George Strait - Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye Lyrics

What a rotten day this turned out to be.
I still can't believe she'd leave so easily.
She just got all her things, threw 'em into a pile,
Then she loaded her car and said after a while,
She'd done this before, but this time she didn't cry.

That's why I'm sittin' on the front steps,
Staring down the road, wond'rin' if she'll come back -
This time I don't know.
After she packed, when she looked back
There were no tears in her eyes,
And that's got me worried thinking
Maybe my baby's gotten good at goodbye.

All the times before she'd break down and cry.
She'd make her threats, but her heart wasn't set on goodbye.
She just wanted me to hear what she had to say.
Now I'm lost for words, since she went away.
She may not return for this time she didn't cry.

[Chorus 2x]

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George Strait Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye Comments
  1. Southern Squirrle Boyz

    Best singer ever

  2. Gene Austin

    I sure do miss the 80's and 90's when people had heart and country was loaded with natural, God given talent. They sure was Murder on Music Row.

  3. Shortyc 38

    Sure was rotten.

  4. Tammy Leeder Whitaker


  5. Manny Rodriguez

    Damn good man boys

  6. Chris Bennett

    Still sounds great


    True i am lost wake up people look amd pay attition to yur phone

  8. Patrick Kreisel

    The undisputed King of Country

  9. AJ Jackson

    My first love chrissy brown

  10. Steven Lundgrin

    No one is better than George Strait. No one.

  11. Haley Brock

    Who’s listening in 2020🙋🏻‍♀️

    scoop 64

    The King the best ever

  12. rick flood

    Hank Sr.,Conway,George Jones,etc......hold onto George Strait and Alan Jackson before "the music dies".......

  13. Robert Scott Wilson

    Wonder if she come back this time I don't know my baby gotten good at goodbyes

  14. Chris Fast

    The man. The myth. The legend!!!

  15. RL Bent

    And l will go to my grave loving Ricky David Williams my baby son breaks my ❤.

  16. RL Bent

    Ricky David Williams my baby son breaks my ❤ traveled th world 🌎

  17. Edward Joyce

    There is no country music without George Strait , Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, Willie Nelson and more. Country radio is gone unless you listen to " classic country". Thank God for You-Tube where all of these great artists still live !!!

  18. Harland Noland

    I relate to this song in ways I only wish she knew

  19. Erin Brones


  20. Erin Brones


  21. michael Reed

    It would be a dream to see the king of country in concert... I'm December 25th 2019 in Abilene Texas

  22. Manny Rodriguez

    This is country music I love it

  23. Bubbie Jr savage

    George strait one of kind all day long

  24. Jay Salinas

    The greatest ever!!!

  25. Nicole Allen


  26. Sally Wounded Eye

    Wow....I can't get enuff of George Strait...not much for country but George's songs got me rethinking about country.

  27. Wayne Edward

    I forgot about this one

  28. gneisenau77

    Awkward Wedding Songs, Volume 1.

  29. James Espinoza

    Jessica n Jaime

  30. Eric

    She wasn't worth it, didn't even have a truck to pull her horse with.

  31. Jeffrey Wieters

    Metal head listening

  32. Butch Stoneyrock

    I am wondering how many people who have listened to this song after all of their lives have played out and broke up, and then checked out? God, I can't be the only one!? God bless people.

  33. Cliff Krauel

    One of the best songs ever there's not one man out there who hasnt live this song.

  34. Cherlyn Burleson BlackBird

    I have finally said my final goodbye to him. I wish him luck and love.

  35. Tanya Butler

    I miss real country music!

  36. Bonnie Mcneil


  37. Bridget Behrends

    Beautiful my favorite song love you honey George strait 💕💕💕💕

  38. Rocky13Lowe

    This song tells a sad tale but it rings true

  39. Frankie Ontiveros

    Long Live A Legend!! 2019..

  40. Anna Schurman

    I was born too late. I missed all the good music, the good entertainment, the real wrestling... You folks who had the chance to grow up listening to this are really privileged. I hope you appreciate it.

  41. Soylent Green

    ...if this girl is still single tell her to look me up🌹

  42. Penny Alford

    Great song love his voice ❤️

  43. Daniel Seccuro

    This is a beautiful song, sung by an incomparable artist!

  44. Doug Winegar

    Its usually over when that happens

  45. Neil Thompson

    You're my everything Tammy Benward

  46. John Powell RHEC

    This is my moms favorite George Strait song

  47. Ethan Weeter

    Great video and even better song. Love all his music. Saw him at Ohio Stadium in June at Buckeye Country Superfest and he almost brought down the house.

