go On
    Please Go On

  57. Mary Addis

    Such a beautiful voice and song.

  58. Cyn A

    I don't blame you.... for walking away😍😍😍

  59. Toneloke

    Special time in my life when this song came out!

  60. Jessica Hamberger

    jessica hamberger just look that name up

  61. Jessica Hamberger


  62. Jessica Hamberger


  63. Jessica Hamberger

    i*m 13 years old and i love this song so hateing this song is stupid. this song is awesome i*m a 13 year old girl thoghu

    Austin Searl

    +Jessica Hamberger what state do you live in?

    Austin Searl

    +Jessica Hamberger kik me mlb_austin

    Jessica Hamberger

    i don8T HAVE KIK i have twiter

    Austin Searl

    +Jessica Hamberger what is it

    Dan Moscato

    +Austin Searl trying to get a 13 year olds Twitter name? wtf dude

  64. nemesisgenius

    2 idiots should be banned from commenting on King George classics.

    Steven Md

    Love this song 🙌🏼🙌🏼♥️♥️♥️🦋

  65. George Ballard

    How can anyone dislike any song by the King? That's just ridiculous!

  66. colton cwell

    you made me stop liking rap and hip hop.. thank you for making me a better and happier person.. i sing your songs to the ladies.. they love it

    LordLightning 23

    +colton cwell what happened to music with values?

    Kendra Sitting Crow

    colton cwell better to be a cowboy

    Alley Kat

    There are still quality hip hop artist making good music, but George is timeless.


    The type of music you listen to doesn't make you a better or worse person.

  67. kunlayanee king

    **** nice song ,,,, ****

  68. Matadoe22

    0 people are complete morons

  69. alecia lopez

    i love you George Strait <3
    your songs express every feeling im feeling (;
    your my inspiration <3

  70. katelyn courtright

    this man is older than my dad and will alwayse be amazing and beautiful (yes men r beautiful to) himself and his music inspire me.... and I'm a pop kinds girl LOL this sounds funny but still incredible upside my Madonna!

  71. Zachary Davis

    George Strait. His only self titled album.

  72. carol biggs

    what album is this from

    Adam Lee Nichols

    carol biggs self titled album from 2000

  73. Dave Wollenberg

    ACC's #22 song of '00. God bless ya, Mr. Country, for postin' it .Thanx! Long live King George!

  74. Reuben James

    rio grande valley here, GS is the MAN

  75. Natalya Fan

    i will be a george strait wannabe till i die, his dress,style and attitude are all aspire to be...the best role model for us cowboys.

  76. 24ktlady

    ~~ mmmmm mmmmm Good! ~~

  77. BerryZangetsu

    One of my fav George Strait song has gotten me through so many tough times! Thanks for uploading.

  78. Mr45ba

    Very Nice

  79. netonthenet01

    George Strait greatest country entertainer of our time!

  80. Invaderzim2015

    i love this song so much!!!! :D

  81. Chamorro Raccoon

    love this song!!