George Michael - One More Try Lyrics

I've had enough of danger
And people on the streets
I'm looking out for angels
Just trying to find some peace
Now I think it's time
That you let me know
So if you love me
Say you love me
But if you don't
Just let me go...

'Cause teacher
There are things that I don't want to learn
And the last one I had
Made me cry
So I don't want to learn to
Hold you, touch you
Think that you're mine
Because it ain't no joy
For an uptown boy
Whose teacher has told him goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

When you were just a stranger
And I was at your feet
I didn't feel the danger
Now I feel the heat
That look in your eyes
Telling me "No"
So you think that you love me
Know that you need me
I wrote the song, I know it's wrong
Just let me go...

And teacher
There are things that I don't want to learn
Oh the last one I had
Made me cry
So I don't want to learn to
Hold you, touch you
Think that you're mine
Because it ain't no joy
For an uptown boy
Whose teacher has told him goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

So when you say that you need me
That you'll never leave me
I know you're wrong, you're not that strong
Let me go

And teacher
There are things that I still have to learn
But the one thing I have is my pride
Oh, so I don't want to learn to
Hold you, touch you
Think that you're mine
Because there ain't no joy
For an uptown boy
Who just isn't willing to try
I'm so cold inside
Maybe just one more try

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George Michael One More Try Comments
  1. Marian Martinez

    What a beautiful voice, I'm addicted.

  2. Moon Vlogs

    2020' Luv u 😣❤

  3. Sofi

    January 2020? ☺️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. Scott B

    Good song, moving lyrics, beautiful video. Another song from George Michael himself featured on the soundtrack to the movie "Last Christmas".

  5. Edmundo Romero Moreno

    Descansa en paz George Michael tu álbum faith muy bueno lo compre en 1988 en Nogales Sonora México..

  6. lovely me

    How many people still listening to George Michael another new century new year 2020. 💝💝💝🙏🙏 RIP George Michael

  7. Sly Makaveli

    As a big Hip hop fan ,this shit is legandary .

  8. Josimar Arlindo

    Que saudades desse cara 😢

  9. Dennis Stortini

    Listening to this great artist in January 2020. The best.

  10. Elisangela Rodrigues


  11. Onica Porter


  12. de august


  13. kelly freitas

    Jan 2020

  14. Ghost29303

    One of the greatest songs ever written . Thanks George .

  15. ДdvancE jigsaw

    beauty song <3

  16. Aron Reyes

    If you are listening to this in 2020, you are a living legend.

  17. Charles Melonson

    Such a good man with sooo much SOUL RIP MY BRATHA

  18. Jeannette Gamble

    this is the song i finally found it

  19. elyor nazarov

    Восхитительная песня❤👍

  20. Jessie Blue

    Jan 2 2020 still listening to this!!

  21. Warhammer Titan

    (Desktop users) Press 4: When you're a kid and touch the stove

  22. Peter Owens

    2020 baby! Who’s listening still?

  23. Alichka Khan

    who listening to this beautiful song in 2020?❤️

  24. J. Beams

    We miss you, talented & beautiful man. 😭

  25. Terezie Palová

    January 2020

  26. Toi Golston

    Yep Jan 1st 2020 I'm here

  27. Solange R

    2020 still listening 👍

  28. Mary Fiaola

    luv this song always x thank you george michael..x

  29. Ricardo Ibarra

    Perpetual remorse in my heart and soul. This song brings me down to pieces. And then, I'm just nothing. STSTSTLST

  30. Brett Clark

    First comment of 2020!!!

  31. Break da Bank

    Michael why??

  32. Mike Fields

    He was amazing

  33. 조세영

    다시 한번 시작하고 싶은데 힘이 안나요 나에게 힘을줘요

  34. Dream Scott

    No one could touch George Michael in his own right. When we lost him we lost a lot.

    Rest in love, George Michael
    We love and miss you

  35. Chad Foss

    Gr8 song tearbreaker

  36. Barbara V

    Last night I had an awesome dream that I met GM. I was all tongue-tied and he said lovely relax as I'm just a regular person you know. Then I woke up and realized it was in fact a dream and the reality of his passing is just that... real. Been a fan since the day I first heard him with Wham in 1982. Never did I met him or ever dream about him... I'm missing him more as time goes on as I just wanted more. I guess his job here was finished and he was called home to create his magic there.

  37. Julie Brearley


  38. SALis MyJam

    George's voice always has a way of keeping me deep in my feelings. 😭

  39. Kagiso Rapoo

    New Year's Eve... anyone.... Dec 31, 2019

  40. Marcos Paulo

    Minha última música do ano de 2019 hehehe ele foi o cara namoral que música que letra....


    George ur voice is so liberating. A truly soulful rendition.. my soul tears apart listening to u n tears starts rolling..

  42. Trina Hennessy

    Rip Martin McManus this will always remind me of you handsome 💔💕😎😘♥️♥️♥️

  43. Nathan Maes

    Thank you...

  44. Vicenta Escanciano

    Me gusta como cantaba éste cantante era genial

  45. BJ Bryn Baratti

    George never ages. He is missed so much😥

  46. Anthony K

    This mf could sing and I usually don't listen to this type of music. I'm so sad that he's gone, he's singing to Angels now.

  47. Ayse Morris

    Forever loved 'Yog' meeting you and spending time with you was the best thing ever!! You, your beautiful voice, your music and your legacy will live on.💕

  48. SKN

    wtf its so out there in this song and u still love it?

