George Michael - Desafinado Lyrics

Se Voce Disser Que Eu Desafi No Amor
Saiba que isto em mim provocaimensa dor
So privilegia dos tern ou vidoigual ao seu
Eu possuo a penas î que deus me deu

Se voce insiste em classificar
Î meu comportamento de anri musical
Eu mesmo menrindo possoargu mencar
Que is ãî ¸ bossa nova que is to ¸ mui to natural

Î que voce nao sabe nem siquer presente
¸ que os desafindos rambem tern coracao
Fotografei voce na minha rolleiflex
Revelouse a sua enor mein gratidao

So nao podera fatar assim do meu amor
¸ le ¸ î maior que voce pode enconirar 'viu'
Voce corn a sua musica es que ecu î principal

¸ que no peito dos desafindos
No fundo do peito bate cala do
¸ que no peito dos desafina
Dos tambem bate um coracao

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George Michael Desafinado Comments
  1. Mirko Lorenzoni

    such a melody....

  2. H. Lightsphere

    I was just listening to the original version but had to stop because as good as that is - for me ...This is better , Georges voice was as smooth as butter milk, I miss him.

  3. Vasili. Kozevnikov Kozevnikov

    GM....мой любимый голос.. на моем веку таких больше не будет .увы

  4. Vladimir Grubetic

    Probably my favorite George Michael track...Sooo amazing & beautiful .. RIP Legend..🙏

  5. Galina Batkova

    Красиво! МММ

  6. Vladimir Grubetic

    One of my favourite George Michael songs. RIP George❤🙏

  7. Barnali Adhya

    a beautiful, very musical duet

  8. Carmelo Bertolo

    Fa semplicemente sognare!

  9. Electronic Kratzbaum 303

    big LOVE,Mr. George Michael

  10. Anna 15


  11. Michelle Dubos

    Magnifique !

  12. Mr. Kroles

    Just FANTASTIC Duet... GM is a Genius of MUSIC. God of MUSIC. Thank you for all that you have done for this unfortunate world. Rest In Peace, my friend.

  13. Ivo Petrov

    Love that song!

  14. Mirko Lorenzoni

    cosi' avvolgente...grande george.

  15. Kimmo Lingonheimo

    brasilian music is so complicated...modulation after modulation and still i feel at home with it, i have a childhood memory of blue skies...since my childhood ive written bossas and sambas with guitars, now i ( learning...)play ukulele and electric guitar due to hand injuries the classical has to go...sad cause ive written my songs with nyloned ones,,,maybe a 7/8 size ...hard work like this duetto...bravissimo! greetings from a songwright called Kimmo ( aye songwright cause theres playwrights right and i dont err when i write right right dont copy... this life) ...und also be cause why dont they call playwrights playwriters ass theyy call us songwriters ... playwriths rite plays an dont have time to practice museical instruments, therefore ; because ive written 100 compositions by multiple guitars and sang them (myself too , many times ) YOUD think i was/am a compositioner and am too, but to a certain/uncerain degree i wanna be called ay songwright! so there....have a good night/knight im gonna start savin money honey for a 7/8 classic guitar...all this and less every nanosecond , me! LOL means lots of loveleft

  16. Awesome Lyrics.

    This is Gold

  17. Natalia Hristova

    so smooth

  18. daichan


  19. Richard Hammonds

    powerful. peaceful. r.i.p. Tacoma Washington

  20. Fran Villarreal

    George Michael was to me the perfect artist, such elegance in that melodious gifted voice of his.....I feel Blessed knowing this music. He was true enjointment.

  21. 1022 Alen

    Se você disser que eu desafino amor 
    Saiba que isto em mim provoca imensa dor 
    Só privilegiados têm ouvido igual ao seu 
    Eu possuo apenas o que Deus me deu 
    Se você insiste em classificar 
    Meu comportamento de antimusical 
    Eu, mesmo mentindo devo argumentar 
    Que isto é bossa nova 
    Que isto é muito natural 

    O que você não sabe, nem sequer pressente 
    É que os desafinados também têm um coração 
    Fotografei você na minha Rolleiflex 
    Revelou-se a sua enorme ingratidão 

    Só não poderá falar assim do meu amor 
    Este é o maior que você pode encontrar, viu 
    Você com a sua música esqueceu o principal 
    Que no peito dos desafinados 
    No fundo do peito bate calado 
    Que no peito dos desafinados 
    Também bate um coração

  22. Debra Lynn

    He was the best in the world now he is the best singing Angel in Heaven.

