George Maple - Lover Lyrics

Free me from the shackles of your lips
I don't know why it feels like this
Firstly, there's a million ways to go
Then I'll get involved

Well baby, here's the night you fall
And I'm freaking out (tell me that I'm freaking out)
Baby I'm just freaking out, [?]

I don't wanna run around
I don't wanna run around, for you

Lover, what have you done
To me
Lover, what have you done
Oh, what have you done

Free me, from the way that this might go
We both know, that you know everything I'm going to say, so just stop now
I say, "I like the edge of your [?] "

I can see that
You kinda like to see me here when

I'm freaking out
Baby I'm just freaking out
I don't wanna run around
I don't wanna run around and chase you

Lover, what have you done
To me
Lover, what have you done
To me
Oh, wahat have you dane

I don't wanna run around
I don't wanna run around (for you)

Baby I'm just a girl
But I don't wanna run around, and chase you

Lover, what have you done, to me
To me
Lover, what have you done, to me

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George Maple Lover Comments
  1. Inspire me MN

    I love your descriptions to the videos. Good luck😍😍

  2. sabkisaba

    The song is much more sexy than the music video

  3. beatrice rague

    This song is sending out major good vibez 🔥🔥

  4. ProgrammedForDamage

    Beautiful song, beautifully summed up. I think we've all been there.

  5. bonnie bianco

    marry me george.

  6. A L

    Jordan, my gorgeous bby☺️

  7. Vera


  8. Sky Ferreira

    Jordan <3

  9. Chris Cleanthes

    looks like lover got his ass kicked :) lvd the vid

  10. Evolet KingSton


  11. katyrosiely

    Heard this today on triple j.....i love it!!

  12. gabi ni

    Jordan ❤️

  13. Rado Timers

    great tune + video :)

  14. eggtit

    you have evolved so much as an artist . And I fucking LOVE IT <3


    God, you have the voice of angels.

  16. Juliana Mello

    posso dizer que já to amando

  17. Jnaia Asbury

    she sound like Alicia keys on some parts

  18. ZETA SIN


  19. M S

    This isn't music, this is art. Masterpiece.

  20. Rumplestils Kin

    Strange how he is prettier than most girls


    Rumplestils Kin ye

  21. By The way

    Jordan 😘😘

  22. Luca Poli

    The First half of the first verse - Jessie Ware sound alike? anyone?

  23. Chloe L Hearn

    great vid, I sing and dance on my channel and I just did a new cover

  24. Isabel Rodríguez

    wooooow 👏👏

  25. Lia

    hope this song gets more attention, it's really good! c:

  26. Starry&Bohemian

    mmmhhh good material again... i like when songs grow while ... i know good songs that are kinda frustrating because they started better than they ended... not the case here... the subject is interesting as well... even though to be totally naked & honnest i don't know a thing about love... i'm a fuckin' bunker... i survive more than i live

  27. BuenosAires CityVibes


  28. Jack Grogan-Fenn

    Great song!! 🎧💖

  29. Dean Winchester


  30. Eylül Güner


  31. Cathleen Cher

    <3 <3 <3

  32. waldiolsztyn


  33. tompezl

    fall out of love with yourself, and the music will get better.

  34. Frantz Merisier

    ♥ this!!!

  35. Gabby Matthews

    Came here because of JORDAN !

  36. sensssation1


  37. Mister DX

    This is seriously next level!!! 😍

  38. Hutchydub

    Argh, damn just not hitting that same level she's used to in this track. Just my opinion.

  39. Esra Bapir

    Hi guys. I came for Jordan 😊

    Stefania Diodati

    Esra Bapir me too!