George Michael - Heal The Pain Lyrics

Let me tell you a secret
Put it in your heart and then keep it
Something that I want you to know
Do something for me
Listen to my simple story
And maybe we'll have something to show

You tell me you're cold on the inside
How can the outside world
Be a place that your heart can embrace
Be good to yourself
Because nobody else
Has the power to make you happy

How can I help you
Please let me try to
I can heal the pain
That you're feeling inside
Whenever you want me
You know that I will be
Waiting for the day
That you say you'll be mine

He must have really hurt you
To make you say the things that you do
He must have really hurt you
To make those pretty eyes look so blue

He must have known
That he could
That you'd never leave him
Now you can't see my love is good
And that I'm not him

How can I help you
Please let me try to
I can heal the pain
Won't you let me inside
Whenever you want me
You know that I will be
Waiting for the day
That you say you'll be mine

Won't you let me in
Let this love begin
Won't you show me your heart now
I'll be good to you
I can make this thing true
Show me that heart right now

Who needs a lover
That can't be a friend
Something tells me I'm the one you've been looking for
If you ever should see him again
Won't you tell him you've found someone who gives you more

Someone who will protect you
Love and respect you
All those things
That he never could bring to you
Like I do
Or rather I would
Won't you show me your heart
Like you should

How can I help you
Please let me try to
I can heal the pain
That you're feeling inside
Whenever you want me
You know that I will be
Waiting for the day
That you say you'll be mine

Won't you let me in
Let this love begin
Won't you show me your heart now
I'll be good to you
I can make this thing true
And get to your heart somehow

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George Michael Heal The Pain Comments
  1. Anita Oliveira

    amo esta musica

  2. Jen Smet


  3. Rae Smith

    Just HAD to listen to this after watching 'Last Christmas' - it prompted me play 'Listen without Prejudice' to the kids in my class today - they're 5 and it felt good to make them aware of his music and what an amazing and kind man he was. R.I.P. George you are missed

  4. luck doc

    "LOOK UP"
    Tom Webster

  5. luck doc

    R.I.P Tom Webster

  6. Leemarvyne Ferreira

    Um dos cantores de todos tempos

  7. Jodi Henson

    This made me cry the first time I heard it 😂💔

  8. SteveBenBob

    Look at all those amazing white people on the album cover.........................Makes my heart sing!!!

  9. Manuela Gonçalves da Silva

    Amazing 🥰🌷🎼😘😘

  10. Amanda Faria Corrêa

    Eu amei esse filme🤩

  11. Zahid Dar

    George was a genius. So great to hear this song again.

  12. Jose Boland

    nothing can heal the pain .... after losing You ...
    Great song one of many. Goodbye George thanks for the songs.

  13. Novel Dixon

    Last christmas brought me here
    Watched it tonight
    Miss George Michael
    I miss his songs
    Im not sure that i appreciated his music when he was alive
    😣🎤🎤❤😍❤👌👍👌😥RIP GM

  14. Guido Dam

    what a fab song... Last Christmas brought me here... emotional movie..


    amo como George Michael era romântico em cada letra em cada melodia 💖💕que cantava🎤🎶

  16. Garden Of Eden

    Last Christmas brought me here?

  17. mariefrancepetit02

    À s'y méprendre . On croirait cette chanson écrite par Paul Mc Cartney . Mais non , GM a épousé le style Beatles avec quel talent l Accord parfait de deux voix : Paul et George . Dommage ! Rien n'a été filmé en live .
    Un petit chef d'œuvre !

  18. Sonja K

    OMG to die for😥😥


    Esta música embala nossos corações....traz boas lembranças... Amo!!!!

  20. Nguyễn Ngọc Huyền Phạm

    Last Christmas Movie brought me here (y)

    Hùng Việt

    Nguyễn Ngọc Huyền Phạm me too

    Trung Hải Hoàng

    Not only you !

    Hùng Việt

    Trung Hải Hoàng hi

  21. Citra selarosa

    last christmast brought me here

  22. Canada Canada

    Nobody else can write music like this as in the 80's again. Unlike the shit music nowadays.

  23. Jayne

    To aqui pelo filme da Emília Clarke

  24. Katelyn

    this is my favorite song of all time!!!!!!

  25. lone wolf

    I loved George Michael's song on the movie last Christmas, what a beautiful movie with a beautiful soundtrack.

  26. Doris Catherine

    Same here👍

  27. Zohar

    Lucky bunch of people to be making a cover of a George Michael album. His best!

  28. baby11294

    Y’all. Last Christmas movie broke my heart

  29. The Hair Channel

    Love you and miss you George

  30. Koo Kie

    I typed in "let me tell you a secret" in the search box because it's the only thing I remember when I watch the LAST CHRISTMAS . . .. love that movie!!