  23. Ivan Mamani

    Descansa en paz George

  24. Pat Johnson

    "Just, beautiful"

  25. Samuel Pajoa

    Great Song!🎵😎60s 70s 80s and early 90s music is cool, enjoy all kinds of music 👍

  26. Dibio Martins

    Está mistura de George com Astrud é lindo

  27. Alexis Arismendi

    Qué magníficas voces

  28. Omnimalevolent

    This song is so beautiful.

  29. Ana M Maria

    Maravilhoso George cantando em Português (Brasil)...perfeito quase sem sotaque...amei🎶🎵🎧🎺🎻🥁♥️♥️♥️♥️

  30. txarly2008


  31. Marcia Lopes

    Tão maravilhoso cantando em português. I Love George Michael forever ❤❤❤

  32. Mj B

    Absolutely love this sexy sensual song takes me to another place ❣️😍🦋🌸🧚🏾‍♂️👸🏻💕x

  33. leo marcucci

    It's not Astrud Gilberto who is singing with George Michael but João Gilberto's daughter, Bebel Gilberto.


    You are wrong! It's ASTRUD!

  34. Steve Henry

    Best version of this song .. ever

  35. Anna Vardyan

    Adorable ❤

  36. Dee Phillips

    Such a romantic song sung by a charismatic man so beautiful - - -

  37. ana


  38. Ed Visser

    Geweldige song. Astrud Gilberto, die bekend is vanwege haar "matige" maar zeer sfeervolle zangtechniek, blijkt superzanger George Michael ruimschoots te overtreffen. Een buitengewoon verrassende opname.

  39. M山本

    love his this song <3 forever

  40. GEHAUT Francis

    Extraordinaire Duo

  41. Tracey Manzano

    Such an angelic voice he had!

  42. Flor *

    Precioso Video Tom.
    Esta canción es una Maravilla!
    Me parece increible Cómo canta de bien en portugués George Michael.

  43. MrRommel1933

    Beautiful... Музыка молодости,столько воспоминаний сразу...

  44. Barbara Santos

    Meu queridinho cantando em português é um deleite musical. Vou te amar pra sempre George.

  45. Orlando Wan

    Don't understand many words of this version but I love it!

  46. Stefan

    My favorite version. The perfect duet - the vocal interplay between Astrud and George is sublime. And that phrase Astrud sings at 1:20 is so perfect. Miss you George.

  47. foxy cub00


  48. Hector Lalalala

    Dec 25 2017. Rip

  49. Jess V

    ❤️ you GM RIP🙏💋

  50. 田中太郎


  51. OldRaver1

    Oh my God, George... when I thought your voice could not get more velvety gorgeous.
    I think this has just leapt to the top of my favourites of all time after one hearing.
    And now I'm crying again.
    RIP sweetheart. ❤️

  52. Robert Young


  53. saintstephensoundwel

    39 people clearly have no ear for music - we all have our own favourite type of music but to dislike this is to dislike life itself

  54. Suzete Dutra

    SENSACIONAL !!!!!!!


    qUE COSA MAS bELLA !! ♥

  56. Emily Malden

    Wow nice Portuguese GM! Although I wasn't born during her time. Astrud is great as well.

  57. Concetta Della Gatta

    Pura dolcezza 💔

  58. Concetta Della Gatta

    Pura dolcezza 💔

  59. Lady Grinning Soul

    My memories torture me when I hear this T.T Now it makes sad :(

  60. Will Ritter

    I'd be honored if some GM fans would view my acoustic piano & vocal cover versions of PRAYING FOR TIME and HEAVEN HELP ME on my channel in tribute to George. As famous as he was, George hasn't gotten his due for all the contributions he made to modern music as a vocalist, songwriter and producer. But eventually he will get his due. THANK YOU GEORGE.

  61. Mr. Gabriel

    He was an amazing artist.

  62. Laisa Motta

    Lindo demais !

  63. Paulo

    Perfeito ! <3

  64. Fredo Grance

    para vos Mariela

  65. Marco Perez

    just beautiful song..

  66. Dana Fripp

    Oh my gosh...delicious. His voice and vibe were meant for this kind of lyrical storytelling. 😢

  67. Susan Nieto

    He is even MORE AMAZING!!! RIP LOVELY!!!!

  68. Teresa Lisboa

    Perfect portuguese! Well done George! You wereTHE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!! Love you !

    Cecilia J Casarez


    Gabi Azevedo

    Podes crer! Até português falava. Perfeito! <3

    Andrew Chaplowitz

    I agree
    Are Brazilian and Portuguese the same?

    Max Power

    @Andrew Chaplowitz There's no such thing as "Brazilian" Brasil's language is portuguese .