  49. Daniel Radford

    Who else is here because of the film last Christmas? Top film btw as well!

  50. daisha diggs

    I absolutely love this song😍😍

  51. andyolina tz

    that was soooo perfect (i'm crying)

  52. Ndea Monk

    George was pure murder on this one. Think about what he did to that simple beat

  53. Letitbe Letitbeme

    I LOVE HIM!! RIP 😞

  54. K Williams

    THE WORLD misses you George Michael

  55. Takenna Melton

    R I P George Michael still here 2019🔥🔥🔥

  56. frankie mascorro 3

    remember that song my brother David m ascorro rip song

  57. sierraforever29

    Gorgeous man . His songs are very powerful.

  58. Dawn

    Listening on 28th December 2019 and finding out George Michael's sister has passed away ( on Xmas day) this is so very very sad, but they are together now with their mum xx R.I.P

    John Riddle

    Yes it's the worst day of the year for G Michael's family 25 th December, just such a sad turn of events for such a gifted guy.

  59. Kan Konaki

    On youtube Ten years ago and all of a sudden pop up on my list

    Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia

  60. Kathleen Bryan

    He will be missed! 🙏🏼Such a great singer, I’ve always wondered if they based Billy off of Stranger Things from him?

  61. Anthony Wash

    George ran it💀😱👻... And I'm black😜and white!!!

  62. Debra Robinson

    Love this song some much wow

  63. Wesley Hard86

    a world pop legend

  64. Claire S.

    Fly high George and Melanie. 💔🌹

  65. Claire S.


  66. Molly Golightly

    In the end, he didn’t feel loved.
    That’s what’s heartbreaking

    ImaDoozy ForReal

    Hey I'm subscribed to you but why can't we comment, only lives? Can you explain?


    Oh come on. He was loved by millions.

    Upenda Sana

    I know right !!!! that's what gets me.I really think he could not find the love he was able to give to others but so many loved him,his friends etc but I guess it wasn't enough.

    ImaDoozy ForReal

    @Upenda Sana IF George experienced chronic depression, (IF) "depression" doesn't give a crap if you are loved by one or 1 million.

  67. Cheryl O

    His sister just died on Christmas, the same exact day he died. So sad. Listening to this song w/ tears. RIP.

  68. Mon

    💔🌹😢We miss You

  69. vitor manuel augusto

    George Michael lindo por fora e por dentro . A tua música vai viver para sempre ❤️❤️🙏🙏

  70. kashea devanne

    Rest in peace to his sister Mel who recently died on Christmas day 2019 like he did 3 years ago😭😭😭 so sad 🙏👼🎄

    K Williams

    Love your pic😉

    kashea devanne

    @K Williams thank you💓

  71. Joe & Tabitha Hollimon

    Im so silly, didnt even know this was his song *facepalm*

  72. funguy29

    One of a kind forever.

  73. Arley Mazo

    Hoy mañana y siempre gracias george

  74. Anastaxiah Greenidge

    Mummy come back plz

  75. Anastaxiah Greenidge

    This was sang at my mother funeral mummy I miss you alot

  76. The Uneknown One

    I wrote this song lyrics to my teacher because i have a crush on her so i ended up in the principal office with my parents and my teacher and a boy i claimed that he was the one who left the song lyrics paper on her car and its not me ( ;

  77. Satisfy My Soul

    Fucking Awesome......drops mic

  78. Marguerite Raymond

    I still can't believe he is gone!

  79. Bliss Boo

    Such a shame. Its too bad he couldn't overcome his demons. Such a beautiful soul inside and out and he was still unhappy. Fame and riches does not solve your mental issues. His voice was one of a kind. He was the real deal. No lame auto-tune, overly done effects, etc. The 80's was when music was real, no auto-tune, members wrote their own songs, etc. I was a teenager during that era and it was the best time of my life. George's passing hit me hard as did Prince and Bowie. I hope they're all jamming together. RIP George, thank you for sharing your gift with us.

    Piwi V-Tamer

    Maybe God will help him to reincarnate so the things he couldn't do while he was alive, he may fulfill them in his next reincarnation.

    Let's have faith on God! Peace and Happy 2020 for everyone!

  80. Christine Smith

    This man..

  81. Abby Fitz

    Three years today, miss you George❤️

  82. Laercio Mutucq

    Ouvindo em 2019

  83. Jack

    George has beautiful voice best voice ever real strong and powerful! I missing him a lot! R.I.P George Michael

  84. monkey boy

    Who is listening to this in 1987 ?

  85. Emi Andre

    Listening to it on Christmas 2019

  86. John hook

    BEST SONG EVER 💔❤️💔❤️💔❤️💔❤️💔❤️💔❤️❤️💔

  87. Thomas Powers

    Probably the best male vocalist ever

  88. Agness Kudrycka

    Rest in Peace, GM.

  89. Irmantas Pakinkis

    😊💖💕👍-It's Very Nice!!😊😉💞

  90. Roger Zapata Garcia

    3 years ago in Christmas day
    George Michael passed away

    Noah Mopeace

    Roger Zapata Garcia and his sister passed away this year on the 25th exactly in December

    Roger Zapata Garcia

    @Noah Mopeace
    Really i don't know that

  91. Aldiney Silva

    One more try e Careless whisper , são minhas preferidas.

  92. Michael Grrnandez

    The brilliant thing about this video, he keeps you waiting to the end to see his face...he knew exactly what he was doing. Masterful

  93. Mary Jones

    3 years today 😢😢😢

  94. tv cats 2

    i am here because of hot rod