  31. Lena Gregg

    Love his music loved the movie ❤️❤️❤️

  32. Diane Silva

    This is more than just a romantic love song isn't it.

  33. Ashley

    This song is so beautiful! The movie brought me here. I'm going to listen to his whole discography now...


    Kiwi Aroha listen to Cowboys and Angels. My favorite from his collection.


    @MEGR I will thanks :)

    Mark Hall

    Cowboys and angels best song on this lp but this song is also wow great record

  34. Pete Rumney Art

    theres a canny version by the Tiffin school choir at (goto 2 .29 ) for the Covent Gardens lights switch on. Closest I've found to film version

  35. Ragen Curran

    This was one of George's most underrated songs. So glad it got a big part in the last christmas movie !


    Such a great song! I had to find it straight away after watching the movie.

  36. Etienne NL

    I love you George! and your music always brings warm feelings to my heart.
    i've always loved your music and always will. the last christmas movie is also great.
    your music will live on in manny people their hearts!

  37. 32방탄소년단

    Here I am after listening this song on last Christmas movie. ✨✨✨

    Magno B

    Me too! 🎬♥️

    michiel rampaart

    Ah yes. I got that album: "Listen without Prejudice Vol. 1" in december 1990. A true Christmas album. Listened to it everyday that entire winter. Really good sad, nostalgic music. Those songs bring back my teenage Christmas spirit.

    Anayancys Kwidama

    Same, everyday....


    Me to but I prefer the way it was sung at the start of the movie

  38. diana silva

    2019 💜💜

  39. Vivi silva


  40. T Gillespie

    Beautiful, talented, selfless angel, this world misses you. Thank God you left behind these beautiful gifts of song for us to cherish. Θεός ξεκουραστεί η σουλλέα σου.

  41. caleb ferry

    Last Christmas brought me here

    janice polley

    This was the best song in the film , and it was one I'd never heard before Also a lovely film

    Trek Lover

    me too !


    That film made me cry for like 10 minutes while in the cinema 😭😭

    Nathalie 26

    Me toooo

  42. Julia Grace

    What a beautiful song honestly. 2016 was such a horrible year. R.I.P George 💗💗

  43. Raja Upadhyay

    Still here November 2019 breathing coz of his music 😘

  44. codyod1

    Amazing singer and writer. Love all his work.

  45. John Bowkett

    The guitar at the beginning reminds me of an early Beatles track .... can't put my finger on it though ! ☺

    Danny van Schendel

    George wrote this song especially for McCartney, he even recorded it with George, so the The Beatles reference is spot on :)

  46. Sandrine Noury

    Mon p’tit ange 👼 tu me manques TERRIBLEMENT !!! 😭😢💔

  47. CampSecXXI

    RADIO STATION " 10 "

  48. Martin Carns

    Best love song ever written

  49. Martin Carns

    He was. no words



  51. Martin Carns

    The most beautiful love song ever

  52. araujo lima

    Show.....alguém escutando em 10/09/2019......

  53. Phil 1969

    God bless you George
    Taken to soon
    I don’t think you will ever know
    How much you where loved by so many my friend

  54. Graham Forster

    Heal my pain now please George.

  55. 20 years ago

    This is a stone cold pop standard. A gem.

  56. Anna

    L U Forever George Michael !

  57. john brush

    He was so damn good, I'll keep him alive, by remembering, & continuing to play his music.

  58. Robert Galevski.

    I love this
    So true ?
    A true genius

  59. Carla Silva

    Show de bola Mano👍😉🏅👏👏👏

  60. 감자바스

    Great singer. Miss you very much.

  61. Claudia Smaletz

    Love this

  62. Rodolfo Fernandes

    Claro so somos proficionais... ... ...

  63. Rodolfo Fernandes

    Sim yes.

  64. Beautiful Day!!!

    Beautiful George Michael...i waiting for you in Paradise on earth ...🙏🙏💋!!!