  48. Elizabeth Williamson

    Classy song and video! The King of country music!💟💟💟

  49. Jonathan Burch

    Oh msn mine left first of Oct and aint even called after 15 yrs and 7 kids not one word

    Raven Stone

    Sorry to hear that😿😞

    Jonathan Burch

    Thanks cinder I'd love to talk to her we got way to much for this to be it but I don't get a word

  50. chris Haynes

    My absolute favorite song is Baby Blue.

  51. chris Haynes

    His voice is just amazing!!!!

  52. Steven Sheats

    Baby’s Gotten
    Good At Goodbye
    Good Song George Strait
    I Think I’ll Put That On
    Ellen With The Earps
    Texas Rangers Duke Donovan
    And Wichita Slim Soundtrack

  53. bitofaquestionmark bitofaquestionmark

    60 Number 1 hits. I don't care who you are that is incredible. I used to listen to him back in the 80s and everyone kept asking me why. After a couple of songs almost all were hooked and understood.

  54. Paul Papapietro

    George Strait in a class with Hank Williams

  55. steven Massey

    What a rotten day this turned out to be....

  56. Christy Rowland

    I have been through alot of good byes

  57. _Lionheart 41090

    This is country. I grew up on this shit man

  58. Samjam1684 3

    Same gotta love george

  59. James

    Born and raised - George Strait..!

  60. Luiz Pedro Lazzari

    Belissima musica country .

  61. Luiz Pedro Lazzari

    George Strait, com certeza e o melhor cantor da musica country , dos ultimos anos nos Estados Unidos . PARABENS .

  62. Laura Mac Lean

    🎙....💏....🎼....◾ .CANADA 2019....

  63. James Sanders

    He is real good

  64. Laurie Jackson

    I finally got good at goodbyes when I stopped talking to my toxic so called friend

  65. Laurie Jackson

    George could sing the ingredients on a package of processed food and we would love it lol

  66. Terri Lynn 72

    I could listen to all George "The King" Straits songs all day, everyday!! He makes them Wranglers look good!!

  67. Laurie Jackson

    Do I love this song is the sky blue can't get enough

  68. Candii Cane

    Arthur and Mary Linton! If you don’t know who those two are then you are not a gamer

  69. Joseph Gustafson

    Good for her.

  70. Richard Locke

    I sang this in public.

  71. Wilford Redsteer

    Awesome song..... The way country used to be.....

  72. CJ Smith

    That beautiful Guild guitar and a golden voice.

  73. Catherine Harris

    Another one of his great songs

  74. Jeffrey Causey

    I love this music by jeffrey causey

  75. linda Ingram

    Conway an George can sing what ever they what turn out number.

  76. Kevin Greer

    Dam dis song brings back old memories...
    Dam I certainly miss the good ole days..

  77. gary medlin

    Another George Strait Great Song. Great melody and words. It’s what makes for a great song. My taste of music has to be traditional country with a great melody along with great words that fit the song or I won’t even give it the time of day to listen to it. I love a lot of George Strait’s songs simply because he only chooses to sing great songs. I once listened to an interview where George described how he chose the songs he recorded. I knew then that we had at least one thing in common. And that was what it takes to be a great song. Thanks King George!!!

  78. Kelsey Hoffman

    When i heard this song makes me think of wayne

  79. Jennifer Coffelt

    I love my song

  80. Ahmed Alanazi

    Those who disliked it have literally a 0 taste of music!! Still listening to country and will do till the last breath.

  81. Gilberto Pereira

    Bom dia,amigos eu só queria saber como faço para conseguir um livro deste cara com estas letra tão linda mais que seja daqueles que as letras já vem com as notas pois amo de mais estas musica ! tanto de George quanto de Alan jackson pois estes caras são o timo

  82. tommy gentry

    Lois Williams bentley my son deceased


    Love this jam too!

  84. Richard Locke

    I like this hit.Showed memories of country music could last Oprah.hats off

  85. Eduardo Guevara

    This is the only king George I won’t revolt against!

  86. Jayden Nicholas

    True traditional country music at it's finest!👌

  87. Becky Elgin


  88. Jerold Sparks

    George strait good music

  89. Tammy Pratt


  90. Lorraine Smith

    Who’s listening in 2019? ME!!

    Joseph Mcnally

    Yeah I'm listening to it cuz my baby the love of my life has gotten real good at goodbyes to

    Dennis Smith

    George straight forever is the best

    William Flow

    That's got me thinking!!!

    User1and 1/2

    Lorraine Smith you don’t need to ask that question. It’s obvious you only did it for likes

    might guy


  91. Margie beard

    He's the real deal. Love him.

  92. Sandra Cannon

    I'm not ugly just a byttch I got love

  93. Kenny H

    3600 worthless liberals gave this a thumbs down!

  94. Monty Williams

    So true teletekman, so true!!

  95. Landon waldrop

    *The king*

  96. Esta Dewberry