    Andrew Chaplowitz

    @Max Power language same inflection not
    I have 2 Brazilian and Portuguese friends
    I played Desafinado and she identified it as Brazilian in a second
    She was born there

  69. SashasGuitar Covers

    Very European Portuguese from GM

    Barbara Santos

    This is portuguese from Brazil. This is Bossa Nova.

  70. Kirsten Patricio


    Lisa Phelps

    Mrs Jane Doe this song is amazing! I've been listening to it for years.

  71. Katia Ribeiro

    Lindo!E seu português está perfeito!

  72. Jazziz Café

    George Michael (@GeorgeMichael) y Astrud Gilberto nos regalaron en 1996 esta increíble versión del "Desafinado" de los maestros Antonio Carlos Jobim y Vinícius de Moraes, era su aportación al álbum "Red Hot + Rio" cuyos beneficios iban destinados a combatir el SIDA. Una versión irrepetible hoy que lloramos la perdida del cantante y con Gilberto retirada de los escenarios. #BossaNova #SmoothVocals

    Bernardo Reyes

    Así es, gran aporte, excelente versión, una pena la perdida de tremendos monstruos de la música.


    What he said :)

    Don Rozar

    Magnifico por cierto -  Musica para mi alma !

    Arturo Ramos

    Gracias por el comentario

  73. baby Olman

    It is over now rest easy

  74. baby Olman

    OMG so sexy

  75. dekubaner


  76. Trojans04

    George was an international superstar yet still so underrated as an artist. Rest easy, George!

    Linda Prytherch

    He was NEVER underrated!


    George Michael was one of the greatest ever. Period. I never underestimated him, because I've loved his music ever since...

    Lorraine Brett

    Actually, i don't think he was underrated at all, he was exceptional well known in being pretty musically versatile. Phenomenal voice and looks to boot !

    Andries aja

    Why people always comment "he/she so underrated bla bla bla bla"...those people need to travel to other half of the world so they realize some of the artist that you call "so underrated" is actually very famous. Fyi I'm from Indonesia where people only knows it for Bali, which is part of Indonesia.

    riobrio : music for adults

    @Andries aja I suppose the army of "underrate" bla bla-ers which you find on virtually every youtube music video are simply people who want to praise themselves for their self-felt expertise and taste without noticing how ridiculously they overrate themselves.

  77. Germán Balaguer

    Colosal!!! Gracias por tanta música George! Que descanses en paz , maestroooo :-(

  78. Lisa B


  79. Paul Alan



    Urbane sophistication. God bless you George. Heaven has you now. Thank you for the beauty of your work. You've been loved.

  81. SylviaWong Lewis

    Lovely combination of voices of this beautiful melody!

  82. Rooney Roo

    just love this song..... God Bless you George.... RIP

  83. Jacques Van Petten

    rip great man

  84. kevin hay

    loved his music so smooth especially this track . bathtime whisky and George to help the wind down. rip

  85. Give it up for Jackson Heights own, Mr. Randy Watson

    One of my favorites by him. RIP GM.

    Lady Grinning Soul

    Give it up for Jackson Heights own, Mr. Randy Watson You are in the second video option of search :)

  86. A CLL

    I refuse to believe this passing! it's so sad! 😢😢

  87. Mike Myers

    Good night for now to one of the most under-rated artists of our time. See you on the other side, Georgios.

  88. fess04

    man....what phenomenal voices...RIP George Michael.....his like and voice will never be seen again.....the proof his here...his signature unmistakable.....I'm sad now

  89. Ana

    y el viernes llegue a mi escritorio poniendo George Michael! me encanta! que lamentable perdida 😢


    um ícone com musicas fodas como essa!!

  91. Ramon The Goat

    My Favorite. RIP George Michael. You will never be forgotten.

  92. Jason Berkshire

    when I think of romantic. This playing in a ball room dressed to the best dancing with the one I love. Truly a Panty dropper!👍😋

    Gary Simms

    Jason Berkshire 😂😂😂

  93. Michelle Lim

    Of all his songs on Spotify, this song is no longer available! Why oh whyyyy...........


    Copyright issue

  94. Meandering

    Too good to be true...again...never forget,,,,

  95. Jonattack B.R.

    este si tiene buen audio

  96. Albert Martinez

    sounds sexy

  97. Andrew Chaplowitz

    Let me say, along with "Wave", this is my favorite Jobim-Gilberto song.

    George Michael's reading rates at the top. he took the time to learn the lyrics in Portuguese with flawless dialect. Additionally, the air he puts in his breath is a nod to Stan Getz' original recording.

    Bravo, George Michael.

  98. Rodolfo Lagunas

    que peazo de tema