    TRADUÇÃO : Deixe-me dizer-lhe um segredo Coloque-o em seu coração e mantenha-o Algo que eu quero que você saiba Faça algo para mim Ouça a minha história simples E talvez tenhamos algo para mostrar Você me diz que está com frio por dentro Pode o mundo exterior Seja um lugar que seu coração possa abraçar Seja bom para você mesmo Porque ninguém mais tem o poder de te fazer feliz Como posso ajudá-lo? Por favor, deixe-me tentar Eu posso curar a dor Que você está sentindo por dentro Sempre que você me quer Você sabe que eu estarei esperando O dia que você diz que vai ser meu Ele deve ter te machucado Pra fazer você dizer as coisas O que você faz Ele deve ter realmente te magoado Para fazer aqueles lindos olhos parecerem tão azuis Ele deve ter sabido Que ele poderia Que você nunca o deixaria Agora você não pode ver que meu amor é bom E que eu não sou ele Como posso Eu ajudo você? Por favor, deixe-me tentar Eu posso curar a dor Você não vai me deixar entrar? Sempre que você me quer Você sabe que eu estarei esperando O dia que você diz que vai ser meu Você não vai me deixar entrar Deixe este amor começar Você não vai me mostrar seu coração agora? Eu serei bom para você Pode fazer essa coisa ser verdade Me mostre esse coração agora mesmo Quem precisa de um amante Isso não pode ser um amigo Algo me diz que eu sou o único que você está procurando Oh, se você alguma vez o visse de novo Você não diria? Ele encontrou alguém que te deu mais Alguém que te protegerá Te ama e te respeita Todas essas coisas Que ele nunca poderia trazer para você Como eu faço Ou melhor eu gostaria Você não vai me mostrar seu coração Como você deveria Como eu posso ajudar você? Por favor, deixe-me tentar Eu posso curar a dor Que você está sentindo por dentro Sempre que você me quer Você sabe que eu estarei esperando O dia que você diz que vai ser meu Você não vai me deixar entrar? Você me mostrará seu coração agora Eu serei bom para você Eu posso fazer essa coisa verdadeira E chegar ao seu coração de alguma forma

  66. Leda Sampaio

    2016 2017 2018 2015

  67. Green Eye

    Any one watching in 2019

  68. José Escares Romero

    George, aquí tus letras dice más que tu figura¡¡¡¡¡.

  69. Miguel Augusto Rodrigues

    2019🎶🎧 minha favorita música🎶🙌

  70. cíntia da costa


  71. Juliette Smith

    What a soulful voice - died too young as he’d so much more to share

  72. Matt Conn

    One of the best by this song..RIP..

  73. Hilda Gomes

    Heal the pain. Amo esta música.

  74. serpicot max

    Il migliore!!

  75. Ruth Buckingham

    Beautiful song & sad at the same time. I wish his pain & sadness was healed. He was the most sexiest, handsome kind,lovely man I have ever seen. His voice was gorgeous just like he was. ❤️😪

  76. Shininglight Joi

    No words to sum up the sadness of your loss. I'm heartbroken my love. Rest now 😢😢😢😢xxx

  77. Rui Gonçalves

    Amazing song and amazing voice. We miss you George.

  78. June P Woo

    You were a genius Mr. George Michael. RIP in peace - "be good to yourself cause nobody else has the power to make you happy"

  79. Leah S

    Love you so much like in my soul your music 🎶 forever

  80. Ilham Doukkani

    Be good to yourself
    'Cause nobody else
    Has the power to make you happy
    it's true George

  81. DesertRose122

    Songs like this really speak to my heart. Love George Michael, always, he was special.

  82. Stella Maris Ongaro

    Es la pefección. Lástima que se fue tan joven. Mis oidos lloran su partida😘😘😘

  83. ᄌᄒᄌ

    All my depression can be healed by listening to 'Heal The Pain'. As you know, George Michael wrote this lovely song in the style of Paul McCartney as a tribute to him.❤

    jay ske

    It does have Wings like sound.


    @jay ske Agree. It's also similar to 'I Will' by The Beatles which is a Bossa Nova style song.

  84. DULCE G

    Grandes recuerdos con esa canción. Y me pregunto donde estás?

  85. Sharon Rothery

    Such a cool and beautiful track <3

  86. Alpha Scorpii

    This song is travelling with me from the release in the charts when I recorded it on a cassette tape until now, still being on my phone. Music lives forever! The radiowaves travel the universe! Godspeed!

  87. Teddy P

    R.I.P............ 2 years since you passed. Always in my thoughts and forever in my heart.

  88. Dave Roberts

    Heal The Pain RIP George Michael and may God Bless You Friend X

  89. Tatiane mendonca dos santos

    Essa canção é realmente maravilhosa!

  90. Martha Figueroa


  91. Jose Blanch

    Mejor con, Paul McCartney,compositor.

  92. Up to my nuts in guts

    So long George,,, I miss you every day buddy.

  93. ndrdb01

    In memory of my son Lee Brearey, I love this record and makes me feel how much I miss you. Rob Dad

    Teddy P

    ndrdb01 : my thoughts and prayers are with you. Truly do very sorry for your loss.

  94. Laura

    Listen without prejudice was my 1st CD after moving on from vinyl / tapes
    I love it as much as I did then . George dear rip x